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🏛 | [New Corona] Governor Nisaka "Refrain from going out to Osaka / Hyogo for priority measures such as prevention of spread"


[New Corona] Governor Nisaka "Refrain from going out to Osaka and Hyogo for priority measures such as prevention of spread"

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As the number of infected people in the surrounding prefectures such as Wakayama is increasing and caution is required, we ask the citizens of the prefecture to refrain from going out to Osaka and Hyogo unnecessarily. "

Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka of Wakayama Prefecture announced today (April XNUMX) that the government will be new to Osaka and Hyogo prefectures ... → Continue reading

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Prefecture system

Prefecture systemWhat is (Fukensei)?1890(Meiji23 years)Japan OfLocal administrationIt is a system and stipulates itlawBut also.

Prefectural system as a local system

Administrative divisionAs the prefecture1868(Keio4th year, XNUMXst year of the Meiji era)Prefectural Sanji systemBegins with1871(4th year of Meiji)Abandoned DomainBy 3Prefecture302PrefectureIs placed, after passing through 3 prefectures and 72 prefectures1889By (Meiji 22), it was integrated into 3 prefectures and 43 prefectures.During this time1878(11th year of Meiji)May 7,County, town and village organization lawと と も にLocal three new lawComposePrefectural assembly rulesandLocal tax rulesByMunicipalitiesGained the character of a traditional countryOfficeIt came to have two sides with the character as.

1889(22th year of Meiji)May 2Was promulgated inImperial Japanese Constitution(1890(23th year of Meiji)May 11Enforcement)Constitutional systemBelow, the prefecture as a local government was in 1890 (Meiji 23).Kingdom of Prussia OfStateIt was stipulated by the "prefectural system", a law enacted based on the system.on the other hand,Local SecretaryIsGovernorBelow, the regionGovernment officeThe prefectural organization asEdictIt was stipulated by the "local government system".The prefectural governorElectionTo bePolitical party cabinetorPolitical partyStrong influence ofCabinetMany including the time ofMinistry of Interior OfOfficialsWas appointed and againInterior MinisterWas supposed to be subject to the director.On the other handPrefectural assembly ThefinanceVoting rightsThe range of authority given by just having was narrow, and it had a stronger meaning as an administrative division of the country than as a local government.Second World WarAlthough the government control was further strengthened insideThe end of the warAfter1946(Showa21 years) so the governorPublic electionThe system is introduced, etc.DemocratizationIs done, and finally1947(Showa 22)Local government lawCurrent due to the establishment ofPrefecturesIt has shifted to the system.

Law "prefectural system"

"Municipal systemMunicipal systemIt is a law that forms the local autonomy system under the Constitution of the Empire of Japan together with (Meiji 21 Law No. 1).Prefecture system(Law No. 23, May 5, 17) states, "County system(Meiji 23 Law No. 36)First Yamagata Aritomo CabinetUnderImperial Assembly1890 (Meiji 23)May 5Promulgated in (later, "Prefectural systemRenamed to ").This law stipulates "prefectures as local governments" and was elected by residents.MemberConsists of (elected by class classified by tax payment)Prefectural assemblyAnd the governor and prefectureHigh officerAnd elected from prefectural assembly membersHonorary positionCouncilThe prefectural council of members became the main body of autonomy.

According to the provisions of Article 94 of the Supplementary Provisions, this law shall be enforced sequentially from the prefectures where the "county system" and "city system" were enforced, but it is a prerequisite for the enforcement of the county system in many prefectures.countyThe enforcement of the prefectural system was delayed due to the lack of progress in the reorganization of1891(Meiji 24) Only 9 prefectures were enforced).for that reason,1899(32th year of Meiji)May 3Finally, all the "prefectural system" was revised along with the "county system".HokkaidoとOkinawaIt was enforced in all prefectures except for (the one that was not enforced until the revision)Tokyo,Osaka,京都With 3 prefecturesKanagawa,Okayama,Hiroshima,Kagawa4 prefectures).1947It was this new "prefectural system" (Law No. 22 of 32) that was effective until it was abolished by the enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law in 64.By this amendment to prefecturesCorporationWhile the status was given and the position as a local government was strengthened, the authority regulations of the prefectural governor were also improved and strengthened.

1926(15th year of Taisho),House of RepresentativesMemberFor prefectural assembly elections as well as electionsGeneral electionAmendments to introduce the system (elimination of restrictions on the right to vote and eligibility for election based on the amount of tax paid)1929(Showa 4) amendment to prefecturesOrdinanceandRuleWas given the right to enact.

After the war, 1946 (Showa 21)May 9The amendment introduced a public election system in which the prefectural governor is directly elected by the residents.Since the prefectural governor himself, who used to supervise the election affairs in the prefecture, was the target of the election, this amendment made each prefectureElection Management CommitteeWas set up and the governor'sjurisdictionWas separated from.At the same time, "" and "", which regulated the autonomy system in Hokkaido, were abolished and integrated into the "prefectural system", and this law was renamed to the "prefectural system".Local governments in Hokkaido, which were formerly called "Hokkaido Local Expenses," are now called "roads." The first held in April 1947 (Showa 22)Unified local electionsGovernor of the prefecture andSecretary of the Hokkaido AgencyThe election of (Governor of Hokkaido) is based on this law.

1947May 5,The Constitution of JapanAnd by the enforcement of the Local Autonomy LawMunicipal system,Municipal system,Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentAt the same time, the prefectural system was abolished.

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