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🏛 | Political stance of the Abe and Suga administrations asked whether all three election losses were caused by "special circumstances"

Photo: Prime Minister Suga, who looks down at the Liberal Democratic Party's board of directors on April XNUMX, the day after he lost all three elections

The political stance of the Abe and Suga administrations was questioned as to whether the three elections were all defeated due to "special circumstances"

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At this point, it had already been decided that the by-elections would be held in April in the 2nd district of Hokkaido and the Nagano constituency of the Upper House.

The House of Representatives Hokkaido XNUMX wards, the House of Councilors Nagano constituency by-election, and the House of Councilors Hiroshima constituency re-election, which were the first national elections for the Kan Yoshii administration ... → Continue reading


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House of Councilors Nagano election


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