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🏛 | Family members of abductees request cooperation from governors Kagoshima City resumes signing activities


Family members of abductees request cooperation from governors Kagoshima City resumes signing activities

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In front of JR Kagoshima Chuo Station in Kagoshima City, we carried out a signing activity for the first time in about a year and two months, which had been refraining from activities due to the spread of the new corona infection.

Kenichi Ichikawa, a family member of the abduction victims of North Korea, visited Kagoshima City Hall on the XNUMXst and cooperated with Mayor Shimozuru to resolve the abduction issue ... → Continue reading

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In front of JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

Signature movement

Signature movementWhat is a signature?Individual,Group , Social issuesAnd policy,decreeTo raise opinions on the amendments and enactments ofSignature siteGather the names of people who agree with that opinion in writing or in writing and have problemsCompany-政府-PrefecturesIt is a movement to be submitted to.Especially in recent years, the signature movement using online signature sites has been attracting attention, and the founders can raise funds.Students' TestimonialsOrChange.org "The number of organizations that use long-established websites such as these is increasing rapidly.

If you want to do the signature exercise by handsignatureMake a form "signature book" to get the information, call for cooperation in filling out in front of the station or on the street, or put it in a place where people gather.Each handwritten signature book can be written by 5 to 10 people.The signature book has items such as name, address, and age.In addition, there are cases where autographs are required and cases where autographs are not required.

Local government OfMayorDismissalLocal councilA signature movement may be held to seek the dissolution of.In that caseLocal government lawAccording to the provisions of the local public bodyVotersCollect more than one-third of the signaturesElection Management CommitteeMust be submitted to.Such activities are called "direct billing" and require the person's autograph. (Ghostwriting has strict conditions such as illness and physical disability.)

The signature movement is a kindName vote(Public voting), It should be noted (Secret votingNot due to).Therefore, the founder should handle the signature paper.privacy protectionConsideration must be given from such a viewpoint.In addition, in a direct request, a ghostwriter is invalid if the conditions for ghostwriting are not met.

If you are doing a signature campaign online, the signing siteVoice (Voice.charity)When,Change.org [1]There are two sites.

Voice is a site that started in Japan around 2020 (founded by a Japanese social entrepreneur), and it is characterized by the fact that the founders themselves can raise funds.Many of the founders commented that the movement was easy to launch and that more funds were raised than expected. Change.org is known as a long-established signature site from overseas[2]..It is operated by donations from users, and unlike Voice, it does not require the function of the founder to collect donations. It has been in operation since 2007 and is well known and has a large number of users.


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