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🏛 | New Corona Infects XNUMX New People Over XNUMX in XNUMX Days Governor “De facto Emergency” [Ehime]


New Corona Infects XNUMX New Governor "De facto Emergency" [Ehime] Over XNUMX in XNUMX Days

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In Matsuyama City, from the 1st, we requested restaurants in the downtown area to open in a short time, and three weeks of competition to prevent expansion began.

The number of positive confirmations exceeded XNUMX in XNUMX days.Thirty new people have been infected with the new corona in Ehime prefecture.Virtually ... → Continue reading

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    Matsuyama City

    Matsuyama City(Matsuyamashi) isEhimeLocated in the middleCity.. Ehime PrefecturePrefectural office locationand the largest city in Shikoku,Core cityIs specified in.Shikoku regionis the only one with a population of over 50cityis.Even in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, the population size isHiroshima city,Okayama CityIt will be the third largest city after


    The largest in Shikoku with a population of about 51cityHowever, it is the only largest city in a region of Japan.Government-designated cityIs not a city[*2].ChushikokuIs a government-designated cityHiroshima city-Okayama CityIt has the third largest population size after. The urban population is defined as “Matsuyama” in the definition of Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.Metropolitan areaIs 70 (6883),Urban employment area“Matsuyama metropolitan area” is 64 (2841).

    Matsuyama CastleThe old that has developed aroundcastle townso,Dogo OnsenFamous for its ancientSpaAs well as the groundPoetShiki Masaoka,Taneda SantokaまたWenhaoNatsume SosekiIn the land of connection,俳 句[*3],Novel"Bocchan''Clouds on the slopeIt is also a literary town known for such as. Against the backdrop of these tourism resources,International Tourism Hot Spring Cultural CityHas been designated.TaglineIs "Town of Ideyu, Castle and Literature. "

    Compact cityAccording to the concept, various cultural facilities are concentrated. ArcadeOkaido,Gintengai, The only underground mall in ShikokuMatsuchika Town,Matsuyamashi StationAttached to the buildingIyotetsu Takashimaya,Tokyu HandsCommercial facilities such as, Dogo Onsen, Matsuyama Castle,Matsuyama General Park,Ehime Prefectural Museum,Sakanoue Cloud Museum,Shiki Memorial Museum,Iyo Kasuri Hall,Itami Juso Memorial MuseumThere are various cultural tourist spots. In addition, sports facilities are substantial, especiallyMatsuyama Central ParkIntroduced the latest equipment toBocchan Stadium,Aqua palette Matsuyama,Ehime Prefectural Budokan, MultipurposeArenaAnd so on. It is the southern part of the city and BedtownIyo-gunTobe TownUp toTobe Zoo,Ehime Children's Castle,Ehime FCIncluding Ninnia Stadium, home ofEhime Prefectural Sports ParkThere are also vast prefectural facilities.

    In recent years, the construction of complex commercial facilities, the development of railways and high-standard roads have been carried out mainly in the center of the city, and redevelopment as the largest city in Shikoku is proceeding.


    Matsuyama city faces the Seto Inland Sea (Iyo Nada and Sai Nada) in the west, the mountains of the Takanawa Peninsula in the north and the east, and a branch of the Shikoku Mountains in the south.SaragamineIt borders the mountain range.Matsuyama PlainOccupies most of theMisaka PassIt has a wide area from the mountain area just below to the islands of the former Nakajima town.


    TypicalSeto Inland Sea climateAnd is warm throughout the year (annual average temperature: 17.5°C)Precipitation amountLess is. Unlike the other three prefectures in Shikoku, from spring to summerPrecipitation amountThere are many,rainy seasonJune, which is the time of the year, is the largest.typhoonIs also located far southeastShikoku MountainsIs blocked by the other side of Nanyo and ShikokuTokushimaConsiderably less than.Winter seasonIt is,Kyusyu OfSea of ​​Japan sideSnow clouds inKanmon StraitIt sometimes snows over Matsuyama.

    Climate of Matsuyama Local Meteorological Observatory (Kitamochidamachi, Matsuyama City, altitude 32m)
    Highest temperature record ° C (° F24.4
    Average maximum temperature ° C (° F10.2
    Average daily temperature ° C (° F6.4
    Average minimum temperature ° C (° F2.6
    Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−8.3
    Precipitation amount mm (inch)50.9
    Snowfall cm (inch)0
    Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
    Average number of snowfall days6.
    Average monthlyDaylight hours129.2129.8144.9164.3175.1189.0205.9218.1190.8174.1151.0142.22,014.5
    Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1890-present)[1][2]

    Wide skirt

    Northern end
    North Latitude 34 Degrees 4 Minutes 26 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 42 min 36 sec /34.07389 degrees north latitude 132.71000 degrees east longitude / 34.07389; 132.71000 (Northernmost point of Matsuyama city)
    West end
    North Latitude 33 Degrees 58 Minutes 14 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 29 min 27 sec /33.97056 degrees north latitude 132.49083 degrees east longitude / 33.97056; 132.49083 (Westmost part of Matsuyama city)
    Center point
    North Latitude 33 Degrees 52 Minutes 50.5 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 42 min 31.5 sec /33.880694 degrees north latitude 132.708750 degrees east longitude / 33.880694; 132.708750 (Matsuyama city center point)
    Eastern end
    North Latitude 33 Degrees 54 Minutes 51 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 55 min 36 sec /33.91417 degrees north latitude 132.92667 degrees east longitude / 33.91417; 132.92667 (Eastmost point of Matsuyama city)

    Southern tip
    North Latitude 33 Degrees 41 Minutes 15 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 49 min 55 sec /33.68750 degrees north latitude 132.83194 degrees east longitude / 33.68750; 132.83194 (Matsuyama City's southernmost tip)


    Matsuyama City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Matsuyama City Age Distribution by Gender (2005)
    Purple-Matsuyama City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in population of Matsuyama city (equivalent area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    Chronological Table

    Change of city limits

    • 1889 -Municipal system enforcement. Onsen-gun Shinonome Town, Kiyo Town, Kita Pedestrian Town, Naka Pedestrian Town, Minami Pedestrian Town, Funakaya Town, Mihocho Town, Tamagawa Town, Beijing Town, Nanjing Town, Kita Yasaka Town, Minami Yasaka Town, Nagaki Town, Karin Town -XNUMX-chome, Kita-Ishiko-cho, Minami-Ishiko-cho, Kawara-machi, Tachibana-cho, Horiuchi-cho, Toyosaka-cho XNUMX-XNUMX Chome, Yanai-cho, Enoki-cho, Kotogarin-cho-XNUMX-chome, Minato-machi-XNUMX-chome, XNUMX Part of Funamachi, Ichibancho, Nibancho, Sanbancho, Bentencho, Kubocho, Kasugacho, Minamihoribatacho, Shintamacho, Hanazonocho XNUMX-XNUMX chome, Nishimachi, Suehirocho XNUMX-XNUMX chome, Honmachi XNUMX-XNUMX-chome, Idobuchi-cho XNUMX-XNUMX-chome, Edo-cho, Nishihoribata-cho, Miyako-cho, Kamiya-cho, Kayo-cho-XNUMX-chome, Matsumae-cho-XNUMX-XNUMX-chome, Uomachi-XNUMX--XNUMX-chome, Blacksmith-cho, Tokiwa Machi, Mitsuguchi Machi, Fuchu Machi XNUMX-XNUMX Chome, Kiya Machi XNUMX-XNUMX Chome, Shimizu Machi, Dogo Machi, Kasaya Machi, Shinmachi XNUMX and XNUMX Chome, Gun Cane, Mizuguchi Machi, Sugiya Machi, Yumi Machi, Yahagi Machi , Taku-cho, Miharu-cho, Totsu-cho, part of Ikman-cho, part of Nakamura, part of Ajishu-mura, part of Tachibana-mura, part of Mochida-muraMatsuyama CityAnd
    • 1908 -Incorporated each part of Asami Village, Ogun Village, Sogo Village, and Dogo Village.
    • 1923 -Incorporated a part of Dogo Village.
    • 1926 - Asami village-Ogun Village-Nagomura-Miyuki VillageIncorporated.
    • 1932 -Incorporated part of Dogo Yunomachi.
    • 1940 - Mitsuhama Town-Wake Village-Hisaemura-Horie Village-Shiomi Village-Ajimura-Kuwahara VillageIncorporated.
    • 1944 - Dogo Yuno Town-Raw Ishimura-Kakio VillageIncorporated.
    • 1954 - Koijima Village,YutomuraIncorporated.
    • 1955 - Kume Village-Yuyama Village-Idai Village-Gomei VillageIncorporated.
    • 1959 - UkimuraIncorporated.
    • 1961 - OnomuraIncorporated.
    • 1962 - Ishii VillageIncorporated.
    • 1968 - Hisaya VillageIncorporated.
    • 2005 - Hojo City,Nakajima TownIncorporated.


    City administration

    Successive mayors

    NameInauguration dateRemarks
    Toshitake Kimura1890(Meiji23 years)2/6
    Shirakawa Fukugi1896(29th year of Meiji)2/7
    Asano Nagamichi1902(Meiji 35) June 2
    Masamitsu Nagai1908(41th year of Meiji)2/25
    Tsuneada Kato1922(Taisho11 years)5/12
    Iwasaki Kazutaka1923(Taisho 12)5/23
    Tadataka Mitarai1926(Taisho 15)8/16
    Kumataro Kagawa1931(Showa6 years)11/6
    Shiraishi Okura1933(8)5/11
    Hisakichi Inoue
    (Kyuichi Inoue)
    Yuzaburo Shimizu
    (Shimizu Yuusaburo)
    Kohei Ochi
    Kuroda Masakazu
    (Masaichi Kuroda)
    Masakazu Yasui
    (Easy to use)
    Kuroda Masakazu
    (Masaichi Kuroda)
    Utsunomiya Kohei
    (Only Depression and Kohei)
    Tokio Nakamura
    (Takao Nakamura)
    1975(Showa 50) January 5
    Seiichi Tanaka
    (Tanaka Seiichi)
    1991(3) April 5
    Tokihiro Nakamura
    (Takahiro Nakamura)
    1999(11) April 52010(22)11/9Resignation
    Katsuhito Noshi
    (Noshi Katsuto)
    201011/29Second term (former announcer)

    Correspondence of city in Heisei great merger

    In Matsuyama City, due to the fact that all mergers have incorporated adjacent land and the policy of the mayorTransfer mergerHas been the principle. The population before the merger was about 47,Government-designated cityThe designated standard is (in operation) more than 100 million people[*4]Therefore, even if all of the conceivable neighboring municipalities could be merged and merged, the specified criteria could not be fulfilled, and there was little positive incentive to expand the scale due to population growth (temporarily (new )ImabariIf it is merged with, the population will reach the designated standard, but in this case the city area is 1,000km2In addition to expanding nearby, there was a problem that the city area would also be divided into two large parts).

    The city indicated three conditions, such as the similarity of clerical work, as conditions before entering into the merger talks. After all, it is adjacent to the northHojo CityWas connected by a routeHot springsNakajima TownWill be merged. In the merger, Hojo City will be treated as Hojo Sports Center and Nakajima Town will be provided with conditions such as privatization of the steamship business and hospital business.

    Main administrative institutions/public facilities

    Citizen service center (Matsuyama Mitsukoshi-Fuji Grand Matsuyama-Iyotetsu Takashimaya), we provide various certificates even on weekends and holidays, and we also provide services such as simple citizen consultation (“Matsuyama City in Fuji Grand Matsuyama”).passportCenter is open all year round except the year-end and New Year holidays). In addition, the call center is open XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a week to answer inquiries regarding procedures at the city hall. other than this,Furusato tax paymentThere is also a department that calls for donations corresponding to.

    sister city

    Partner city

    • Republic of Korea flag Pyeongtaek City( South Korea)
      • 2004(16)10/25Concluded a friendship city.
      • 2006(18) From degree2016Until (28), about 10 junior high school students in the city were dispatched for about 7 days for the purpose of international human resource development almost every year except the year when infectious diseases spread. In 2017, we will be in the city-owned land in front of the Hirasawa Youth Cultural Center visited by junior high school students in Matsuyama City.Comfort woman statueWas installed, and the domestic situation in South Korea was unstable (the 18th generation of the country)President-Ms. ParkIn consideration of the large number of large-scale demonstrations that accompany dismissal, etc.), we decided to discontinue the dispatch as "it was judged that the citizens could not understand the dispatch."[8].
    • Taiwan flag Taipei(Taiwan)- 2014(26)10/13Concluded friendship exchange agreement
    • In addition to the above, Saitama PrefectureHigashimatsuyamaWe are promoting exchanges with.

    National agency

    裁判 所

    • Matsuyama District Court
    • Matsuyama Family Court
    • Matsuyama Summary Court

    National Police Agency

    • Shikoku Regional Bureau of Information and Communication, Ehime Prefecture

    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    • Shikoku Administrative Evaluation Branch Ehime Administrative Oversight Administrative Counseling Center
    • Shikoku General Communication Bureau

    Ministry of Justice

    • Matsuyama Legal Affairs Bureau
    • Matsuyama Gakuen
    • Matsuyama Boys' Identification Center
    • Matsuyama Probation Office
    Immigration Control Agency
    • Takamatsu Immigration Bureau Matsuyama Branch Office
    Prosecutor's office
    • Matsuyama Prosecutor's Office
    • Matsuyama District Public Prosecutor's Office

    Ministry of Finance

    • Shikoku Finance Bureau Matsuyama Finance Office
    • Kobe Customs Matsuyama Customs Branch
    National Tax Agency
    • Takamatsu Tax Department Matsuyama Tax Office

    Ministry of Agriculture

    • Chugoku-Shikoku Agricultural Administration Bureau Ehime Prefecture Base
    Forestry Agency
    • Shikoku Forest Management Bureau Ehime Forest Management Office

    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

    • Shikoku Welfare Bureau Ehime Office
    • Ehime Labor Bureau
      • Matsuyama Labor Standards Inspection Office
      • Matsuyama Public Employment Security Office

    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    • Shikoku Regional Development Bureau Matsuyama River National Highway Office
    • Shikoku Regional Development Bureau Matsuyama Port / Airport Development Office
    • Shikoku Transport Bureau Ehime Transport Branch
    Japanese Meteorological Agency
    • Matsuyama Local Meteorological Observatory
    Japan Coast Guard
    • 6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Matsuyama Coast Guard Department

    Ministry of the Environment

    • China Shikoku Regional Environment Office Matsuyama Nature Conservation Office

    Ministry of Defense

    • SDF Ehime Regional Cooperation Headquarters

    Main prefecture administrative agencies/public facilities


    City council

    Ehime Prefectural Assembly

    • Election district: Matsuyama CityKamikatsugunConstituency
    • Number of people: 16 people
    • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
    Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
    Kimura HonorKomeito
    Hiroyuki SasaokaKomeito
    Junnosuke KainoLDP
    Daisuke HatLDP
    Nobuhide KikuchiIndependent
    Katsuhiko TanakaJapan Communist Party
    Yamazaki YoyasuIndependent
    Kenta KawamotoLDP
    Shinpei NishiharaShishi no KaiLiberal Democratic Party
    Kazuko AsazoEhime Liberal SocietyParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
    Nakano TaiseiIndependent
    Hiromasa MiyakeLDP
    Hiroyuki YokotaEhime Restoration Group
    Takako TakeiNetwork citizen window
    Kazuhisa MatsuoLDP
    Chie IshiiEhime Restoration Group

    House of Representatives

    Ehime 1 Wards
    • Election district:Ehime 1 Wards(Part of Matsuyama City)
    • Term: March 2021, 10-March 31, 2025
    • Voting Date: July 2021, 10
    • Number of voters on the day: 385,321
    • Voting rate: 52.10%
    CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
    ThisAkihisa Shiozaki45LDP119,633 vote
    Satoshi Tomochi46Constitutional Democratic Party77,091 vote
    Ehime 2 Wards
    CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
    ThisSeiichiro Murakami69LDP72,861 vote
    Chie Ishii53National Democratic Party42,520 vote
    Akira Kataoka62Japan Communist Party11,358 vote


    Mandarin orangeRepresented byAgriculture:Or the oldest in JapanDogo Onsen,Matsuyama CastleCentered ontourism, Mainly on synthetic fibersManufacturing industryAre the key industries. Industrial areas spread along the coast near airports and harbors,TeijinWith the largest production base in the group, the industrial production value is high in the Shikoku region.

    As for information and communication, as a major institution that controls ShikokuMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsShikoku General Communication Bureau,NTT WestEhime branch,Japan PostShikoku branch office,NHKThere are Matsuyama Broadcasting Station (Shikoku Bureau), etc., and related information and communication infrastructure is being developed.

    As a city with the largest population in Shikoku, tertiary industries such as service industry are well developed, and highly convenient commercial agglomeration can be seen with the surrounding municipalities as the sphere. In addition, until 2010, it was one of the few cities in Shikoku with a growing population.Seto Inland SeaAcrossHiroshima metropolitan areaとの交流も盛んである。通年の全交通機関の生活圏間流動(2005年)で松山を出発地とする目的地別順位では1位が高知中央(91万9千人)、2位が香川東部(82万1千人)、3位が香川西部(55万9千人)で広島は次いで第4位(46万7千人)となっており、四国外との交流では広島が最も繋がりの深い都市であることが見て取れる[9].

    Industrial population

    Data is 2015 (27 census result)[10]

    • Working-age population 303,024
    • Old population 128,658
    • Employed population 234,503
      • Primary industry 6,957
      • Secondary industry 40,668
      • Tertiary industry 169,242
      • Industry not classified 17,636

    Wholesale and retail

    The south of Matsuyama Castle is a commercial area, and it connects the Ichitetsu Takashimaya in front of the city station, Matsuyama Mitsukoshi, in front of the city station. It is also a shopping street that represents Matsuyama City and Ehime Prefecture. The only one in Shikoku is in front of the Iyotetsu Matsuyama City station, which is adjacent to the west of Gintengai.Underground streetThere is.
    Across the Okaido Shopping Street, from the Ichibancho in the north to the Senbunemachi Dori in the south, there are a large number of restaurants in the area.
    From the southern end of Yanai Town to the narrow area of ​​4-5 Chifune Town, anime shops, game shops, doujinshi specialty stores, maid cafes, and other stores are concentrated.NerdForm a city.
    There are many shops, restaurants and shops around Dogo Onsen, forming a downtown area.
    Locally-owned Akiya bookstores are available throughout the city. There are several bookstores in the city center, and Kinokuniya bookstore, which opened in 1976, is one of the oldest stores. In addition, there are many small and medium-sized used bookstores in both central and suburbs.
    Both are the only stores in the prefecture.
    Among consumer electronics mass retailers, Edion Matsuyama Main Store / K's Denki Matsuyama Fujiwara Store (JT site) is located in the city center, and Yamada Denki Techland Matsuyama Main Store / YAMADA web.com Matsuyama Wholesale Town Store (along Route 33 and Northern Circular Line) is located in the suburbs. doing.
    Fuji, a locally-owned supermarket, has many stores in the city, and small and medium-sized supermarkets within and outside the prefecture are expanding to complement them.
    Among the major convenience store industry companies in Matsuyama city,MINI STOPThere is no plan to open a store (only in the Toyo area in Ehime prefecture).
    Convenience store ATMTo LawsonLawson ATMBut to FamilyMart and PoplarE-netATM againSeven BankATMs are Seven-Eleven storesMatsuyama AirportandNomura SecuritiesIt is installed in the Matsuyama branch.

    Other popular entertainment

    open for business
    • Matsuyama Cinema Sunshine (formerly International Building)
    • Matsuyama Shineriente
    • Cinema sunshineOkaido

    Information and communication industry

    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications OfLocal branch officeIsShikoku General Communication BureauMay be installed in the city,Japan PostShikoku branch officeNTT WestShikoku Business Headquarters (of mobile phone businessNTT DoCoMo, Of the Internet service businessNTT Communications TheTakamatsu(Based in) is installed. Japan Post and NTT West's bases are in charge of general operations in four prefectures in Shikoku.NTT Data Shikoku,NTT West Japan Matsuyama HospitalNTT related companies, facilities and bases are also set up.

    In anticipation of the arrival of the information and communications era, which is a 21st century industry,2002から2004Before that, we laid an optical fiber network in Matsuyama city ahead of other cities.[11].. Taking advantage of this foundation, we will strive to actively attract information and telecommunications related companies, and in five yearsCall centerSuccessfully attracted 8 data entry centers, 1 data entry center, and 1 office center, creating more than 3,000 new jobs[11].. At the call centerBridge international,Benefit One,Hello HotlineEtc. are located. Also2006ToFuji Fire Marine Insurance(Currently AIG General Insurance) In addition to the development of the Central Business Administration Center,CybozuHas established the Matsuyama Office as a development and support base.

    2004Has been designated as an "IT Business Model District" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

    Post office (collection and delivery office)

    Matsuyama Central Post Office

    Matsuyama Nishi Post Office

    Matsuyama Minami Post Office

    Hojo Post Office

    Shigenobu Post Office(Toon City

    Transportation industry

    Matsuyama PortFrom China (especially to HiroshimaSuper jetEtc. are frequently operated) ・Kyushu areaKitakyushuThe route toMatsuyama AirportFromTokyo-Osaka-NagoyaIn addition to JapanPeople's Republic of China-South Korea-TaiwanThere are regular flights to. Alsohighway,JR Shikoku OfYosan lineIt is also a base for movement outside and within the prefecture. Besides this, in the city,Iyo RailwayMany streetcars, suburban trains, and Iyotetsu buses are operating.

    In freight transportationJR freightThe freight station, transportation company branch offices, and sales offices are located here.

    Financial institution

    Iyo Bank,Ehime BankIn addition to the head offices and branches of local financial institutions such asTMJIs provided. It also has the function of controlling directly managed stores in Shikoku.Japan Post BankMatsuyama branch is also located.

    There are branches and sales offices of many insurance companies. Also, in recent years, it has succeeded in attracting central offices of major insurance companies.[12]are doing.


    All regional and second regional banks headquartered in Shikoku have branches in the city[*5].. In addition, the city bankAsahi Bank(CurrentResona Bank) Mizuho Bank (formerlyDaiichi Kangyo Bank) Was provided only2009(21)1, A branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation was opened.

    Shinkin Bank/Credit Union

    Securities company

    Securities company with head office and head office
    Securities company with a branch

    Insurance company with a branch

    Consumer cooperative


    It is said to have a history of 3000 years and is the oldest in Japan in the literature.Dogo OnsenAnd the last complete castle building in JapanMatsuyama Castle(MichelinIn the tourist edition (Gued Vale) Japan edition, each was selected as two stars. ),88 locations in ShikokuIs one ofIshitejiIt has a lot of tourist facilities such as (one Michelin star) and attracts many tourists. Also,Shimanami KaidoAt the time of opening, tourists increased to the extent that it was called the Shimanami boom.

    Iyo Railway TheNatsume SosekiThe steam locomotive that appeared in the novel, Bocchan, was restored.Bocchan trainIs operating. Also,JR ShikokuAlsoMatsuyama StationTourist trains departing/arriving atIyo Nada MonogatariHas been operating since 2014.

    To respond to inquiries about tourism,FoundationThe Matsuyama Convention & Visitors Association has a telephone window open XNUMX/XNUMX.

    There are many sports facilities in prefectures and cities,Bocchan StadiumProfessional baseballOfficial games are held several times a year, as well as Horinouchi andEhime Prefectural Sports Parka-nationOutdoorsLIVEIs carried out,Ehime Prefectural BudokanDisney on iceWill perform.

    The estimated number of tourists in 2010 was 588 (up 4% from the previous year), and the number of overnight guests in the Dogo Onsen area was 12.0 (up 80%, but up 1% in the whole city).[13]It has become.

    real estate business

    Real estate companies are constructing condominiums one after another because demand for condominiums is growing due to the increasing population of Matsuyama City. Demand for office buildings is also growing due to the expansion of call centers, and building construction is also increasing.

    Service industry

    Preparatory school/School

    in recent years,In addition to overcapacity in high schools in the city, there are signs that competition for examinations will intensify at private junior high and high schools[Source required]From things such asNihon Lab,Toshin Satellite Preparatory School,ITTO individual instruction school,Meiko GijukuNational-scale cram schools and prep schools have entered the market, and are competing with small-scale cram schools and major cram schools (terakoya group, etc.) in the city.

    Manufacturing industry

    An industrial area extends along the coast near the airport and the port.2010In the industrial statistics survey (for establishments with 4 or more employees), the manufacturing industry shipment amount was 4,237 yen,Manufacturing industryHas 14,691 employees and 420 business establishments[14].

    Manufacturing industry shipments (2010)ChemicalIs 32.6%,Production machineryIs 22.0%,Groceries12.3%,General purpose machineAccount for 11.8%[14].. In chemistryTeijin,Osaka Soda,Toray Fine Chemicals,Cosmo Matsuyama OilHave business offices and chemical productsChemical fiberEtc. are being produced. On the machineト ラ ク タ ーOf agricultural machinery manufacturing such asIseki agricultural machinery, Manufacturing machinery such as boilers and water treatment-related equipmentMiura IndustryHas a head office and production base.

    Agriculture/Traditional industry

    Unshu mandarinProduction is thriving,IyokanIt is also one of the representative production areas of, and is engaged in the production of high-value-added citrus fruits such as "Red Manado". Also, Idai and GomeiplateauNew in the areaPioneSuch asGrapeIt is also cultivated. As a special product and traditional craft, Princess Daruma,Bamboo work(Three major production areas in Japan),Iyo Kasuri(same),Fried(Matsuyama fried) is famous.

    Matsuyama Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Brand

    • Red Madonna (Citrus)
    • Setoka (citrus fruits)
    • Botchan Island Abalone
    • Kalamandarin(citrus)
    • Anchovy from Setouchi
    • Matsuyama Eggplant
    • Matsuyama XNUMX inch broad bean
    • Idai and Gomei New Pione (grapes of highland)

    Headquartered major companies

    Listed companies

    Unlisted company

    Manufacturing industry
    Construction/real estate
    Information and communication industry
    Wholesale trade
    Retail trade
    Financial industry
    Transportation industry
    Service industry

    Major companies with offices

    Manufacturing/development base

    Call center/office center

    • Matsuyama General Outsourcing Center
    • KDDI EvolverMatsuyama Center
    • Matsuyama Ichibancho BPO Center
    • Fujitsu Communication Service Matsuyama Support Center/Matsuyama Ichibancho Support Center (Fujitsugroup)
    • Prime stage
    • Bridge international Matsuyama Office
    • Benefit One Matsuyama Operation Center
    • Hello Hotline Matsuyama Center/Iyo Matsuyama Center



    MatsuyamaNatsume SosekiThe novel "Bocchan] Is the stage. This novel was written by Soseki himselfEhime Prefectural Matsuyama East High School) Has been used as an underlay. At the time of his assignment to Matsuyama, Soseki was an alumni at the university reserve gate.Shiki MasaokaI also had an exchange with.

    Soseki wrote "Bocchan" in a rather terrible way, saying that Matsuyama is an "unclean land" (Shincho Bunko edition, page 131), but in reality it reflects the public opinion of the region in the Meiji era and simply criticizes Matsuyama. Not what I did. Soseki himself is also very favored in Matsuyama Junior High School, and it cannot be said that the content of the novel and his own experiences are always the same. Matsuyama City and its citizens consider it one of the tourist attractions, and even today, there are many facilities and products with the names "Botchan" and "Madonna" in Matsuyama.

    In recent yearsClouds on the slope”(Historical novel) is the center of town development,Ryotaro ShibaCommemorative foundation certified products are also on sale.



    It has been springing since ancient timesDogo OnsenRepresented byDogo OnsenAndsourceSento away fromHot waterThere are many hot springs in the area.


    MatsuyamaNohThere are several Noh theaters in the city.


    • Baseball fist
    • IyoMan years old
    • Iyo no Kuni Matsuyama Suigun Taiko
    • Matsuyama three major summer festivals- Ide ShrineTenjin Festival (Kita-Tachibana Town),Kanechi(Shoki-san or Shouki-san, Kiyamachi), (Ohigiri-san, in front of the city station).
      Both are traditional in the old city.
    • Matsuyama Autumn Festival
      Matching of mikoshi with each other.
    • Ai Baseball Expo (held from 2018)

    Food culture:

    Sports team

    soft ball
    サ ッ カ ー
    Beach volleyball

    Sports Facilities

    Other facilities

    • Theater cat-small theater[15]

    Cultural property

    National treasure

    Important cultural property (building)

    National Historic Site

    Registered tangible cultural property

    National natural monument

    Registered monument


    In addition to the above, the Matsuyama City Emergency Medical Center is set up next to the Matsuyama City Public Health Center to cope with sudden illness at night in children.


    primary school

    There used to be 62 elementary schools in the city, but due to the decrease in the number of children in recent years, consolidation has become conspicuous.

    Secondary school

    Public secondary school

    Private secondary school

    Junior high school

    National middle school

    Public junior high school

    Private middle school

    high school

    National High School

    Public high school

    Private high school

    University/Junior college

    Matsuyama City has a scholarship system called "Matsuyama City Scholarship," which is provided to those who wish to go on to a university or college that has met the regulations.

    Vocational school

    Special school

    Facilities other than school education


    As a city with the largest population in Shikoku, there are various convenient transportation means, and in particular, the number of airport users has the highest record in Shikoku, and the number is increasing year by year. In addition, as a population with a population of over 50, highly convenient public transportation has been developed centering on Iyo Railway trains and Iyotetsu bus buses, and many of the main hubs in the city are only public transportation. You can get there. In addition, a paid sightseeing bicycle rental port (JR Matsuyama station square, Okaido shopping street, Matsuyama castle ropeway Shinonomeguchi station building, Dogo Onsen station square) has been opened to accommodate those who wish to travel by bicycle in the relatively compact city center. There is. In addition, as part of tourism promotion measures,2007(19)7からMotorized bicycleWe have issued a cloud-type license plate for "Dōgo/Matsuyama City".


    Domestic flights

    Japan Airlines(JAL)[*7]Tokyo/Haneda,Osaka/Itami,Fukuoka,Kagoshima
    All Nippon Airways(ANA)[*8]Tokyo/Haneda,Nagoya/Chubu, Osaka / Itami,Okinawa/Naha
    IBEX Airlines(IBX)[*9]Sapporo/New Chitose, Nagoya / Chubu Miyagi / Sendai
    Jetstar Japan(JJP)[*10]Tokyo/Narita

    International flights

    Flag of the People's Republic of China China Eastern Airlines (MU)[*11]Chugoku-Shanghai/Pudong(Mon-Fri)[*12]
    Republic of Korea flagJeju Airlines(7 C) South Korea-Seoul/Incheon(Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)[*13]
    Republic of China flagEVA Air(BR)[*14]Republic of China (Taiwan)-Taipei/Taoyuan(Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)[*15]


    The JTB timetable is designated as the representative stationJR Yosan LineMatsuyama StationIs closer to the center of the city, as it may be slightly west of the city centerIyo Railway OfMatsuyamashi Station(Common name:City station) Plays the role of the central station. From the station, the suburban line of the railroad arrives and departs in three directions and also serves as a hub for city trains (tracks). In addition, it is also a departure and arrival point for route buses including intercity express buses, making it a major hub for public transportation.

    As one of the reasons why such differences in location and baseness have occurred, the current city station is1888(MeijiCompared with opening in 21),National railwayThe Yosan Main Line (now the JR Yosan Line) extended to Matsuyama Station1927(Showa2 years) and was late. The city station was originally named Matsuyama station, but when the JNR Matsuyama station was opened, there was a history of changing the station name.

    Transit Bus

    General route bus

    The Iyotetsu bus has a route bus network all over the city.

    In addition, other companies have also established bus routes to cities in the prefecture such as Uwajima, Ozu, Kuma Kogen, Imabari, Saijo, Niihama (some expressways in the Nanyo direction).

    Intercity express bus

    Matsuyama Expressway,Shimanami KaidoWith the opening ofExpress BusIs also operated by a large number of 3 companies with sales offices in the city (Iyotetsu Bus, JR Shikoku Bus, Uwajima Motor) and its joint operating company. If the departure and arrival location of Matsuyama is not Iyotetsu Bus and JR Shikoku Bus or jointly operated flights,Matsuyamashi Station or Matsuyama StationEither of them may be.

    In recent years,2008(20) Autumn Fukuoka Line opened,2009(21) Two round trips to the Nagoya line in January (Iyotetsu bus entered in addition to the existing JR bus), and in July of the same year, Uwajima Motor's Yokohama/Ikebukuro that had not been treated as customers in Matsuyama city・The Omiya Line has stopped at the company's Matsuyama Sales Office, and the line network is remarkably enhanced.


    Road trafficNational Route 11,National Route 33,National Route 56,National Route 196Is concentrated in the central area of ​​Matsuyama City and is also a wide-area transportation hub.Matsuyama ExpresswayInterchange of (Matsuyama IC) Is in the southern part of the city, on Route 33Iyo-gunTobe TownIt is close to me.



    • Matsuyama outer ring road (Open only between Imon IC and Ito Minami IC[17]-Other sections under construction
      Imon IC- Matsuyama JCT -Furukawa IC-Shitsubo IC-Ototo Minami IC-(Under construction)-Higashigaki IC-Minamiyoshida IC-Matsuyama Airport IC

    General national road

    Prefectural road

    Road Station


    Because it is a city facing the Seto Inland Sea, it has ample passenger routes connecting Honshu, Kyushu, and remote islands. It also has the largest industrial port in Shikoku (Matsuyama Outer Port), and calls on many cargo routes. Matsuyama Port boasts the largest number of regular passenger routes and regular container cargo routes in Shikoku.

    • Matsuyama Port
      • Horie Port
      • Matsuyama Tourist Port (Kokura/Hiroshima/Kure route)
      • Takahama Port (Nakajima / Koijima route)
      • Mitsuhama Port (Yanai/Ihoda route)
      • Matsuyama Outer Port (cargo port/container regular flights Kobe/Busan/Manila/Taipei/Shanghai/Hong Kong routes)
      • Departure now (cargo port)


    News (Chinese)


    Cable TV
    Terrestrial TV broadcasting

    In Ehime prefectureBroadcast target areaToTV station TheNHKIn addition, there are four commercial broadcasters,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Non-seriesKey stationYou can watch the affiliated programs. Also,NHK Matsuyama Broadcasting StationIs in Shikoku 4 prefecturesCore stationIt has become.

    NHK Matsuyama Broadcasting Station and Nankai Broadcasting Station are located in the city center, and other TV stations are located in relatively suburbs[*16]are doing.

    Digital terrestrial broadcasting TheGyodoyama transmitting stationIn2006(18)10/1It started broadcasting in the same year as the preparation stage6/21Following the launch of "test radio waves including control signals necessary for video playback" from 10:XNUMX am,8/4Started the "test broadcast of the same program as the terrestrial analog broadcast".

    Both AM and FM radio stations have one NHK station and one private prefecture radio station. Also, a community-based FM station whose area is smaller than the prefectural office,Community broadcasting stationIs the only prefectural capital in the Shikoku region that does not exist.

    • For the case where the plane of polarization is "vertical", the element is erected vertically to the ground by rotating the antenna 90 degrees to the side from the normal "horizontal" case.
    Station nameNHK MatsuyamaGNIEBCITVeatoutputPlane of polarizationSEND
    Digital remote control number 1 ch 2 ch 4 ch 8 ch 6 ch 5 ch
    Matsuyamaデ ジ タ ル 16 ch 13 ch 20 ch 27 ch 21 ch 17 ch 1kWLevelMountain
    analog--- 37 ch 29 ch 25 ch 10kW
    6 ch 2 ch 10 ch ---5kWShiroyama
    Miyuki Matsuyama/
    デ ジ タ ル 49 ch 51 ch ----0.05WLevelMiyuki 1 chome
    analog 41 ch 39 ch - 47 ch 32 ch 34 ch NHK 3W / Commercial 10W
    Matsuyama Takahamaanalog 55 ch 57 ch ----10W垂直Koijima
    Matsuyama Yuyamaanalog 51 ch 53 ch ----3WLevelKamitakano Town
    Matsuyama Kubonoanalog 52 ch 50 ch ----1WLevelHisaya Town
    Matsuyama Fukuzumianalog 60 ch 62 ch ----0.5WLevelFukuzumi Town
    Matsuyama Kitayoshidaanalog 60 ch 62 ch ----0.5WLevelTakaoka Town
    Matsuyama Festivalanalog 54 ch 61 ch 58 ch 56 ch 48 ch 46 ch 0.1WLevelYamada Town
    Hojoデ ジ タ ル 16 ch 13 ch 20 ch 27 ch 21 ch 17 ch 1W垂直Hojo Kashima
    analog 39 ch 41 ch 43 ch 56 ch 61 ch 46 ch 10W
    Hojo Tateiwaデ ジ タ ル 60 ch 62 ch 55 ch 58 ch --1WLevelTakimoto
    analog 7 ch 1 ch 11 ch 51 ch --V1W / U3WV vertical/U horizontal
    Hojo Asamiデ ジ タ ル 16 ch 13 ch 45 ch 36 ch --0.1WLevelAsami Honya
    analog 39 ch 41 ch 47 ch 49 ch --1W
    AM radio broadcast (prefecture wave)
    FM radio broadcast (prefecture wave)
    AM radio broadcast (outside prefecture wave)
    FM radio broadcasting (outside prefecture wave)


    Hot spring facilities

    Shrines and temples

    Castle ruins


    Museums, etc.


    Famous confectionery

    XNUMX selections


    Person from




    Scholars and educators






    Person with connection

    Honorary citizen


    [How to use footnotes]

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