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🏛 | Resuming business next season Mizuho Highland aims to revive locals request cooperation from Governor Maruyama of Shimane Prefecture (Onan)


Aiming to revive Mizuho Highland next season, locals request cooperation from Governor Maruyama of Shimane Prefecture (Onan)

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The council is concerned that undesired development will proceed as a result of being bought by foreign companies through auctions, and is seeking cooperation from the prefecture with the aim of handing it over to excellent domestic companies.

Discussions made by the town and local business and industry associations about Mizuho Highland in Onan Town, Shimane Prefecture, which has been suspended due to poor management ... → Continue reading

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Foreign-affiliated companies

Foreign-affiliated companiesWhat is (insulator)?Foreign corporationOrForeignerMakes a certain amount of investmentJapan OfCompany(NormallyLtd.ButA limited companyIs also increasing).In oral expressions, it is often abbreviated as "foreign-affiliated" or "foreign-affiliated".Japanese companies that are not foreign-affiliated are Japanese, domestic,Ethnicity, Domestic (used in the pharmaceutical and medical industry), etc.It may be used with the same meaning for countries other than Japan.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(OldMinistry of International Trade and Industry) Has been conducting a survey on foreign-affiliated companies every year since 1967, and the results of the survey have been published as "Trends in Foreign-affiliated Companies" every year since the following year.The following companies are the subjects of the survey.[1].

  1. Foreign investorsstockOrEquityCompanies that own more than one-third of
  2. Foreign investors own more than one-third of shares or equityHolding companyA company in which the total of the direct investment ratio and indirect investment ratio of foreign investors is more than one-third.
  3. In both cases 1 and 2 above, a company in which the largest foreign investor has an investment ratio of 10% or more.

Foreign company is JapaneseCompanyRegarding the acquisition of shares or equity inForeign exchange lawByInward foreign direct investmentIt is said that it is subject to the regulation, but now it isIn certain casesIn principle, post-reporting is sufficient, with the exception that prior notification is required.


  • 経済産業省の調査では令和元年度において日本に5,748の外資系企業が存在し、うち2,808の企業から有効回答を得、内訳は外資比率100%が2,074、50%超100%未満が435、50%が129、50%未満が170となっている。
  • According to a survey by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of employees in Japan in the first year of Reiwa (annual average) was 6,733 million. Is about 51% of the number of employees (0.76 in 132).
Number of companies by mother nationality
(First year of Reiwa)[2]
orderCountryNumber of companies
1United States flag The United States of America607
2Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China[3]317
3German flag Germany301
4Republic of Korea flag  South Korea165
5French flag France164
6Dutch flag Netherlands152
7Swiss flag スイス149
8Republic of China flag Taiwan144
9British flag The United Kingdom143
10Singapore flag Singapore139
(Not exactly the flag) Flag of the world Grand total2,808
Number of companies by industry
(First year of Reiwa)[2]
IndustryNumber of companies
Wholesale trade1,096
Service industry441
Information and communication industry287
Retail trade139
金融-Insurance industry130
Transportation industry83
Information and communication equipment70
Production machinery49
Transport machinery49
Grand total2,808
Number of companies by prefecture
(First year of Reiwa)[2]
orderPrefecturesNumber of companies (headquarters location)
1Tokyo flag Tokyo1,829
2Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa297
3Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka143
4Aichi prefecture flag Aichi82
5Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo80
6Saitama prefecture flag Saitama59
7Chiba prefecture flag Chiba51
8Fukuoka prefecture flag Fukuoka31
9Shizuoka prefecture flag Shizuoka21
10Kyoto Prefecture Flag Kyoto17
Japanese flag Grand total2,808
Number of regular employees by prefecture
(First year of Reiwa)[2][4]
orderPrefecturesNumber of employees (based on each office)
1Tokyo flag Tokyo125,325
2Kanagawa prefecture flag Kanagawa51,753
3Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka42,877
4Aichi prefecture flag Aichi15,913
5Shizuoka prefecture flag Shizuoka15,429
6Mie prefecture flag Mie13,985
7Saitama prefecture flag Saitama13,310
8Hyogo prefecture flag Hyogo12,576
9Chiba prefecture flag Chiba11,033
10Fukuoka prefecture flag Fukuoka9,020
Japanese flag Grand total402,932


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  2. ^ a b c d Foreign-affiliated company trend survey (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Reiwa 2nd year survey results.
  3. ^ Including Hong Kong (158).
  4. ^ Aggregation of direct employers.Includes temporary staff from temporary staffing agencies.

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Council(Kyoukai,English: Council) Is called a meeting in which participants or parties from various or similar positions gather to discuss the agenda on the agenda, and to connect it to the realization, and such a meeting is called a meeting.[1][2].English: CouncilorFrench: ConsultancyOften used as a Japanese translation of, or an equivalent term,Council,, It may be translated as a representative meeting.

Members of the council are called council members, council participants, and so on.


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