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🏛 | Shizuoka Governor's election Iwai, a member of the House of Councilors, consolidates his candidacy


Shizuoka Governor Election Member of the House of Councilors Iwai solidifies his candidacy

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On the 20th, the Liberal Democratic Party's city council in Shizuoka and Hamamatsu made a pledge promising the support of Representative Iwai and delivered it to the party headquarters, and there are growing calls for candidacy.

With less than two months left until the election of Governor Shizuoka, it was found that Member of the House of Councilors Iwai had decided to run for office.Candidate ... → Continue reading

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Shizuoka City

Japan > Chubu region > Shizuoka > Shizuoka City

Shizuoka City(Shizuokashi)ShizuokaLocated in the middleCity.. ShizuokaPrefectural office locationso,Government-designated cityIs. The population is about 68.4.

Same prefectureHamamatsu cityWith the 5th largest scale in JapanShizuoka/Hamamatsu metropolitan areaFunctions as the central city of.


TokyoとNagoya OfPacific beltLocated almost in the middle of the zone,ShizuokaIt is almost in the center between east and west.Sakai District,Suruga Ward,Shimizu WardIt is composed of 3 wards ofSuruga BayからNihondaira,Shizuoka PlainAfter passing through SeiyonoAkaishi Mountains(Japan Southern Alps) Connects north to south to the prefectural border.The climate is very warm and mild, with little snow and sunny days throughout the year.[3]..In both population and area in the prefectureHamamatsu citySecond place after.OldShimizuDue to the new merger with2005(17) February 414th ordinance-designated city in JapanMigrated to.The population at its peak was about 74, but due to the rapid population decline in recent years, it is the smallest of the ordinance-designated cities as of 2020.[4].

Approximately 4 business establishments are located in the city, and annual product sales exceed 3 trillion yen in the Chubu district of Shizuoka prefecture.Commercial city,Business cityIs functioning as[5].Shizuoka StationからSunpu CastleWith the surrounding area as the coreShizuoka city centerIn addition,Shimizu subcenter,Higashi-Shizuoka subcenter,Kusanagi subcenterAnd there are four central areas[6],Skyscraper,Commercial facilityConstruction is in progress[7][8][9].

Designated as a World Heritage SiteMatsubara of Miho,Sunpu Castle,Shimizu Port,Shizuoka Asama Shrine,Jiu Neng Shandong Zhaogong,Toro archeological site,OxizHas many tourism resources such asStreet performance World Cup in Shizuoka,Shizuoka FestivalA large-scale event is held every year with more than 100 million participants[10][11]It is also the number one tourist city in the prefecture and is visited by about 2500 million tourists annually.[12].

Sunpu CastleThe surrounding area is "SunpuIs calledEdo PeriodEarlyBig politics(Sunpu administration), SubstantiallycapitalActs as[13],Edo-Above(Kyoto-Osaka) Was a big city[14][15].

Relationship between regions

1969Up to oldAbe-gunDue to regional absorption merger, etc.5th largest area in JapanHas, butThe forest area is about 80% of the city area, which is the highest among all prefectural capitals and ordinance-designated cities.[16], About 98% of the population is concentrated in the urban area, which is less than 8% of the city area[17]Forming a dense city[18][19].. on the other hand,Nankai Trough giant earthquakeThe rate of condominiums in the city is the lowest in the ordinance-designated city due to concerns about the collapse of buildings due to[20][21]. for that reasonLand priceTends to soar,Bubble economypreviousOfficial land price The横 浜 市,Kobe CitySome oldSix big citiesHigher, during the bubble eraShizuoka Bank OfReluctance to lend[22]Even now, which is in a stagnation state due to population decline, etc.Sapporo,ChibaAnd someRegional center city,Capital AreaHigh in the top class in the ordinance-designated city[23][24].Sunpu administrationof timeSunpu Castle XNUMXga Town OfTown allocationThe road width in the central city area tends to be narrow due to[25][26]..Most of the city areaOku Shizuoka (Okushizu)Consists of[27]..NorthernAkaishi MountainsIn addition,Nihondaira,Mt.,Yatsuyama, Etc. in urban areas(I.e.Exists.On March 21, 3, depending on the country, "Central city activation basic plan, But 2 districts (Shizuoka district[Annotation 1], Shimizu area[Annotation 2]) Certified[28].


Wide bowl

According to the Geographical Survey Institute's total area by prefecture, municipality, Shizuoka city is 1,411.90 square kilometers.[30].

"Longitude and latitude (world geodetic system) of government offices and offices in Shizuoka Prefecture and north, south, east, and west end points" (Geographical Survey Institute) According to Shizuoka City,[31].. In addition, “The Population Center of Japan-From the 27 Census Results-” (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Population center of gravity[32]Is also described.


Known for its warm and mild climate.Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the southSuruga BayIs in contact with.平野The population is concentrated in the area, and most of the remaining city area is non-inhabitable forest.Itoigawa Shizuoka Structural LineLocated above, steep mountains and rapids stand out.


Main mountain


Main river


  • Lake Ikawa (Igawa Damlake)
  • Lake Hatagi (Hatanagi Daiichi Damlake)
  • Asahi Marsh (Amaki Reservoir)
  • Whale pond
  • Aritosaka Pond
  • Futatsuike (Ogaike)
  • Funakoshi bank


warmishPacific climateIs. In summer, the heat is severe, and the maximum temperature can reach around 39°C due to the Fenn phenomenon caused by the northern wind from the Southern Alps. In winter, the average temperature in January is 1℃, which is comparable to that of the prefectural capitals in Kyushu and Shikoku.South coast lowHowever, since warm air enters from the Pacific Ocean, the Kanto Plain and the Nobi Plain will basically rain even during heavy snowfall. Therefore, snowfall of 1 cm or more is extremely rare, and it is one of the regions on the mainland where snow is most difficult to accumulate. Shower snow can be seen under winter pressure. NorthernJapan Southern AlpsTouch NanreiIgawa(Sakai District) IsAct on Special Measures for Heavy Snow Regionsbased onHeavy snowfallIs specified in.

Shizuoka climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)25.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)11.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)6.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)1.8
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−6.8
Precipitation amount mm (inch)75.0
Snowfall cm (inch)0.0
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)5.55.710.39.710.412.111.59.511.
Average monthlyDaylight hours201.6181.0179.1185.1183.3132.1154.2201.4148.9160.9170.3201.12,099
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1940-present)[33][34]
Shimizu's climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)22.3
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)11.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)6.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)2.2
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−3.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)79.6
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)5.86.411.410.611.113.311.69.812.
Average monthlyDaylight hours178.4163.9167.5176.8165.2116.6136.8185.2145.4148.3156.7182.71,935.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1978-present)[35][36]
Ikawa's climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)18.2
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)6.5
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)1.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−3.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−11.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)105.7
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)6.57.612.011.813.314.415.413.
Average monthlyDaylight hours176.3165.8163.5176.1168.1133.6155.2172.6132.9143.6157.8180.91,919.4
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1978-present)[37][38]


In recent years, the population of Shizuoka City has been declining, and the estimated population as of April 2017, 4699,421Became[39]..Since then, the population has been below the estimated population of 70 until now.The Basic Resident Register population reached 2019 in April 4, but recovered to 699,946 in May and June.But in July699,794Since then, it has been below 70 until now.[40].

As a reason

  • Significant rise in residential land prices due to low rate of condominiums in the city[18][41][42]
  • While local companies are building strong ground[43], There are few bases and branches of large companies[39][44].
  • Of the youth and female population to go on to school or get a jobTokyo areaAcceleration of declining birthrate due to outflow to[45]

Etc.,FujiedaTo neighboring local governmentsDonut phenomenonAndTokyo area,Chukyo areaPopulation outflow to is accelerating.

on the other hand,AgingIs limited[45].

Shizuoka City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Shizuoka City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shizuoka city
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipalities


Shisei area (ancient times-Edo period)

Former Shizuoka City

Transition chart to merger

About town name in the cityHistory of Shizuoka Citychecking ...

Current Shizuoka City (after merger)

Heisei (after merger)




Successive mayors
List of successive mayors of Shizuoka city
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
1 - 2Zenkichi Kojima2003th of February 42011th of February 4
3 - 5Nobuhiro Tanabe2011th of February 4Incumbent
Administrative organization[56]

Shizuoka City has adopted a local system for its administrative organization (Shizuoka Prefecture and Hamamatsu City, which are in the same class, have adopted a local system). The system was adopted from the merger to the transition to a government-designated city.

  • Mayor
    • Deputy Mayor x2
      • Policy Officer
Shizuoka City Administrative Organization
General Affairs Bureau
  • Administrative Management Division
  • Compliance Promotion Division
  • Policy and Legal Division
  • Human Resources Department
  • Secretary section
  • Public Relations Division
  • ICT Promotion Division
  • Staff Welfare Division
  • Tokyo office
Crisis Management Office
  • Crisis Management Division
Planning Bureau
  • Planning Division
  • Asset Management Promotion Division
Finance BureauFinance Department
  • Finance Section
  • Administration Division
  • Contract section
  • Public competition office
Tax department
  • Tax department
  • Tax department
  • Delinquent measures section
  • Municipal tax section
  • Property tax section
  • Shimizu tax office
Civic Affairs Bureau
  • Civic self-government promotion section
  • Gender Equality/Multicultural Coexistence Section
  • Lifelong Learning Promotion Division
  • Life Security Department
  • Family register management section
  • Igawa branch
Tourism Exchange Culture Bureau
  • Tourism and International Exchange Division
  • History and Culture Division
  • Cultural Property Division
  • Machiha Theater Promotion Division
  • Culture Promotion Division
  • Sports promotion section
  • Sports Exchange Division
  • Nippondaira Zoo
Environment Bureau
  • Environment Creation Division
  • Environmental protection section
  • Environmental Health Research Institute
  • Garbage weight loss promotion section
  • Waste Management Section
  • Collection Office
  • Waste treatment section
Health and Welfare Longevity BureauRegional Comprehensive Care Promotion Headquarters
Health and Welfare Department
  • Welfare General Affairs Division
  • Health promotion section
  • Person with a disability welfare section
  • Elderly Welfare Division
  • Nursing insurance section
  • Insurance and pension management section
  • Welfare loan storage measures section
  • Community Rehabilitation Promotion Center
Department of Health
  • Health and medical section
  • Mental health center
  • Animal guidance center
  • Shizuoka Nursing College
  • Shimizu Nursing College
Department of Health
Health center
  • Health Prevention Division
  • Living hygiene section
  • Food Sanitation Division
  • Mental health welfare section
  • Public health center Shimizu branch
Shimizu Hospital
  • Hospital General Affairs Division
  • Hospital facility section
  • Medical department
Children's Future Bureau
  • Child future section
  • Youth Development Division
  • Child support department
  • Children's school section
  • Children and Family Division
  • child consultation center
Economic Affairs BureauOcean Culture City Promotion Headquarters
Commerce Department
  • Industrial Policy Division
  • Industry Promotion Division
  • Commercial Labor Affairs Division
  • Central wholesale market
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
  • Agricultural Policy Division
  • Farmland use section
  • Farmland Maintenance Division
  • Forestry and Forestry Division
  • Fisheries Fishing Port Division
  • Mountainous Area Promotion Division
  • Economic office
City bureauCity Planning Department
  • City Planning Division
  • Transportation Policy Division
  • Development guidance section
  • Urban Development Division
  • New Interchange Area Maintenance Section
  • Shimizu Station Area Maintenance Division
  • Green space policy section
  • Park maintenance section
  • City planning office
Architecture Department
  • Building General Affairs Division
  • Building Guidance Division
  • Housing Policy Division
  • Public Building Division
  • Equipment section
Construction BureauCivil engineering department
  • Construction Policy Division
  • Technology Policy Division
  • Civil Engineering Division
  • River section
  • Civil engineering office
Road section
  • Road Planning Division
  • Road maintenance section
  • Aoinan Road Maintenance Division
  • Aoikita Road Maintenance Division
  • Suruga Road Maintenance Division
  • Shimizu Road Maintenance Division
Accounting managerAccounting room
  • Shizuoka Accounting Division
  • Shimizu Accounting Division
Fire departmentFire department
  • Fire Department General Affairs Division
  • Property Management Division
  • Prevention Division
  • Inspection Division
Police department
  • Police department
  • Emergency department
  • Command section
  • Aviation Division
Fire department
  • Aoi fire department
  • Suruga Fire Department
  • Chiyoda Fire Department
  • Shimizu Fire Department
  • Kohoku Fire Department
  • Nippondaira Fire Department
  • Shimada Fire Department
  • Yoshida Fire Department
  • Makinohara Fire Department
Water and Sewerage BureauWater Department
  • Waterworks General Affairs Division
  • Waterworks Planning Division
  • Sales Section
  • Water supply equipment section
  • Water pipe section
  • Water Facilities Division
  • Water quality management section
  • Water supply office
Sewer department
  • Sewer General Affairs Division
  • Sewer planning section
  • Sewer construction section
  • Sewer maintenance section
  • Sewer facility section
  • Sewer office
Board of educationSecretariat
Education bureau
  • Education General Affairs Division
  • Faculty section
  • Educational facility section
  • School Education Division
  • Child and Student Support Division
  • School lunch section
  • Education center
  • Central Library
  • Municipal school
Election Management CommitteeSecretariat
Human Resources CommitteeSecretariat
Audit CommitteeSecretariat
Agricultural committeeSecretariat
  • Assembly General Affairs Division
  • Legislative Division
  • Investigation Law Division

City hall

  • Shizuoka Government Building/Aoi Ward Office 420-8602, Otemachi, Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City, 5-1, Japan
    • Aoi Ward Office Ikawa Branch 428 0504 Igawa Aoi Ward, Shizuoka 656-2, Shizuoka City
  • Suruga Ward Office 422-8550 Minamihachimancho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 10-40, Japan
    • Suruga Ward Office Nagata Branch 〒421-0132 13-1 Kamikawara, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City
  • Shimizu Government Building/Shimizu City Office 424-8701 Asahi-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, 6-8 (Former Shimizu City Office)
    • Shimizu Ward Office Kambara Branch 〒421-3211 21-1-XNUMX Kambara-Shinden, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
About Shizuoka City Hall Main Government Building
After the merger at Shizuoka-shi and Shimizu-shi merger councilHigashi-Shizuoka StationIt was decided to build a new office in the surrounding area. Even when the new city was established,Local government lawArticle 1 of XNUMXThe location of the city's office based on the regulations in the regulations is "663 of 9 Naganuma, Shizuoka City," which was the site where the new office was planned to be built under this rule (place name at the time of establishment, east neighbor of NTT Docomo Shizuoka Building, currently Aoi) (2) Naganuma Minami-ku, Higashi-Shizuoka Smile Park), and as a supplementary rule, it was tentatively defined as "5-1 Otemachi, Shizuoka-shi" (the location of Shizuoka Government Building) until completion.[57].
However, Shizuoka mayorZenkichi KojimaDilapidated in December 2008Kusanagi GymnasiumGovernor of Shizuoka Prefecture to relocateYoshinobu IshikawaThe new office construction plan was withdrawn[58].. After public comment and city council (special decision), the supplementary provision was deleted in the city regulations enforced on April 2009, 4, and the main rule is "1-5 Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi" (position of Shizuoka Government building) Revised[59].

Administrative district

2005May 4 OfGovernment-designated cityWith the transition, threeAdministrative districtWas installed. The number of administrative districts isSagamihara CityAnd next toOkayama CityOf the 4 wards). This is to shift the existing administrative jurisdiction and regional mobility as it is, and to minimize the confusion due to the transition. In line with the appropriate population guideline of about 1 people per administrative district, which has a good balance in terms of cost and service. It is because it is set as follows. In the city center,Tokaido Main LineThe mountain side ofSakai District, The sea side is almostSuruga WardI belong,JR Tokai Shizuoka BranchとShizuoka StationThe site is Aoi Ward.

  • Sakai District(Excluding Nagata district of former Shizuoka city, Kuniyoshida XNUMX and XNUMX chome, part of Nakayoshida, Yayoi townTokaido Line(The part of Kusunoki has been incorporated into Senagawa XNUMX-chome, and part of Torisaka has been incorporated into Higashisena-cho and XNUMX-chome Sena).
  • Suruga Ward(Nagata district, Kuniyoshida XNUMX-XNUMX Chome, a part of Nakayoshida, Yayoi-cho and the area south of the former Shizuoka Tokaido Line, and the former Shimizu-shi Yata and part of Kusanagi *All were incorporated into Yata in the town area. ing)
  • Shimizu Ward(The entire area of ​​Shimizu City (excluding Kusunoki, Torisaka, Yata, and Kusanagi))Anbara-gunKambara Town,Yui TownWhole area)
Shizuoka-City Area Maps.png
Changes in notation such as pedestrian bridges
-XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day

April 2003, 4- 2005th of February 3

April 2005, 4- 2006th of February 3

April 2006, 3- 2008th of February 10

April 2008, 11- Now

Shizuoka City ○ ○Aoi Ward ○○
Suruga Ward ○○
Shimizu City ○ ○Shimizu ○ ○[Annotation 6]Shimizu Ward ○ ○
Kambara Town ○○Kambara, Shimizu Ward ○ ○
Yui Town ○ ○Shimizu Ward Yui ○ ○
Administrative area population/area and population density[60]
CodesWard namepopulation
The population density
22101-5Sakai District247,0261,073.75230.06
22102-3Suruga Ward209,73773.062,870.75
22103-1Shimizu Ward227,859265.09859.55
(Estimated population, December 2021, 4)
Image color of administrative district
BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

On December 2006, 12, "Image color logo mark of each ward" was established to image each ward.[61].

Image color of administrative district
Sakai District■Aoi Ward Green (DIC 214[62])
Suruga Ward■Suruga Ward Red (DIC 2484[62])
Shimizu Ward■Shimizu Blue (DIC 69[62])
Improvement of urban infrastructure
Promote redevelopment as a gateway to the city. Station South Exit (South Pot Shizuoka, Espatio), Miyuki Town (Pegasat),Konya Town Redevelopment Project.
  • Higashi Shizuoka new city base development
Located about 3 kilometers east of Shizuoka StationHigashi-Shizuoka StationSurrounding area. The thirdUrban regeneration emergency maintenance area.
Shimizu Station West Exit (commonly known as "Ejiriguchi") Redevelopment (redevelopment building construction, bus terminal development)
Shimizu Station East Exit (commonly known as "Minatoguchi") Maintenance on the Shimizu Port side
  • Shimizu-ku Minatomachi Redevelopment (Kirara City)
  • Improvement of Shimizu Port Hinode area (Romankan,S-PULSE DREAM PLAZASuch)
  • Sewer penetration rate: 70.2% (end of 17)
  • Joto Health and Welfare Area (Aoi Ward)
(Health center, sudden illness center, health welfare center, day service center for the physically handicapped, Ikoinoie)
About division

Immediately after the transition to a government-designated city, the first mayor, Kokichi Kojima, suggested that the administrative district be expanded in line with the development of the city, but it was frozen because it was difficult at present. There are proposals for Nagata Ward, Nihondaira Ward, etc. in the city council. (It is assumed that the Suruga Ward Office Nagata Branch will be divided from the Suruga Ward in the future. Have been installed). In addition, since the area of ​​Aoi Ward is very large at present, the problem of administrative services remains, such as the distance from the mountainous area to the ward office is very large.

Progress of merger of municipalities

The current Shizuoka city is the former Shizuoka city and Shimizu city.New merger(By merger with Shisei)2003Launched in April. About the name of city, "by the majority decision of merger meeting at the time of merger"Shizuoka CityIt became ". Therefore, the present Shizuoka city is a municipality different from the former Shizuoka city in terms of the system. There are many similar examples, and within the prefectureIwata,Kakegawa,Fukuroi(Both were merged on April 2005, 4)Shimada(Merged on May 2005, 5).

On January 2005, 4,Saitama(Moved in April 2003) 4th in JapanGovernment-designated cityMoved to.

2006May 3ToKambara TownAnd by thisEnclaveThere has occurred. This is alsoAnbara-gunYui TownAt present, the current merger with Shizuoka City was rejected by the Parliament, and in Fujikawa Town, it is not the current Shizuoka City but the former economic zone as the merger partner.Fuji cityI chose. However, in Yui Town, a large number of people were in favor of the merger through a referendum.2007May 4In the Yui mayoral election, the current position for promotion of the merger was elected, and in the election for the member of the town council, a majority of the merger promotion groups were elected. With this,May 5At the Yui Town CouncilMay 5Has decided to set up a merger promotion room. Based on this, the "Shizuoka City/Yuicho Merger Council" was re-established and discussions proceeded, and both parties agreed to merge on November 2008, 11. A merger signing ceremony was held on December 1. On November 12, 5, Yuicho was incorporated to eliminate the enclave.

Process of merger since entering Heisei
  • 1991(3)-Shizuoka City, Shimizu City, Shimada City, Yaizu City, Fujieda City, Fujikawa Town, Kambara Town, Yui Town, Okabe Town, and Oigawa Town established 5 or 5 ordinance-designated city study groups. , Conducted a research survey.
  • 1998(10)-Established Shizuoka City and Shimizu City Merger Council.2002Consultations were held for up to four years.
  • 2003(15)-After a one-year preparation period from the signing of the merger agreement, Shimizu City and Shimizu City are newly merged and transferred to the present Shizuoka City.
  • 2004(16)-Established merger councils with Kambara and Yui.
  • 2006(18)-Incorporated Kambara Town.
  • 2008(20)-Incorporated Yui Town.



  • As a member of the city council, the former member of both cities served as it was until the end of 2004, due to the special exception in office following the merger. At that time, there were 71 people, but now it is a constant 48.
  • Number of members by parliamentary group (reelected in 2013)

Prefectural government

  • Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly (Quote 69 April 2019 election term 4 years)
    • Aoi Ward: 5 people Breakdown by group (LDP reform conference2, Fujinokuni prefectural club (independent) 1,KomeitoShizuoka Prefectural Assembly 1, independent (Communist party) 1)
    • Suruga Ward: 4 people Breakdown by parliamentary group (Liberal Democratic Reform Council 2, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club (Constitutional Democratic Party) 1, Komei Party Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly 1)
    • Shimizu Ward: Breakdown by 4 groups (Liberal Democratic Reform Council 1, Fujinokuni Kenmin Club (Independent 1,National Democratic Party1) 2, Komei Party Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly 1)

National politics

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Shizuoka Prefecture 1th Ward(Sakai District,Suruga Ward)Yoko KamikawaLDP6Constituency
Masayuki AoyamaIndependent[Annotation 7]1Proportional revival
Shizuoka Prefecture 4th Ward(Shimizu WardSuch)Fukasawa YoichiLDP1Constituency

Besides this,Yoshinori Oguchi(Komeito・Proportional only) lives in our city.

National agency

Cabinet Office

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Defense



Cultural facility

博物馆[Annotation 8]

Industrial exhibition/trade fair facility

  • Shizuoka Industry Support Center(Suruga-ku Magome, Twin Messe Shizuoka)
  • Sumpu Takujuku (Maruko, Suruga Ward, exhibition experience facility for local industries such as traditional crafts)

Concert hall, convention facility, conference room

Main park

  • Sunpu Castle Park(Sunpu CastleEmployee. Cherry blossom spot)
  • Johoku Park (Old Shizuoka High School Site)
  • Tokiwa Park
  • Hirono Coast Park
  • Ohama Park (Ohama Pool)
  • Shimizu Funakoshi Tsutsumi Park (a famous spot for cherry blossoms)
  • Shimizu Tsurumai Park
  • Nakaohane Water Park
  • Shimizu Kiyomigata Park
  • Shimizu Akihayama Park

Exercise facility

Baseball field, tennis field, ski field
  • Shimizuoka Shimizuanbara Stadium(Shimizu Ward)
  • Sakuragaoka Park Tennis Field (Shimizu Ward)
  • Yokosuna Tennis Field (Shimizu Ward)
  • Tsukimi Park Tennis Grounds (Shimizu Ward)
  • Liverwell Ikawa Ski Area (Aoi Ward)
  • Fureai Health Promotion Center "Yura, Ra"
  • Tamachi Park Pool
  • Ohama Park Pool
  • Shimizu General Sports Ground Pool
  • Kiyomigata Sports Center Indoor Pool
  • Shimizu Terusa Indoor Pool
  • Shizuoka City Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka City North Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka Southern Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka City Nagata Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka City Shimizu Suzuyo Memorial Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka City Kiyomizu Kiyogata Gymnasium
  • Shizuoka City Shimizu Miho Gymnasium
  • Kambara Gymnasium
Multipurpose ground
  • Kadoya Sports Square
  • Lower Sports Square
  • Yoichi Sports Square
  • Kanobashi Sports Square
  • Akiyama Sports Square
  • Tsutsumi Town Sports Square
  • Sakuramachi Sports Square
  • Denma Town Nitta Sports Square
  • Tatsuki Town Sports Square
  • Yanagimachi Sports Square
  • Maitreya Sports Square
  • Tamachi Abe Naka Sports Square
  • Tamachi green space sports open space
  • Yamazaki Sports Square
  • Shinmamiyamae Sports Square
  • Abeguchi Sports Square
  • Ashikubo Yatsuoka Sports Square
  • Hemp machine playground sports open space
  • Tatsuki Town Sports Square
  • Mt. Yudori Park
  • Nam Abe Sports Square
  • Nakahara Sports Square
  • Nakajima Multipurpose Sports Ground
  • Southern Sports Square
  • Mukai Sports Square
  • Maruko Nitta Sports Square
  • Higashishinden Sports Square
  • Shimokawara Sports Park
  • Hiratsuka Sports Ground
  • Kusanagi Sports Square
  • Shishibara Sports Square
  • Nagasaki Nitta Sports Square
  • Mihokaijima Sports Square
  • Kiyomiji Park Sports Square
  • Fuji River riverbed ground


  • Yosou beach (Suruga Ward)
  • Shimizu Miho Beach (Shimizu Ward)
camp site
  • Tamagawa Camp Center
  • Umegashima Campground
  • Prefectural forest campsite
  • Minami Alps Ikawa Auto Campground
  • Ikawa Youth Camp Center
  • Shimizu Forest Park Yasuragi no Mori Campground
  • Shimizu Kurokawa Campground
  • Shimizu Ohira Campsite
  • Shimizu Nishikawachi Campground
Municipal hot spring

Other facilities

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Friendship city
Friendship City of the Past[64]
  • United States flag Oxnard City(United States of AmericaCalifornia)
    1991Friendship City Alliance-Former Shizuoka City exchanged "proof of friendship" and had exchanges, but since 1996 the exchanges have been interrupted, and they were not taken over when the new city was established.
  • Republic of Korea flag Jonan City(South KoreaGyeonggi-do)
    2003Friendship City Alliance-Former Shimizu City has formed a friendly relationship such as the exchange of staff, and the relationship is still ongoing, but the signing as a formal Friendship City Alliance has been made since the merger with Shizuoka City. Absent. It is described as a friendly city in Jonan City.


sister city
Muroran City and Joetsu City are sister cities.
Partner city
Friendship City of the Past
  • Japanese flagNational Monzen Town Summit -A conference held by local governments, tourism associations, and commercial personnel who have Monzen towns that have developed around shrines and temples across the country to revitalize the region and promote town development.

Sister/Friendship Port

Shimizu WardIt is inShimizu PortIt is,Mount Fuji,world Cultural HeritageIsMatsubara of MihoIt is a beautiful port town surrounded byKobe Port-Nagasaki PortAlong with it, it is counted as one of the "Three Great Ports of Japan".
Port lawupperInternational base portSpecified inCore international portIs also specified. further,Minato LawupperSpecific portIs also specified.
Sister port
United States flag SavannahPort (The United States of AmericaGeorgia)- 1986May 10Sister port alliance
Friendly port
Flag of the People's Republic of China QingdaoPort (People's Republic of ChinaShandong)- 19844Friendship Port Alliance

International organization


Honorary Consulate


Primary industry

The area upstream of the Abe River on the outskirts of Aoi Ward is the land where the green tea cultivation industry flourished in Japan. Since then, the green tea cultivation industry has flourished in the suburbs of the upper Abe River, and during the Edo period, cultivated green tea was presented to the Tokugawa shogunate.Kitahara White AutumnLyrics of "Chrysalis] Is a local railway company (currentlyShizuoka Railway) Was made as a commercial song, but now it's tea in ShizuokaNew folk songIt can be said.

The birthplace of the wasabi cultivation industry is said to be the Utogi district in the back of Abe.[65].. In addition, the Ashokubo district refers to the birthplace of Shizuoka tea.[66].

However, in recent years, city agriculture has been declining due to a decrease in the number of tourists and a shortage of successors due to the declining population.[67].

Agriculture (bold letters are varieties developed in Motoichi)
(Motoyama,YabukitaSuch. Produced in various parts of the city. As the main districts, Aoi Ward Warashina district and Shimizu Ryokawachi district have the highest quality[Source required]It is the production center of green tea. )
(Chapter princess,Red cheek(Shizuoka No. 11) etc. (Kuno district, Suruga-ku, Komagoshi district, Shimizu-ku along National Route 150)
(Main production areas: Aoi Ward, Asahi Ward, Kiyomizu Ward, Kotsu Kiyomiji Town, Suruga Ward, Kosaka, etc.)
  • Lotus root(Aoi Ward, Asahi District)
  • soy(Edamame) (Miho, Shimizu, Orido, Komagoshi)
  • rose(Aoihara district, Okitsu district, Shimizu district)
  • peach(Sugata Ward Nagata District)
Fishing industry

Secondary industry

Various manufacturing industries, such as large companies that draw the genealogy of munitions factories and factories built after the war, are located mainly in the Shimizu Port waterfront area. As a result, Shimizu's industrial output was once proud of the prefecture's highest output, but lost its position due to changes in the industrial structure. However, in recent years, the production has turned to a slight increase after the period of temporary stagnation.

  • Manufacturing industry
Automotive parts, aluminum, industrial and consumer air conditioners, specialty paper, chemical products, food products, precision equipment, shipbuilding
  • Local industry, traditional crafts
Plastic model, HinaguHina doll,Furniture,Buddhist altar,Kakiyaki, Igawa Menpa, Shizuoka sashimi, Sugawawazome,下 駄, SurugaMakie, Surugalacquerware, Suruga Sashimono, Suruga Takesuji work

Tertiary industry

The area around Shizuoka Station is a commercial district with an efficient structure, with effective migration and corridor properties between large-scale stores, shopping streets, public facilities and railway stations.

Large-scale retail store location lawSince then, it has been gradually increasing due to effective utilization of privately owned land by companies, but since the population density of the plain area is originally high and there is no large-scale development site left at a low price, the store area will exceed 3 square meters. Large shopping center20134 OfMARK IS ShizuokaThere was no opening. On the other hand, the rate of decrease in commercial sales in the entire former Shizuoka area is greater than in the neighboring areas where suburban stores are operating, and there are issues to be solved in the future.[68].


ShizuokaCity centerShimizuFukutoshinCentered around, roughly divided into 10DowntownArea exists[69].

  • Shizuoka StationArea around the north exit (, Miyuki Dori, Golden Alley, Sakaecho area)
  • Area around the south exit of Shizuoka Station (Ishida Kaido, around Minamimachi)
  • Surrounding area (,Money exchange town, Around Showa Town)
  • Surrounding area (Denmacho, around Keyaki-dori)
  • Surrounding area (around falconer, north highway, Tsutsuji-dori)
  • Nanachi TownSurrounding area (Shichikencho ,,Otemachi[Avoid ambiguity](Around)
  • Surrounding area (Around Tokiwacho, Aoba Dori, Komagata Dori, Gennan Dori)
  • Surrounding area (, around Sengen-dori, Chamachi-dori)
  • Shimizu StationSurrounding area (Ginza shopping street in front of the station, Shimizu Mercury shopping street, Masagocho, Ginza, Satsuki-dori area)
  • Shin-Shimizu StationSurrounding area (Around Tomoe-cho, Asahi-cho, Aioi-cho)
Main downtown areas around Shizuoka Station
  • Gofukucho-Near Shizuoka Station 3 (From Satsunotsuji to the scramble crossing) is the largest downtown area in Shizuoka prefecture. There are few vacant stores and there are many pedestrian streets, and the third block, which is the closest to Shizuoka Station (former XNUMX-chome), is known for having a high land price in the prefecture. A little away from Shizuoka Station (Shizuoka BankFrom the main storeShizuoka IsetanThere was relatively little traffic, but in the center of 3-chome, which has XNUMX blocksGofukucho TowerThe number of people passing by is increasing.
  • Konya Town (Kouyama)-A town that developed with the opening of Shizuoka Station. There is a small underground shopping area directly below and is directly connected to the station.
  • Miyuki Town-A department store that can be called a long-established store in Shizuoka CityMatsuzakaya, Behind itMaruiIs a great force to attract shoppers.In particular, the expansion and renovation of the Marui Shizuoka store in the mid-90s has attracted more young shoppers and made it adjacent.109Since it opened, it can be said to be the liveliest place today.
  • Nanachi Town -Along the old TokaidoMovie theaterIt used to be the busiest street in Shizuoka City, where many restaurants and restaurants are located, but it has become less crowded due to the decline in the status of movies as entertainment. Even so, the stone-pavement-style roadway, marble sidewalks, and maintained zelkova-lined trees keep the dignity.
  • Money exchange town -The XNUMXnd street near Shizuoka Station (from the intersection with Shichikamachi-dori to the intersection with Egawacho-dori) is the largest entertainment district in Shizuoka prefecture with many restaurants.GinzaThe birthplace of XNUMX-chome is home to restaurants, clothing stores, and grocery stores with a relatively calm atmosphere.
Main downtown areas around Shimizu Station
  • Masago-cho: Ginza Shopping Street in front of the station
  • Ginza: Seimeriza Shopping Street
  • ・Tomoe Town: An old restaurant district. A symbolic area of ​​Shimizu, a port town.
  • Satsuki street

Main commercial facilities

Around Shizuoka Station
Aoi Ward (except around Shizuoka Station)
Suruga Ward
Shimizu Ward

Major companies headquartered in the city

Retail and service industry
Construction industry
Manufacturing industry
  • Shimizu LNG(Manufacture and sale of natural gas, Shimizu Ward)
  • Shizuoka gas(City gas, Suruga Ward)
  • TOKAI Communications(Software development, communication service, Aoi Ward)
  • Narutech(Development of computer peripherals, Shimizu Ward)
  • TOKAI(Gas, real estate, information processing, Aoi Ward)

Major companies based in the city

Mass media

TV broadcast

*The channel isRemote control key IDIndicate the physical channel of each TV relay station in the city.
Broadcaster name and physical channel
Broadcasting station nameRemote control key
Nippondaira DShizuoka basketTamagawaKiyosawaShizuoka Ohara
IgawaShizuoka MarukoShimizu Okitsu
NHK Shizuoka
NHK Shizuoka
Shizuoka Daiichi Television
Shizuoka Asahi TV
Shizuoka broadcasting
TV Shizuoka

Radio broadcast

AM broadcast
FM broadcasting (Prefectural Bureau)
FM broadcast (Community FMBureau)

Retransmission equipment in the tunnel

Cable tv broadcasting

  • Toko Channel Shizuoka(All areas except Kambara and Yui districts in Shimizu-ku *Part of the suburbs and the entire mountain area are outside the area)
  • TOKAI cable network(Only in the Kambara and Yui districts of Shimizu Ward)

News (Chinese)

  • Shizuoka Shimbun(Approximately 70 copies. Prefectural paper has a large scale nationwide)
  • Kentsu newspaper (construction specialty paper)

Community magazine/information magazine

  • Shizuoka round and round map
  • Quarterly Shimizu
  • Shizuoka City Walker
  • Slow

Headquartered mass media

  • Shizuoka Shimbun (daily newspaper, Suruga Ward)
  • Shizuoka Broadcasting SystemLatte.. TVJNNAffiliate, radioJRN/NRNseries. Suruga Ward)
  • TV Shizuoka (FNNseries. Suruga Ward)
  • Shizuoka Asahi TV (ANNseries. Aoi Ward)
  • Shizuoka Daiichi Television (NNNseries. Suruga Ward)
  • Kentsu Newspaper(Special paper for construction. Suruga Ward)

Mass media based


University/Junior college

Sakai District
Suruga Ward
Shimizu Ward

Vocational school

high school

Sakai District
Communication system by private unit system
Suruga Ward
Communication system by private unit system
Shimizu Ward
Communication system by private unit system

Elementary and junior high school

Elementary and junior high school lunch

Municipal elementary and junior high schools provide school lunches. Except for the schools mentioned below, which cook at their own school, they are manufactured in bulk at the municipal school lunch centers (10 locations). Umegashima Elementary and Junior High School in Aoi Ward, Elementary School in Shimizu Ward (excluding Shimizu Udo Daini Elementary School, Shimizu Iida Higashi Elementary School, Anhara, Kojima, Ryokawachi, and Yui District), and Kambara Junior High School cook their own school.

Special school


Various schools

Facilities other than school education

National Institute of Maritime Education
Shizuoka Prefectural
Driving school
  • Shizuoka Driving School
  • Nakata Driving School
  • Furusho Driving School
  • Shimizu Driving School
  • Static iron driving school
  • Suruga Driving School



As a public heliport in Suwa, Aoi WardShizuoka HeliportThere is. other空港There are no regular flights with other parties. Other than thatAviation lawupperAirfieldNot in Miho, Shimizu-kuMiho Offshore Airfield(Miho Air Base) in Kambara, Shimizu-kuFujikawa Takeoff and Landing Area(Fujikawa Gliding Ground), mainlyGeneral aviationUsed for (general aviation).


A railroad network runs across the east and west of the city center during the daytime.Tokaido Line6 ~ 7 / h,Shizuoka Shimizu LinePerform high-frequency operation with 9 to 15 lines / h.[70][71]

Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
Shizuoka Railway(Static iron)
Oigawa Shindo

Currently LRT (TramSchemeLight Rail) Is planned. Several civic groups have been established to promote the introduction of LRT, and they are working towards the realization with the participation of bipartisan city council members.2009In addition to being included in the government policy, it was included in the Shizuoka city budget for the same year.TramThe budget for route planning and surveys was decided by the Shizuoka City Council.20119With Shizuoka CityShizuoka RailwayThe "LRT Introduction Review Committee" has been officially established by the three members of the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce.


The route bus network has been developed to complement the blank areas of the north and south railway lines in the city, and it operates at a high frequency of 8 to 28 lines / h during the day.[72]..For details on service routes and stops, refer to bus operator articles, bus office articles, and route articles.

Route bus (city/suburbs)
Express Bus


Regional high standard road
National road

National highway No. 1 (both by-pass and present road), No. 52 all designated sections in the city (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu Regional Development Bureau management), others are non-designated sections (managed by Shizuoka City Construction Bureau). In addition, the Shin-Nihonzaka Tunnel on National Route 150, which connects to Yaizu City, has been managed by Shizuoka City since 20 even in the city of Yaizu (it is physically impossible to divide tunnel equipment management by city boundaries). So Shizuoka city manages it centrally.Until 19th, it is managed by Shizuoka prefecture.

Other high-standard roads


Shimizu Port

International base portIs specified in.

Fishing port
  • Kambara fishing port (Shimizu ward): Type 1 fishing port
  • Yui fishing port (Shimizu ward): Type 1 fishing port
  • Nishikurazawa fishing port (Shimizu ward): Type 2 fishing port
  • Yosou fishing port(Surugu): Type 3 fishing port

Once, Ejiri fishing port (Shimizu ward) and Okitsu fishing port (Shimizu ward)Fishing port fishing ground maintenance methodAlthough it is a fishing port area designated as a first-class fishing port, there is no fishing port facility due to reclamation of the coastal area, etc.[73][74].


Scenic spots/sightseeing spots

There are many scenic spots in the city due to the rugged terrain that extends from the mountainous areas above 3000 meters above sea level to the coast of Suruga Bay.

Shimizu Ward

Central part
  • Iron boat temple(The predecessor was Kunoji, which was founded around 700 years ago. It has numerous cultural properties, including the national treasure "Kunoji Sutra".Yamaoka RailwayTemple of Revival)
  • Ryuji Temple(As the name of "Mt. Kantomi" is, a temple with a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji.Takayama Higuchi BeefIt is also a related temple. )
  • Kusanagi Shrine(With "Nipponaira"Nippon TaketakaAn ancient shrine that retains the name of "Tosho no Tosho", the deity is Nihon Takeson)
  • Lingshan Temple(Muromachi PeriodFounding Temple,王Is a national important cultural property and a famous place for cherry blossoms)
  • Kaichoji Temple(Nichiren sectMotoyama)
  • Meishinji (Jiro ShimizuGrave)
  • Funakoshi Tsutsumi Park (famous place for cherry blossoms)
  • Suehiro (Funajuku run by Jirocho Shimizu (restore))
  • Jiro Chosei Family (Minowa Town)-The well that was said to have been used for Jirocho's hot spring, and the parlor remained as it was at that time. Originally, my parents' house was a boat owner, but Jirocho was adopted by his uncle's house, so he lived in this house only in his childhood.
  • Tomb of the Gentleman (The Shogunate which was annihilated by the government army in Shimizu Port (KanrinmaruThe tomb where Jirocho burried the body floating in the bay) without fear of the government. This connected Jirocho and Tetsufune. The tombstone is Yamaoka Tetsufune.
  • The remains of the Koshu-Karimai yard (the place where the Koshu-rice that descended from the Fuji River by a riverboat was transshipped to a large ship in order to be transported to Edo)
  • Riverside city (facility where wholesalers directly sell seafood)
  • S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA(Sightseeing/commercial facility facing the Shimizu Port and looking to Mt. Matsubara on the opposite bank and looking at Fuji)
  • Hinode Dream Park (group of facilities adjacent to S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA)
    • Shimizu Marine Terminal (Suruga Bay FerryThere will be an exhibition hall, hall, conference room, etc. where there is a reception desk for the Shimizu port)
    • Shimizu Marine Park.
    • Shimizu PortTelfer(Port cargo handling machinery, nationally registered tangible cultural property)
    • Shimizu Marine Building (equipped with multi-purpose hall, exhibition room, conference room, etc.)
  • Verkehr Museum(Museum where "people, the sea, and the future come into contact with each other: "Minato")"
  • Miho Shrine(Founded before the Heian era. An ancient shrine with a god's way (pathway) that continues from Hagoromo no Matsu.)
  • Hagoromo no Matsu(The place of the stage of the legendary celestial maiden Noh "Hagoromo")
  • Shimizu Lighthouse(Japan's oldest reinforced concrete lighthouse, first lighting 45 Japan's modernized industrial heritage)
  • Tokai University Social Education Center (Miho and Bunka Land are closed for renovation as a green park since 2006)
  • S-Pulse Training Field (J-League Part 1 Shimizu S-Pulse Training Field and Headquarters. Many visitors come every day)
Old for Japan-US friendshipTokyo cityからThe United States of AmericaWas given toWashington DC OfPotomac RiverA nursery ground for cherry trees planted on the shore. It was given to the brothers of cherry blossoms and the United States in return.DogwoodExtant.
2004The city is restored. The real thing is from Aichi prefectureMuseum Meiji VillageRelocated to. However, it is a building from the Taisho era, not the Meiji era. )
  • Mizuguchiya Gallery (Wakihonjin of Okitsu-juku. Felkehl Museum Annex ※Miguchi is known overseas as “Japanese Inn (History Inn) Mizuguchiya Monogatari” written by Oliver Statler in 1957. It was a prestigious inn where the Emperor Showa also stayed during the Shizuoka National Athletic Meet, but the curtain closed with the disappearance of the coast due to the construction of the port.)
  • Kurasawa no Yado (On ​​the way from Yui-juku to Satsumine Pass, you pass through a village called Terao-Kurazawa area, but there are many old wooden buildings in this area.)
  • Tokaido Hiroshige Museum
  • Tokaido Yuyado, Interesting Post House (a tour facility that uses the character dolls from the Yaji Kita Dojo to recreate the appearance of Yuyado in the Edo period)
  • Masayuki Konya (military scholar who was active in the Edo periodMasayuki YuiDye shop that is said to be the birthplace of
  • Kambara CastleTrace (Designated by Shizuoka CityHistoric site)
  • Former Igarashi House (Registered tangible cultural property)-A building that was used as a dental clinic and housing that remains in Kambarajuku. A machiya built from the Edo period to the Meiji era was renovated in 3 with a Western-style exterior. It is divided into a Japanese-style residence on the first floor and a medical and waiting room on the second floor.
  • Shida House("Shida landlord"Registered tangible cultural property)-A merchant who has been handling rice etc. on the Tokaido since the Keicho era. The main building is a typical Edo period commercial building, and there are still existing vines, box stairs, tatami mats, and street floors. Most of the main building collapsed in the 7th year of the Kaei earthquake (Ansei earthquake), but it was rebuilt in 2nd year of Ansei. It is said that the gabled slab flat-roofed roof house is one of the oldest existing buildings in Kambarajuku. Under the Yamaroku store name, the company ran a brewing business such as Yamaroku soy sauce and miso from Tenpo 1 to the early Showa era. Have been saved.
  • Izumiya (Registered tangible cultural property)-A hatago in front of Hiraoka Honjin. It is said that the building was built during the Tenpo period, and the handrail on the second floor has a comb-like curve, making it an unusual decoration for the Edo period.
  • Gotenyama(Famous place of cherry blossoms)

Sakai District

Central part
West of Abe

Suruga Ward

Around Shizuoka Station south, Mt.
West of Abe


Upper Abe River, Aoi Ward
Upper Awara Warashina River
  • Yunoshima Onsen
Aoi Ward Ikawa District
  • Ikawa Akaishi Onsen
Aoi Ward Plains and others
  • Shizuoka hot spring
  • Hirayama Onsen
  • Hemp hot spring
Upper part of the Okitsu River, Shimizu Ward
  • Nishisato Onsen


Festivals and events

Specialty goods


OdenIs eaten a lot in Shizuoka City, and stores are located in Aoba Yokocho and Aoba Oden streets in Aoi Ward. It turned black after many years of adding and using it.Dashi, The ingredients are on the skewers,Black stamp(Also called Hanbe), with misoaonori seaweedIt is characterized by the fact that it is sprinkled with soup stock (dashiko), and it is eaten not only as a side dish of sake but also as a side dish or snack.
Oden is not only for taverns and restaurants,Mom-and-pop candy storeThey are also offered all year round at the sweets shop, the shop next to the Ohama pool, etc. Compared to the Showa period, the number of such candy shops and sweet shops decreased dramatically for a period of time.Kirin BeerWas featured in a commercial ofKibunFrom the launch of black stamps (the first attempt by a major manufacturer to sell Shizuoka's black stamps nationwide), sales promotion is being carried out. Held the "Shizuoka Oden Festival" and promoted as a local B-grade gourmet. in recent yearsCapital Area,BangkokBut there are stores that offer Shizuoka Oden.
flyAlong with oden, is a representative of traditional izakaya cuisine. As a typical ingredient, black rice pastePotatoes,ShishitoVegetables such as are used. In Aoba Yokocho, Aoba Oden town, etc. mentioned above, the ingredients skewered were fried in front of you.flyWill serve you.ChopsticksLike a hot flyソ ー スIt is a style to soak in and eat (however, in old shopsAichiIn the wind, some stores put soy sauce jugs with sauce on the counter).
Shizuoka is statisticallyGyozaIs consumed a lot. In the past, per capita consumption of dumplingsUtsunomiya CityThere was also a year when it became the number one in Japan, surpassing that of Japan (7 Annual Report on Household Survey). However, it is not well recognized by the public. Gyoza also in Shizuoka CityTownThere is also a movement to use it, but it is not as active as Utsunomiya City.
Japanese buckwheat noodles
Shimizu Port-Yosou fishing port・Kamabara fishing port, Yui fishing port,Yaizu fishing port・Since it is close to the Oigawa fishing port, it is blessed with seafood. In the deep water of Suruga BayCherry shrimp,Shirasu,Hawk crab, And other white fish are abundant. There are many restaurants and taverns that serve fish around Shizuoka Station, the coastal area of ​​Suruga Ward, and Shimizu Ward.
Generally eaten by homes in the areaZoniIs Kakumochi, soy sauce-made and boiled rice cake, which is different from Kanto-style Kakumochi, soy sauce-made and baked rice cake, and Kansai-style round rice cake, miso-made rice cake and boiled rice cake.
Yam soup
ShizuokaYam soupIs to scrub down "Nenjo" and melt it with "Dashi Miso Soup" and sprinkle it on the rice (Grated rice). Maruko, a mountain town on the other side of Shizuoka City across the Abe RiverMaruko Inn) Is known for serving old-fashioned "tororo soup".
Shizuoka split (tea split)
Shizuoka splitIs a drink made by dividing shochu into green tea. It was often called "tea split," but the Shizuoka Split Spread Promotion Committee was established on June 2006, 6, and together with Shizuoka Oden and Black Hanpen, "ShizuokaClass B gourmetHe started the popularization activity as "Shizuoka Wari" by calling it "3 point set".


Sports team

サ ッ カ ー

Shimizu area is J LeagueShimizu S-PulseIt is the home town of and the birthplace of elementary school soccer club. During the 1970 years from the 20s, the high schools in the former Shimizu city have won 5 championship titles, 4 runner-ups, 8 overall high school titles, and 2 runner-ups. S-pulse S is an acronym for Shizuoka and Shimizu. Home stadium is located in Shimizu WardIAI Stadium Nippondaira


Professional baseballThere is no team ofYokohama Bay StarsIn the Old Ocean eraShizuoka Kusanagi StadiumI had a spring camp here. In addition, we served as player, manager in the baseball teamYamashita DaisukeIs from Shimizu East High School.

Shizuoka Kusanagi StadiumIs the central stadium in the prefecture,National High School Baseball Championship Shizuoka TournamentIs the venue. Until November every year until 2006Pacific LeagueEast-West oppositionWas held at the same stadium, and once in the year there were about two official games and exchange games sponsored by Yokohama and DeNA.Yomiuri Giants,Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles OfOpen battle,Eastern LeagueBattles are also being held.US-Japan baseballHas been done,Eiji Sawamura Babe RuthThere is an episode in which 9 strikeouts against an American team are captured, and a statue that reproduces the battle is erected in front of the stadium gate.

2012Was reported to set up a new department and budget for the creation of a professional baseball team[76].

high school baseballThen,Shizuoka High School OfChampionshipWinShizuoka Commercial High School OfSenbatsuThere are championships.

Adult baseballThen,Club team OfShizuoka Baseball ClubAre active. In 1991All Japan Club Baseball ChampionshipConquered.


W LeagueToChanson V MagicExists. From the 1980's to the 90's, the golden age was established by winning the Japanese league and W league.

2018 professional basketballB LeagueA men's club team was established in Shizuoka City, aiming to The name is "VELTEX SHIZUOKA". From the 2019-20 seasonB3 leaguePlan to enter[77].

Other sports

NameCompetition itemLeague LeagueHeadquartersOperating company/groupEstablishment
Chanson V MagicbasketballW LeagueShizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Sports Ground GymnasiumChanson cosmetics1962(37)
Shimizu Eighth Pleiadesサ ッ カ ーTokai Women's Soccer League(Part 2)Shizuoka City Shimizu Nippondaira Sports Park Ball Stadiumな どPENALTY1978(53)
Shizuoka Baseball ClubbaseballJABA(Adult baseball)Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Hardball Baseball Fieldな どShizuoka Prefectural Shizuoka Commercial High School-Shizuoka Prefectural Shizuoka High SchoolOB1981(56)
Shimizu S-Pulseサ ッ カ ーJ League(J1)Shizuoka City Shimizu Nippondaira Sports Park Ball StadiumS-pulse Co., Ltd.1991(3)
FC Fuji Megereサ ッ カ ーTokai Women's Soccer League(Part 1)Shizuoka City Shimizu Nippondaira Sports Park Ball Stadiumな どFuji Sports Club NPO1998(10)
Vertex ShizuokabasketballB League(B3)Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Sports Ground Gymnasiumな どVELTEX Sports Enterprise Co., Ltd.2018(30)

Origin/related celebrities

Shizuoka City Goodwill Ambassador

Works set in Shizuoka City


TV drama


Television Animation

Drama shooting location

Movie shooting location

Railway song

Made in 1900Railway song-The lyrics that Shizuoka-shi appears in the 1st collection Tokaido are as follows.

19. The famous Kotsu sea bream bell sound, Kiyomi-ji Temple Kunoyama, which can be reached from Ejiri following Shimizu (Partially revised in 1911)
20. Miho's Matsubara Tako's Ura The ridge of Fuji, which is upside down, sways in the waves
21. The largest city in Suzhou. If you cross Shizuoka Ide and Abe river, here is Utsunotani mountain mountain road.


City Emblem, City Song, Honorary Citizen, Citizen's Honor Award

City emblem : A picture of Mt. Fuji and the waves.
  • Call for entries
  • Enactment 2003 years 5 month 29 Date
City song: "My city shizuoka"
  • Enactment 2005 years 4 month 13 Date
  • Lyrics: Civic application
  • Complementary lyrics and composition:Ogura
  • Arrangement:Makoto Kawabe
  • When converting to CDEri ItoSang.
Honorary citizen
  • Emily Margaretta Mackenzie(Contributing to welfare business in former Shizuoka City)
  • Keisuke Serizawa(Human National Treasure, former Shizuoka City Honorary Citizen)
  • Matsumae Shigeyoshi(In the former Shimizu cityTokai University(Contributing to building, education and culture)
  • Suzuki Yohei(Contributing to the economy and development of the former Shimizu City)
  • Isoyoshi Goto(1919-2011,Hagoromo FoodsFormer chairman,Shimizu PortContribute to the development of
  • (Contributing to the financial base of the former Kambara Town)
  • (Contributing to education, construction and disaster prevention administration in the former Kambara Town)
  • (Contributing to the industrial development of former Kambara Town)
  • (Contributing to industry, education and welfare of former Kambara Town)
Citizen's Honor Award

Area code

Landline phoneArea codeIs 054 (200-299, 320-399, 600-699, 900-909) (Yaizu City,FujiedaWith ShizuokaMA). In the case of NTT West's general subscriber phones, the number range is mainly, Aoi Ward and Suruga Ward are in the 200s and 650s (partly), Shimizu Ward[Annotation 13]Is in the 300s, and Yaizu and Fujieda are in the 600s.

1990May 9, Shizuoka MA (former Shizuoka city 0542) to Fujieda MA (Shita 2 city 2 town at that time)[Annotation 14] 0546) was incorporated, and local calls were made in 3 cities and 2 towns. At the same time, the area code is unified to 054.

At the time of merger of Shizusei in 2003, there were two area codes even in the same city, formerly Shizuoka city area, Shita 2 city 2 town 054, former Shimizu city area 0543 (20-99).Unit charge area For (MA), 054 was different from Shizuoka MA and 0543 was different from Shimizu MA for each area code. For this reason, there were long distance calls between the former Shizuoka city area and the former Shimizu city area. For this reason,2007May 2Was transferred to Shizuoka MA and became a local call. The area code was also integrated into 054.

Disaster prevention wireless chime

Shizuoka City Disaster Prevention Administrative Radio Ringing Table
Shizuoka CityShimizu Ward onlyRemarks
17:00Westminster Bell
17:03Sunset, small burn, sea, haoriCurrently abolished


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注 釈

  1. ^ The Shizuoka area in the Shizuoka City Central Urban Revitalization Basic Plan is approximately 250 near Shizuoka Station and Aoi Ward Office.Ha.
  2. ^ The Shimizu area in the Shizuoka City Central City Revitalization Basic Plan is about 140 hectares near Shimizu Station and Shimizu Ward Office.
  3. ^ It is also the northernmost tip of Shizuoka prefecture.
  4. ^ There is also an objection to the fixed land.
  5. ^ Immediately before this day, there were about 5 places where part of the village area was transferred to the town, and part of Minami Ando Village, Ado-gun, where Shizuoka Station was located, was separated and renamed "Shizuoka Sakae Town". It was The enclave Shizuoka Zenza Town, Arito-gun, was transferred to Chiyoda Village instead of Shizuoka City.
  6. ^ Delete "city" with non-printed stickers. Later on the national roadAreaFor the city prefectural roads (including some national roads under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), the place name display part itself was newly created.
  7. ^ At the time of winningConstitutional Democratic Party..Then leave the partyJapan Restoration PartyJoined the parliamentary group.
  8. ^ Includes museum-like facilities other than registered museums
  9. ^ Abolished as of March 24, 3.
  10. ^ ShizueIs the coastal area from Kambara in Shimizu Ward to Ishibe in Suruga Ward. Named after the global brand "Edomae"[75].
  11. ^ Ribon version
  12. ^ Newspaper serial edition
  13. ^ Fuji cityIncluding only a few areas.
  14. ^ Then, during the great merger period of Heisei, former Okabe Town was transferred to Fujieda City and former Oikawa Town was transferred to Yaizu City.


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