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🏛 | [Breaking news] Chiba Prefecture, request for application of spread prevention Target is 5 cities of Ichikawa, Funabashi, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Urayasu Governor Kumagai "Comprehensive judgment"

Governor Kumagai (right) greets at the photo countermeasures headquarters meeting.Officials from the three cities of Chiba, Funabashi, and Kashiwa, the Mayor's Association, and the Municipal Association attended online = around 3 pm on the 15th, Chiba Prefectural Office

[Breaking news] Chiba Prefecture, request for application of spread prevention Target is 5 cities of Ichikawa, Funabashi, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Urayasu Governor Kumagai "Comprehensive judgment"

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From this meeting, the prefecture requested the attendance of Chiba, Funabashi, Kashiwa City, the Prefectural Mayors' Association, and the Municipal Association.

On the 15th, the government received the spread of the new coronavirus, and the revised special measures law was applied to the four prefectures of Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Aichi ... → Continue reading

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Prefectural Mayors Association


Kashiwa(Kashiwa) isChibaLocated in the northwest ofCity.Core cityIs specified in.

Business nuclear cityso,Sakai StationKashiwa centered onTrade areaForming a commercial center[1].Healthy City UnionMember cities[2]..Environmental future city[3], Comprehensive special zone[4] Specified toSmart cityIt is a pioneer of.

populationThe population is about 43, which is the fifth largest in Chiba prefecture after Matsudo city by about 6, but the population in the trade area reaches 5 million in 16 cities and 3 towns (FY237 survey).Capital Area OfBed town.


Edo PeriodToMito Highway OfPost townIsKokinjukuとMy grandchild innIt was a small settlement located in the middle of. Joban Line in 1896Sakai StationThe development of Kashiwa began with the opening of the business.However, full-scale residential development will beginJoban LineIs from the postwar period when it was electrified.TaishoHokuso Railway of the times (currentTobu Noda Line <Urban Park Line>) By openingSakai Station TheTransportation hubIt became.

1960 eraThanTokyo OfBed townDevelopment progresses as a large-scale forest and agricultural landHousing complexIt was diverted to such as, and the population increased rapidly.To respond to the increase in the number of passengersNational railway TheCommuting five-sided strategyAt Joban LineDouble lineI went.Sakai StationIs Japan's first in the 70'sPedestrian deckIs known for being builtSOGO[Annotation 1],Takashimaya,MaruiSuch asDepartment storeMany commercial facilities, includingIbaraki,SaitamaAlso gathered shoppers from. Since the 1980s, commercial facilities for young people have opened one after another around Kashiwa Station, and the commercial capital of Chiba Prefecture.FunabashiLine up withTokatsu area(Old:Higashi KatsushikaNorthern) It has become the number one commercial base. The number of passengers getting on and off at JR Kashiwa Station isTsukuba ExpressWas number one in Chiba prefecture until it opened.Trade areaPopulation is about 237[5].

In recent years, it has been opened by inheriting the plan presented in the new commuting five-way operation.Metropolitan New City RailwayTsukuba ExpressBesides along the railway lineTobu Noda Line (Urban Park Line)Along the line, etc.New residential areaDevelopment is accelerating, and because of the good access to the XNUMX wards of Tokyo,Large apartment,Residential areaStands in the forest,Commercial facilityEnriched and maintainedpublic facility, A natural rich living environment[6].. Town where you want to buy and live[7] Even inCapital AreaIt is supported mainly by families who aim to settle down, such as recording the first place.Kashiwanoha Campus StationAroundResearch-Educational institutionsAggregate,Public body-Company-UniversityIn cooperationInternational college city, Next-generation environmental city concept is in progress[8].

The central part of the city is the Tobu Urban Park Line / JR Joban Line,National Route 6-National Route 16It is a key point of transportation whereTsukuba Express passes through the northern part of the city, and universities, research institutes, industry-academia collaboration facilities, etc. are located.Education districtHave a face asKashiwanohaThe area is the center.In addition, in Toyoshikidai housing complex where the aging rate exceeds 40%, Kashiwa City and the University of Tokyo,UR City OrganizationA joint project by the three parties has started, and a series of measures for the super-aging and longevity society that started with this is often talked about as the "Kashiwa Project".[Annotation 2].


Located in the northwestern part of Chiba prefecturePrefectural office locationIsChibaIt is about 30 kilometers from.Tokyo OfCity centerIt is within 25-35 kilometers from.Urban employment areaInTokyo metropolitan area(Tokyo Ward)ofBed townHas a strong nature asHigh-rise apartment,Residential areaIs standing in a forest.The commuting rate to the special wards of Tokyo is 42.3% (2015 census).By trainChibaPoor access toJoban Line,Tsukuba ExpressBecause it is convenient to move to Tokyo, so-called "Chiba citizen"There are many.

Matsudo City to the southwest, Noda City to the north, Nagareyama City to the west, Abiko City to the northeast, Kamagaya City to the south, Insai City and Shiroi City to the east,Tone RiverAdjacent to Toride City and Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Kanto PlainLocated in, most of the city areaShimosa PlateauとYatsudaThe area along the Tone River at the northern end and the area near Teganuma at the eastern end are lowlands.The lowest point above sea level is about 5 meters in the lowlands around Lake Teganuma, and the highest point is about 32 meters at the southern end of the city (plateau).

Place name notation

There are five place names in Kashiwa City called ~ ke (ga) hill, but the notation is mixed.

  • KeokaIs the official notation
  • GaokaIs the official notation

Of these, Otsugaoka is the former district of Shonan Town.

Adjacent municipality


Tokatsu areaThen, what prospered before the Meiji era was the convenience of water transportation.Matsudo-Nagareyama-(I.e.Kashiwa Village and Chiyoda Village, which are the current central areas of Kashiwa, were not inn stations even though they were along the Mito Kaido.1479May 1(文明10May 12),ShimosaSakainehara (currentlyChibaAt Sakaine, Kashiwa City)Uesugi SadamasaChief retainerDou OtaHowever, Shimousa's landlordChibaIn the form of being involved in the internal conflict ofBattle of SakaineharaHas begun.In Sakaine, Kashiwa City, there are many places called "battlefields", and there were many mounds in the past, and it was said that it was the tomb of the soldiers of the Takase Chiba army such as Hara and Kiuchi.[9][10]..These mounds were also buried due to the development of Hikarigaoka, but there are still mounds in some places such as the gaps in the housing complex.In addition, "Sakai Nehara Battle Battlefield" is written on the map of Kashiwa City in front of the main gate of the Kashiwa City Central Library.

The water transportation of the Tone and Edo rivers prosperedEdo PeriodThe village along the river prospered in.Fuse Village (currently Fuse), which is located in the northern part of the current city area, was busy as a transportation route for fresh fish connecting to the Kamura Riverbank (currently Nagareyama City Ka).Former KashiwamuraMeiji EraUntil the beginning ofMito HighwayIt was a village located between Kogane-juku and Gagoko-juku.

1896(Meiji 29) Joban Line opened, continuedTaisho eraHokuso Railway (currently:Tobu Noda Line) By openingSakai StationWill be a transfer station, and an urban area will be formed around the station. From the 1960s in TokyoBed townAs the population surged.1964 Tokyo OlympicsIn Kashiwa city from later onRedevelopmentMomentum has increased,1969Enforced in (Showa 44)Urban redevelopment lawStarted the redevelopment project in front of Kashiwa station in response to the first designation of.1970 eraLaterSOGO[Annotation 1],Takashimaya,MaruiSuch asDepartment storeMany commercial facilities have entered the market, including TokyoSatellite cityProsper as a commercial area. Around the 1980s, commercial facilities for young people opened one after another around Kashiwa Station.Tokatsu area(Old:Higashi KatsushikaIt became a commercial base in the north).

2005(Heisei17 years)Metropolitan New City RailwayTsukuba ExpressIn the Kashiwanoha area in the northern part of the cityTokyo University,Chiba University, Focusing on industry-academia collaboration facilitiesEducation districtIs formed, and the future is different from Tsukuba Science CityAcademic cityAppeared.About town developmentIndustry-government-academia collaborationIs continuing construction with the aim of becoming an "international academic research city".Furthermore, the development of suburban shopping malls and condominiums has become active.


  • 1479(文明10May 12)May 1 --At Sakainehara in the city (currently Sakaine, Kashiwa City)Battle of SakaineharaWas done.Mr. Makoto, a powerful family in the city area, joined the battle.
  • 1881(Meiji14 years) --Mito KaidoNational roadWas set up with the promotion to, and finallyYado StationIt came to have the function as.
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)May 10 - Municipal system-Municipal systemWith the enforcement, Kashiwa Village established Chiyoda Village with areas such as Tohari Village, Shikoda Village, Matsugasaki Village, Takada Village, etc., and on the same dayToyoshiki VillageOrganized the Chiyoda Village / Toyoshiki Village Association (Toyoshiki Village is a cultivated village of the samurai and kept a distance from the villages since the Edo period without merging).
  • 1896(29th year of Meiji)May 12 - Japan RailwayThe Tsuchiura Line (between Tabata and Tsuchiura) opens and Kashiwa Station is set up.
  • 1911(44th year of Meiji)May 5 --Chiba Prefectural Railway (Kashiwa-Noda Town) opens.
  • 1914(Taisho3 years)May 10 --Dissolved the Chiyoda Village / Toyoshiki Village AssociationChiyodaBecomes
  • 1923(Taisho 12)May 12 ――Kashiwa of the former Hokuso Railway ――The Funabashi section has opened, and the railway traffic at Kashiwa Station is now in place.
  • 1924(Taisho 13)May 4 --Chiba Prefectural Higashi Katsushika Junior High School (currentlyChiba Prefectural Higashi Katsushika High SchoolThe predecessor of.The campaign to attract local volunteers from the middle of the Taisho era has been fruitfulHigashi KatsushikafirstOld junior high school) Open school.

After setting up Kashiwacho

  • 1926(Taisho 15)May 9 --Chiyoda Village enforces the town systemKashiwachoWill be.After the establishment of Kashiwa Station, a new urban area was formed around the station, so in Chiyoda VillageLarge print"Kashiwa", which was one of the two, became the name of Shinmachi.
  • Manchurian IncidentAfter that-KashiwaarmyStrengthening the color as a military city,Army Kashiwa Airfield, Anti-aircraft regiment,Kashiwa Army Hospital(After the war, after the National Kashiwa Hospital, now Kashiwa Municipal Kashiwa Hospital) etc. were established.
  • 1954(Showa29 years)
    • May 9 --KashiwachoTsuchimura-Tanakamura・ Merged with Koganecho and enforced the city systemTokatsu CityIt became (Tokatsushi).However, many of the influential people in Koganecho had a strong kinship with Matsudo, and most of them were occupied by the Matsudo faction, and even after the merger, they continued protest activities such as sitting in front of the Chiba Prefectural Assembly.
    • May 10 --The former Koganecho area, leaving a part (so-called Negiuchi district)Matsudo-shiTransferred to[11].
    • May 11 --Part of Tomise Village was incorporated into Tokatsu City.

After the name change of Kashiwa City

  • 1954 year (Showa 29 year)May 11 --Tokatsu CityKashiwaRenamed to.
  • 1959(34) --The concept of constructing a large amusement park in Teganuma, which straddles the Kashiwa city area, the Shonan town area, and Abiko city at that time, was announced.later"Teganuma DisneylandKnown as.
  • 1964 year (Showa 39 year)May 2 --Shonan-mura, Higashi-Katsushika-gun enforces the town system and becomes Shonan-cho.
  • 1968(43) April-The Chiba Prefectural Assembly decides to abandon the "Teganuma Disneyland" concept.The planned site that straddles Shonan Town and Abiko City will be converted to a residential area.
  • 1971(46)May 4 --In Kashiwa cityNational railwayJoban LineMultiple linesThe conversion is completed.From the same dayTeito High Speed ​​Transportation Corps(CurrentTokyo Metro)Chiyoda LineStarted direct communication with the Joban Line, and each station on the Joban Line in the cityJoban LineChiyoda Line as a stopKasumigaseki StationCan be directly connected to[Annotation 3].
  • 1972(47)May 10 --A rapid platform was opened at Kashiwa Station, and rapid trains started to stop.At the same station, direct use to Ueno station has been restored.From the same day, the medium-distance train will stop both above and below only Datum.
  • 1973(48)
    • May 10 --At the east exit of Kashiwa StationJapan's first[Source required] OfPedestrian deck(In Kashiwa CityDouble deckWas called) is in service.
    • May 11 ――The redevelopment project in front of the west exit of Kashiwa Station is over.
  • 1978(53)May 6 - Disaster prevention administrative radioOperation started.However,1981May 7Until then, the chime wasn't playing.
  • 1980(55)May 9 --All JNR Joban Line medium-distance trains start stopping at Kashiwa Station.
  • 1981 year (Showa 56 year)
  • 1985(60)May 1 --Joban ExpresswayMisato interchange --The Kashiwa interchange opens.In TokyoShuto ExpresswayFrom to the Kashiwa interchange, it is possible to pass only on the highway.
  • 1986(61)May 11 -Limited expressHitachiA part of the train started to stop at Kashiwa Station.
  • 1989(11) November 1st-Rock band released on the same dayBlast slumpAlbum ofIBW"KASHIWA My Love-While listening to Yumin-" is included.The lyrics are from Higashi Katsushika High School in Kashiwa City.Sunplaza Nakano, Composed by Kashiwa City and the same Higashi Katsushika High School as NakanoPappara Kawai.
  • July 1992, 4 --The National Cancer Center Hospital East (formerly known as the National Cancer Center) East Hospital, a cancer medical research center, opens in Kashiwanoha.
  • 1994(6) --Based in our cityJ LeagueAssociate member team Hitachi FC Kashiwa Reysol (since 1996)Kashiwa Reysol) Is equivalent to the second division leagueJapan Football League2nd place in (former JFL) and decide to promote to J League from the following year[Annotation 4].
  • 1999(11)- Kashiwanoha ParkWithinKashiwanoha Park General StadiumComplete.There was also a plan to make Kashiwa Reysol home, but it was abandoned later due to opposition from supporters.
  • 2000 (12) --The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus, which aims to integrate academics into Kashiwanoha, has started.
  • 2001(13)May 10 --Changes such as disaster prevention administrative radio broadcasting.
  • 2005(17)
  • 2006(18) Degree- Local numberWith the adoption of, the automobile number "Kashiwa" number was born, which covers Kashiwa City and Abiko City.
  • 2009(21) --Start of an aging society countermeasure project at Toyoshikidai housing complex.The forerunner of a series of "Kashiwa projects".
  • 2010(22)May 8 --The population has exceeded 40.
  • 2011(23) -Kashiwa Reysol wins the league match for the first time in J1 (J League 1st Division).
  • 2014(26)May 4 --Introduced the name "Tobu Urban Park Line" as a nickname for the Tobu Noda Line.
  • 2015(27)May 3 - Ueno Tokyo LineWith the opening of the Joban LineTokaido LineShinagawa StationGet in.Due to the arrangement of stations on the Joban Line limited express trains, the limited express "Hitachi" and "Tokiwa" stations in Chiba Prefecture will be consolidated at Kashiwa Station.[Annotation 5].

Origin of city name

There are various theories about the origin of the name of Kashiwa, but the theory that it is derived from the riverbank (meaning pile) is considered to be predominant.[Annotation 6].

Designated city plan

1990 eraAfter that, due to merger with surrounding municipalitiesGovernment-designated citySome have argued that the transition should be aimed at.2001(13)Nagareyama-Abiko-Higashi KatsushikaNumami TownNagareyama City and Abiko City have left one after another, and what is the remaining Shonan Town?2003A merger council was set up in (15) to proceed with discussions, and in 2005 (17).May 3The town was incorporated into.As a result, the population will be expanded to about 38 and the area will be expanded to about 115 square kilometers.May 4In Chiba prefectureFunabashiFollowing the transition to the core city.Immediately before the merger, the population of the former Kashiwa city was 333,519 and the area was 72.91 square kilometers.

Even now, with Kashiwa CityNoda-shi-Abiko-Nagareyama-Matsudo-shi-Kamagaya cityOf the so-calledTokatsu 6 citiesThere is a government-designated city concept due to the merger in ", and the Tokatsu Wide Area Administrative Liaison Council, which consists of these six cities, was established in May 6. Ordinance-designated city problem study group Was set up, and over the two years of 2006 (Heisei 18) and 2007 (Heisei 19), the futureGovernment-designated cityIn addition to collecting and analyzing basic data of the six constituent cities and organizing wide-area issues, we also conducted research on government-designated city systems and surveys and research on simulations in the Tokatsu region. However, the association said, "It is not premised on a merger."In addition, in July 6, two cities, Matsudo City and Kashiwa City, will conduct a more specific verification of the effects, impacts, significance, etc. of the transition to a government-designated city. Matsudo City / Kashiwa City Ordinance-designated City Study Group Was established.On the other hand, Funabashi CityIchikawa CityHowever, there was a similar concept, and Matsudo City and Kamagaya City showed a move to seek a merger with this area. Studying the transition to a government-designated city due to the merger of four citiesHigashi Katsushika / Katsushika area 4 city government-designated city study groupStarted in April 2007,2009(21) A report was issued in March and ended.Chiba Prefectural Office The2000The Municipal Merger Promotion Guidelines formulated in (12) did not mention the government-designated city concept at all, but the municipal merger concept formulated in 2006 (18) did not determine the framework, but "Government Ordinance by Merger" An area where we should aim to step up by moving to a designated city. "


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 2015 census, the population increased by 2.46% to 413,954, and the rate of increase / decrease was 54th among 5 municipalities in Chiba prefecture and 60th among 7 administrative districts.

Graphs / statistics

Population distribution by age in Kashiwa City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kashiwa City (2005)
■Purple-Kashiwa City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kashiwa City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Town name

In Kashiwa City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.


Successive mayors

Unless otherwise specified, according to "List of successive mayors"[12].

1Suzuki EtsuzoMarch 1954, 29 (Showa 10)March 1958, 33 (Showa 10)On November 1954, 29 (Showa 11), Tokatsu City was renamed Kashiwa City.
2Hamashima ChiyomaruMarch 1958, 33 (Showa 11)March 1966, 41 (Showa 10)
3Ryotaro YamazawaMarch 1966, 41 (Showa 11)March 1978, 53 (Showa 11)
4Makoto SuzukiMarch 1978, 53 (Showa 11)1993 (Heisei 5)/10/1
5Akira Honda1993 (Heisei 5)/11/212009 (Heisei 21)/11/20
6Akiyama Hiroyasu2009 (Heisei 21)/11/21Incumbent

Administrative agency

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • Chiba National Highway Construction Office Kashiwa Maintenance and Repair Branch Office

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of education

Ministry of Defense

Independent administrative agency

Special corporation

Police / fire / emergency

In the eveningDisaster prevention administrative radioThere is a broadcast (intro of "Yuyake Koyake") that encourages children to return home, but in Kashiwa city, "PanzamastIs familiar with the name[13]..In addition to instructing elementary and junior high schools in Kashiwa City to "go home when the Panzamast rings," the city's public relations previously stated that it was "Panzamast (disaster prevention administrative radio)."However, "Panzamast" is originally a pillar on which disaster prevention administrative radio equipment is installed.Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Building MaterialsIs a registered trademark[13].


  • Kashiwa Police Station(The entire area of ​​Kashiwa City is within the jurisdiction)
    • Shin-Kashiwa police box, Takadahara police box, Asahi-cho police box, Kashiwa station square police box, Kita-Kashiwa station square police box, Toyoshiki station square police box, Hananoi police box, Masoo station square police box, Matsuba-cho police box, Midorigaoka police box, Minami-Kashiwa station square police box, Minami-Masuo police box, Mitsugaoka police box, Otsugaoka police box, Takayanagi police box, Izumi police box, Tega police box, Fujigaya police box, Tomise police box, Funato police box, Tohari police box
  • Transportation riot policeKashiwa branch station
  • Third MTF (Chiba Prefectural PoliceSecurity Department)
  • Tokatsu District Boys Center
  • National Police AgencyScientific Police Research Institute


  • Kashiwa City Fire Department
    • Kashiwa City Western Fire Department
      • Fuse Branch Office (On June 2009, 6, the Nedo Branch Office was closed due to aging and cramped reasons, and opened at the current location)
      • Tanaka branch office (former: Omuro branch office)
    • Kashiwa City Eastern Fire Department
      • Sakasai branch office
      • Mitsugaoka branch office
      • Kashiwa City Asahicho Fire Station
      • Nishihara branch office
    • Kashiwa City Numaminami Fire Station
      • Takayanagi branch office
      • Tega branch office
    • Kashiwa City Fire Brigade Headquarters
      • Fire brigade 5 direction 42 branch


City council

  • Constant number: 36 people
  • Latest ballot counting date: August 2019, 8 (first year of Reiwa)
  • Term: May 2019th, 9 (Reiwa 1st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 8th
  • Chair : Shoichi Ishii(Kashiwa Seifu)
Parliamentary nameNumber of membersRemarks
Kashiwa Seifu127 of them are independent, 5 areLDPOfficially won
Japan Communist Party5Japan Communist Party
Mirai Democracy Kashiwa4Constitutional Democratic Party-National Democratic Party-Social DemocratsWith each party official recognition

Independent and one winner each

Kashiwa Love Club3One of themJapan Restoration PartyOfficially won
Citizen side net2Two peopleCitizen network ChibaOf participating organizations

"Citizen Network Kashiwa" official recognition,

The other is independent and won

Independent3One of themA party protecting the people from NHKOfficially won

Chiba Prefectural Assembly

  • Electoral district: Kashiwa city election
  • Constant number: 5 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 15st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 5th
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Taiyo MatsuzakiConstitutional Democratic PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly
Hirotaka NakazawaLDPChiba Prefectural Assembly
Toshiaki AbeKomeitoChiba Prefectural Assembly
Hozumi HamadaLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Hideo KatoJapan Communist PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Chiba Prefecture 8st Ward(Former Kashiwa City area)Yoshitaka SakuradaLDP7Constituency
Chiba Prefecture 13st Ward(Former Shonan Town area)Takaki ShirasukaLDP3Constituency
Shin MiyakawaConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival



KashiwanohaIn the district, Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza,Tokatsu Techno PlazaFor cutting-edge industries such asIncubatorThere is a facility,VentureCompanies are being trained.In addition, as a new city creation through collaboration between civics and academiaMitsui FudosanIt is being promoted by the initiative of.This unique project consists of a concept announced by Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwa City, the University of Tokyo, and Chiba University in 2008.One is the concept of creating an environmentally friendly city that manages social infrastructure through IT.Solar power,smart gridAiming to become a next-generation environmental city.The other goal is to create an international academic research city that will create new innovations through collaboration between civics and academia. Field tests are being conducted in stages using the actual city centered on UDCK (Kashiwanoha Urban Design Center).The "Kashiwanoha Smart City Consortium", which is led by Kashiwa City, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., and Kashiwanoha Urban Design Center, has been selected as a leading model project for the smart city model project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

There are Juyoji Industrial Park in the northern part of the city, Nedo Industrial Park in the east, Kashiwa Sansei Industrial Park and Kashiwa Machinery Metal Industry Park in the central part, and in the Nedo Industrial Park.Ito HamTokyo factory,Ichikawa(Former: Maori Ichikawa) There is a Kashiwa factory.In the southern part of the city, Masuo districtNikka WhiskeyThere is a Kashiwa factory.

In agricultureTurnip,Leek,SpinachVegetable cultivation such as is popular,1975The first Chinese vegetable in Japan around (50)Chingensai,Zha cai[Source required]Was cultivated.Bok choy is a long-established Chinese restaurant, Chimisai brought seeds to Japan and established a cultivation method with local farmers.[14].

Agricultural cooperative

Companies with headquarters and head office in the city

※Long time ago,Tv shoppingFamous for Nikko (currently:Seiyu Retail Support) Also had its head office in Kashiwa, but moved to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo in 2008.

Major companies with offices in the city

Commercial facility

Major large-scale commercial facilities in front of Kashiwa Station

* There used to be a department store, Sogo Kashiwa, but it closed on September 2016, 9.The site will be redeveloped such as high-rise condominiums[15].

Major large-scale commercial facilities in front of Minamikashiwa Station

  • Fields Minamikashi
  • Cure La

Major large-scale commercial facilities in the suburbs

Financial institution

List of financial institutions with head offices and branches in Kashiwa (store name omitted).

Sister cities/partner cities

Outside Japan

  • United States flag Torrance city(The United States of AmericaCalifornia)
    • 1973(48)May 2 Torrance cityBoth mayors signed a sister city declaration.Currently, youth exchange programs and exchanges at the citizen level are active, and have received commendations from the Sister Cities International.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Chengde(People's Republic of ChinaHebei Province)
    • 1983(58)May 11 The Chengde City Friendship Delegation, headed by the Mayor of Chengde, visited and signed the signing of a friendship city. Since 1994, Kashiwa City adolescents have visited Chengde City every year during the summer vacation to deepen exchanges with Chengde City adolescents.
  • Guam flag Guam(Guam Territory, United States)
    • 1991(3)May 11 Formed a friendship city declaration.The opportunity was the Kashiwa Festival1982As a supplementary prize from (57)GuamTravel was given.1985(60), Miss Guam participated in the Kashiwa Festival.Since then, Miss Guam andGuamA representative of the Tourism Bureau added flowers to the Kashiwa Festival and expanded into exchanges between the Kashiwa Green Lions Club and the Guam-Marianas Lions Club.Even now, youth exchanges are active, and junior high school students are dispatched to exchange homestays every spring break.
  • Australian flag Camden City (Australian CommonwealthNew South Wales)
    • 1997(9)May 4 Concluded a friendship city agreement between the former Shonan Town and Camden City.


  • Japanese flag Tsugaru City(Aomori)
    • 1994(6)May 11 Kashiwa City and Aomori Prefecture at that timeNishitsugaru-gunKashiwa VillageA hometown exchange city tie-up was signed with.It was the only municipality with the same name in Japan, and the exchange began in 1993 with the support exchange of Kashiwa Reysol.2005(17)May 2, Merged with Kizukuri Town, Morita Village, Inagaki Village, and Shariki Village to become "Tsugaru City".Also, this exchange triggered the 1994Kashiwa Festival"Kashiwa Nebuta" was carried out from the beginning, and it is now the biggest feature of the Kashiwa Festival.
  • Japanese flag Tadami(FukushimaMinamiaizu District)
    • 1994 year (Heisei 6 year)May 11 A hometown exchange city tie-up was signed between Kashiwa City and Tadami Town.The trigger was1981(Showa 56) in Kashiwa CityEirakudaiThis is an exchange activity with the district's "Eirakudai Neighborhood Center".
  • Japanese flag Ayase(Kanagawa)
    • 1967(42)May 9 Concluded a sister city agreement between the former Shonan Town and Ayase Town at that time.At that time, when the governor of Chiba prefecture, Taketo Tomono, visited Kanagawa prefecture, he proposed that he would like to promote goodwill between towns that are geographically, economically, and scale-wise with the governor of Kanagawa prefecture, Bungo Tsuda. Since then, a sister city agreement between Shonan Town and Ayase Town, both of which have a self-defense force base and the same population size, has been realized.



District plans are designated for 34 districts in the city[17].

Residential areas


Cultural facility

  • Amuse Kashiwa
  • Kashiwa Citizen's Gallery (Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall 8th floor)
  • Kashiwa Civic Cultural Center
  • Kashiwa City Central Community Center
  • Refreshing Chiba Prefectural Plaza
    • KashiwanohaPrefectural lifelong learning facility in the district
  • Palette Kashiwa
    • Formerly a living national treasure dyerKeisuke SerizawaThere was the Kashiwa City Sunagawa Arts and Crafts Museum, which contained a collection of works byMay 6Closed in.The Sunagawa Collection has since been transferred to the Kashiwa City Folk Materials Exhibition Room (inside the Kashiwa City Numaminami Government Building).
  • Kashiwa Planetarium (Kashiwa City Library 2nd floor)
    • With a dome diameter of 6 meters, it is the second smallest public planetarium in Japan and the smallest planetarium in the Kanto region.
post office
  • Kashiwa Post Office(Japan Post Bank Kashiwa store) (05122)
  • Tega Post Office (05186)
  • Masuo Post Office (05197)
  • Kashiwa Tanaka Post Office (05248)
  • Tomise Post Office (05262)
  • Minamikashiwa Station Post Office (05322)
  • Kashiwa Kogaoka Post Office (05326)
  • Kashiwa Chiyoda Post Office (05335)
  • Toyoshiki Station Post Office (05360)
  • Kashiwa Toyoshikidai Post Office (05368)
  • Numaminami Oi Post Office (05380)
  • Numaminami Takayanagi Post Office (05383)
  • Kashiwa Hibarigaoka Post Office (05392)
  • Kashiwa Station West Exit Post Office (05415)
  • Kashiwa Sakasai Post Office (05468)
  • Kashiwa Toyofuta Post Office (05470)
  • Kashiwa Kaga Post Office (05491)
  • Kashiwa Sakaine Post Office (05526)
  • Numaminami Otsugaoka Post Office (05543)
  • Kashiwa Nakahara Post Office (05564)
  • Kashiwa Matsuba Post Office (05600)
  • Kashiwa Takashimaya Post Office(05611)
  • Kashiwa Sakai Minami Post Office (05623)
  • Kashiwa Toyogami Post Office (05631)
  • Kashiwa Tsukushigaoka Post Office (05641)
  • Kitakashiwa Station Post Office (05648)
  • Kashiwa Nakashinjuku Post Office (05660)
  • Kashiwa Midoridai Post Office (05665)
  • Numaminami Takayanagi Nishi Post Office (05669)
  • Kashiwa Azumadai Post Office (05693)
  • Kashiwanoha Campus Post Office(05700)
  • Shukurenji Post Office (05725: Temporarily closed)
  • Shinkashiwa station square post office (10005)

The postal code corresponds to the following. 2 The collection and delivery station is in charge of collection and delivery.



secondaryMedical area(Secondary health care area) is the northern Tokatsu medical area (jurisdiction: Tokatsu area excluding Kamagaya city)[18].. The tertiary medical area is the Chiba medical area (jurisdiction: the entire area of ​​Chiba prefecture).

Medical facilitiesList only those with high special mention[18].

  • Medical institutions in the city (secondary medical area)
  • Medical institutions in the city (primary medical area)
    • Emergency designated hospital
    • Other medical institutions
      • Kashiwa Minami Hospital (逆 井 駅From)
      • Kita-Kashiwa Rehabilitation General Hospital (walk from Kita-Kashiwa Station or get off at Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital bus stop)
      • Kensekido Hospital (walking from the east exit of Kashiwa Station)
      • Tokatsu Medical Welfare Center Koyoen
      • National Cancer CenterEast Hospital (from Kashiwa Station West Exit, get off at National Cancer Center Bus Stop)
      • Seihikarigaoka Hospital (from Minami-Kashiwa Station, get off at the bus stop in front of Seihikarigaoka Hospital)
      • Chiba / Kashiwa Rehabilitation Hospital (Free shuttle bus from the east exit of Kashiwa Station)
      • Teganuma Hospital (free shuttle bus from the east exit of Kashiwa Station)
      • Hatsuishi Hospital (Hatsuishi StationFrom)
  • Secondary medical area

Health facility

  • Kashiwa City Health Center
  • Health care center
  • 医療 セ ン タ ー
  • Central Health Center
  • Numana Health Center


2020Than,primary schoolIt has been decided that programming education in Japan will be mandatory.Prior to that,2017Than,ChibaProgramming education will be implemented at all elementary schools (42 schools) in Kashiwa City[20][21].. Elementary computer in 1st grade, 3rd gradeRomajiWe provide input education, but in the 4th grade, we provide programming education for all of us 2 hours a week.In addition, Kashiwa City has been conducting programming-related education for some time, and has already provided it.1987At Tanakakita Elementary School, etc.BASICThere is a history of education.

The "GP League" was established with the cooperation of the Kashiwa City Board of Education as a place to demonstrate these educational results. It will be held as a place where three elementary school students form a team and compete for programming knowledge, skills and teamwork.Chiba Television Broadcast(Ciba Tele) andFuji TV KIDSBy co-production ofGP LEAGUE Programming ColiseumHowever, the pattern of the "GP League" held at Mallage Kashiwa in Kashiwa City was broadcast in several weeks.


* In addition, although it is not a campus, it can be used as a base for researchers and alumni associations.University of California, Los AngelesThere is a UCLA Japan Center.

Ministry College

Vocational school

high school



Junior high school




primary school


  • Sakaine Elementary School
  • Sakaine Higashi Elementary School
  • Sakaine Nishi Elementary School
  • Sat Elementary School
  • Tsuchinan Elementary School
  • Fuse Elementary School
  • Tomisenishi Elementary School
  • Tomise Higashi Elementary School
  • Matsuba Daiichi Elementary School
  • Matsuba Daini Elementary School
  • Toyofuta Elementary School
  • Kazahaya Nanbu Elementary School
  • Tega Higashi Elementary School
  • Otsugaoka Daini Elementary School

Special school

Vocational development school

Authorized child institution



Sports Facilities

Kashiwa-based team

Other,JR East Hardball Baseball Club TheBaseball fieldNew practice area includingSun Rockers ShibuyaPlaces a practice home court in the city (next to Sankyo Frontier Kashiwa Stadium, a gymnasium owned by Hitachi, Ltd. in Hitachidai).


マ ス コ ッ ト

  • Kashiwani --Invented by Kashiwa Information Center.Although it is not an official character of Kashiwa City, it is sponsored by Kashiwa City Hall.
  • Sakasai --Kashiwa City official local character (Sakasai Shotenkai)

Local idol

Area code

The area code of the former Kashiwa city area is04716(No city code), but1964(Showa39 years)May 7Than,0471(City code is67)change to.2002(Heisei14 years)May 2In the 0471 area including Kashiwa City (Kashiwa)MA) Due to the shortage of the city code04(City code is71XX) Has been changed.Former Shonan Town was also 04, but Takayanagi Shinden and a part of Shiinokidai047It has become.This is adjacent to the areaMatsudo-shiIncluded in the same Ichikawa MA, the same MA1997(9)May 1To0473から047This is because it was changed to.

The following two buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Chiba Kashiwa Bureau: 7160 (1000-4000 series), 7162-7164, 7165 (0000-1000, 7000-8000 series), 7166, 7167, 7168 (2000-9000 series)
  • 逆井局:7160(0000、5000、7000番台)、7170(3000、5000 - 9000番台)、7171 - 7176、7178(0000 - 1000番台)
  • Tanaka Bureau: 7131 --7135, 7136 (0000, 3000 --4000, 6000, 8000 --9000 series), 7137 (0000 --6000 series), 7140 (8000 --9000 series)
  • Toyoshiki Bureau: 7140 (0000-2000s), 7141-7148, 7199 (5000-6000s)
  • Numana station: 7160 (6000, 8000 series), 7190 (0000-4000 series), 7191 (0000-8000 series), 7192 (0000-5000 series), 7193 (0000-7000 series)
  • East Tega Bureau: 7160 (9000 series), 7191 (9000 series)

The following areas are under the jurisdiction of the detention bureau outside Kashiwa City (Kashiwa MA unless otherwise specified).

  • Kamihanawa Bureau (Noda City): 7120 (0000-3000 series), 7121-7125, 7126 (1000-9000 series), 7197 (8000-9000 series)
    • Applicable to Kamisangao Exlave and Nishisangao Exlave.
  • Mitsubori Bureau (Noda City): 7120 (5000 series), 7138 (0000-4000, 7000-8000 series)
    • Applicable to Shimosangao excelave.
  • Nagareyama Bureau (Nagareyama City): 7140 (4000-5000 series), 7152-7156, 7178 (2000-5000 series)
    • Nishikashiwadai 1-chome-2, Nishihara 1-chome-7 and Isehara 1-chome, Toyoshiki, Toyofuta, Midoridai 3-chome are applicable to some areas.
  • Abiko Station (Abiko City): 7140 (3000 series), 7165 (2000-6000, 9000 series), 7179 (0000-2000, 6000-8000 series), 7181 (0000-3000, 7000-9000 series), 7182 --7185 , 7186 (0000-5000 series)
    • Applicable to Akebonobashi and some areas of Nedo.
  • Hubei Bureau (Abiko City): 7179 (3000-4000 series), 7181 (4000-5000 series), 7187, 7188
    • Applicable to Suidobashi and Sengenbashi.
  • Goko Bureau (Matsudo City / Ichikawa MA / Area Code is 047): 311 (0000-3000, 5000-9000 series), 330 (6000-7000 series), 383 (0000-8000 series), 384-389, 394 ( 0000-1000, 5000-7000 series), 704 (4000-6000 series), 710 (1000 series)
    • Shiinokidai 2-chome-4 and Konandai 2-chome, Shiinokidai 1-chome, 5-chome, and Takayanagi Shinden are some areas.



Self-Defense Forces facility

Nearby airport

Passenger airportChibaNarita City OfNarita International Airport(Narita Airport) andTokyoOta-ku OfTokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport) is the closest, and it is located within a distance of about 30-40 kilometers.

Railway line

East Japan Railway(JR East),Tobu Railway,Metropolitan New City RailwayStation is set up.Sakai StationIs ranked in the top 100 (27th) in the passenger ranking of JR East[22]..Also, some limited express"Hitachi" "Tokiwa", Temporary limited express "DancerWill stop.

Hokuso Railway Hokuso Line-Keisei Narita Airport Line TheShin-Kamagaya Station - Nishishirai StationIt passes through the city area of ​​the former Shonan Town, but there is no station.Also, in the area bordering Nagareyama City, it is located in Nagareyama City.Tobu Noda Line(Tobu Urban Park Line)Nagareyama Ootakanomori Station-Hatsuishi Station-Edogawadai Station, Located in Matsudo City in the area bordering Matsudo City in the southShin-Keisei LineTokiwadaira Station-Goka StationEtc. can also be used.

Central station: Kashiwa station

East Japan Railway(JR East)

Tobu Railway

Metropolitan New City Railway

Bus route

Central bus stop:Kashiwa Station Bus Terminal (East / West Exit)

Transit Bus

Tobu Bus EastIs throughout the city,Bando BusOperates a fixed-route bus mainly in the eastern part.Also part of the city areaChiba Rainbow Bus,Matsudo Shin-Keisei BusLines arrive and depart,Keisei BusOperates a community bus, which will be described later.

Express Bus

Community bus


Joban ExpresswayPasses north-south through the northern part of the city,Kashiwa ICでNational Route 16Cross with. Along the JR Joban LineNational Route 6At the Yobatsuka intersection, it intersects with Route 16 which runs from the central eastern part of the city to the northern part.This Yobatsuka intersection is a grade separation where Route 6 passes over, and traffic information is often reported, soBijogi Junction,Anagawa interchangeAlong with, it is a famous place for traffic jams.Also,Chiba Prefectural Road No. 8 Funabashi Gagoko LineToRoad Station ShonanIs placed.


General national road

National Route 294Is the starting point (Yobatsuka intersection =National Route 6Up,National Route 16(Intersection)

Main local road


General prefectural road

Road Station

Pleasure boat

A pleasure boat operates on the water of Lake Teganuma.However, since it is not a regular flight, it is necessary to confirm the operation period and operation status.There is a pleasure boat departure and arrival at the Teganuma Fishing Center at Road Station Shonan, which connects these two departure and arrival points.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Around Kashiwa StationStreet musicianMany young people gather every day, and there are many shops targeting young people.For this reason, "EastShibuya, Especially on the east exit side of Kashiwa Station (Kashiwa Shrine-Kashiwa Post OfficeThere are many private shops in the vicinity)UraharajukuBecause it is like this, it is sometimes called "back oak" (commonly known as "back oak").[23].

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots


Festivals and events

  • Kashiwa Festival --Two days in late July.The largest festival in the city around Kashiwa Station.It is one of the largest in Chiba prefecture with about 7 people. Canceled in 2 and 70.
  • Teganuma Fireworks Festival - Early August. Since 8, a fireworks display sponsored by Kashiwa City and Abiko City (before the merger, sponsored by Kashiwa / Abiko City and Shonan Town).Due to the effects of the recession, the earthquake, the Olympics, etc., there have been several cancellations.
  • Marche color - KashiwanohaA market held once a month in the district.
  • Teganuma Triathlon-Late August.It is a triathlon officially recognized by the prefectural association and will be held in the Shonan area.
  • Teganuma Eco Marathon-October.
  • Art line kashiwa - November.An event that makes the entire city lively with events that collaborate with art and music.
  • Shimosa Air Base-Held events such as commemorative events and walking.

Cultural property

Country / prefecture designation and countryRegistered cultural propertyList[24].

numberDesignation / registrationCADNameLocationOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Country designationImportant cultural property (building)Former Yoshida family residence (main house, shoin, new tatami room, nagayamon, mukaizo, new storehouse, tool storehouse, west gate)974-1 Hananoi, KashiwaKashiwa228 Building
2Important Cultural Property (Painting)Paper book ink painting light color tampering ball Senzu Iwasa Katsushika brushChiba City Museum of Art storagePublic Interest Incorporated Foundation21Volume 1
3Prefecture designationTangible cultural property (building)Tokaiji main hall, tower gate, bell tower1738 Fuse, KashiwaTokai Temple183 Building
4Former Tega Church661-1 Tega, Kashiwa-shiKashiwa241 Building
5Tangible cultural property (painting)Holy painting422 Tega, KashiwaOrthodox Church in Japan Tega Orthodox Church243 sides
6Tangible cultural property (sculpture)Wooden Dainichi Nyorai sitting statue1112 Matsugasaki, KashiwaKakuojiShowa 50 years 3 month 28 Date1 body
7Wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue1344-1 Masuo, KashiwaWanfu TempleApril 3, 101 body
8Wooden Holy Kanzeon Bodhisattva sitting statue612 Yanado, KashiwaGuzeiin31 body
9Tangible cultural property (historical material)Myoho Lotus Sutra Itaki (with opening)612 Yanado, KashiwaGuzeiin1251
10Intangible folk cultural propertyLion dance of ShikodaKashiwa City Shikoda (Saikoin)Shikoda Three Lion Dance Preservation SocietyShowa 50 years 12 month 12 Date
11Monument (historic site)Fujigaya Jusanzuka347-2 Fujigaya, Kashiwa-shiKashiwaShowa 53 years 2 month 28 Date
12Kitano product No. 1 and No. 2 burial moundsKatayama, KashiwaIndividual7
13Country registrationRegistered tangible cultural property (building)Ito family house owner and others1383-XNUMX Masuo, Kashiwa-shiIndividual306 of
14Someya family house owner, etc.24, Inari, Washinoya, KashiwaIndividual318 of
15Registration memorial (scenic spot)Former Yoshida GardenHananoi character Hara 974-1 etc.Kashiwa24

Famous people

Public figures




Scholar / Creator


Resident celebrity

Works set in Kashiwa City


TV drama

  • Legend of Kashiwa, a super-ordinary city --A local animation aimed at revitalizing the region of Kashiwa

Popular song

  • KASHIWA My Love-While listening to Yumin (Blast slump)
  • Wind Crossing -Kashiwa Love Song- (Ozeki Taku)
  • National Highway 16 (Something ELse)
  • Sunflower Song-Kashiwa Street Live ver.- (Something ELse)


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