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🏛 | Governor of Shiga Prefecture "Restart is not in an acceptable environment" / Shiga


Governor of Shiga Prefecture "Restart is not in an acceptable environment" / Shiga

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"The environment is not acceptable for restarting," he said, citing reasons such as "the anxiety of the citizens of the prefecture has not been dispelled."

Governor Crescent of Shiga Prefecture said on the XNUMXth that Governor Sugimoto of Fukui Prefecture had agreed to restart the nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture. → Continue reading

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BBC is not in the UK. It's Shiga Prefecture's TV station "Biwako Broadcasting"! News of Shiga to be worried about is being sent every day! Please check it out ♪

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不安(Fan,English: anxiety, uneasiness) Is anxious,恐怖To feel. Or with fearExpectationIt is a feeling that something is vague and creepy, and that something bad may happen.

Everyday examples

When you do something, "maybe you won't succeed"自信I think about it when I say "I don't have it."For example, there are the following cases.

  • Will tomorrow's deal succeed?
  • Will we win the game the day after tomorrow?
  • Can you make a good speech?

It is also easy to think of when there is something wrong with your body, such as when you are sick. I am also worried about imagining that I might die if I gave a high fever.

When people feel anxious, they unconsciously touch their bodies and try to get a sense of security. This is called "self-touch"[1].

Anxiety in panic disorder

panic disorderIs a mental problemhyperpneaFalling intoPalpitationAt the same time, or you feel like your body is shaking, and at the same time, you are strongly anxious, such as "Dying," "Is it okay next time?" this is,Mental illnessAnd requires treatment ("Panic disorder #treatmentSee). Currently, treatment with drugs is the mainstream, and it has achieved certain effects, but it has the characteristic that it will be difficult to cure if proper treatment is not given in the early stages of the onset, such as agoraphobia anddepressionIn many cases,Agoraphobia #Treatment""Depression # treatmentSee).

Anxiety and oppression

So-calledPsychoanalysisAtNeurosis(neurosis) Is anxious about the mechanismsuppressionIt is said to be related. The ancestor of psychoanalysisFreud(Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939) found out from the clinic of neurotic patients that neurotic disorders develop due to impaired reproductive behavior, and hypothesized that anxiety had some influence on the suppression of libido. <Repression> is a dysfunction that impairs the expression of libido, and it is also a defense mechanism that prevents social adaptation from being hindered by exposing such a drive.

Freud's own assumptions about the relationship between the two differ greatly between the first and second semesters. Exclusively in the first halfLibido(libido) Is regarded as a kind of life force (energy), and if the reproductive action is not normally performed for some reason or reason, the libido that would have been consumed at that time is not eliminated無意識It was that the energy that was stored inside and that was not satisfied and was altered is expressed as <anxiety>. The direction of the first half has a strong scientific/physiological character, and Freud calls these energy conversion/compensation behaviors about sexual desire “economical” because anxiety is an equivalent exchange during these energy conversions. Because it is regarded as a thing.

Later, he revised his theory and reconsidered that "oppression causes anxiety" as "anxiety causes oppression." In the latter half, new elements such as "social ban" (taboo) and "those who order ban" (superego) are involved. According to it, things such as "conscience" and "reason" that we say are used to suppress the expression of human drive (mainly sexual desire) that is assumed to be inappropriate in our social life. It is a social ban that is internalized within, and it is called <super ego>. When we are driven by the above-mentioned desires, we fear the conflict with the super-ego trying to suppress it, and the ego issues a "danger signal" of anxiety to resolve this conflict. It is said that the drive is frustrated. It can be said that the psychological character became stronger than in the previous term because the anxiety was re-interpreted as the "mental state" of the ego.

Philosophy and anxiety

mainlyExistential philosophy(Germany) andExistentialismIt is often taken up in (France). As a pioneering workKirkegaard(Sølen Kierkegaard, 1813-1855)Anxiety concept, He said in his writing about anxiety as "an empathic empathy and an empathic empathy", and anxiety as "being attracted to what he is afraid of." Since he is a Christian thinker, anxiety manifests itself with human sin, and that sin also causes new anxiety, which eventually leads to the faith of the Christian God in the spirit of human beings at that time. It is said to be in a state. He calls "research of anxiety" "a psychological study of the state of mind in human sin," that an innocent man commits sin, and that a man carrying a sin bears the salvation of God. However, I am worried about the mental state and intermediate stage of the transition from the former to the latter.


  1. ^ Motofuka Fukahori, “Illustrated Illustrated Book: Understanding All About Psychology”, Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing, 2007, page 67

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