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🏛 | Suga administration preparing for the invasion of the XNUMXth wave of Corona Was there an early dissolution due to the "release of the hand-up"?

Photo Prime Minister Suga bows to the cooperation of the people at a press conference = Prime Minister's Office on the night of March XNUMX (representative photo)

Did the Suga administration prepare for the invasion of the XNUMXth wave of the corona, and did it dissolve early due to the "release of the hand-up"?

If you write the contents roughly
When Prime Minister Suga forgoes the election on the same day in July, the dissolution will finally be after the Tokyo Olympics.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was forced to "unlock" the new coronavirus state of emergency.The whereabouts of the administration are even more uncertain ... → Continue reading


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Prime Minister Suga

KanPrime Minister(Minister) (Kan / Suga Sori),Kanprime minister(Kan / Suga Shusho)


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