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🏛 | [Video] "Japan, are you okay?" The cry of "Uncle" about a certain law revision became a hot topic

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[Video] "Japan, are you okay?" The cry of "Uncle" about a certain law revision became a hot topic

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Uncle Sayarogai and comedian Kosuke Enomori told BuzzFeed News that "I felt that the immigration issue was a human rights issue with few parties involved and it was difficult to raise a voice."

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Immigration problem

Lip service

Lip serviceIs freeComedy combination..The former agencyOrigin Corporation. mainlyOkinawaI am active in. In the pastQABSponsoredComedy Biaslonで2014(HeiseiFrom the 26nd tournament in 2)2017Former champion who won the 29th tournament in (5) for 4 consecutive years.Okinawa TVSponsored by "New Year! Oh laugh O-1 Grand Prix"Has advanced to the final for 9 consecutive years.

2021He left Origin Corporation in March and is active as a freelancer.[1].


Uncle Seyarogai

2017(29) November[2]Than,DroneWith the cooperation of "Drone Okinawa", which develops shooting services,the UAF YouTube-channelDelivered the channel "Wara Shigami". Originally it is a channel of all the entertainers of Origin Corporation including Lip Service, but in that, Enomori plays "Uncle SeyarogaiIs especially prominent.

Red against the backdrop of the sea of ​​OkinawaloinclothIn appearanceCurrent affairsIs a big topic with a straightforward and grand appealing delivery[2][3][4]. "Uncle SeyarogaiI haven't decided in particular whether "" is a control character or Enomori's personal appeal.[5]However, it reflects the minimum coverage and personal thoughts so as not to be a hoax.[2].

The video conveys the importance of giving opinions and giving opinions to viewers, and gives brief and easy-to-understand explanations to those who are not familiar with politics.Asahi ShimbunThe activity was also taken up in the educational aspect "To teenagers"[6].

On the official website, apart from the lip service, "Uncle SeyarogaiA single profile is also available[7][8].




"Smiley change" 4th monthSaturday


tv set

  • Guest appearance
  • Yugafufufu cornerDialectStudent role
  • MC
  • spicesGuest appearance
  • Champion's Journey 2017-4 consecutive victories, but training in Tokyo!?-
  • TBS"Good luck!」(2019å¹´9月30日 - 2020å¹´9月28日、せやろがいおじさん:榎森のみ)※ 基本毎週金曜日に出演。ただし、2019å¹´9月30日 - 10月4日は毎日、Emergency declarationAppeared on Tuesday and Friday.

Net live distribution

  • the UAF YouTube-channelWara Shigami "Uncle Seyarogai's Connection" (Monday-Friday 18:30 for about 30 minutes, Enomori Monday-Friday, Kinjo Thursday only)


  • Hormone TV Insecticide Series Lip Service x Fumakiller Premium
  • Job magazine rookie CM


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