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🏛 | Sho Sakurai confesses misunderstandings received from Arashi members Ryunosuke Kamiki's name comes from ...


Sho Sakurai confesses misunderstandings received from Arashi members Ryunosuke Kamiki's name comes from ...

If you write the contents roughly
In response to this name, the facilitator free announcer Shinichi Hatori asks Kamiki for its origin.

Ryunosuke Kamiki, who calls Sho Sakurai a "teacher" because of his past roles.This seems to have caused the misunderstanding of Arashi members ... → Continue reading


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Shinichi Hatori

Hatori Shinichi(Hatori Shinichi,1971(46)May 3 -) isJapan OfFree announcer,chairperson, OriginalNippon TVannouncer.Take offBelongs.


Education, student activities, etc.

SaitamaAgeo CityI'm from.From Saitama prefecture when I was in elementary schoolKanagawa横 浜 市Moved to.

[1], Yokohama Municipal Sakaigi Junior High School[1] ,Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Hiranuma High School[1]graduate.After a wanderingWaseda University Faculty of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of EconomicsGo on to school.Graduated from the same university[2].

job huntingWhat motivated me to become an announcer?baseballThe first-choice broadcasting station was Nippon Television because I wanted to see the actual situation.

Job career

19944Joined Nippon Television.

プロ野球中継After the actual situation of "Zoom in!! Saturday(Hereinafter "Zumsata"), "Zoom in!! SUPER(Hereinafter, "Zoom In !!")NNN24The caster of the morning news frame "Morning Live" (in charge of weekdays), "Imitation battleIn charge of the general moderator, etc.2009To the 30thNNS Announcement AwardReceived the Grand Prize in the TV category.

2009May 12Broadcast of "The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』(NHK),FUNKY MONKEY BABYSWith the support of (described later), a guest appearance with the zoom-in character Zumin.[Note 1]

2011May 3Leaving Nippon Television and becoming a freelance announcer[1].[Note 2] Immediately after announcing a free transition,Information-packed live show Morning BirdWas appointed as general chair of[3].[Note 3]

After free transition, "Information-packed live show Morning Bird!" → "Morning Bird" → "Morning show], [Mirai Theater』I serve as the general moderator.I have been in charge since the bureau announcer eraOne minute deep story that changes your life], [Round and round nine nine』Also continues to appear in a free position.Besides this, "24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"Has been widely used in special programs on NTV such as "", and since October 2011, "1st song SHOWWas also appointed.[Note 4][Note 5]

On June 2013, 6, he retired from the moderator the previous year.Tomoaki OguraAs a successor, "Suntory 1 people's ninth "10000 Freude"Was announced to be the new moderator of[4].

Person, personal data


The reason why the nickname was changed to "Bird" is that although he recruited nicknames when he was in charge of the sports corner of Zumsata, he was the first general moderator and senior because there were few applications.Akira FukuzawaIt was named "Isn't it okay with a bird?"Or later,"Round and round nine nine"ofNine TineAnd so on, he came to be called by the co-stars with the nickname "Bird", and he was in charge of "Morning bird], "Bird" was included in the program title.

Announcer popularity ranking results

an ・ anAccording to the survey2006No. 1 in the "Favorite Male Announcer Ranking".OriconAccording to the survey "Favorite Male Announcer Ranking", TBS has been around for many years.Shinichiro AzumiIt was second only to the second place, but in 2, when Oricon "inducted" Azumi into the Hall of Fame and made it out of the ranking, it became the first place.[Source required]

Club activities during school days

In junior high school (Yokohama Municipal Sakaigi Junior High School) and high school, he belonged to the baseball club.He was a second pitcher in junior high school, an underhand pitcher in high school, and an overhand throw until the second year.Yokohama Hiranuma High SchoolIn the baseball club era, later for the second consecutive yearSE LeagueLeading batterTo winNaonori Suzuki(at that timeYokohama High School), And has struck out two at-bats in a row.However, he was hit three hits in the subsequent three at-bats.As an aceSummer Kanagawa TournamentHas a track record of advancing to the 4th round[6].

Hobbies, tastes, fan history, etc.
  • heavy drinkerTherefore, when I come home early, I sometimes drink from daytime.However, it was in 2010goutHave become[5].
  • On the other hand, he is a drinkertobaccoI also hate it[6]..However, there are times when the voice does not come out at all once every few years.[7].
  • The food I hateTomato[8].
  • karaokeNo. XNUMX isTUBE"Ah summer vacation".Besidesstorm,KinKi KidsAlso often sing.Hatori himself is also an Arashi fan.[Source required]
  • Koji YoshikawaI'm a big fan of, I go to concerts almost 100% and go to talk shows[9].
  • FUNKY MONKEY BABYS(Dissolved in 2013) "HeroHe has been a big fan of them since he was appointed as a jacket photo and music video, and participated in live concerts almost every time.[Source required]
  • As a member of a group where announcers who join the company at the same time cross the boundaries of the company and interact with each other, Fuji TV announcersAyako KisaThere was a time when I became a fan of and liked it.It is said that the PIN code for buying the card for the NTV employee cafeteria was "0526" (the one for Kisa's birthday) until the end because of the fans.[10]..In addition, although I told Kisa himself about the PIN, he said that he had a bitter smile.[11][12].
  • Regarding plain clothesLong sleeveHave talked to fashion points[13].
Friends, relationships
  • NTV synchronizationTakahiko FujiiHe said, "When I'm free, I'll tell Fujii first," but as a result, this promise was broken, and Fujii said he was hurt by this.[14].
  • Responded after free transferweekly magazineIn an interview (released in 2011), NTV "ZIP!(The successor to "Zoom in !! SUPER!", Which he himself served as the second-generation male general moderator), and he is a junior general moderator of the same program.Taichi MasuHe revealed that he was giving advice to.[Note 6]
Family, private life, etc.
  • 1996, formerCabin attendantMarried to an ordinary woman[15], The eldest daughter was born a year later[15].. (16 years after marriage)2012May 5Divorced to[15][16]..As Hatori became busy due to free transition, he spent less time with his family, and his wife alsoAromatherapyAs the work as an instructor began to take off, both of them gave priority to each other's work, and in January 2012, Hatori Anna cut out "Is it better to get divorced?" After divorce talks, divorce is decided in March[16].. "We are doing well with each other, so we decided to divorce if we should take a distance and move on to the next path," explained Hatori, emphasizing a peaceful divorce.[16]..At that time, it was said that Nakazo's daughter did not oppose the divorce, saying, "It doesn't mean I can't see my dad."[16],daughter'sCustodyWas held by the female side[15][16].
  • I got acquainted at a dinner hosted by the president of Takeoff in August 2012, and from around November of the same year.Chiho WatanabeAnnounced dating at the beginning of "Morning Bird!" Broadcast on April 2013, 4[17]Married Watanabe on August 2, 2014 after a dating period of about 8 years[18][19].. A girl was born at the end of January 2016[20].. (Watanabe is NHK in the second half of 2016Continuous tv novel"beautiful girlI was in charge of the script forNHK general TV"Beppin-san" of the main broadcastBack programThere is a "Morning Show" inDaily SportsとMainichi NewspapersPicked up (interestingly funny) as "marital confrontation"[21][22]. )
  • In September 2013, his father (father) who lived alone in Saitama died.[23].. In June 2014Tetsuko's roomHatori Anna was cut out from Tetsuko Kuroyanagi when she appeared in the movie, but she revealed that she didn't talk much to the people around her at work, and her sister who lived nearby happened to contact her for a few days. Because he died while he didn't take itsolitary death"I was eating (together) a couple of times a month. I had more opportunities to do that, so if I could live more, I could do more," he said. I didn't expect anyone to come out so close to me, and my father had lived for 2 years, wasn't seen by anyone, didn't know why he died, and ended his life like this ... "[23].
Physical data

Height is 182 cm.



tv set


One shot


Nippon TV era
After free conversion

TV drama



Theater animation

Music video




  • All of Funky Monkey Babys who only knows zoom ~ The future is waiting in front of you ~


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外部 リンク

Free announcer

Free announcerIs mainlyBroadcasterNot directly employed byannouncerThat is.


A person who works as an announcer without belonging to a broadcasting station as an employee/staff. In this case, “free” means that there is no direct employment relationship with the broadcasting station. CompleteFreelanceNot only that, those who belong to a staffing agency or an entertainment office are also called. Some individuals are active, but many areEntertainment office,Production ProductionBelong to. (Free) in order to distinguish it from the announcer (common name: Bureau Announcer) who belongs as an employee/staff.caster,reporterAlso called.

Unlike the station Anna, the number of broadcasting stations that can appear is not limited, and CM appearances are possible, but the amount of work is popular and the employment/work volume is unstable because it depends on the competence of the affiliated office. Especially2009(HeiseiSince the beginning of 21, even key stations have posted deficits due to increased costs due to the digitization of televisions and a decrease in advertising revenue due to the recession and multi-media, so we have started to reduce labor costs as a countermeasure. There is a remarkable movement to replace the former free announcer with employees.Some bureaus give consideration to their achievements over the years, while others have a "quarrel farewell" over getting out of the board.

However, depending on the broadcasting station, it is said that even employees/employees have become unwieldy regarding salaries and promotions, and there are some who decide to switch to freelance even in this recession.

"Weekly true story』October 2011, 10 issue According to the extra-large issue, if the station Ana becomes free, the profit return rate is very hightalentHowever, even if it becomes less popular, it is said that the entertainment agency can expect annual sales of tens of millions of yen if it manages the wedding ceremony.Also, regarding the fact that the broadcasting station side avoids the station announcer that can be used cheaply and dares to appoint a free announcer as the main part of the program, "When there is a scandal in the program, the station side takes responsibility for the main free announcer. It is said that it has the advantage of being easy to escape well.

We do not have our own human resourcesSatellite broadcastingNews and sports channelsInternet tvAs a result of the increase in the number of free announcers other than TV and radio, most of them areTokyoThe local station announcer may have a base inTokyoThere are many examples of aiming for, and competition is fierce.In addition, as a result, there are many cases where people are forced to change jobs due to their daily lives.There are many cases of changing to other industries from an early stage, but many veteran announcers are doing moderation and narration other than broadcasting, and many of them earn their living by educating aspiring announcers.

NHKThe announcer isCountryandLocal civil servantnotGroup staffTherefore, even if you retire from NHK,dictateIt can not be said. NHKMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsNot an external station,Special corporation(Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsOuter organization) That's why.

Background of becoming a free announcer

There are roughly three types.

  • Station announcer retires from broadcasting station and becomes free announcer.
    • In the case of men, they often shift from their late 30s to their 40s. (For reasons why it is not good to stay away from the site by becoming a manager, or I am successful at my station but I want to try at other stations as well. (For example, if you are going upwards)Retirement age(Or, even after working for a few years as a part-time job for a certain period of time after being retired, even after working for a few years) Some people will be free after retirement.
    • In the case of women, there are many reasons such as the transfer of husbands to work due to marriage and the securing of time to devote themselves to childbirth and childcare.In some cases, after retiring from the local station Anna, after experiencing a freelance announcer, he changed jobs to another broadcasting station station Anna, caster, or reporter (example:Izumi Maruoka, In the case of MaruokaHokkaido Bunka Broadcasting SystemAnnouncer → Free →Nippon TVPress reporter → Free).In addition, receive from the male producer of the stationSexual harassmentThere is also a direction due to[1].
In the case of retirement from the broadcasting station, there is also the meaning of establishing a lawyer to the old nest station, and there is a custom to refrain from appearing in other stations for a certain period (usually from half a year to one year) immediately after changing to a free position (apparently appearing in other stations for a certain period of time) If you don't, you may have an agreement with the Kosu station.In some cases, it may be possible to appear on a radio program in the case of affiliated station production programs, commercials of companies, and TV independent stations even immediately after you change free). On the other hand,Noriichi Otsuka,Tomoaki Ogura,Shigeru Tsuki,Shinichi HatoriThere is also an exception to have regular programs at other stations from the month following free transfer. Especially Ogura is Tokyo 12 channel (current:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The day after I retired,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Ohashi Kyosen's Sunday Horse Racing Nippon] Was appointed as the general moderator (Ogura was scouted as a free announcer.Ohashi KyosenThere was a lot of effort). Also HatoriNippon TVRetired on March 2011, 3, and on April 31, 4TV AsahiAnd regularCrown programIt was in the form of starting (this time it was said that there was a discussion with the senior management of both Nippon Television and Asahi. There is also a direction that it became easier for Hatori to get a job from another station even after becoming a freelancer.[2].
In addition, there are some people who rarely work at other stations after appearing as freelancers and only appear on programs produced by the Kosu station (example:Takae Mikumo-Etsuko Komiya-Takashima Aya, Former announcer of the radio station).

Regardless of male or female, there are various times when they become free, but there are cases where they are unable to carry out activities in their specialty / specialized fields, or are transferred to a department different from managers and announcers due to personnel reassignment within the broadcasting station. After failing the announcer test at the key station and working as a contract announcer at the local station, he asked for a turning point in Tokyo, etc., and offered himself to entertainment agencies and production productions by motivating his own vocational awareness as an announcer. In many cases, he becomes a freelance announcer by being scouted as a head hunter.

Free announcer in action

*The parentheses are for the station to which you belonged


It was
Et al.


It was
Et al.

Free announcer who retired or changed jobs


Old friend

Excludes people who died during a broadcast-local job.


Main free announcer office

  • In some cases, it is not a free-announcer/reporter specialist.
  • About companies/organizations with articles in WikipediaCategory: Announcer Productionchecking


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