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🏛 | The torch relay that landed in Okinawa The venue surrounded by a white curtain The overwhelming "head" seen inside and outside the Olympics unevenness [Site reportage]

Photo People holding banners of protest in front of the torch relay venue.Security guards and management staff watch over the distance = 5:1 pm on May 2st

The torch relay that landed in Okinawa The venue surrounded by a white curtain The overwhelming "head" seen inside and outside the Olympics unevenness [Site reportage]

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■ In a quiet "box garden" If you come to Diamantes outdoors, you will want to drink beer reflexively.

The torch relay that landed on Okinawa Island was held on May 5st and 1nd in a closed space with the general public off limits. ... → Continue reading

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Diamantes(DIAMONDS) Is centered around Alberto Shiroma, a Japanese Peruvian III1991Latin band formed in.OkinawaWe are active around.

Incidentally,diamante (s)IsSpanishでdiamondMeans


1989Based on the trio Diamantes who had been doing professional activities from1991Formed in.KozaStarted band activities centered on the live house P'a Ti.1992,""ButOrion beerIt became a big topic when it was aired in Okinawa as a CM song for.Next time1993May 7As soon as the Okinawa limited album "OKINAWA LATINA" including the same song was released, it recorded explosive sales.In response to this, on September 9, he made his major debut nationwide with "Okinawa Latina," which was a remixed down of the previous work.After that, he continued to release up to the 23th album from major labels on a regular basis.

The record company to which you belong at the end of the 5th albumMercury Music Entertainment(Japan Phonogram), Transferred to M & I.During this time, the members have moved, and since 2000, they have been working with the three members at the time of their formation.

If you classify it in a broad sense,meringueAndrumba,BoleroIt will be a genre called Latin pop and Latin rock that plays various Latin rhythms in a contemporary band style.However, it has a unique musicality that is a mixture of elements such as Peruvian Musika Clioja, Koza's unique American hard rock, Okinawa, and Japan."Okinawa Latina"Proclaimed, it had a great influence on Okinawan pop music.

Representative songs are "" (1993), "" (1993), "Cantemos La Canccan(1994), "" (1994), "Three lines in one hand』(1995) and so on.


Current member

  • Alberto Shiroma(Albert Shiroma,1966May 6 -): Acousticguitar,vocal,percussion
    Republic of PeruLima cityI'm from. At the age of 19, he won the Pan Am Song Competition and came to Japan with a supplementary ticket.While studying classical arts such as Ryukyu drums, he continued his musical activities and formed DIAMANTES in 91.Since then, he has written and composed most of the lyrics. Since 2000, he has started solo activities and has released 6 albums. In 2007, he starred in the movie "Happy ☆ Pizza", which won the Grand Prix at the Rome Film Fest in Georgia. Activity was also seen.Nickname is Beto.Affected musiciansGloria Estefan.
    In 1991, he married a former member, Rika Nakahara.
  • Tom Nakamune(Tomu Nakasone,1967May 5 -):ベ ー
    Born in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture. If Alberto joined the amateur band "Human Sound" in 1988, the original form of DIAMANTES would be the oldest member of "Human Sound" before that.He is in charge of bass, wood bass, and chorus at live performances, but he also handles driving and mixing.Affected musiciansKiyoshiro Imawano.

Former member

  • Rika Nakahara(vocal,flute)
    Withdrew in 92.A member from the Trio Diamantes era. Married Alberto in 1991.
  • Chiaki(vocal,chorus,ダンス)
    Withdrew in 97.CurrentlySharkActive as vocalist Chiaki.
  • Bob Ishihara(keyboard,accordion,guitar)
    Withdrew in 2000. Active as a leader of DIAMANTES since 91.afterwards,Ryukyu Chimdon OrchestraReunited in 03 after (08-09) and (11-12)Ryukyu Chimdon OrchestraActive in.
  • Kenji(trombone)
    Withdrew in 2000.Currently runs a dance school with his wife Patty.A leader in the Okinawan salsa world.
  • パ テ ィ(chorus,ダンス)
    Withdrew in 2000.Currently runs a dance school with her husband, Kenji.A leader in the Okinawan salsa world.
  • Jorge Castle(drum)
    Withdrew in 2000.
  • Tarbo(Tabo,1959May 8Raw): Guitar
    OkinawaUrasoe CityI'm from. 1985purpleActive as a guitarist at the time of reunion. He proposed the basic concept of DIAMANTES, which was formed in 91.His guitar sound isSantanaIt features sticky, mellow distortion like "Samba P'a Ti" and "Europa", which is especially noticeable in Turbo's original songs. In 2006, he released an all-track instrumental solo album "SHINING ROAD".Affected musiciansEdward van Halen,Carlos Santana.. Passenger ship "Nippon MaruMissing in.The Japan Coast Guard and others have searched for the fall, but it has not yet been found.

Support member




  • DIAMANTES was formed by members of Alberto Shiroma, Turbo, Tom Nakasone, Bob Ishihara, and Jorge Shiroma.
  • Koza(Okinawa City) Based.

Debut ~ Mercury affiliation


  • Okinawa limited edition 7st album "" will be released from July 3rd.
  • May 9 Japan PhonogramDebuted nationwide with the 1st album "Okinawa Latina" from (currently Universal).


  • South America at the first overseas performance in MayペルーHe (for Alberto, the triumphant return performance for the first time in eight years).
  • June 6th 8nd album "Esperanza" released.


  • January 1th Released the 25th single "". 4 consecutive weeks chart (up to 8th).The lyrics areTHE BOOM OfMiyazawa Kazufumi.
  • June 6st Released 1rd album "Conquistador".
  • September 9 Release of the planning single "Hideo Nomo's Theme HIDE-O".Calypso"Banana boatThe parody ofHideo NomoIt was sung in the United States as a cheering song for the players, so I was asked to record this song officially.
  • October 10th Released the single "Karateni Sanshinwo".Many young musicians with a connection to Okinawa participated as guests. (Kazufumi Miyazawa,BEGIN,Donto,Yukito Nirai,Yasukatsu Oshimaother)
  • May 11 フィリピン"Kono Aoi Sora ni Kimi ni" won the Grand Prix at the Manila World Music Festival sponsored by the government.


  • July 7th 5th album "VIVA !! DIAMANTES" released.MiamiFirst overseas recording at.
  • July 7 Released the Kyushu / Okinawa limited single "VIVA !! Summer Color".C / WIncludes "This Blue Sky for You".


  • June 6th 18th album "Lices" released.Self-produced work with all-Spanish lyrics.A new form of music "Latin Alternative Rock" has been completed.
  • May 10 Ginowan Seaside ParkChiaki's "graduation" will be announced at the live show.


  • Termination of contract with Mercury (currently Universal).
  • February 2 Release of the first live video "LIVE IN OKINAWA 14" (1997 volumes).
  • May 5 Release of the single "Katsu no Uta '21".

M & I affiliation


  • Transferred to M & I label.
  • May-June With the city of Lima, Peru, which celebrated the 5th anniversary of Japanese emigrationボリビア・ Perform at.In PeruPresident FujimoriAt the 100th anniversary ceremony, which invited guests from all over the world, he performed live in front of 3 people.
  • Second time in late JuneTaiwanPerform a performance. The two-day live is overcrowded.In addition to Japanese and Spanish, two Chinese songs will be performed.
  • September 9th 17th album "Aska" released. The first M & I label transfer.
  • Renewed on October 10thTokyo DisneylandAttractions "Enchanted Tiki RoomAlberto is in charge of the song as the bird Danone.


  • July It became the venue for the Okinawa SummitNagoAt the request of composing the 30th anniversary of the municipal organization, Alberto wrote and composed "Under the big tree in the middle of this road".The song is Rubies.
  • August Released Alberto's first solo album "Ignite the Heart" produced in NY.Released nationwide.
  • September 9th annualHibiya AmphitheaterOne-man live concert held at.
  • September 9th Anniversary SongKitadaito IslandRequested by, recorded "Dream of XNUMX Years Island-Kitadaito Island".Live at the XNUMXth Anniversary Celebration Event.
  • Among the members, Bob Ishihara, Jorge Jouma, Kenji, and Patty are "graduating."


  • June 6th 20th album "Libre ~ Freedom ~" released.


  • June 6th 19th album "Adelante" released.


  • July 7th 16th album "Vientos" released.
  • December 12 Koza's live house "Patty", which has been a base since its formation, has closed for 31 years.


  • May 5th 19th album "Ke Umm Sanya" released.The first full cover album.
  • December 12, a new home ground, live house "Paraiso"NahaKumojiOpen to.At the opening live, Diamantes with eight people reunited for only one night.


  • January Participation in the 1th anniversary ceremony of Okinawan people moving to Peru.Performed in Los Angeles and Lima, Peru.At the same time, he will record a new album with a Peruvian musician.
  • April 4 Released Turbo's first solo album "SHINING ROAD".
  • August 8 Release of 2th album "Taiyo no Matsuri".


  • Termination of contract with M & I label.
  • Alberto starred in the short film "".Also in charge of music.This movie is in 2007GeorgiaWon the Grand Prix in the short film category at the Rome Film Fest.In Japan, it is released as "" together with the other two short stories.


  • 10 Month - 12 Month Ryukyu BroadcastingThe special effects hero program "Ryujin MabuyerAlberto Shiroma is in charge of vocals in the OP "Ryujin Mabuya ~ Soul Warrior ~".
  • November-December The live house "Paraiso" in Kumoji, Naha City is a resort hotel in Kunigami Village.JAL Private Resort OkumaMoved within.

High Wave affiliation


  • Alberto Soro activity will be suspended on April 4th.As a new projectAcoustic DiamantesStarts.
  • May Okinawa labelHigh waveTransferred to.
  • May 6 Sanrele(Sanshin paddle and positioning, musical instrument with ukulele body) released. Around 1999, Alberto commissioned Sanshin Kobo Machidaya Corporation to develop the product, which was completed in 10 years.
  • May 8 Modern version of Kumi Odori "Oyake Akahachi"Diamates is in charge of music at the Tokyo performance (directed by Daiichi Hirata).
  • September 9, mini album "MUCHO ACHICO-CO-Released.
  • October 10rd-December 3th at RBC (Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation)Diamantes Palace 41"broadcast.


  • September 9 Best Album "IstriaReleased.A 2-disc set of new recordings of all songs.
  • October-December Ryukyu Broadcasting special effects hero program "Ryujin Mabuya 2』OP" Ryujin Mabuya 2 "is newly recorded as Diamantes.


  • January 1, ocean cruise linerNippon MaruTarbo goes missing.
On January 2011, 1, a passenger ship "Nippon MaruBoard the ship. 28thNaha PortCalled at 29:9 am on the XNUMXthIshigaki PortI arrived at the port, but the people concernedTarboNotice that there is no.I couldn't confirm the disembarkation and I wasn't on boardIshigaki Coast GuardContacted.According to a survey, about 2 hours before arriving at Ishigaki Port,IshigakijimaHe was talking on the phone with his wife while sailing 5 kilometers north of.The Ishigaki Maritime Security Department thinks that it is possible that he fell off the ship between the time he called his wife and the time he arrived at Ishigaki Port.Patrol boat,helicopterI searched for it, but it was not found on the 30th and 31st of the following day, and it is still not found.On the official Diamantes website, the members will be on January 1th.Alberto Shiroma,Tom NakamuneIs a joint nameTarboWe have posted comments about the whereabouts of the fans, as well as comments for fans.
  • September 9th The 20th album "Contigo" released by Tarbo's last recording.


  • March 3 "Thank you" drawn by Alberto was selected for the 17th "Oki Exhibition" graphic art category.
  • July 7 Okinawa limited single "Cebada, Amigo" released.
  • November 11 Diamantes will appear with Kazufumi Miyazawa and Claudia Oshiro in "NIPPONIA IN PERU 11" produced by Kazufumi Miyazawa.Performed at the Nikkei Theater in Lima, Peru.
  • November 11 Released Okinawa limited single "Shinkanucha" under the name of Kazufumi Miyazawa + DIAMANTES + Shinkanucha.The guitar is a recording of Tarbo.


  • March 3 Alberto's "Shima Rock Cafe" was selected for the 23th "Oki Exhibition" graphic arts category for the second consecutive year.
  • April 4 Facebook official page (DIAMANTES_info [official]) started.
  • August 8th 8th album "Artesano" released.



  • "" (February 1993, 9)
  • "" (February 1994, 4)
  • "Cantemos La Canccan(November 1994, 6)
  • "" (February 1995, 1)
TV AsahiEvening news program "Station EYE"Ending theme
The song was made when he met the bereaved family of a JICA agricultural instructor who was killed by a left-wing terrorist attack in Peru.
"VIVA !! Summer Color (Kyushu / Okinawa Limited Edition)" includes the version recorded in the album.The national version is an original mix for singles.In addition, "Kono Aoi Sora ni Kimi ni" was recorded in the Kyushu-Okinawa limited edition.
  • "" (June 1997)
Okinawa limited edition maxi single.All 6 songs including unrecorded songs.
Unlike the version recorded in "GO! GO AHEAD!", Which will be released nationwide later, it is non-strings. C / W is "I want to hug you", which is still not included in other CDs.
  • "" (1998, not for sale)
Taketomi TownMade at the request ofHateruma IslandThe theme song for the Southern Cross Exchange Festa.
  • "" (1998, not for sale)
October 10th A single enclosed in a live advance ticket at the Ginowan Kaihin Koen Amphitheater."CHIBARIYO", which was a Latin tune with a lot of speed at this time,Rinsho KadekaOnly unrecorded songs such as "HAPPY DAY!"
  • "" (February 1999, 7)
  • "" (2000, not for sale)
It was distributed on Kitadaito Island as a "100th Anniversary Song for the Development of the Daito Islands".
  • "" (February 2001, 6)
  • "" (2007, download limited sale)
"en-Ray & DIAMANTESLimited download sale under the name.There are Mandarin ver. And Japanese ver.
  • "" (July 2011, 7, download limited sale)
  • "" (February 2012, 1)
"Kazufumi Miyazawa + DIAMANTES + ShinkanuchaRelease under the name.
  • "" (July 2012, 7, Okinawa limited sale)


Original album

  • "(Okinawa Limited Edition)" (June 1993, 6)
  • "" (September 1993, 9)
The national edition released three months after the Okinawa limited edition is a remixed down of the Okinawa limited edition.Therefore, there is a considerable difference in acoustic characteristics such as the remaining amount of echo. The lyrics of "Okinawa Mi Amor" may not have been fixed in the Okinawa version, but some of the lyrics have been modified and recorded in the national version.In addition, the Spanish version of "Okinawa Mi Amor" was recorded as a bonus track on the national edition.
  • "" (June 1994, 6)
  • "" (February 1995, 6)
  • "" (February 1996, 7)
  • "" (February 1997, 6)
  • "" (February 1999, 9)
  • "" (February 2001, 6)
  • "" (February 2002, 6)
  • "" (February 2003, 7)
  • "" (February 2004, 5)
  • "" (February 2006, 8)
  • "" (May 2009, 9)
  • "" (February 2011, 9)
  • "" (February 2013, 8)

Best album

  • (1995, not for sale)
The best for press release consisting of 1 songs from 2 CDs of the 3st and 10nd albums and the single "Put the Soul on the Condor".
  • (1995 12 å¹´ 月 日 6)
A mini album with 7 songs.However, it is not the same sound source as the single, but the lyrics adapted to Japanese.
  • (1997 12 å¹´ 月 日 21)
The only official selection by members.13 songs from all the album sound sources of the Mercury era + 1 song "Kono Aoi Sora ni Kimi ni".
  • (2000 3 å¹´ 月 日 29)
A heavy best compilation album containing 2 songs in a 24-disc set.Selected from the album sound source of the Mercury era.
  • (2001 12 å¹´ 月 日 19)
As the name suggests, it is a low-priced planning board.All 10 songs.9 songs from the Mercury era album + 1 song "Kono Aoi Sora ni Kimi ni".
It's a so-called low-priced planning board, but it's a great deal that collects only single versions that haven't been recorded on the album until now.1 songs from Mercury's single sound source, + "Kono Aoi Sora ni Kimi ni" and "Kaze no Michi".
  • (2005 11 å¹´ 月 日 9)
Low-priced planning board. A re-selected song based on "GOLDEN ☆ BEST".
  • "" (February 2010, 9)
The best compilation album of all new recordings composed of 2 discs.
  • "" (February 2011, 5)
A common brand that transcends the boundaries of record companiesGOLDEN ☆ BESTThe second of. 2 songs from the albums released by M & I ("LIBRE", "ADERANTE", "VIENTOS", "QUE Ummsanya", "Taiyo no Matsuri").

DVD / video

  • DIAMANTES LIVE IN OKINAWA1997 PART1 (June 1998, 6)
  • DIAMANTES LIVE IN OKINAWA1997 PART2 (June 1998, 6)
Live at the Ginowan City Seaside Square Park Open-Air Theater on October 1997, 10. VHS only.

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