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🏛 | [Direct hit!Emo People] Mr. Mitsutoshi Abe, a public secretary of the House of Representatives Why is a former TV reporter in the Diet! ??

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[Direct hit!Emo People] Mr. Mitsutoshi Abe, a public secretary of the House of Representatives Why is a former TV reporter in the Diet! ??

If you write the contents roughly
"I traveled all over the country for interviews, but I rarely eat local specialties.

There is this person at the scene of the incident and the press conference.Mitsutoshi Abe, who was running around the interview site as a reporter for a wide show ... → Continue reading

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Local gourmet

Local gourmet(Gourmet gourmet)JapanIdentificationRegionWithinLocal promotion activitiesAs part ofTraditionNot stickingdevelopment of-Origin・FixedCuisineIs the generic name of[1]. "Local popular food selection"Or"B-class local gourmet, Etc. is also one of these.

In recent years, local promotion activities using local gourmets have been actively carried out in various places.[1],magazine,tv setIt has been taken up a lot in.


Local gourmet,local cuisineIt is one of the methods of regional promotion movement unlike[2].After the war,High economic growth periodIn addition to the ones that originated and became established in Japan, relatively newly created in recent yearsHistoryThere are many shallow ones.Also, for regional promotion,GroupMakeResearchAnd often do activities[2].. Local gourmet map・character-Climbing-Theme songThere are many cases where such things are made.

For local gourmet,Tourism resourcesIt also includes dishes that are not eaten by the locals on a daily basis, but in many cases, there are many foods that are well known and eaten well. RelativelyNew entryIs not difficult and the areaCooperationIs often done.

Ministry of AgricultureIn December 2007,Regional revitalizationAs a part of this, 99 local dishes with strong relationships with agricultural, mountain and fishing villages all over JapanHundred selections of local dishes in rural areasHowever, at that time, 23 items that have become established as a popular dish in the region as a popular dish of the region, though they have little connection with agricultural and fishing villages,Local popular food selection".

Similar to "local cuisineThere is. "Local cuisine" generally refers to the localMaterial,TraditionIs a general term for regional dishes that emphasize the taste and focus on taste and preparation.[3].MeijiFrom the periodTaisho-PrewarOriginated in such places, established in the region,2020(Reiwa2 years)NowThere are many old dishes that have been eaten up to.In addition, local cuisine has a national name recognition and is sometimes handled in other prefectures.RestaurantThere is also.On the other hand, there are some dishes that are not well known nationwide, while being established as local dishes in the region.

Types of local gourmet

Ramen,Fried noodlesSuch asnoodles,Gyoza,Hamburger,Curry and rice,Bowl,Powdercuisine,Hot pot,Fried foodMany are seen in the field. Relatively easy調理There are many dishes that can be cooked.For more information on individual dishes,Each individual记事ThereferenceI want to be.

Local popular food selectionPlease also refer to (Selected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in December 2007).



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