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🏛 | [Breaking news] First meeting for the establishment of "Children's Office" There are also frosty voices from within the LDP


[Breaking news] First meeting for the establishment of the "Children's Office" There are also frosty voices from within the LDP

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We aim to sort out issues that span related ministries and eliminate vertically divided administration, but resistance from ministries is also expected.

Discussions started toward the establishment of the "Children's Office" that Prime Minister Suga is aiming for.LDP Secretary-General Nikai "Responsible for the future of all children ... → Continue reading

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Related ministries

Vertically divided administration

Vertically divided administration(Tatewari Gyosei) is an administrative agencyUnreasonable division of rolesAnd due to excessive jurisdiction of each ministry and agencyAdministrationServicesIs an inefficiency problem.Including adverse effects such as duplication and contradiction of laws and regulations enacted by each administrative agency or difficulty in comprehensive information collection[1].


Due to lack of cooperation between ministries and departments, up and down (ministries and departments)Inside) Is related but horizontal (ministries and departments)while) Is lacking, and there are differences in the measures of each ministry and agency in the country and each department in the local government, so they are not in line.PeopleAnd generalCitizenFrom this point of view, it is seen as wasteful and extremely inefficient, and the difference in roles is difficult to understand.Alternatively, time is often lost to obtain approval from other ministries.OfficialSince he thinks that intervention from other departments will deprive him of his authority, he lacks the idea of ​​working together to do something.

Often, the following cases are confused.[Question]

As a familiar exampleKindergartenとNurseryin the case of,Kindergarten TheSchool education lawBased onMinistry of educationIs under the jurisdictionNursery TheChild Welfare ActBased onMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareHowever, because the laws on which they are based are different, kindergartens and nursery schools are often close to each other as facilities for entrusting children and living in groups (however, the roles of each facility are different).Kindergarten unification problemSee also).Moreover,kindergarten teacherTo a nursery school with a driver's licenseChildminderSimilarly, with the qualification of a nursery teacher, you cannot work as a kindergarten teacher in a kindergarten, and the license system is different.

BarberとHairdresserIs the sameMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareUnder the jurisdiction of "Customer'shairDespite the work of "cutting off", it is a license system with different laws and regulations.Commonly"HairdresserIt is also called.

Prefectural officeAnd city hall (especiallyPrefectural office location) Are mixed, for exampleFamily registerProcedures related toBirth registrationEtc)Municipal officeSince the same procedure is not performed at the prefectural office, it will be troublesome even if the city hall is far from the prefectural office.RedundancyLacking.

またPrefectural governorとMayor of the prefectural capitalOrPrime Minister(JapanHead of Government)Governor of Tokyo(Japanese capitalIn some cases, the head of government of the government is seen in the same line, and it is often seen as similar by citizens who are not familiar with the law and administration (in this case, "Whole country"When"capital(Tokyo) ”Is seen in the same line, and the“ institution of Tokyo ”is seen as if it were a“ national institution ”, but the jurisdiction of the country and the capital is very different).

As an example of construction, construction at the same location is a separate project in another department, so construction that can be completed at once is divided many times.This is inefficient due to differences in construction period and budget, and differences in contractors that result from this.Also,Ministry of Agriculture OfSewer,Farm roadIn parallel with the sewerage system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismNational roadThere is also an example where is laid.

As an example of housingUR rental housing(OldPublic housing,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismJurisdictionIndependent administrative agencyUrban regeneration mechanismOperated by)Employment promotion housing(Incorporated administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareEmployment Support System for Elderly/Disability/Job SeekersEstablished by a foundationEmployment Promotion AssociationThere are cases where there are many vacancies (but the roles of each house are different).

Conversely, there are cases where the role between ministries and agencies is ambiguous for one thing.For example, if there is an accident with the playset in the park, the improvement of countermeasures will be "Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology," "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which controls safety," and "Regulate product standards."Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry"Construction and installation was doneMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismWill be done separately, and the responsibilities will be distributed in multiple directions, making the responsibilities that each ministry and agency should bear ambiguous.Even in the road administration, "Road construction is the former Ministry of Construction (currently the Road Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)" "Supervision of the transportation industry is the former Ministry of Transport (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Automobile Bureau)" The police and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) are responsible for automobile production and training.

FormerJapanese army OfarmyとNavyRelationship is also the samePacific WarThe inside is described as "the land and sea conflict, the remaining power of the United States and Britain."[2], An example in which the Army and Navy separately paid the license fee for a variable-pitch propeller and liquid-cooled aircraft engine of the same specifications to the partner country, the Armysubmarine(Type XNUMX submersible transport boat), The Navytank(Type XNUMX Ka-Mi) Was held.


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