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🏛 | Successful experience is backfired, lack of information due to "Yoshihide Suga" Dissolution of the House of Representatives, near the end of the term

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Successful experience backfires, lack of information due to "Yoshihide Suga" Dissolution of the House of Representatives, near the end of the term

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Noboru Takeshita, who introduced the consumption tax, and Junichiro Koizumi, who privatized the postal service, are the prime ministers of each theory, but both were painful major reforms.

The approval rating of the Suga Cabinet has fallen in inverse proportion to the increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus.What is Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga ... → Continue reading


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Postal service privatization

Noboru Takeshita

Noboru Takeshita(Noboru Takeshita,1924Taisho13 years>May 2 - 2000Heisei12 years>May 6) IsJapan Of政治家.Rank TheSecond place.Order etc. TheGrand Order.

Shimane Prefectural Assembly member(2rd term),Member of the House of Representatives(14rd term),Chief Cabinet Secretary(No.35-38Teens),Minister of Construction(38nd generation),Minister of Finance(No.84-86-87-90Teens),Prime Minister(74nd generation),LDP secretary general,Liberal Democratic Party President(12nd generation) and so on.


LDPMaximumFactionMetKeiseikaiFounder of.As Prime MinisterHometown creation 1 million yen,consumption taxIntroduced.Recruit caseAlthough he resigned as a whole, he continued to have a great influence on the political world.Keiseikai rule”Was built.

ShowaThe last Prime Minister,HeiseiChangeHe is also the Prime Minister at that time.



Shimane Iiishi DistrictHanging village(CurrentYunnan) To my fatherTakezo YuzoBorn as the eldest son of his mother, Yuiko.The Takeshita family lasted 300 yearsOld houseso,Edo PeriodToShoyaServed asBakumatsu Of1866から[2](I.e.Sake breweryRuns[3]..Noboru is the 12th head of the Takeshita family[4]..Father Yuzo and grandfather Gizo are also active as local nominees, and Noboru was determined to become a politician since he was a junior high school student.[5].

1941(ShowaIn 16, the former Shimane Prefectural Matsue Junior High School (currently)Shimane Prefectural Matsue Kita High School) After graduationFormer Matsue High SchoolI took the exam twice but failed,Daiichi Waseda High School[Annotation 1]Enrolled in.Just before that, in March 1944,Unsealed houseMarried to Masae Takeuchi, her daughter.The two areKitaTakino RiverI spend my newlywed life in August, but in Augustarmy, Masae returned to Kakeya's parents' house[6].

TakeshitaSpecial pilot apprentice officerVolunteer for the XNUMXth gen member ofFlight 244th SquadronEnlisted in.From the same period, some were deployed in the fierce battlefield to the south, but Takeshita was assigned to the Boys'Aviator School in Tachikawa in April 1945 after passing through Karuizawa, Nobeyama, and Ina, to become a ground training instructor for boys' aviators. After receiving the Basic Education Federation, he was dispatched to Otsu on July 4, and the war ended here.[7].

on the other hand,1945On March 3, my mother, Yuiko, was 24 years old.京都Died at the hospital[8]..Yuzo, who lost his wife, began to "interfere" with Masae who had returned from Tokyo, and Masae became a neurose.At the recommendation of the store manager, he headed down to Noboru Tachikawa, but Noboru unilaterally rebuked him for "there is a problem with you" and did not deal with Masae's suffering. On May 5, Masae hanged himself in his room at the Takeshita family.Treated as "disease" in the death certificate[9].

After the end of the war, Noboru finished paperwork in Otsu and returned home at the end of August.After returning home, the dispute with Yuzo never stopped.However, he did not leave the house with that feeling, and publicly maintained a normal parent-child relationship.[10].1946(21)1, From the distantly related Endo familyNaokoTo be the second wife.Soon after, Naoko gave birth to her first child, but it was rumored that she was actually Yuzo's child because she gave birth only four months after her marriage and the calculation was not correct for Noboru's real child.Soon Takeshita returns to Tokyo alone and returns to Waseda University.[11].

While attending Waseda University, Takeshita lived in Zoshigaya's apartment "Nagauchiso" and gathered his friends for political discussions.Same apartmentJapan Progressive PartyRookie deputyHanji OgawaWas a dormitory in Tokyo, and he listened to Ogawa about national affairs, visited other representatives of his hometown, and visited the Diet. Graduated from Waseda University in September 1947 (Bachelor of Commerce).After graduating, I was planning to become a newspaper reporter in Tokyo, but Ogawa advised me that if I wanted to be a politician, I would bring together young people from my hometown, and I returned to Shimane.[12].

Candidate for Kakeya Village while attending university and won.PostwarLand reformToLandlordBeing born, take the initiative.

As a homecoming / prefectural assembly

After returning home, he organized and started activities as a farmland committee member, but at that time the activities of the youth group started in the evening, and it was bad for the world to hang out in the daytime in 1947. (Showa 22) Local from DecemberKakeya Junior High School OfSubstitute teacher(EnglishFamily).However, he was not enthusiastic about his educational activities, and as an English class, he taught only Roman letters, and his main focus was to talk about the military era in a funny way.The students also treated Takeshita, who is close to the age, as "a friendly and friendly brother."The main activity was the Seinendan activity, and all the activity plans were planned.As a youth group, we rented an elementary school auditorium and enthusiastically held a mock parliament and a throat boasting tournament during the autumn harvest festival. In 1949, he was elected the leader of the Iishi-gun Youth Group.[13].

Later, he was active as an aide to Takeshita.Hironori NonakaI already knew in this era (same as having a time meeting with NonakaSan'in Main Line Ofnight TrainI also went to Tokyo.Nonaka's wife was one of the students of Takeshita's Kakeya Junior High School as a substitute teacher).BesidesTottori OfHiroshi Nosaka,Chiba OfKoichi HamadaIt is said that they became close to each other through the activities of the Seinendan, and that they had a friendship that transcended the factions during the Diet activities.

1951 years,2th Unified Local ElectionIn, Takeshita announces the horses elected by the prefectural assembly.At that time, it was the landowner of the forest that controlled the politics and economy of Izumo.Tabe ChoemonSo, the Takeshita family was the middle leader of the Tabe family for generations.Tabe was thinking of cooperating with Noboru's advance into politics by rooting Yuzo, but at this time Iishi-gun was directly affiliated with Tabe (Ryoki Katsube(Father) is standing in his current position, and Tabe persuaded him to "expect one more."However, Takeshita stubbornly asks for it without listening, and forcibly decides to run for the position.If he loses the election, his political life will be cut off at that time, so he will take out a large amount of election funds from the brewery's safe and spend it, and even if he crushes his mortgage, he will develop a large-scale speech.The result of the desperate election campaign was the top election.Katsube loses to another new candidate and loses, retiring from politics[14].

Takeshita served as a prefectural council for two terms, but he did not take the route of proceeding to national affairs based on his achievements as a prefectural council like ordinary politicians, and chose the shortest route after judging the political situation.First, in order to restore the relationship with Tabe who was against running, in the activities of the Liberal Democratic Party's prefectural branch, he took good care of Tabe, the chairman of the prefectural federation, and re-entered it.In addition, I got a list of prefectural staff, remembered the names of the chief and above, and walked around the government building and talked with the chief.While most members of the Diet called the section chief to the member's waiting room, Takeshita, who visited himself, was well received by the staff.This reputation helped handle petition from the electorate.In addition, the position that came to him was also lent to a colleague.After all, I asked questions about the plenary session only three times in the first term, and in the second term, I was absent from most of the regular meetings.[15].

Advance into national affairs

In Shimane's national affairs at that time, 195523th House of Representatives general electionLost inEnzaburo TakahashiHowever, Takeshita gets information from his brother-in-law, who was Takahashi's secretary, that Takahashi is not feeling well.When Takeshita got this information, he moved to inherit the ground of Takahashi, and when Takahashi died in 1956, Takeshita took the position of successor, overtaking other leading candidates.Takeshita resigned from the prefectural assembly, and in May 1958,28th House of Representatives general electionToAll prefectures in Shimane prefectureCandidate from.Incumbent backed up by TabeTakeo OhashiHowever, he won a vote that greatly exceeded Ohashi and won the first prize at the top (Ohashi won second place).However, after the election, 2 people were arrested for violating the Public Offices Election Act, and they were forced to support, prepare for trials, and take care of their families.[16]..After that, he was elected 14 times in a row in the general election of members of the House of Representatives (the last constituency was the first election with a single-member constituency system).Shimane 2st DistrictRun from).

In addition, from the lessons learned from the election violation at the time of the first election, the secretary manages the office by thoroughly managing the financial crisis.Ihei AokiI left it to you.Aoki procured and distributed political funds while going around so that Takeshita could not take his word, and with this distribution, Takeshita later ruled the entire political world.[17].

Within the Liberal Democratic Party, Tabe was before the warEisaku SatoWith a close relationship withSato schoolBelong to[18]..With my teacher and Aoi Sato,Sato faction five magistrateIs one of the seniors of the Waseda Oratorical SocietyTomisaburo HashimotoReceive the favor of.1964(39)11ToSato CabinetIs born,Chief Cabinet SecretaryAt the recommendation of Hashimoto who took officeDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatAnd gradually emerged as a new leader who will become the next generation.

In addition, the eldest daughter, IchikoKanamaru ShinMarried to his eldest son, Shin Kanemaru, his alliance with Shin Kanemaru became even stronger.This marriage is Eisaku Sato's wifeHirokoIt is said that it depends on the recommendation.

1971(46)7, At the age of 47Third Sato Cabinet OfChief Cabinet SecretaryEntered the cabinet for the first time, and served until Sato resigned.From the Sato faction within the partyTanaka schoolParticipate in the independence of the sect, and strive to take care of junior members of the Diet to build a foothold within the sect.The end of the Tanaka CabinetBut he will be Chief Cabinet Secretary for about a month.Since thenMiki CabinetMinister of Construction,2st Ohira CabinetMinister of FinanceHas served as.Nakasone CabinetThen, he became Minister of Finance for four consecutive terms.During his tenure1985(Showa 60)Bubble economy"Plaza agreementI participated in.

Birth of a new faction Keiseikai

19852, Former Prime Minister of faction sleevesKakuei TanakaWith the cooperation of Kanamaru et al.FoundationWas formed.At first, the people around him were worried about Takeshita's unsuccessful attitude, but during the meeting with Tanaka, he was said to have decided to say, "I'll do it again and then you'll do it."Tanaka was in the midst of a fierce smashing of Tanaka, who was furious with the anti-Tanaka faction.cerebral infarctionFall down.

Eventually, the inside of the Tanaka faction was the faction presidentNikaido SusumuIt is divided into three groups: the sect, the Soseikai sect, and the centrist sect of harmony within the sect.After that, Nikaido and Takeshita competed, but Nikaido was old and lacked financial power, and as a result of Tanaka's prestige weakening, Takeshita who took in the middle school1987(62)7,Keiseikai"(Takeshita faction) officially became independent.141 of the 118 Tanaka factions participated in the Takeshita faction and became the territory of the largest faction in the party.The members of the Tanaka faction who did not want to participate in the Takeshita faction against Tanaka's will were thoroughly cornered and fell into a small group (Nikaido group) centered on Nikaido, the chairman of the Tanaka faction.

Was a member at this timeRyutaro Hashimoto,Keizo Obuchi,Kajiyama Shiroku,Ichiro Ozawa,Takeshi Haneda, And Tanaka's aideTatsuo OzawaBecause it is close to, I did not participate at the beginning but participated laterKeiwa OkudaWaseda's junior, but he wasn't invitedKozo WatanabeAfterTakeshita faction magistrateWas called.To later executivesHironori Nonaka,Minsuke Watanuki,Muraoka KenzoThere was a problem.Also laterDemocratic Party RepresentativeBecomeYukio Hatoyama,Katsuya OkadaAlso belonged as a young man.

Around this time, he became a new representativeMasayoshi Takemura-Shigeru IshibaWanted to be elected to the House of Representatives as a candidate for the Tanaka factionAll prefectures in Shiga prefectureYamashita Mototoshi-All prefectures in Tottori prefectureKozo HirabayashiWas incumbent in the Tanaka faction in each constituency, so TakemuraAbe schoolPresidentShintaro AbeTo IshibaNakasone schoolExecutiveMichio WatanabeIntroduced and gave a chance to advance into the national affairs.

Prime Minister

In 1987 (62) when the Keiseikai was formed11ToYasuhiro NakasonePrime ministerRulingBy Shintaro Abe,Kiichi MiyazawaInaugurated as the 2th President of the Liberal Democratic Party and the 12th Prime Minister.He was the first prime minister to be a member of the prefectural assembly, and at the same time he was the first Liberal Democratic Party to grow up (first elected).MaintenanceAfter the firstGeneral election: May 1958)Met.TakeshitaShowaHe was also the last Prime Minister.

Based on his experience of seeing fierce intra-party conflicts up close, he advocated a "general mainstream system" when the administration was inaugurated, Abe who fought for the presidential election was appointed as secretary-general, and Miyazawa was appointed as deputy prime minister and finance minister. Appoint human resources evenly.In addition, the Takeshita Cabinet, which was thought to have a solid political base with the strong support of its own faction, was generally viewed as a long-term government.[19]..The administration's slogan isAttentive adjustmentMet.

The main measure is for municipalities nationwide1988From (Showa 63)1989(HeiseiTowards the first year)Local allocation tax1 million yen will be paid uniformlyOldness and creation businessImplemented.In addition, there were many strong opposition to the opposition and public opinion.Tax reform related billTheForced votingIt is the first value-added tax in Japan.consumption taxIntroduced.Japan and the United Statestrade frictionWas one of the concernsbeef-OrangeThere are three points of agreement regarding the liberalization of imports through discussions between Japan and the United States.

consumption taxOn the eve of the introduction, Takeshita had a friendshipWestern part"Mr. TakeshitahellBecause you are the one who sawconsumption taxIt can be introduced.Rather, he wouldn't be able to do it. "[20].

It was discovered in 1988 (Showa 63) around the time of the introduction of the consumption tax.Recruit caseTakeshita's own suspicions also surfaced, and the approval rating of the Cabinet fell below 10% across the board.Business worldShun IshiharaOn April 1989, 4, Takeshita did not announce it while (Japan Association of Corporate Executives, Chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) and others openly urged Takeshita to resign.RecruitWhen the existence of borrowings from the government was scooped, it was difficult to advance and retreat, and on April 4, he announced his resignation from the Cabinet.The next day, the 25th, the secretary called him Takeshita's safeguard.Ihei Aoki suicidedoing.Immediately before resigning from the Cabinet, around Takeshita's residenceDemonstration activitiesAlso got up.

May 6Was forced to resign from the Cabinet.As the incumbent Prime Minister,Yasukuni ShrineI didn't worship atIshibashi TozanSince then.

After retiring from the Prime Minister

Even after resigning from the prime minister, he ostensibly said, "I will focus on picking up balls."Sosuke Uno,Toshiki Kaifu,Kiichi MiyazawaInvolved in the birth of successive cabinets, and in the post-Kaifu area, he was also asked to re-pitch himself.[21], Had a strong influence on the administration.But,1992(4)Tokyo Sagawa Express IncidentIs discovered. Related to the nomination of the president in 1987 (62)Compliment killKnown forImperial Party CaseWas reported, which caused more and more distrust in the political world and reduced support for the Liberal Democratic Party.

199210, Shin Kanemaru resigned as a member of the Diet and resigned as Chairman of the Takeshita faction, taking responsibility for the 5 million yen dark donation case from Tokyo Sagawa Express, and became the successor chairman.Keizo ObuchiWith Takeshita, the owner of the factionTakeshi HanedaActing chairmanIchiro OzawaThe battle for initiative has intensified.Takeshita worked on the majority of the House of Councilors Takeshita faction, which had been neutral, and appointed Obuchi as the successor chairman in a forcible manner.Ozawa, Haneda and others who rebelled against this are new factionsReform Forum 21Was formed, and the Takeshita faction was divided.Takeshita talks about the Imperial Party case in the DietCall to witnessReceived.Political distrust increased from time to time,Political reform related billThere was an urgent need to establish1993(5)Ordinary DietIt became difficult to establish in, and the Ozawa and Haneda factions were at the end of the session.6ToMiyazawa remodeling cabinetAgainstMotion of no confidenceWithdrawal from the Liberal Democratic Party in favor ofNew PartyFormed (Party leaderIs Tsutomu Hata).And the same yearMay 7 OfelectionThe Liberal Democratic Party has broken the majority, and the Japan Renewal Party,Socialist Party,Japan New PartyBy a coalition of eight non-Liberal Democratic partiesHosokawa CabinetIs born.Takeshita ran as an independent candidate without being officially recognized by the Liberal Democratic Party in this election.Taichi SakaiyaIn a fierce election campaign, such as spreading letters of encouragement from[22].

Liberal Democratic Party1994By coalition with the Socialist Party (6)Murayama CabinetReturned to power with the inauguration.Since Takeshita was deeply involved in the birth of the Murayama Cabinet, he regained a hidden influence, and after the Murayama Cabinet, he was from the Takeshita faction.Hashimoto Cabinet,Obuchi CabinetWas realized.

1999(11) March 4,Degenerative spondylosisforKitasato Institute HospitalHospitalized in[23]..Since then, he has rarely appeared on the front stage.Instead, he was born in Shimane prefecture, the same as Takeshita, and was called "Kuroko Takeshita".Member of the House of Councilors-Mikio AokiIs often taken up as an influential person in politics.His condition gradually deteriorated, and he decided to retire after hearing the news that Obuchi had collapsed in April.[24].. 2000 (Heisei 12)May 5, Takeshita's retirement declaration tape recorded on the sickbed was announced at a press conference in the absence of the top executives of the Obuchi faction at that time.Therefore, he announced that he would not run for the next House of Representatives election and declared his retirement from politics.After announcing his retirement, he lost his energy because he was no longer a member of the Diet, or he was suddenly weakened.[25].

42th general election2000 (Heisei 12) during the periodMay 6, At Kitasato Institute HospitalPancreatic cancer, Announced due to spondylosis deformansRespiratory failureDied because of. 76 years old[1].. On June 6Tsukiji HonganjiA secret burial was held at.Legal nameIs the life of Kenseiin.Of the half-brother who was given the constituency groundTakeshita Wataru TheAtsushi Nishikori(Democratic Party) And others have been rejected and won.

In memory of Takeshita, it is the 7th anniversary of the favor of the people who had exchanges during his lifetime and the purification2006(18)5,Noboru Takeshita Memorial HallWas built[26].


  • The origin of the name "Noboru" is that it is easy for the elderly to remember when voting in elections, and think of kanji that will not make mistakes in writing.It also meant "crawling up from the bottom".[27].
  • During the war, after unilaterally rebuking him for suicide without listening to Masae's words, he no longer showed anger at people.A close backer said, "If I can put up with it, I will try to put up with it."[28]..It is also known for its extraordinary prudence, which was said to "hit across a double bridge instead of a stone bridge."Ihei AokiThere is a theory that the suicide of suicide was more shocked by Takeshita's anger, which he usually does not get angry with, rather than having he messed up the process and made the Prime Minister Hui.Tatsuya IwaseIs preaching.
  • When he was young, he had a rigid personality, and he was a military discipline.Early raceWhen the schedules overlapped, I offered the instructor to change the schedule, and the instructor's Tekken sanctions also sank and allowed the change.In addition, during the Yamate air raid, he continued to shout "How many enemy aircraft from the direction of XX" without entering the air raid shelter.Even after the "fierceness" was killed after the war, it became necessary to thoroughly prepare and plan for political goals.[29].
  • From its influence, Shimane Prefecture is called "Takeshita KingdomMay be metaphorized.After Takeshita's deathMikio AokiNamed after "Aoki Kingdom"Ichiro OzawaLocalIwateBut the so-called "Kingdom of OzawaIs also related to this.After taking office as Prime Minister Takeshita, Shimane Prefecture has long been the top nationwide leader.public investmentSupported the Takeshita Kingdom[30].2007(19)House of Councillors electionso,Shuntaro KageyamaWas defeated, and one corner of the seats of the people in Shimane Prefecture, which was occupied by the LDP, collapsed.
  • The habit is "~ Trap".This is the dialect of your hometown (Izumo valve).
  • calligraphyWas my hobby.
  • Blood TypeIs B type.

Interpersonal relations

  • Eisaku Sato was taken care of by actively borrowing political funds at the time of his first election, and after Sato's death, he lived in Sato's residence as a tax measure.[31].
  • He was a master of human relations who was said to have become the prime minister by being attentive, attentive, and paying money.Served well with Yasuhiro Nakasone of other factions, and during his time as Prime Minister, he was a rival faction.Shintaro AbeAnd built an ally.Besides, Sosuke Uno, Toshiki Kaifu,Takao Fujinami,Youno Kono,Hiroshi Mitsuka,Mori,Masayoshi Takemura, In other partiesMurayama Tomi City,Yamaguchi Tsuruo,Yano Aya,Saburo TsukamotoThere was an exchange with such.When the Komeito first advanced to the House of Representatives, with Yano who came around to say helloYoshikatsu TakeiriI will guide you around the hospital and give a lecture on the mechanism of waiting room allocation etc.[32].. "Anti-Keiseikai"Junichiro KoizumiIt was a relationship that formed a combination as Minister of Finance-Deputy Secretary of State for Finance, and it was not a bad relationship.
  • Waseda UniversityHe was the Honorary Chairman of the Inaryukai, an alumnus social gathering, and his personal connections through his alma mater were also important.Katsuya OkadaTakeshita was a close junior at Waseda University as an opportunity to enter politics.Motoya OkadaI called out to.
  • Even after the formation of the SoseikaiNikaido SusumuMy private relationship with him wasn't bad.At that time, Minister of Finance Takeshita once presented about ten commemorative coins to Nikaido's granddaughter.[33].
  • In-house coalitionSuddenly took up the post of Prime Minister without any experience in administrative positions.Murayama Tomi CitySays that Takeshita of the same year was a "good counselor" beyond the faction.[34] (Takeshita was born on February 1924, 13 (Taisho 2), and Murayama was born on March 26, 3, which is only one week away from his birthday).Takeshita alsoMasayoshi TakemuraI recall what I taught Murayama from the beginning, such as exchange issues.[35].
  • Kaoru Yosano"Mr. Takeshita said," Post Obuchi candidateKoichi KatoI'm lonely just by looking at it. "I heard that you should be well prepared for the day. Even after being hospitalized in 99, I have been contacted by mobile phones many times. Yosano said1998 presidential election TheKajiyama ShirokuBut with the support of TakeshitaObuchi CabinetMinister of International Trade and IndustryIs in the cabinet[36].


  • When I returned to Waseda University, despite the food shortages in the world, the supply of rice and sake was not interrupted due to the influence of the family business, so I invited my friends from junior high school to eat at the apartment.Someone in the group came to call the apartment "Zoshigaya government office", and Takeshita was the "village chief" there.[37].
  • During the prefectural assembly, the Takeshita family's vault was emptied due to the large amount of money spent on elections, and by handing over the post to a colleague, he could not benefit from the short-term profit of political contributions.Furthermore, since the sake market itself was shrinking and the liquor store in the family business was in a declining state, Takeshita earned living expenses at a pachinko parlor with his wife Naoko after the end of the prefectural assembly.The clerk also told me the platform that was easy to hit, and I brought back a part of the winning ball to the next hand, so I was able to earn virtually no money.In the evening, he played mahjong betting with his fellow prefectural council.Takeshita and Naoko stole the opponent's eyes and secretly performed match-fixing, which was a regular victory.[38].
  • In the Diet response, he made full use of the clear and unclear Takeshita language, which he said as "hakihaki" but could not grasp the meaning of the whole sentence, and did not give the opposition a word.Originally from Takeshita's secretary, laterHouse of CouncilorsCalled DonMikio AokiIs said to have had this tendency.
  • Kiichi MiyazawaSaid to Takeshita, "Waseda was untested at your time," and mild-mannered Takeshita was angry, saying, "I can't forgive that."However, I heard that storyAtsushi SasaHowever, when asked, "Is there any exam at Waseda University Faculty of Commerce?", Takeshita replied, "That was no exam."[39].
  • SeiwakaiThe writer who belonged toShintaro Ishihara(Minister of Transport in the Takeshita Cabinet) also describes Takeshita as a political genius in his own textual expressions (such as memoirs).Ishihara hated Miyazawa the most.
  • After retiring from the Tanaka Cabinet in August 1977, Sony ChairmanAkio MoritaTakeshita also participated in the "Free Society Study Group", a social gathering for new leader generation politicians and business people.Kakuei Tanaka warned that this was a movement of generational change, and after that he said, "I've come to be told something."[40].
  • 1988(63) When the introduction of the consumption tax was passed, it received severe criticism from the people due to the influence of the Recruit scandal, and the approval rating of the Cabinet fell to the lowest ever.However, Takeshita said, "The introduction of the consumption tax will be appreciated by posterity historians."While the greatest achievement of the Takeshita Cabinet is the introduction of the consumption tax, which the Ohira and Nakasone Cabinets could not realize, it is generally believed that Takeshita himself showed its true value after his retirement.
  • Since the Sato administration, when his position in politics has stabilized,Zundoko sectionMake a parody of "Peace treaty(I.e.At night Japan-Soviet AgreementHatoyamaAnd now in SatoOkinawa return After 10 years, Mr. Takeshita was singing at the banquet.When it came to the Tanaka administration, Sato's part was "Now it ’s Mr. Kado.Archipelago remodelingIt changed to "It's", but at the end it was "Mr. Takeshita after 10 years"[41]..However, when Tanaka planned to return to the prime minister after his resignation and became wary of a generational change with Takeshita, he stopped singing under his own weight.[Annotation 2].
  • Members of the Keiseikai were rarely rejected even when there was a dispute between the LDP during the medium-sized electoral district. It was known that there were many "good elections", but it is said that this was because Takeshita's election strategy was used.Takeshita himself said, "My specialty is psyphology," and was called "the god of elections" by the people around me.
  • Within two weeks of taking office as Prime Minister, he met with a right-wing group executive at the Prime Minister's Office, and some voiced his insights.
  • Although he was seen as the successor to the Tanaka faction for many years, he held his head and endured it, so he compared it to the drama that was being broadcast on NHK at that time.OshinIt was also called.
  • GrandchildrenEiki Kageki,DAIGOAccording to his wife Naoko and his wife, Naoko, the voice when he returned home was "I'm Sori, Boxori," and he liked this line.[Annotation 3].
  • Takeshita Cabinet consumption taxWhen DAIGO was introduced, he said that he was blamed a lot at schools because he was the grandson of Zhang himself (he said, "Super".Bashing"It was done"), and the teacher said, "Your grandfather introduced such a tax!"In addition, when showing this episode in the talk, my grandfather'sCabinet approval rateHe hooked up with the lowest record of "8%" and recalled that "the approval rating at my school has also declined."
  • JournalistKenji GotoAccording to him, when his grandson DAIGO dyed his hair blue, Takeshita asked, "Hey Goto, can rock have to make his hair blue?"
  • Recruit caseBecause of that, during my tenure as Prime Ministerweekly magazineAroundMoney politicsAlthough criticized, the weekly magazineChargesTo the aide who urged him to do so, he accused the aide, saying, "A person in power should not do such a thing."
  • After death, former South Korean presidentGold swimmingCo-sponsored by Japan and South Korea in a lecture given by Waseda UniversitySoccer world cupIt was revealed that the inventor of was Takeshita.
  • Takeshita was good at creating an advantageous political schedule by grasping the schedule of the Diet, diplomatic schedule, imperial events and other political events, the constituency situation of the key man of the political affairs, and the source of political funds in detail.Even if the political schedule becomes difficult to read due to the situation including political affairs such as the intensifying power struggle within the LDP, the "Takeshita Calendar" regarding the future political schedule will flow from around Takeshita to the political world and the media, and the outlook is It didn't go crazy.
    • Takeshita's memory was so impressive that even elite bureaucrats were able to tell the careers of the directors of each ministry and agency, as well as the careers, constituencies, number of votes, and number of elections of members of both Houses of Representatives.[39].
  • "HeiseiThe calligraphy with the Heisei characters used when the era name was officially announced is held as a souvenir, and the fact of possession was announced on a variety show at the end of the 20th century. Instead, I only exchanged telephone calls with the venue. The voice of the telephone response was so loud that I could not feel the age, and the language was as clear as when I was active. T).In this calligraphy written as Heisei, my grandson DAIGO said, "Utaban"Or"Mecha x 2 cool!I brought it in when I appeared in. When I was asked by an appraiser for "Utaban," it was said that the value was too high to appraise.In addition, this colored paper will be laterNational ArchivesIt is donated to.
  • It is famous that he was the prime minister from Showa to Heisei,TaishoThe prime minister when it became ShowaReijiro WakatsukiIs also from Shimane prefecture.
  • Emperor Showa 1988(63)May 9HematemesisdemiseDuring the last three months before he played, Takeshita turned down his favorite golf and only went out within 3 minutes of the Imperial Palace to be ready for emergencies.[43].
  • GrandchildrenEiki KagekiAs a "political nerd," he talks to his grandchildren about politics and administration for a long time, and continues to talk about taxation and elections even as his condition gradually deteriorates during his last hospital stay. It was as much as it was[44].
  • Every year, I called my daughters and their families to a villa (Yamanashi Prefecture) that had them at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and spent a long time staying with my grandchildren for almost a month.He said that his grandchildren had a habit of saying, "I always have to thank the people around me."[44]..In this villaShinzo AbeHave also visited.Eiki Kageki, one of his grandchildren, was vague in his diary at that time because his grandchildren couldn't play around the villa as they expected due to the stricter security of Takeshita's career.[45].
  • I have a mahjong room at homeMahjongWas my hobby.It seems that he gathered celebrities in the political world and hit them well.When I was playing mahjong with my wife, my wifeTenwaAnd everyone signed the colored paper to commemorate it.The faces I was hitting at that time were Takeshita, my wife,Keizo Obuchi,Yasunori Kawauchi.


Kakuei Tanaka "(For a young councilor who pushed Takeshita as secretary-general) I don't want to use Takeshita cheaply like Omee and others. The reason why I have been asked by the Minister of Finance many times is because he will carry the Liberal Democratic Party on his back in the future. You can't do it without knowing the contents of your wallet to bundle the country. The secretary-general then. Omee and others don't know anything. Wash your face and come back. Go home. "

Suzuki Muneo "Mr. Noboru Takeshita is often said to be a little boy or a good person, but he wasn't just smiling. He was a pretty good person, and that's why he became the prime minister. He was a politician who often said, "Let's give credit to people." Takeshita-sensei must give credit to people in order to survive in a world of political envy, envy, and mischief. So, I think I tried to reduce this risk as much as possible. For that purpose, I think that by sweating hard on a daily basis and showing that I am doing my best for others, I will surely return to myself eventually. If I was hungry enough to pass on my credit for others, I would have a greater presence among politicians, more children, and a stronger political foundation. From this way of life of Professor Takeshita, he learned the rigor of having to face with extraordinary depth and patience in order to take power. It can be said that he is a master of human relations, who has steadily climbed up as a politician through a strategy that he does not create and rooting. "

Masaaki Nakayama "As the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, I often appeared in the Prime Minister's Office at the Prime Minister's Office, but when I tried to leave the room after talking about various things, Mr. Takeshita said," Mr. Nakayama, you seem to be quite busy. Please be careful about your body. " Even if he achieved results at work, he did not advertise himself at all. I heard the words, "Sweat yourself, credit to others," but he was a great person. "





Takeshita family

(Shimane Yunnan
Edo Period, The Takeshita family is a forest landownerTabe familyUnder the umbrellaShoya(CurrentVillage head) From the relationshipKeio2 years(1866) The right to brew sake, "Sakeza"FamilyReceived from[46]..The financial strength of the Tabe family as Japan's three Mt. Ooyama forest kings was even said to dominate Shimane.[46].
PrewarThe Takeshita family is "inside the Tabe family"The beginningAlthough it was "", it boasted overwhelming power in the Kakeya district.[47].After the war OfLand reformAccording to the Kakeya Town Magazine, the total amount of agricultural land and forests that the Takeshita family gave up was about 569 tans (170700 tsubo), which was the third largest amount of agricultural land and forests in the Kakeya area.LandlordMet[47]..Takeshita familyBodhi Temple TheShimane YunnanKakegai Town OfJodo Shinshu Honganji SchoolMt. Hikura[48].
My grandfather, Gizo, was the third son of a Shimane prefecture and was in the 10th year of the Meiji era.1877) Became an adopted child after birth in October[49]..Kakeya Village, XNUMXth WardChief22 years of Meiji (Meiji XNUMX)1889) To Taisho 14 ()1925) Was a member of the Kakeya village council[50].
  • Father- Yuzo(Sake brewing industry, politician, former Shimane prefectural assembly member)
Meiji33 years(1900) June- Showa59 years(1984) March death
Shimane IzumoImaichiBackground[51].Sadaichi Takenaga(Takenaga Akibunsha Printing Factory Owner[52])Brother of[51], Takeshita GizoAdopted child[51].
Although he was a son-in-law, he was involved in political discussions despite his family business (despite the owner of the liquor store, he was Shimodo).During the war, he served as a prefectural council, and was also rooting for Noboru's advance into politics.
In addition, she was very open to women, but this led to the tragedy over Masae and the feud with Noboru.
  • Real mother- Yuiko
"It seems that he was a very progressive person, and at that time he was a teacher at Matsue Junior High School.Marxist OfKazuo FukumotoThe name of the sake called "Hinode Masamune", which was strongly influenced by the ancestors, was used for generations.Masses"I changed the name to" and only made second-class sake. "It is a habit to say" live for people ", and Takeshita grew up receiving that scent. Political from an early age. It should have been in the environment. "[53].
  • Stepmother- Kyoko(Maiden name Kimura)
  • Half-brother- (Became a secretary of Noboru from an NHK reporter, and after retiring from Noboru, he took over the ground and became a politician).Born in November 21-
  • Half-brother- (In place of the two older brothers who turned into politicians, they succeeded their parents' home.Takeshita Main StorePresident and CEO[2][54]
  • Half-sister- Prosperity(DoctorTo marry)[55]
  • Ex-wife- Masae(maiden nameTakeuchi)
  • Second wife- Naoko(Shimane Prefecture,bankerDaughter of).Born in September 15-died in September 1926
The Endo family is a relative of the Takeshita family (Takeshita's father, Takeshita's father)YuzoMy brother and Naoko's mother, Shuko's sister, are a couple), and there was an exchange between the two families.
  • Eldest daughter- child(Yamanashi Prefecture, politicianKanamaru ShinWife of the eldest son)
About marriageIkko Jin (2002), P. 191) says, "Who brought this marriage story?Eisaku SatoMrs.Hirokowas.After graduating from Waseda University, Yasunobu was a broadcast reporter for NHK.OnceMatchmakingThe story was decided immediately. ".He was devoted to caring for Shin Kanemaru in his later years.
Currently Yamanashi PrefectureMinami AlpsServed as the facility manager of "Shirane Seimeien", a special nursing home for the elderly[56].
  • Second daughter - Maruko(Mainichi NewspapersAfter working as a political editor, he served as Takeshita's secretary.Takenobu Naito[Annotation 4]Wife of)
  • Third daughter- Son(Takenaka CorporationThe wife of the founder's family who became a managing director in the same group, the representative director of "Takemikai Co., Ltd.", a sales company for golf goods, etc.[57]
  • Grandson-The cartoonist's daughter, the daughter of her second daughter, MarukoEiki KagekiAnd that younger brother and musicianDAIGO(Daigo Naito,BREAKERZ) Is a grandson and his wife is an actressKitagawa Keiko..The daughter of the eldest daughter, Kazuko, who is Takeshita's first grandson, used to do douujinshi activities with her sister Kageki at the PN of "Yuki Yuuki".In addition, there are two grandsons (boys) of ordinary people.


From the same Shimane prefectureKensaburo Kato(OriginalKyowa Hakko(Chairman) was a distant relative and was called "Uncle" and "Noboru".[58].


Sugiyama Nei
Sadataro Hiraoka
Azusa Hiraoka
Yukio Mishima (Mishima Yukio
Iichiro Hiraoka
Nagai Iwanosuke
Kenzo Hashi
Shizue Hiraoka
Chiyuki Hiraoka
14 generationTakenaka Toemon
Renichi Takenaka
U.S. Mitsumasa
Eiko (Eiki Kageki)
Noboru Takeshita
Takenobu Naito
Daigo Naito (DAIGO)
Kanamaru Shin

Word record

  • "Sweat yourself, give credit to others."
  • "Organize and elect, and elect and organize" (a slogan that expresses the essence of psyphology)
  • "Patience, patience, permanent patience"
  • "One year singer, two years prime minister disposable"
  • "One Cabinet One Job'
  • "Climb the circle, go down the bamboo"
  • "Go my way" (also a brand of sake from my birthplace)
  • "Those who laugh at the House of Councilors cry at the House of Councilors."



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