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🏛 | Hyogo Prefecture to discuss emergency declaration request Decided at the headquarters meeting on the 21st "It cannot be said that it is effective in preventing spread", the governor


Hyogo Prefecture to discuss request for state of emergency Decided at the headquarters meeting on the 21st "It cannot be said that it is effective in preventing the spread", the governor

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, Hyogo Prefecture considered specific measures such as whether to change the contents requested for each area at the countermeasures headquarters meeting on the 21st, saying that "it is indispensable to take measures to suppress the number of cases", and the country of the state of emergency declaration It is a policy to decide on the request to.

In response to the situation where the spread of the new coronavirus has not subsided, Governor Ido of Hyogo Prefecture said, "There is no response to suppress the onset ... → Continue reading

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Emergency declaration

Emergency declaration(Hijojitai Sengen) orEmergency declarationWhat is (Kinkyuji Taisengen)?Natural disasters,Infection(Epidemic-Disease)ofPandemic,Nuclear accidentSuch asdisasterAnd戦 争,terrorism,Civil strife,MayhemSuch,Health-life-property-EnvironmentDanger is imminentEmergency(Emergency)Country-Region Of政府(Local governmentEtc.)decreeTo activate a special authority based onpublicIt is to proclaim and declare such a situation in order to call attention to.

About the name

Current,Japanese lawThe basic wording ofEmergency(Emergency)"·"Emergency declarationDespite being unified as "Kinkyuji Taisengen", due to customs from the wording of the provisions of the former Japanese law, "(Kinkyuji Taisengen)" is used in foreign languages.Emergency"Or"State of emergency"Emergency situation" and "Emergency declaration" are sometimes used in the media etc. as a Japanese translation of "," etc. It has the same meaning as "statement of emergency".


Measures includePolicemen-軍隊(in Japan's case,SDF)SuchCivil servantMobilization ofPublic financeCondemnation of an emergencycommandPromulgation of government ordinances superior to the law and suspension of constitutional human rights guaranteesWritIn addition to allowing arrests and house searches that do not depend on people, freedom of press and meetings, etc.LibertyThere can be restrictions. But,Japan,アイス ランドAnd someCountry ruled by lawThen, there are some cases where the request is almost unenforceable.

in Japan,1954Old until (Showa 29)Police lawAuthority to proclaim a "national emergency" under Article 62Prime MinisterWas given to the currentPolice lawbased onEmergency DeclarationOther than that,Disaster Countermeasures Basic Lawbased onDeclaration of a disaster emergency,New influenza measures special measures lawbased onPandemic influenza etc.And so onPrime MinisterIs announced.

The United States of AmericaThen,PresidentIt is not uncommon to declare a state of emergency, but it is declared when the assets are frozen under the authority of the president as "a threat from foreign countries" (For example, in November 2018, an anti-government demonstration was announced. Central America suppressed by forceEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo see the turmoil as an American security threat and freeze the assets of those who undermine security and democracyDonald Trump(Proclaimed by the President) and othersterrorism,InfectionIs also declared to correspond to[1].. In the United States, vs. 1979(I.e.Approximately 30 declarations, including asset freezes, are reported to be valid as of February 2019 in US media[1].

FranceThen in 2015Paris terrorist attacksでFrancois HollandeAnnounced by the President and extended until October 2017, 10[2][3].

In a similar situation, “national legislation, judiciary, administrationControlPart or all ofMilitary"Transfer to"Martial"[4].

List of National Emergency Situations

Here, as mentioned above, declarations with names which are almost synonymous with each other, such as "emergency declaration" and "emergency order", are also described.

Before the 20th century

2000 era

2010 era

2020 era

Invocation from outside the nation

Federal systemCountries andDecentralizationIn advanced countries,Local governmentMay be authorized to declare an emergency. Also, although the special law does not come into effect,International organization,armyHas established effective controlArmed organizationMay make a declaration for the purpose of calling attention.

International organization

It is an international organizationFlag of WHO.svg WHOIt is,2005Since then, in response to a large-scale epidemic,Public health emergencies of international concernIs to be declared. The example of activation is "#Notification/designationSee.

Local Government/Local Government


Armed organization

  • Yemen flag Yemen : 2017May, armed organization of the countryFuchsia choleraDeclaration of “emergency situation” based on the seriousness of the epidemic[230].


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注 釈

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Related item

外部 リンク


Hyogo(Hyogoken,British: Hyogo Prefecture) IsJapan OfKinkiに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheKobe City.


It has long prefecture areas in the north and south, and has the largest area in the prefectures of the Kinki region. NorthSea of ​​Japan, SouthSeto Inland SeaIt is a prefecture bordering the two seas. The two sea border prefectures in Honshu are at both ends.AomoriとYamaguchi Except for, it is only in Hyogo prefecture. If you try to cross Honshu from Aomori Prefecture to Yamaguchi Prefecture by land, you will always pass through this prefecture.

Almost in the centerJapan Standard Time Meridian(135°E) passes north and south,Akashi CityIs due to thisAkashi City Astronomical Science MuseumThere is. In the central part of the prefectureChugoku MountainsLies in the east and west, making it a difficult transportation site.

The southern Seto Inland Sea coastHanshin Industrial Area,Harima Waterfront Industrial AreaJapan's leadingHeavy chemical industryIs an accumulation area ofKinki areaIt has the largest number of factory locations. On the other hand, from central to northernAgriculture, forestry and fisheriesIs the main industry,Depopulated area,Heavy snowfallAlso hold. Since the prefecture-based industrial activity index that averages these overcrowding and depopulation is the national average,Microcosm of JapanIt is sometimes said. Also in the southeastBetween Hanshin TheBed townAs a property, Kobe City (7th largest city in Japan) and the Hanshin region account for about 6% of the total population. The population of Hyogo Prefecture is the 7th largest in Japan, and the population density of Hyogo Prefecture is the 8th largest in Japan.

Regulatory country(Old country)SettsuWestern,Tamba countrySouthwest andTajima country,Harima country,Awaji countryMost of the prefecture area is composed of each of theOkayamaSince there were two cross-border transfers fromBeautiful landEastern,Bizen countryIncluding southeastern part[Annotation 2].HokkaidoSpans 11 countries next to (7 countries)Goki eight roads OfKinai(Settsu country),Sanin road(Tamba country, Tajima country),Sanyo road(Harima country, Mimasaka country, Bizen country),NankaidoSince it is divided into (Awaji Province), this prefecture, which spans the largest number of four regions in Japan, has been established in a way that almost ignores the ancient administrative divisions and regional divisions.Even in the current regional divisionTottoriLocated west of the borderWest HarimaThe western part of the regionAtlasIn the Kinki region page etc., it has been cut offChugokuMay be posted on the page.

Foreign currencyUrgent acquisitionMeiji governmentIs TajimaRaw silkTo export of SettsuKobe PortTo take advantage ofToshimichi OkuboBased on the plan formulated by Tsutomu Sakurai under1876(Meiji 9), the area of ​​the third Hyogo prefecture was confirmed. As a financial source for the development of Kobe, it used the tax revenue from the rich agricultural countries such as Harima and Tajima.

Edo PeriodThe clan placed inAmagasaki Domain-Mita Domain, To Tamba countryMt. Sasayama Clan-Kashiwara Domain, In TajimaIzushi Domain-Toyooka DomainThere is in Harima countryHimeji Domain-Hayashida Domain-Akashi Domain-Tatsuno Domain-Ako Domain-Crescent moon-Ono Domain-Mikusa Domain-Ashi clan-Yamazaki domainBut in AwajiAwa Domain (Awa Tokushima Domain) OfSumoto CastleThe Inada family,Flag book(Replacement)ofYamana familyMuraokaJinya, ReplacementIkeda familyThere was Fukumoto Jinya.

This prefecture, which has included diversity as described above, once existed.Socialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaIn analogy to "HyogoslaviaSometimes called[Annotation 3], The prefecture also rides on this2018From (30)U5H=United 5koku of HYOGOIs being promoted[2][3].

Origin of prefecture name

It was in the current Kobe city of HyogoHyogo CastleIt is due to the government office being set up in. There was Hyogo CastleYabe-gunHyogotsu (formerly known asOwada Tomari) Was prosperous as a port town with a population of more than 2 at that time, but it was close to the northeast of Hyogotsu, and the town of Kobe, which became the de facto port, developed rapidly after the Meiji period. Hyogotsu is a local government name1879ToKobe WardAlso, as a port name1892I was swallowed up by Kobe Port.

The origin of "Hyogo" isEmperor TenchiIn the reign ofarmsIt also comes from the fact that there was "Tsuwamonogura (Hyogo)," which means the warehouse of.


Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of JapanAccording to Hyogo Prefecture, the north, south, east, and west edges are as follows, and the east-west length is 111.13.kmThe north-south length is 168.50km.

Center of gravity
35°2′25′N 134°49′33′E
Northern end
35°40′29′N 134°45′53′E
West end
34°51′7′N 134°15′9′E←
Center point
34°54′55′N 134°51′38′E
Eastern end
→34°55′32′N 135°28′7′E
Southern tip
34°9′21′N 134°48′59′E


Osaka BayThe south facing the plain is a plain area, but most of the central and northern areas are mountains.hillsIt is a zone. The population is concentrated in the south.


Main mountains and mountains


Main plainsbasin
  • Terai Caldera


Main river
Main canyons/canyons


Main lake

In the prefecture,Awaji City13301 places are the most,SumotoNo. 7014, followed by Kobe City 6305. Awaji Island occupies about half of the prefecture[5].. On the other hand, in recent years, prefecture surveys have revealed that about 3 places, which is nearly 1% of the total, do not actually exist.[6].. However, even with that in mind, the number of reservoirs remains the highest in Japan.

  • As of April 2009, 4
Tameike number ranking
1st place Hyogo prefecture 43,245
2 bit Hiroshima 20,183
3 bit Kagawa 14,619
4 bit Osaka 11,105
5 bit Yamaguchi 10,636
  • As of August 2019
Tameike number ranking[7]
1st place Hyogo prefecture 24,400
2 bit Hiroshima 19,772
3 bit Kagawa 14,619
4 bit Yamaguchi 9,992
5 bit Okayama 9,700




Main natural island

Natural park/national park


NorthSea of ​​Japan side climate, In the southSeto Inland Sea climateSo the northern municipalitiesHeavy snowfallIs specified in.

Summers are generally hot. Mainly in the north and inland areasFern phenomenonbyExtremely hot dayOften occurs, and in the south, mainly in the coastal area between Kobe and Hanshin.Tropical nightOften becomes.

In the winter, the coastal area of ​​the Seto Inland Sea is warm, but the average January temperature in other inland areas and the north is below 1°C, and there are many winter days and it is relatively cold.MitaEven if you compare at the same altitudeNorth KantoIn some places, the temperature is lower than that in eastern Japan. In the northern area facing the Sea of ​​Japan(I.e.Under the influence ofprecipitationThe number of days and the amount of snowfall increase.Sea of ​​Japan polar air mass convergence zoneUnder the influence of, the snowfall will increase rapidly in a short time of half a day to a few days, and even in the plain areas such as Toyooka city area and Kasumi, it may become stagnation snow of about 50 cm to about 1 m. Even in the inland part of the northern part of Harima, comparing with the coastal parts and plain parts of the southern partprecipitationIf the number of days increases a little and the active snow cloud descends south from the Sea of ​​Japan, heavy snow of around 20 cm may occur. Even in the coastal area of ​​the Seto Inland Sea, mainly in southern Harima(I.e.And Koyuki,SleetThere are days whenSnowfallIs at most once or twice a winter, about 1-2 cm. Especially, the amount of snow from Kobe to Hanshin is extremely low.

Normal price in various places in Hyogo prefecture (Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
Kami Town
ToyookaAsago CityYabu City
Tamba city
NishiwakiTamba Mt. Sasayama
(° C)
Warmest month25.9 (August)26.3 (August)25.7 (August)25.1 (August)26.2 (August)26.5 (August)
Coldest month4.2 (August)2.9 (August)2.2 (August)1.8 (August)2.8 (August)3.2 (August)
Precipitation amount
Most months255.6 (August)241.3 (August)206.6 (August)270.5 (August)228.6 (August)217.2 (August)201.0 (August)227.7 (August)
Minimum month104.1 (August)105.4 (August)81.5 (August)67.1 (August)89.0 (August)43.9 (August)37.5 (August)52.2 (August)
Number of days
Most months22.4 (August)20.8 (August)16.7 (August)14.1 (August)17.0 (January)12.7 (August)12.0 (August)13.3 (August)
Minimum month9.1 (August)9.3 (August)9.5 (August)9.4 (November)9.5 (August)7.8 (August)6.0 (August)8.4 (August)
Average price
HarimaHanshinAwaji Island
Shishiwa City
FukusakiKamigoriHimejiMikiAkashiMitaKobeAwaji City
(° C)
Warmest month25.4 (August)26.7 (August)26.4 (August)27.1 (August)26.5 (August)26.4 (August)27.6 (August)26.1 (August)28.0 (August)27.1 (August)26.3 (August)
Coldest month2.3 (August)3.3 (August)2.9 (August)4.0 (August)4.8 (August)3.5 (August)5.1 (August)2.3 (August)5.7 (August)5.4 (August)5.0 (August)
Precipitation amount
Most months272.8 (August)207.0 (August)179.1 (August)179.1 (August)157.4 (August)179.7 (August)148.2 (August)190.3 (August)189.6 (August)163.4 (August)224.2 (August)
Minimum month54.9 (August)35.8 (August)30.0 (August)34.5 (August)26.5 (August)32.4 (August)36.1 (August)33.2 (August)38.9 (August)34.0 (August)44.3 (August)
Number of days
Most months13.4 (August)12.1 (August)12.0 (August)11.3 (August)11.2 (August)11.8 (August)11.2 (August)11.6 (August)11.3 (August)12.0 (August)12.3 (January)
Minimum month7.5 (August)5.6 (November)4.7 (August)4.5 (August)4.4 (August)4.9 (August)5.3 (August)5.8 (August)4.8 (August)5.5 (August)5.2 (August)

Administrative division

There are 29 cities and 12 towns in the prefecture. In addition, the way to read the town is "chou". The village disappeared in 1962.

The following is a comprehensive set up by the prefecture for each regionOffice7 ofPrefectural bureauAnd 3 of "Citizens' Center[9]] Is described. The difference between the "Citizens' Bureau" and the "Citizens' Center" is that in areas where many businesses have been transferred from the prefecture, with ordinance-designated cities and core cities, the organization is slimmer than the "Citizens' Bureau" as the "Citizens' Bureau". ing. In addition,Estimated populationIs as of June 2021, 3[10]Of statistics.

Kobe area

Kobe prefectural center

Kobe prefectural centerThe following 1 city (9 wards) belongs to the jurisdiction, and the estimated population in the jurisdiction is 1,513,193.

Hanshin South Area

Hanshin Minami Prefectural Center

Hanshin Minami Prefectural CenterThe following three cities belong to the jurisdiction, and the estimated population in the jurisdiction is 3.

Hanshin North Area

Hanshin Kita Prefectural Bureau

Hanshin Kita Prefectural BureauThe following 4 cities and 1 town belong to the jurisdiction, and the estimated population in the jurisdiction is 713,467.

East Harima area

East Harima Prefectural Bureau

East Harima Prefectural BureauThe following 3 cities and 2 towns belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 711,484.

North Harima area

Kitaharima Prefectural Bureau

Kitaharima Prefectural BureauThe following 5 cities and 1 towns belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 262,295.

Nakaharima area

Nakaharima Prefectural Citizen Center

Nakaharima Prefectural Citizen CenterThe following 1 cities and 3 towns belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 568,319.

West Harima area

Nishiharima Prefectural Civic Bureau

Nishiharima Prefectural Civic BureauThe following 4 cities and 3 towns belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 244,555.

Tamba area

Tamba Prefectural Bureau

Tamba Prefectural BureauThe following two cities belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 2.

Tajima area

Tajima Prefectural Bureau

Tajima Prefectural BureauThe following 3 cities and 2 towns belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 156,321.

Awaji area

Awaji Prefectural Bureau

Awaji Prefectural BureauThe following two cities belong to the jurisdiction, with an estimated population of 3.


Hyogo Prefecture and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Hyogo Prefecture Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Hyogo Prefecture Population Trend
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


2018May 7The population of Hyogo prefecture at that time was 5487990.

Adjacent prefectures


A regulatory country equivalent to the prefecture area

By the second prefecture integration,SettsuWestern part of (Yabe-gun-Awara-gun-Muko-gun-Kawabe-Arima-gun),Tamba countrySouthwest of (Taki-gun-Hikami-gun),Tajima countryThe entire area ofHarima countryThe entire area ofAwaji countryCame to be composed of the whole area. at the same time,Kinai(Settsu country),Sanin road(Tamba country, Tajima country),Sanyo road(Harima country),Nankaido(Awaji Country) and 4 regions.

After that, there were two cross-border transfers from Okayama Prefecture.1896(Meiji29 years) in OkayamaYoshino-gunIshii VillageHyogoSayo-gunTransferred to Yoshino-gunSankanmuraLarge printNakayama is Sayo-gunEgawa VillageIs transferred toBeautiful landHas started to include a part of.1963(Showa38) in Okayama PrefectureWake-gunNissa TownFukuura (excluding Terayama in the north) is in Hyogo prefectureAko CityIs transferred toBizen countryHas started to include a part of.


Change of prefecture area

Chronological Table

Ancient times-early modern times


Bakumatsu to the end of the Pacific War

After the Pacific War


Prefectural government

Prefectural governor

Prefectural assembly


Heisei 19 year
  • Fiscal strength index 0.59
    • Group I (Financial Power Index 0.5 or more, less than 1.0) 17th out of 9 municipalities
Heisei 18 year
  • Fiscal strength index 0.53
    • Group I (Financial Power Index 0.5 or more, less than 1.0) 16th out of 14 municipalities
  • Standard financial scale 9461 billion yen
  • General account revenue 2 trillion yen
  • General account expenditure 2 trillion yen
  • Personnel expenses, property costs, etc. per capita settlement amount 1 yen (prefectural average 11 yen)
  • Number of employees per population 100.000 1,044.75 (prefectural average 1,173.11)
    • 2000From (12)2007In 19, reduction of 1,134 persons (12.0%) was carried out in the general administrative department.2008From (20) to 2018 (30), reduce by about 30% in general administrative departments.
  • Laspeyres index 100.9 (prefecture average 99.6)
  • Real debt service ratio 19.6% (3-year average, prefectural average 14.7) *It exceeds 18%, which requires a permit to issue bonds.
  • Per populationLocal bondCurrent amount 65 yen (prefectural average 9471 yen)

Balance of local bonds

  • Municipal bonds for ordinary account, current amount Â¥3 billion
  • Local bonds for special accounts other than the above, current amount of Â¥4306 billion
    • Regional maintenance business accounts for 1172 billion yen, basin sewer accounts for 1240 billion yen, etc. otherThird sectorEtc. (51 corporations), etc.
    • Main debt guarantees: Hyogo Midori Corporation Â¥187 billion, Hyogo Industrial Revitalization Center Â¥143 billion, Hyogo Housing Supply Corporation Â¥203 billion, Hyogo Road Corporation Â¥161 billion
Heisei 17 year
  • Fiscal strength index: 0.49
    • II Group (Financial Power Index 0.4 or more, less than 0.5) 8th among 1 municipalities
Heisei 16 year
  • Fiscal strength index: 0.47
    • II Group (Financial Power Index 0.4 or more, less than 0.5) 10th among 4 municipalities

U5H project

U5H projectWas established in order to rediscover the "hometown" in Hyogo by individuals and individuals involved in Hyogo.Hyogo officialIs a project[13].."U5H" at the beginning is an abbreviation for "United 5koku of Hyogo". 5koku (five countries) is described in detail below.

5koku (5 countries)
  • It used to be a hub for the Japan-Song trade, and became a port representing Japan after the Meiji Restoration.Settsu(Kobe/Hanshin).
  • It was a good port of the Sea of ​​Japan and prospered as a "wind-waiting/tide-waiting" port for Kitamae ships in the Edo period.Tajima country.
  • Hyogo Prefecture, on the contrary, it is depicted at the beginning of "Kojiki" as the beginning of Japan.Awaji country.
  • Even in Hyogo Prefecture, which boasts the number of old burial mounds in Japan, many remains from the Paleolithic period remain.Harima country.
  • Large-scale burial mounds, Paleolithic sites, and even Cretaceous Tamba dragon dating back 1 million years were discovered.Tamba country.

National politics

House of Representatives OfSmall districtIs 12.House of CouncilorsThen, 1 ward is constructed in all prefectures.


A company headquartered in Hyogo Prefecture

Companies that have factories in the prefecture

Life and transportation




Contact within the prefecture
Contact with neighboring prefectures
Wide area communication


toll road
Free road
National road
Prefectural road


Businesses are generally divided between Kobe City and Hanshin, Harima, Tajima, and Awaji Island, but Kobe City is located in Awaji Island due to the opening of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.ShikokuToExpress BusHas developed, and many routes will extend to areas that cannot be covered by rail alone. In contrast to the urban Hanshin area, there are many depopulated routes such as Tajima. There were many public enterprises,Himeji City Bus,Akashi City Transportation Department,Amagasaki City Transportation BureauHas been withdrawn and has been transferred to the private sector. The main operators are as follows.



At one time, there were many connecting routes to Awaji Island and Shikoku, but many of them ended their role with the opening of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. However, long-distance ferries to and from Japan still depart and arrive at Kobe Port. Of the routes below, the ones that are not mentioned are ferries.

Domestic short-distance routes
Domestic medium/long haul routes
International route
  • Kobe Port - Shanghai(China-Japan International Wheel Pass)
  • Kobe Port - Tianjin(China Express Line)


Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital


  • Hyogo has always beenEducationRegarding otherMunicipalitiesHas a different trait.
  • head teacherUnder the supervision of the school, it is responsible for promoting smooth school management and improving the qualities and abilities of teachers, etc.Chief TeacherWe have set up a job floor.
  • If you show it to elementary and junior high school students in the prefecture, the target facilities in the prefecture will be free.Hyogoko Kocolon CardIs being distributed.
  • Nature schoolThe prefecture promotes (forest and seaside schools) for fifth grade elementary school students. Subsidies are delivered to municipalities for 5 days. (6 days from 2010)
  • Try and WeekFor a week to experience work for junior high school students. It is a long term compared to other prefectures.
  • Other methods for entrance examinations at public high schoolsBoard of educationIt is called "Hyogo method" because it is different from.


National public university
private university
Women's University/Junior College

Vocational school

College of technology
Vocational school

Other education

Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school

Mass media

Newspaper company

  • Kobe newspaper
    • Daily Sports(Headquarters. Until the company was absorbed by the Kobe Shimbun in March 2010,West Japan(The address of the Osaka headquarters, not the Kobe headquarters, was printed on one side of the page, but now the address of the Kobe headquarters is listed.)
  • Nihonkai newspaper
Shin Onsen TownHas a branch office and publishes newspapers for the Tajima region. In addition,2000In April (12), a branch office was opened in Himeji City and a Harima edition was issued.Osaka Nichi-Nichi NewspaperIs a subsidiary of the company (2008(20) Merged with The Press Osaka on February 2stSea of ​​JapanIt will be closed in September of the same year because it became a morning newspaper. There is a theory that the people involved in editing this Himeji branch (Harima version) were involved in the business integration with Osaka-Japan. Currently, "Osaka Nichiichi Shimbun"Kobe City-Amagasakiな どKeihanshinThe spot sale is sold in the commuting area.

TV station

Broadcast areaKinkiWide areaBelong to.

The following is HyogoPrefectural broadcastBureau
Education tv TheNHK Osaka Broadcasting Station(Remote control key ID 2 ch ) Has been the target area for broadcasting.
Independent station.Osaka Bay-Osaka PlainIn addition to being available for viewing in most areas of Osaka Prefecture,Cable TVRe-broadcasting outside of the area allows for widespread viewing.

Osaka Prefectural BureauTV Osaka(TXNCan be received directly in the Hanshin area centering on Amagasaki city and Itami city, and some areas of Kobe city, etc., but basically broadcasting in TV Osaka in Hyogo prefecture is allowed by the current law. In addition, there is no prefectural broadcasting station Sun TVVarious circumstancesBecause TXN series programs cannot be broadcast due to, TXN series programs that are normally broadcast on terrestrial waves in 46 prefectures[Annotation 5]However, there is a problem that it cannot be viewed only in Hyogo prefecture. About TXN series, mainly in Harima areaTV setCan be viewed, but there is a risk that it will not be displayed due to weather conditions. More than half of the prefectureCable TVAlthough it has been rebroadcast outside the area of ​​TV Osaka in the station, it is not subject to rebroadcasting in the northern part of the prefecture such as Toyooka city and Shin Onsen town due to topographical problems, and it is also re-run in a part of the southwestern part of Shiwa prefecture such as Shishiwa city. Broadcasting has been put off.

Harima NadaIn the southwest part of the prefecture alongBroadcasting stations in Okayama prefecture and Kagawa prefectureThere are areas that can be received. In these areas1969Until (44)NHK Okayama Broadcasting Station,Nishinippon broadcasting,Sanyo Broadcasting) Only received.

In some parts of the north (Shin Onsen Town, Bikata District, Kami Town, etc.),Tottori-Shimane TV station (Nippon Sea TV,NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station,Sanin Broadcasting,San-in Central TV) Is available in some areas. This area also1968Until (Showa 43), we could only receive NHK Tottori Broadcasting Station and Nihonkai TV. Shiwa City Haga-choTogura PassIn some of the areas, there are areas that can receive San'in broadcasting among the commercial broadcasters in Tottori and Shimane prefectures. Therefore, in these areas, it is possible to watch programs that the Kinki area wide area station of the same series is not online.

other,Wakayama OfNHK Wakayama synthesisとTV WakayamaCan be received in parts of Kobe City and Awaji Island, and in southern Awaji Island (Minamiawaji City),TokushimaBroadcast station (Shikoku BroadcastingとNHK Tokushima Broadcasting Station) Can be received at some places. Also, with the eastern part of the prefectureTamba cityPart ofNHK Kyoto synthesisとKBS KyotoThere is a place where you can receive.

Cable TV

Cable TV station in HyogoSee.

Radio stations

Although the broadcasting area belongs to the Kinki wide area, 3 stations in Osaka (MBS Radio-ABC Radio-Radio Osaka) Is poor reception because there is no relay station in the north.

Even in the south, reception is not good especially in the Harima area. However, good reception of Shikoku Broadcasting in Tokushima Prefecture is possible mainly in the south.

Although the area is limited, in the south, Okayama Prefecture Sanyo Broadcasting, Kagawa Prefecture West Japan Broadcasting, and Wakayama PrefectureWakayama Broadcasting, In the northShimane ・It is possible to receive San'in broadcasting in Tottori prefecture.

FM OSAKAand,FM802Is harder to get west and north. In Nishiwaki City and the surrounding area,Kiss FM KOBEThe reception is not good, but the reception itself is possible. In a part of the northern part (Shin-Onsen Town/Kami Town),V-airAre available in some areas. Between HanshinTamba city,ToyookaThen.Kyoto Ofα-STATIONCan be heard in many areas.

Incidentally,radikoWith the start of the operation, the 3 stations of AM/FM in Osaka, Radio Kansai, and Kiss FM KOBE will be able to listen via the Internet throughout the prefecture even if radio waves cannot be received.

Traditionally,Broadcast target areaAs for the private broadcasting stations, all of the three, medium wave (AM), ultra-high frequency (FM), and television (TV) were independent broadcasting stations.2003In 15, Kiss-FM KOBE joined JFN. With this, all three prefectures with independent broadcasting stationsKanagawaIt became only. Kiss-FM KOBE can be heard in most parts of Osaka Prefecture, and there are no commercial FM stations yet.NaraThere are many listeners outside the prefecture.


Hyogo Prefecture is a collection of regions with different history,Customs,CustomCan see the difference. The sense of solidarity as a Hyogo citizen is not so strong, and it becomes the center of each area, such as Kobe City, Himeji City, Toyooka City, and Osaka City adjacent to the Hanshin area.Metropolitan areaHave a sense of belonging to. Therefore,Hyogo citizensIs rarely called. In fact, the Kenjinkai is also different in each region from where it originates (Tokyo Awaji Kai, Osaka Tajimajinkai, Kanto Hikami/Takigun Goyukai, etc.)[15].


dialectThere are various differences. In the southern part of the prefectureKinki dialect(Kansai dialect) is used, but in the northern part of the prefectureChinese dialectIsTajima dialectIs used. The dialects of the southern part of the prefecture are also in the Harima area, which was influenced by the Chinese dialect.Banshu dialect,Osaka DialentOf the Hanshin areaSettsu dialect, A dialect in between Banshu-ben and Settsu-ben, used mainly in KobeKobe dialect,Kyoto languageDraw the flow ofTamba dialect,AwabenOn Awaji IslandAwaji valve, And divided into small pieces.

Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts


サ ッ カ ー
American Football
Membership is the Osaka Prefecture Volleyball Association.
Membership isHisamitsu PharmaceuticalSaga Volleyball Association with its head office. The practice base of the team isDaieiOrange attackersIt is located in Nishi Ward, the city of Kobe.
A sports club based in Hyogo prefecture in the past
Hankyu Braves -> Based in Nishinomiya City during the Orix Braves era, and based in Kobe City during the Orix Blue Wave era.Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesAfter being merged with the current Orix Buffaloes,2005As a provisional measure for three years from (17)Osaka=Osaka DomeIt was a double franchise with (Kyocera Dome Osaka),2008(20) (Actually2007(19)) After that, it was integrated into Osaka. But,KobeIn order to secure fans in Hyogo prefecture, including, about 20 games a year are held in Hyogo prefecture as a quasi-base. Also, the second army will be in Kobe until 2016KitaWas based in.
  • Kobe 9 Cruise(Kobe City: Kansai Independent League (first generation))
The player was transferred to Hyogo Blue Thunders, and the league participation rights were transferred to Forest Home in Yokohama City to become Kobe Sands.
The above three teams are officially inactive.
Sanyo Electric RailwayWas a baseball professional baseball team and was an independent two-team baseball team with no single army in history.
After leaving the club in 2009, Rokko Sharks accepted the players and resumed activities as Rokko Fighting Bull.Top westNo residue was allowed.
The female division of Kobe FC was the mother, and laterTasaki PearlManagement is transferred to and participates in the Japan Women's Soccer League.2008(20), due to management deterioration of Tasaki Pearl, withdrawal from the league and transfer of players disbanded.
Hisamitsu PharmaceuticalMerged with Tosu Springs to become Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Springs.
TochigiNikkoAt the same time, Kobe City has been a sub-home town since 2005, but due to the change of operating company2007Withdrew from Kobe in 19 and returned to Nikko Icebacks. However, holding in Kobe continues.
2013 dissolution


Tangible cultural property building

List of designated cultural properties in Hyogo,Kinki historical site list # Hyogo prefectureSee also

world Heritage
National treasure
Important traditional buildings preservation area

Designation system based on prefecture landscape regulations

Cultural facility

Works set in Hyogo Prefecture

Works taken in Hyogo Prefecture

Since Hyogo Prefecture has various landscapes, it actively cooperates with many video industries.


(See also below for movie works made in Takarazuka)
(See also below for works made in Nishinomiya and Ashiya during the Taisho era and before the war)

TV drama

In historical drama etc., the images of "Himeji Castle" are often used as "Edo Castle".

TV commercial

  • Yuko and Tatsuya Hanshin Line Story (2014)

Hanshin Electric RailwayIt is a TV commercial of.

People from Hyogo Prefecture


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  1. ^ However, it has not been played at all until now in the prefecture until 2014.Prefectural songWas denied the fact that[1].. Since 2006, mainly as an unofficial songFurusato HyogoIs being played.
  2. ^ However, the regions corresponding to MimasakaYoshino-gunFrom (Mimasaka Country, Okayama Prefecture)Sayo-gunIt has been in the form of a transfer to (Harima country, Hyogo prefecture), and there is a view that it will be included in Harima country from then on.
  3. ^ Yugoslavia said, "7 borders (neighbors, anxiety), 6 republics, 5 ethnic groups, 4 languages, 3 religions, 2 letters, 1 federal state (1Tito)” was described. In a form similar to this, Hyogo Prefecture is described as "7 prefectural borders, 6 dialects, 5Old country, 4 Shinkansen stations, 3 airports, 2 seas, 1 prefecture"[2]
  4. ^ Most of the airport premises is Hyogo PrefectureItami CityBelong to.
  5. ^ Even in prefectures without TXN affiliatesProgram salesIs being broadcast byGood luck!''Pokemon''Yokai watch"Such.