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🏛 | [New Corona] Governor Nisaka "It can be called the XNUMXth wave"


[New Corona] Governor Nisaka "It can be called the XNUMXth wave"

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At a regular press conference on Keisa (30th), Governor Nisaka said that the number of infections in the prefecture, which had once subsided, began to increase again after 14th of this month, and that the percentage of people infected with the mutant virus in the prefecture is also high. As of 28th), the prefecture's survey results show that it has reached 6%, and urged the citizens of the prefecture to refrain from eating and drinking in areas where the infection has spread and cherry blossom viewing including welcome and farewell parties and banquets. In addition, we refrained from going out unnecessarily to the metropolitan area of ​​1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures, and if symptoms such as fever and malaise appeared, we promptly visited the clinic and called for a PCR test.

Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka of Wakayama Prefecture will once again introduce the new coronavirus in the prefecture after the XNUMXth of this month (March). → Continue reading

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