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🏛 | Female parliamentarians worried about “women's habits” Government goal “insufficient” is XNUMX%


Women's parliamentarians are worried about "women's habits" Government goal "insufficient" is XNUMX%

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The reasons why the government's goal was insufficient are that "it is natural to have female candidates for half of the population even from the gender ratio" (Liberal Democratic Party, Seiko Noda) and "should be 50%" (Constitutional Democratic Party, Tsujimoto) Many opinions were heard with Mr. Kiyomi).

Kyodo News conducted a questionnaire to all women's parliamentarians in line with the United Nations' International Women's Day (March XNUMX).Masa ... → Continue reading


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Constitutional Democratic Party

Constitutional Democratic Party(Recipients)ConstitutionalismandDemocracyIs the main partyPolitical party.


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Seiko Noda

Seiko Noda(Seiko Noda,1960 〈Showa35 years>May 9[1] ‐) isJapan Of政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(9rd term),Acting Secretary-General of the LDP(7th generation).maiden name The(I.e.(Stripes)[4].

Gifu Prefectural Assembly member(1rd term),Postal minister(64nd generation),Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(consumer,food safety,Science and technology policy),Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications(20th and 21st generations), Minister of State for Special Missions (Cabinet Office)Gender equality-My number system),LDP General Affairs Chairman(52nd generation), House of RepresentativesSpecial Chairman of Disaster Countermeasures,House of RepresentativesBudget Chair,Liberal Democratic Party, Political System Reform Execution HeadquartersEtc.

養祖父はUnder Secretary of Finance,Member of the House of Councilors,Member of the House of Representatives,Economic Planning Agency,Minister of ConstructionEtc.Uda Noda[5].



1960 years(Showa35年)、父親のTransferWas ahead[6]FukuokaKitakyushuBorn in.Rome olympicNamed Seiko after the year of[7].

Denenchofu Futaba High SchoolDrop out[8],ミ シ ガ ン 州Graduated from Jonesville High School[1] rear,1983,Faculty of Foreign Languages, Sophia UniversityGraduated from the Department of Comparative Culture.same year,Imperial HotelJoined the company[9]..Experienced front desk work, international sales staff, etc.[3].

1984(昭和59年)、祖母・野田光の死去に伴い、祖父・Uda Noda OfAdopted childAnd succeeded Noda's family name[10].

Entering politics

1987(Showa 62),Gifu Prefectural Assembly memberIn the electionLDPCandidate officially, at the youngest age of 26 in historyWinningTo[11].

1990(Heisei2 years)39th House of Representatives general electionToFormer Gifu 1st districtCandidate from, but lost due to lack of official approval from the Liberal Democratic Party[12].

1993(5)40th House of Representatives general electionCandidate again, "The Liberal Democratic Party also in the House of RepresentativesFemale councilor"[13] WithPledgeFirst prize.Within the Liberal Democratic PartyNew Policy Study Group(KawamotoBelonged to the faction).

Postal minister

1996(平成8年)11月発足のFirst Hashimoto CabinetでPostal serviceUnder Secretary of StateAppointed to.

1998(平成10年)7月発足のObuchi CabinetAt 37 years and 10 months, the youngest in the history of ministers at that timePostal ministerWas appointed to[14][Annotation 1]。小渕内閣のChief Cabinet SecretaryMetHironori Nonakaは野田に対し「おれは最後まで反対したんだ。Obuchiprime ministerが政務次官のときの君をみて、おれが首相になったらこいつを郵政相にしようと思っていた、と言うのでしぶしぶ承諾したんだ」と告げていたという[15].

1999(11),Parliamentary Vice Chairperson,House of RepresentativesParliamentary Steering CommitteeProceedingsInaugurated.He was the first female member of the Diet to be in charge of proceedings.

2000(12), Liberal Democratic PartyVice President of Political Affairs, Liberal Democratic Party Leading DeputySecretary-GeneralAppointed to.

2001(13),Conservative partyBelongingMember of the House of Councilors-Yosuke TsuruhoWithCommon-law marriageWas announced,2007Eliminated.


Liberal Democratic Party withdrawal


2005(17)May 4ToPrime Minister OfJunichiro Koizumiが推進し、政府提案(閣法)で上程したPostal privatization billに野田は反対した(Rebellion group)For,Privatization of postal services反対派の急先鋒と見なされた。一方、雑誌『Business world"20054月号のインタビューでは「民営化に反対と言ったことはありません。今のTakenakaプランでは駄目だと言っているのです。改革という言葉に酔うのではなく、将来を考えた本当の改革をしてもらいたいと訴えているのです」と答えた[16].

Liberal Democratic Party Gifu Kenren (Chairman:Keiji Furuya)は同年8月10日、岐阜市内で執行部会・常任総務会合同会議を開き、県連規約を改正し、党公認がなくても44th House of Representatives general electionDecided to support in.At the meeting, I agreed with the billKazuyoshi KanekoArgued, but there was also a counterargument that "the prefectural federations are unanimously opposed to the bill. It is the Diet members who hear the voices of the locals."Kazuyoshi Kaneko-Takao Fujii-Matsuda IwaoSee also).


2005 Year of 9 Month44th House of Representatives general election(郵政選挙)では、郵政民営化法案に反対票を投じたため自民党の公認を得られず、小泉の主導による「assassin」候補として自民党のYukari Satoが同じ選挙区へ送り込まれた。しかし、野田は佐藤を僅差で退け、5選された。


In the same electionRuling party・自民党が圧勝すると、後援会幹部や岐阜県の自民党所属の地方議員らから野田へ法案に賛成するよう強い要望が出たため、野田は再度提出された郵政民営化法案には賛成票を投じた。同年10月、自民党党紀委員会により野田に対し離党勧告がなされたため、自民党を離党してIndependentBecame[17][18].

Liberal Democratic Party reinstatement

2006(平成18年)、首相・Shinzo Abeの意向により郵政造反組の復党が検討され、同年12月に復党した。復党にあたっては「郵政民営化法案に賛成する」などの念書が取られ、「Fumi-e」と呼ばれた。また、野田は郵政民営化法案に反対から賛成へと立場が正反対に替わったため、その行為が「変節」と呼ばれ、様々な方面から批判された[19].

2007(19),Fukuda Yasuo Liberal Democratic Party Presidentおよび首相に選出され、福田執行部で党広報局長に就任する。なお、野田の前任の広報局長は、Koizumi Childrenの1人で、郵政民営化へ賛成したassassin候補であったSatsuki Katayama[20]であった。片山の更迭および野田の起用は、直前に発足したAbe remodeling cabinetInMasahiro Imamura,Yu Moriyama(いずれも郵政造反組)のDeputy Minister起用同様、郵政造反組の復権の象徴的な出来事であった。

Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office

2008(20) of JulyFukuda Yasuo remodeling Cabinetso,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Science and technology policy,food safety,Minister for Consumer Administration,Minister for Space Development) Was appointed.

November of the same yearAso Cabinetでも再任された。同月の事故米不正転売事件では、消費者行政担当大臣として被害にあった保育園に駆けつけて謝罪し、子供たちと一緒に食事をした[21].

September of the same year,Konjac jellyThe乳 幼 児,Senior citizensが喉に詰まらせて死亡する事故が相次いでいたことを受けて、野田は製造元の食品会社「Mannan life」へ自主回収を検討するよう要請した[22]。また、「販売禁止も検討する」と述べた[23][24].

MLMabout,1996At the House of Representatives Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee in April, "While I think that malicious vendors must be cracked down, there are quite a few good vendors. If only malicious examples are emphasized, good ones, people who are working hard It discourages people from doing so and destroys new industries. "2008Revealed at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on October 10[25]Noda explained, "I couldn't ask questions from the consumer's point of view because of my lack of study."Prime Minister·Taro AsoWas an explanation while showing an attitude of emphasizing consumer administration in view of the lower house election.[26].

2009(21) April 8 (15)The end of the war), Other cabinet members of the Aso Cabinet, including Prime Minister Taro AsoYasukuni ShrineWorshipWhile seeing off, only one minister worshiped[27][28]. "Secretary of State"I wrote in the title and explained that I worshiped as a private person.[29].

麻生内閣の末期にはConsumer Affairs Agencyが発足したことに伴い、「消費者行政を統一的・一元的に推進するため企画立案及び行政各部の所管する事務の調整」の任を解かれ、新たに内閣府特命担当大臣(消費者)の補職辞令を受けた。

October 8 of the same year45th House of Representatives general election(政権交代選挙)では自民党のYukari Satoが他の選挙区へ転出した。選挙区内に残った佐藤のSupporters' associationは、この選挙で支援する対象を、同じ自民党だが前回の選挙でしこりの残る野田ではなく、対立政党であるDemocratic Party OfHonest Shibahashiへと鞍替えしたとされる。この選挙ではDemocratic Partyが圧勝して自民党は議席を激減し、Conservative KingdomIt is assumedGifuでも自民党はSmall districtで2勝3敗であった。野田は現職のMinisterでありながら小選挙区では柴橋に敗れ、Duplicate candidacyWasProportional Tokai blockでResurrection winningし、辛うじて議席を守った。

Pregnancy and childbirth

Infertility treatmentMass media (mainly) as a member of parliamenttv set,Women's magazine) Is taken up many times. In 2005,In vitro inseminationbyFertilized egg FreezeIt was also reported that it was in a state[30].

2010In 5 monthThe United States of AmericaIn late August of the same year, he said that he was pregnant after receiving an egg donation and performing in vitro fertilization.Weekly Shincho』Revealed in his own memoir[31].2011On January 1th, it was announced that a boy with a serious disability was born.[32]..At this time, Noda himself was forced to remove the uterus.He also revealed that he will take a rest for the time being. Married on January 2th with a man who was a common-law marriage in February[33] However, he announced on his blog and memorandum that the man had changed his name.At the same time, he revealed that he continued the relationship with Tsuruho in order to maintain his surname as a trace daughter.[34][35].

The child underwent nine surgeries and was discharged in 9, two years and three months after birth.[36]..When the child was hospitalized and was divided into two groups with 400 supporters and traveled to South Korea, he and his mother joined together, but it was criticized that the child had pneumonia during that time.[37].

LDP General Affairs Chairman

2012(平成24年)11月21日、自民党岐阜県連で記者会見し、衆議院解散に伴う46th House of Representatives general electionExpressed willingness to run for[38]。同年12月16日、岐阜1区で前回敗れた柴橋を下し、7選された。同年12月25日、第52代LDP General Affairs ChairmanWas appointed to.

2014(平成26年)9月3日、自民党役員人事によって総務会長を退任。同年12月14日の47th House of Representatives general electionHe ran for the race, and while all the candidates were women, he made eight selections by a large margin.


2015(27) October,2015 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionAt that time, "Determining the Prime Minister of Japan without a vote makes the people foolish.[39]"Now, my heart is,'I have to see righteousness.'[40]", And showed motivation to run.Former Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party who retired from politicsMakoto KogaWith the support of[41], OriginalVice-chairman of the House of CouncilorsHidehisa OtsujiExpressed his intention to become a nominee[42] However, in the end, the 20 recommenders required for candidacy did not gather and gave up running.[43].

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

2017(29)May 8,3th Abe 3nd remodeling CabinetAtMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAndMy number system charge OfMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet Officeに就任。併せてMinister for Women AchievementWas appointed to.October 10, the same year48th House of Representatives general electionRun for 9 selections.It was organized after the electionFirst Abe CabinetThe Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (in charge of My Number system and women's advancement) was reappointed and newly appointedGender equalityWas appointed as the Minister of State for Special Missions of the Cabinet Office.

2018年(平成30年)7月19日、 金融庁が調査中であった仮想通貨企画会社の関係者を同席させた上で野田の事務所が金融庁に対して説明を求めた、と朝日新聞が報じた。これに関連して朝日新聞が金融庁に情報公開請求していた内容が、開示決定前に野田に伝わっていたことも明らかになり、7月24日、金融庁は情報漏出を認め、野田も謝罪することとなったが本人や関係者に対する処分は行われなかった[44].


On August 2018, 8, he had shown a strong desire to run for a long time.LDP presidential election"I decided to give up running today," he officially stated.Yasushi Hamada,National Public Safety Commission-Kokonoki HachiroWe worked to secure recommenders, but we couldn't even secure the 20 members of the Diet who needed to run as before.[45].2018May 10 Of4th Abe Cabinet RemodelingRetired from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Budget Chair

2018May 10Became the first woman to chair the budget committee in the House of Representatives[46].

2019(Reiwa1 years) August,Liberal Democratic Party, Political System Reform Execution HeadquartersAppointed to.

2020(令和2年)1月、より包摂的な社会と日仏関係強化に向けた積極的な取り組みが評価され、France政府Legion of HonorReceived Chevalier[47].

Acting secretary general


At his political fundraising party held in his hometown of Gifu City on November 2020, 11, he emphasized his motivation to run for the next presidential election in September next year. 15 and 9 yearsPresidential electionでShinzo Abe前prime ministerWhen I tried to challengeChief Cabinet SecretarywasYoshii Kanprime minister"There was a distance, and I became an enemy and was disturbed a lot," he said.Kan administrationHe explained that he was free to work after becoming the acting secretary-general.Toshihiro NikaiSecretary-GeneralI want to win the trust of[48].


July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 9 years),LDP presidential electionへすでにFumio Kishida,Sanae Takaichi,Taro Konoの3氏が出馬を表明し、告示日が翌日の17日に迫る中、課題となっていた推薦人20人を確保できたとして、初出馬を表明した。これにより、この年の自民党総裁選は以上4名による争いの様相となった[49].


Basic policy


1. 国会議員定数の削減

Member of Parliamentの定数を削減することで、各議員の活動への監視の目を厳しくして「政治家をストイックにする」とともに、政治家のlegislationの技能が熟練すると主張している[50].

また、2012年に当時のOppositionMetLDP President OfShinzo AbeandRuling partyMetDemocratic PartyRepresentativeYoshihiko Nodaが「議員定数の削減」と「選挙制度の見直し」を合意していたが、2021年時点で実行されていないことを野田は批判した[51].

さらに、現行のSingle-seat constituency proportional representationによって、候補者がSmall districtで敗北してもProportional representationの得票からResurrection winningTo[Annotation 2]ことを野田は廃止すべきだと述べた。またSingle-seat constituency systemについても「導入当初に期待されたFemale councilorの増加や、Two-party systemが実現できていない」として、見直すべきだと主張した[51].

2. 日本初の女性首相として多様性を推進

First time in JapanFemale OfPrime Ministerを目指し、同国の多様性を推進するとしている。野田は自身を「多様性を象徴する政治家」と自負している[50].

例えば、野田はLDP OfSecretary-General代行という要職を務める一方で、長男が2021年時点で10歳であるため「一般企業で働く30~40代の母親と同じ視点をもち、『ベテラン』と『若手』の両方の視点で政策を考えている」という[50].

また、野田は10年間のInfertility treatmentThroughIn vitro fertilizationで子を出産し、またその子はobstacleを抱えて日常生活に医療支援を必要とするため、「Minorityとされる人々の気持ちも当事者として理解できる」「多種多様な人々の痛みや苦しみを理解できる野田だからこそできる政治がある」としている[50].

3. 明治時代の価値観を刷新

野田は「現在の日本のlawMost ofMeiji Eraの法律の上書きにすぎない。これらは明治の価値観に基づいており、Reiwaの日本で運用し続けるには矛盾や盲点が生じる」「不利益や不自由を被る人に、立法によって手を差し伸べる。Constitutional amendmentが党是である自民党としても、時代に合わない法律は積極的に変革していくべき」と主張している[50].


As an example,Selective surname by coupleの議論を挙げている。野田は「夫婦同性は明治にできた比較的新しい慣習で、それ以前はLast nameのない人も多かった」「姓を変えたくないという人がいるのなら、変えなくても社会に何も悪いことはない」と主張している[50].

4. 疼痛を緩和

"pain」を我慢せずに治療・緩和する体制を拡大すると提唱している。野田は「慢性の痛み対策議員連盟」会長を務め、Stiff shoulder,Low back painなどの慢性的な疼痛を治療するための法整備や相談窓口の拡大を目指している[50].

これら「慢性疼痛」に関わるMedical billsと生産性低下による日本の経済損失が1兆9,530億円にものぼるという試算があり、これを解消すべきと述べている[50].

これは単なる医療的支援のみならず、日本社会にはびこる軍隊Of origincorporal punishmentなどの「痛みは人を成長させる」という「明治時代にできた価値観」へ挑戦する意味があると語っている[50].

5. 人口減少対策

Japanでは国民人口の減少 社会 問題となっている。野田はこれを「人口減少は国家の有事」「他国からInvasionされていることと同じ」「Securityの問題」と論じて重大視しており、「悲観するのでなく、現実に向き合って、できる限りの対策をとるべき」と述べている[50].

6. 子ども支援






野田は自身のHome Page上で、「『Politics』の力で『Diversity社会』というパ ラ ダ イ ム シ フ トを加速」「『異なる正義』があることを互いに認める『多様性社会』を目指す」と2021年9月に表明している[52].



As a member of parliament from the experience of infertility treatment that received 3 in vitro fertilizations in 8 yearsReproductionMedicalHas been working on.YoungerFocusing on the problem, in the fall of 2002, he stated that measures against the declining birthrate were "policy issues that he would like to focus on."He criticized the Koizumi administration's measures against the declining birthrate as "XNUMX points out of XNUMX".I was planning to publish a book about my own experience, conflicts with my husband over in vitro fertilization, hardships at the hospital, and the pain of miscarriage at my own expense.Shinchosha Co., Ltd.By the offer of2004It will be published in December with the title "I want to give birth."

Next day2005In May, "Who will rob the future? Fight against the declining birthrate"KodanshaIn response to the statement made by the Liberal Democratic Party that "women have jobs and no longer have children," he responded by showing examples of data with a high birth rate even in countries with many female workers, such as Europe and the United States.Taking into account the declining birthrate and aging population and the declining population, which are the issues of the government, while proposing a policy vision "plan to increase human resources production" that should be tackled in the future, he severely criticized the old-fashioned consciousness of the party members.He argues that efforts to counter the declining birthrate will stabilize society.

2010January,Nikkei Business"The Liberal Democratic Party was a really disturbing party to seriously take measures against the declining birthrate," he said in an interview with.[54].


SelectiveFamily name by coupleの導入に一貫して賛成している[55].

Noda2002時点で「A meeting to realize an exceptional surname of a married coupleAs a member of the Diet, he has submitted a "Bill on Partial Amendment of the Civil Code" to the Liberal Democratic Party's Legal Committee.In this, Noda said, "The current Civil Code requires that he be named as a condition for marriage between men and women. Currently, those who suffer from this are strongly hoping for the revision of the Civil Code. The declining birthrate is rapidly declining. As the number of only child families increases, it is becoming difficult to inherit the family name in marriage between only children. There are increasing cases where the continuity of work cannot be ensured due to the change of Mr. before and after marriage. The majority of the younger generation is in favor of the revision of the Civil Code, saying that the desired couple may be given another name. There is an urgent voice that wants to be a legal family while giving each of them. If a couple wants to give their old surname for special circumstances, they are exceptionally separated with the permission of the family court. I want to pave the way for his marriage to be a legal marriage. "[56].

また2015In response to the Supreme Court's decision on selective surnames for married couples, he indicated his intention to start an in-party study session for legislation.[57].

なお、この制度を導入することが難しい理由について、「LDPIs a support group ofShrine main officeEtc. are fiercely opposed. "It has said[58]..In addition, "Some conservative political groups are putting pressure on us to say,'If you agree with another surname, we will not support you in the election.' Since the introduction of the single-member constituency system, the number of politicians who cannot overcome it has increased. "[59]..In addition, regarding the opposition within the Liberal Democratic Party, "It is said that family ties will be broken, but it will not be possible to rationally discuss it because it will hit invisible things."[57] Criticizes that.


Same-sex marriage支持を表明している。野田は2019年に「同性カップルの子どもたちは法律上の親子関係が認められないなど、大きな困難に直面している。誰もが過ごしやすく、持てる能力を十分に発揮できる社会こそが、日本の未来をより明るくする」「Legislative officeの一員として、多くの方々の意見を伺いながら、環境改善に向けて取り組む」などと述べている[60].

なお、野田が所属する自民党は、同党のMember of the House of RepresentativesIsSugita water veinが「同性カップルは生産性がない」と発言し、同じくTom Tanigawaが「同性婚は趣味みたいなもの」と述べるなど、LGBTSuch asSexual minorityへ否定的な議員が多い。野田のように自民党議員が同性結婚へ賛成するのは珍しいことである[60].





Made in July 2021LDP presidential electionの候補者による共同Press conferenceの場で、森友学園をめぐる公文書改竄問題について再調査をするかどうか問われ、野田はさらなる調査が必要であるとの見解を示した。野田は「アプリオリ(自明)に調査をする必要がある」「公文書の隠蔽、偽造、改ざん、廃棄。これは絶対にあってはならないこと」と述べた。その理由として「多くの国民が納得していない」「起き得ないことが起きたことは、しっかりと知るべきだ」と語った[64].


TPPIntroduced to the Diet Petition on Opposition to Participation in Negotiations[65].

International Tourism Industry Council(カジノ議連)の初代会長を務め、Casino billを積極的に推進している[66]..He also promoted the submission of casino bills to the Diet during his time as chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party.[67][68].


policyAs the first issuechildrenEmphasis on human rights issues, childrenBuy spring-Child pornographyBan,Developmental disorders(Belongs to the bipartisan "All-Party Parliamentary League for Supporting Developmental Disabilities".2001Actively involved in issues such as the Act on Support for Persons with Developmental Disabilities was enacted on November 11)Child pornography prohibition lawPromoted the enactment of.

Osaka Restoration SocietyHowever, when he tried to submit the Home Education Support Ordinance under the idea that "the cause of developmental disabilities is how to raise parents", he wrote on his blog "(About the above idea) there is no scientific basis at all. Criticized bitterly, so-calledParent schoolHe gave a negative view on the idea.


Child pornographyIt is said that it strongly promoted the illegal possession of simple possession and the regulation of creative works that depict under 18 years old.2007Advocated a law prohibiting the simple possession of child pornography and a law restricting the production and provision of child pornography anime and manga.[69].

  • Youth Healthy Development Basic BillPromote[70].
  • Child pornography prohibition lawPetition for amendmentEita YatsushiroSubmitted to the Diet[71].
  • When criticized for measures against child pornography, he said, "As a member of the Diet who is involved in the revision of the law, I have never said that manga, anime, and games should be included in the target of child pornography. I'm sorry that such a basic misunderstanding is widespread among all of you. "[72]..However, after that, at a rally hosted by the Japan Committee for UNICEF, the largest expression regulation promotion organization, he said, "The law on the handling of children's pornographic animation and manga. I challenged this a few years ago, but it was hit hard on the Internet." did[69].
  • Vice President of Japan Committee for UNICEFAgnes ChanOperates and chairs the NPO "Himawari no Kai" together with[73].
  • 2004Occurred inNara small 1 girl murder caseIn response, "It has been pointed out that there are numerous poor sex-related products that have exacerbated the suspect's sexual illness.Freedom of expressionNow is the time to reflect on the harm that has spread to the world by people who do not consider the responsibility of expressing it as a shield. "[74].


Broadcast on July 2015, 11BS Nippon TelevisionIn the programPeople's Republic of China Nansha IslandsSurrounding countries andThe United States of America"Japan is not directly related to Japan. Japan should devote itself to diplomacy on its own route," he said.Also, "China South KoreaIs also worried about the economy like Japan. -Active economic exchanges that shelve the Spratly Islands issue will lead to mutual benefits. "He also said, "Even if something happens in Nansha, it is not a message to Japan (from China). Without linking it, Japan should devote itself to conducting diplomacy like Japan with China and South Korea on its own route. Insisted[75].

Sankei Shimbunは野田のSouth China Sea issueに対する認識について、Military powerと外交,EconomyHe criticized that there was a decisive lack of recognition of what kind of correlation the Liberal Democratic Party had.International lawIgnore and forciblyterritory-WatersBasic awareness of China's expansion is too low (party executives) "," lacking the qualities to become prime minister ... (member close to Noda) ","Democratic Party OfYukio HatoyamaFormer Prime Minister and South KoreanMs. ParkPresidentThe atmosphere overlapped, and my head was confused (a member of the Diet who agreed to become Noda's nominee in the LDP presidential election in September). "[76].



Office arson case

2007May 8Midnight,(I.e.にある野田の事務所に何者かが侵入。パソコンと防犯カメラ用デッキが盗まれ、事務所に放火された。燃えたのはビル一階の事務所であるが、ビル五階にまで煤が達する火災となった。

Noda said, "Political people have been doing it for a long time even if they are hindered or harmed. It is a frank feeling that I have to do my best without giving in to such damage."[84] "I think it's a good day" about the crime.[84] Pointed out.


Noda family

Grandfather served as a member of parliamentUda Noda, Great-grandfather is a legendary gambler called "Kitahama's Mystery"Tokuzo Shima..Tokuzo's younger brotherNippon Sheet GlassServed as president and member of the House of LordsTeijiro Shima, Viscount and surgeon generalMember of the House of LordsAlso servedSaneyoshi Yasuzumi,JGCIs the founder ofMasao SaneyoshiIs a relative.

Minoru Shima, the father of Seiko NodaUda Nodaの長男として生まれたが、卯一の岳父である島家に後継ぎがいないという事情から幼少期に徳蔵のAdopted childIt became.

MinoruTodaiAfter graduation,Yawata Steel(laterNippon Steel) Was working.Since Uichi's child was only Minoru, his daughter Seiko will succeed his grandfather Noda's family name.[85], Became the adopted daughter of Uichi.

Meiji RestorationLater, Daisuke Hyobu established a modern military system,Yasukuni ShrineWas the predecessor of Tokyo ShokonshaMasashiro OmuraIs said to be a distant relative.Seiko NodaShinzo Abe"Actually, Masujiro Omura is my distant relative. I remember my grandfather saying," This is your distant relative. "[86].

Fukuoka TakachikaMasatoshi InuiNobutaka Yamamoto
Takakiyo FukuokaNobutake InuiMakoto YamamotoNobusada Miyaji
Filial pietyInui MasashigeSakamoto straight footShigeyoshi Miyaji
Tokujiro ShimaMitsuyoshi YasufukuFukuoka TakashiItagaki RetirementRyoma SakamotoMiyaji Nature
Shigekichi NodaTokuzo ShimaTeijiro ShimaSaneyoshi YasuzumiHidei FukuokaMiyaji Gunko
Miyaji Shigeharu
Uda Noda
Red childMiyaji Wuzi
Shigeaki Miyaji
Minoru Shima
Seiko Noda


Single Author


注 釈

  1. ^ この最年少記録は、10年後のAso Cabinetで小渕の娘であるYuko Obuchiに更新された。
  2. ^ この制度では、候補者個人が小選挙区で有権者から支持されず、対立候補よりも少ない得票しか得られなかった場合でも、その所属する政党全体が比例代表で得た得票のおかげで、その個人が当選して国会議員となることができる場合がある。2017 House of Representatives general electionでは、そのように「復活当選」した議員が全体の約4割を占める176名にのぼった。なお、野田自身も2009 electionで復活当選したことがある。


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外部 リンク

Public office
Sanae Takaichi
Japanese flag Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
20s and 21s: 2017-2018
Next generation:
Ishida Masatoshi
Sanae Takaichi
Japanese flagMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(My number system)
2s and 3s: 2017-2018
Next generation:
Ishida Masatoshi
Masashi Matsuyama
Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Gender equality)
Fourth generation: 24-2017
Next generation:
Satsuki Katayama
Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(consumer)
First generation: 2009
Next generation:
Mizuho Fukushima(Consumer and food safety)
Shinya Izumi
Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(food safety)
10s and 11s: 2008-2009
Next generation:
Mizuho Fukushima(Consumer and food safety)
Fumio Kishida
Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Science and technology policy)
12s and 13s: 2008-2009
Next generation:
Naoto Kan
Shozaburo Jimi
Japanese flag Postal minister
Fourth generation: 64-1998
Next generation:
Eita Yatsushiro
Takeo Kawamura
Japanese flag House of Representatives Budget Committee Chair
Next generation:
Yasufumi Tanahashi
Hiroshi Kajiyama
Japanese flag Special Chairman of the House of Representatives Disaster Countermeasures
Next generation:
Kenya Akiba
Party position
Hiroyuki Hosoda
LDP General Affairs Chairman
Fourth generation: 52-2012
Next generation:
Toshihiro Nikai
Tomomi Inada
Acting Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party
7th: 2020-
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