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🏛 | Haruko Miyaguchi, the unification of the opposition, controls the fierce battle

Photo: Mr. Haruko Miyaguchi (left), who is blessed by supporters after being elected in the re-election of the Hiroshima constituency of the House of Councilors, Hiroshima City on the night of the 25th.

The House of Councilors Hiroshima re-election, where the opposition unification Haruko Miyaguchi controls a fierce battle, a big headwind for the Liberal Democratic Party

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In the midst of a great headwind against the Liberal Democratic Party in Hiroshima, the conservative kingdom, Mr. Miyaguchi initially appealed for childcare and welfare policies as the only female candidate, but at the end, he focused on the issue of "politics and money" and criticized the Liberal Democratic Party. It became a saucer for.

The re-election of the Hiroshima constituency of the House of Councilors due to the invalidation of the election of former House of Councilors Anri Kawai (47) was voted on the 25th, and the political group "Rally Hiro ... → Continue reading

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