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🏛 | Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare tightens corona inspection certificate requirements from April 4


Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare tightens corona inspection certificate requirements from April 4

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The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and diplomatic missions abroad require that inspection certificates be obtained using the format specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as much as possible.

On April 4, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will tighten the requirements for inspection certificates for the new coronavirus for immigrants from April 14 ... → Continue reading


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Overseas mission

Overseas mission(Zaigaikokan,English: Overseas Diplomatic Establishment, abbreviation:ODE) IsCountryWith other countries外交,Own peopleIt is the name under Japanese law of a facility set up in another country to protect the Japanese people and provide visa services to other people (in international law, it is called the diplomatic mission of the (diplomatic) mission).Vienna Convention on Diplomatic RelationsBy the provision ofEmbassyThe site of the country where it was installed (Sending State)ofJurisdictionIs applied, and the recipient country is in principleJurisdictionCannot be exercised (Diplomatic immunity).Consulate General TheEmbassyReceive privileges and exemptions according to.

Japanese diplomatic missions abroad

Japanese diplomatic missions abroadMinistry of Foreign AffairsBelongs to and exists all over the world,Embassy,Consulate General,Government Delegation,Japanese Government Overseas OfficeIt is a general term for.In addition, as a local agency of diplomatic missions abroadConsular Office[1]とKenkin Chuzaikan OfficeThere is.

外交As of January 2019, 1, there are 1 locations (Embassy 226, Consul General 151, Permanent Mission 65) around the world.[2]..15 of themThe United States of AmericaInside (there are also 3 consular offices)[3].


Internal organization

The inside of the diplomatic mission abroad is divided into a general affairs group, a political affairs group, an economic group, a public relations and cultural group, a consular group, an accounting group, a communication group, etc.Minister~ First prizeClerkWill take office.Some large diplomatic missions have "departments" instead of "groups".

Main incident

Amako Port Incident
Hundreds of residents were slaughtered by the Red Army and the consulate was burned down.
Occupation of the residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Peru
At the Japanese ambassador's residenceEmperor's birthday holidayArmed organization at the partyTupac Amaru Revolutionary MovementOccupied in Siege,ペルーIt took more than four months to resolve the issue due to the rush of police officers.
Hunchun Incident
Mainly ChineseBanditThe Consul General of Japan was burned down and 20 people were killed.
Shenyang Consulate General North Korean asylum seeker case
Asylum seekers, so-calledNorth Korean defectorAimed for asylumLiaoningShenyang OfConsul General of JapanI rushed toPeople's Republic of ChinaPolice entered the consulate,exileThe case that pulled out the applicant.
Noon event
Mr. LeeBy rebels against the kingCoup d'etatOccasionally attacked and the embassy was burned down, and many embassy staff were killed.Japan-Korea TreatySolved by.
Gapsin Coup
By rebels against JoseonCoup d'etatWhen the government failed, the embassy was burned down by the government army, and many embassy staff and Japanese residents were killed.Hanseong ConventionSolved by.
Hankou Incident
National Revolutionary Army OfWuhanAt the time of captureCommunist partyTo the mob who was fueled by the plot ofJapanese concession・ The consulate is attacked.
Nanjing Incident
Many were killed or injured when they were attacked together with the consulates of each country by the Northern Expedition of Chiang Kai-shek that occupied Nanjing and the rioting residents.The woman is assaulted and insulted.
Boxer Rebellion (North Qing Incident)
It is attacked together with the embassies of each country and rescued by the Allied Forces of Eight Countries.Beijing ProtocolSolved by.
Nanjing Consulate General Poisonous Sake Case
Was sent to the celebrationOld sakePoison (Arsenic) Was mixed in, and two young Consul General staff who took care of the visitors died because it was too late.
Hanguchi Japanese police officer shooting and killing case
A police officer guarding the consulate is shot dead.
Consul General's suicide case in Shanghai
honey trapThe Consul General's staff is requested by China for personnel and system information of the Consul General, and commits himself for confidentiality.
Anti-Japanese activities in China in 2005
Anti-JapanBy the mobShanghaiTo the Consulate General of Japan in ShanghaiStoned,paint,eggWas thrown.
Anti-Japanese activities in China in 2012
Anti-Japanese mobs threw stones and thrown paint at the Consul General of Japan.
Yasukuni Shrine / Japanese Embassy Arson Attack
By Korean ChineseYasukuni ShrineとEmbassy of Japan in South KoreaWas set on fire.


  • Kinoshita Ikuo"History of embassy international relations World situation understood by the distribution of diplomatic missions abroad"Social criticism company ISBN 4784509739 Based on the distribution history of diplomatic missions abroad, we analyze the turning point in the world history of international politics.


  1. ^ Before August 2014, 8, it was called "Business trip representative office", but from the viewpoint that it is desirable to use a name that is more realistic, the Japanese notation was changed to "Consular office". .. http://saipan-nihonjinkai.com/media/pdfFiles/20140726-001.pdf
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