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🏛 | Yuriko Koike is inundated with criticism!"Crowded train" occurs due to thinning operation "What happened to the promise?"

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Yuriko Koike is inundated with criticism!"Crowded train" occurs due to thinning operation "What happened to the promise?"

If you write the contents roughly
《Thanks to Yuriko Koike, I have been able to experience a crowded train that cannot be entered without pushing it in for the first time in a while》
《Ginza Line It's crowded even though it's free at this time.

Yuriko Koike was appointed governor of Tokyo with "0 crowded trains" as one of her pledges.Such a girlfriend is a new coronavirus pair ... → Continue reading


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At rush hour

At rush hour(Rush,English: Rush hour)Commuting-Commuting to schoolThere are many people道路,TransportationIs crowdedTime zoneThat. "Commuting rush"Or"rush hourAlso called.


manyRailway line-Bus route・ On the road, usually head to a company or school in the morningCity centerDirection列車-bus・ The road is crowded with commuters and students, and they return home from companies or schools in the evening and at night.SuburbThe trains, buses, and roads in the direction are congested.The time zone when this congestion is reached is the time zone called "rush hour".

Since there are many passengers during rush hours, it is often misunderstood that it will lead to an increase in sales on the transportation side.Commuter PassThere are many users, and it is necessary to prepare new vehicles, equipment, and staff for rush hours (which can be excessive except during rush hours), which entails a lot of expenditure and investment on the business side.

Japan situation

Morning rush / night rush

In any metropolitan area, trains and buses from the suburbs to the city center in the morning and from the city center to the suburbs in the evening and night are crowded.On railway lines in the Tokyo area, the up line is crowded during the morning rush hour, and the down line is crowded during the night rush hour.

In the direction of the city center, from 7:9 to XNUMX:XNUMX on weekdays when attendance and start hours are concentrated[1]In the suburbs, the peak of congestion is reached between 18:20 and XNUMX:XNUMX, when the time to return home is concentrated, and each is called rush hour.Distinguish between morning rush hours and evening / night rush hours, and refer to the former as "During the morning rush hour, The latterDuring the night rush hourIt may be called separately.

During the morning rush hour, the time of arrival at the company and the start of school are concentrated in the short hours, so commuting and school attendants are concentrated and the degree of congestion is high.On the other hand, during the evening rush hour, the time of leaving the office and the time of working are dispersed, so the degree of congestion is lower than during the morning rush hour, but the time zone is longer than during the morning rush hour.Especially at midnight on FridayBanquet,COMPAIt is often very crowded even just before the last train due to such reasons.

During rush hourBoarding and alighting personnelHowever, it is inevitably necessary to set the stop time longer than normal, and the nominal speed will decrease.Since the operation interval is shorter than normal to secure the transportation capacity,Rush rideSlight delays caused by reopening and closing due to door pinching, etc. are likely to spread to the following trains.When a delay occurs, it is inevitable that the number of passengers at the next station and the time when the train will stop will increase due to the widening of the operation interval with the preceding train, and the congestion rate of the train will increase.During rush hours when the number of trains is large, the increase in the number of stops not only causes further delays, but also causes the following trains to stop between stations, and in the worst case, the timetable is disturbed.

Tokyo MetroAs a countermeasure when a delay occurs, the operation interval for stopping the preceding train at the station for a long time is adjusted to prevent passengers from concentrating on the following train that has already been delayed.Also about the busTraffic jamIn the rush hour timetable on the premise that this will occur, there is a route that adjusts the time at a stop installed outside the road.

For non-crowded hours other than rush hours, the time zone before the morning rush hour is "early morning (time zone)", and the time zone between morning rush hour and evening rush hour is "daytime (time zone)" or "day". The time zone after the time and night rush hour is often called "night / midnight (time zone)".Urban networkThen,Osaka StationThe standard defines "midnight time zone" after 22:XNUMX.

In Europe and the United States, you can read newspapers by folding them even during the morning rush hour.High economic growth periodJapanese railwayBoarding rateFrom the situation where it was common to exceed 300%, "sushiStuffing""Commutinghell""殺人CongestionEspeciallyShinjuku StationThe morning rush was world famous.At the railway company, push the passengers into the car so that they do not stick out from the door.Oshiya』I was taking measures such as allocating staff.2005ToTokyu Denentoshi LinePanasonic laptopRecord the pressure of 100 kg when performing the pressure resistance test of[2][3], There is a heavy load on the passengers.

Currently, in addition to increasing transportation capacity, staggered commutingHome workCongestion during rush hours has been alleviated by various measures such as promotion of the above, and the decrease in the working population, and the average congestion rate has been below 2009% in the Tokyo area since FY170.However, there are still routes with peak congestion rates of around 200%.このような日本のラッシュ時の様子について、海外から写真家が撮影に訪れることもあるPhotographers from overseas may come to shoot about the situation during the rush hour in Japan.[4].

The table below shows changes in the average congestion rate in the most congested sections of 31 sections in the Tokyo area, 20 sections in the Osaka area, and 8 sections in the Nagoya area.[5].

Average congestion rate by year
年度Tokyo areaOsaka areaNagoya area
1975 year (Showa 50 year)221199205
1980 year (Showa 55 year)214188204
1985 year (Showa 60 year)212187192
1989 (first year of Heisei)202168175
1990 (Heisei02 years)203171183
1991 (Heisei03 years)200168182
1992 (Heisei04 years)201167182
1993 (Heisei05 years)197166173
1994 (Heisei06 years)194
1995 (Heisei07 years)192157165
1996 (Heisei08 years)189151163
1997 (Heisei09 years)186149162
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)183147157
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)180144153
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)175144150
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)175142149
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)173138147
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)171137146
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)171134147
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)170134146
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)170136145
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)171133146
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)171130139
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)167127137
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)166124135
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)164123127
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)165122130
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)165124131
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)165123131
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)164124134
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)165125130
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)163125131
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)163126132
2019 (first year of Reiwa)163126132
Route congestion rate by year
Metropolitan areaRailway operatorroute19701980199020002010
Tokyo areaJR EastTokaido Line261256225208188
Yokosuka Line311224245190193
Chuo Line Rapid Train256259255218194
Keihin Tohoku Line251250277233195
Joban Rapid Line-269221205171
Sobu Line stops at each station257263247215203
Tobu RailwayIsesaki Line
(Sky Tree Line)
Seibu RailwayIkebukuro Line224234209169165
Keio Electric RailwayKeio Line224202192168165
Tokyu CorporationDenentoshi Line-231197196182
Odakyu Electric RailwayOdawara Line232205201190188
Tokyo MetroGinza Line234236196173160
Marunouchi Line277201216160153
Hibiya Line243223211173154
東西 線-230196197196
Yurakucho Line-210209176168
Chiyoda Line-255217192179
Osaka areaJR West JapanOsaka Loop Line274232177175129
Katamachi Line225246172144129
Kinki Nippon RailwayNara Line194192172151137
Nankai Electric RailwayNankai Main Line215183174134117
Keihan Electric RailwayKeihin Main Line223186173145113
Hankyu CorporationKobe Main Line208191159145137
Osaka MetroMidosuji Line221222206156143
Nagoya areaNagoya Municipal SubwayHigashiyama Line239265236184147

Rush in the opposite direction

Capital AreaAs mentioned above, in the suburbs, the morning trains are usually crowded and the evening trains are crowded, but there are also routes where the morning trains are crowded and the night trains are crowded.一例として、都心とAs an example, in the city centerHaneda airportTieTokyo Monorail Haneda Airport LineIs the re-crowded section during the morning rush hourMonorail Hamamatsucho StationからTennozu Isle StationUp to.

Specifically, there are the following two cases.

Difference between rush hour and daytime


To alleviate congestion during rush hours on Japanese railways, during rush hours列車Corresponding to the increase in the number of trains, the number of vehicles, and the rush hourTrain typeWill be changed.

Increased number
By rail, the number of trains will be increased during rush hours. The number of trains per hour is also higher than during the daytime, and the operation interval is shorter than during the daytime.
  • On the other hand, there are routes where the number of trains in the time zone before and after rush hour and in the opposite direction is less than in the daytime because the trains are operated intensively in one direction.On the contrary, in the case of a dead-end type line, a large number of return trains are set, and the number of trains becomes excessive against the demand.
  • JR Kobe Line-Kyoto Line-Takarazuka LineOn some routes, the number of trains is almost the same as during the daytime even during the evening rush hour.
  • During the dayFirst train・ The first and last trains at stations without trains are also operated.
  • When traveling in areas where traffic demand during the day is not expected, such as industrial areas, there are routes where trains are operated only during rush hours and not at all during the day (.Tsurumi Line Okawa Branch Line-Sanyo Main Line Wadamisaki Branch Line-Meitetsu Chikko LineSuch).
During rush hours, trains may be operated with more trains than normal trains.By increasing the number of vehicles, more people can get on the vehicle, and congestion will be reduced accordingly.増結分は駅でのThe additional amount is at the stationHomeEffective lengthIf it is difficult to extend due to land or cost, etc.Door cutOr the connection may be done in front of the station where the effective length of the platform becomes shorter.In the case of an honor train, it may pass through the relevant station.
Change of train type
Different from daytime depending on the routeTrain typeMay drive a train.Some trains are operated only during rush hours, while others are not operated during rush hours.
The train types that are operated only during rush hours can be roughly divided.Commuting typeHome linerThere is.
Commuting type
Trains to meet commuting demand during rush hours such as commuting rapid trains and commuting express trains.種別名にIn the type nameCommutingIs often crowned, but in some cases it is not crowned.There is an increase or decrease in the number of stops during the day for each route / company.原則的に朝ラッシュ時はIn principle, during the morning rush hourCity centerWeekday morning for passengers who go to and return from the city center in the eveningGoing upAnd on weekday evenings and nightsGoing downHowever, there are some exceptions that are driven down in the morning and up in the evening and at night.基本的に日中やBasically during the daySaturday-Days OffNo diamond is set.
On the JR Kobe Line and Kyoto Line, "Rapid" (Rapid) with a passing station during the morning rush hourMaiko Station-Tarumi Station-Suma StationPass throughfastAnd Kyoto Station-Osaka Station has a fast train (stops on the way are Nagaokakyo Station, Takatsuki Station, Ibaraki Station, Shin-Osaka Station).This train is "rapid" but operates at the same speed as the special rapid service.[6]
Home liner
Seat capacity systemlocal train..It is driven down on weekday evenings and nights and up on weekday mornings.乗車するには乗車券のほかに別途To get on, in addition to the ticketLiner ticketIs required.
subwayIn rush hours, the number of passengers increases even at stations with few passengers during the daytime.Honor trainIt is common not to drive.
In recent years, the section where the honor train was operated even during the rush hour may be abolished as an honor train, and measures may be taken to operate all trains as local trains.This is because express trains are generally more crowded than local trains, so high congestion causes train delays. By stopping all trains at each station, the congestion of each train is leveled and train delays are prevented. There is an aim to try. 2000年にIn XNUMXMeitetsu Seto LineIn addition to the example done in 2007, the private railway congestion rate is the worst 1 and 2 since XNUMX.Tokyo Metro Tozai Line-Tokyu Denentoshi LineIn particular, the latter was paid a lot of attention to the media (for the Tozai Line, the delay in stopping at each station was more noticeable than the express delivery type, and it was implemented to increase the number of stopped trains at express transit stations).
Placement of pushers
Railway stationThen, in the morning, centering on the main stations around the big cities where the degree of congestion is increasingOshiyaA clerk who pushes a person who can not get on the train called "Part-time jobIt may be hired by such as and placed in the home.
Female-only vehicle
In a crowded vehicleIdiotFrom the viewpoint of prevention, during rush hours mainly around big citiesFemale-only vehicleThere are many routes where is set.However, this has caused problems such as worsening congestion of other vehicles and ineffective use due to the thoughts of passengers trying to get on vehicles near the ticket gates and stairs of stations where many passengers get on and off. ..また一部にはAlso in someMale discriminationIt is also pointed out that.Security guards are stationed in front of the boarding gate.As an exception, children under elementary school age, people with disabilities, and men who assist them can also use it.
Dedicated ticket gate during rush hour
There may be a ticket gate that is used only during rush hours.かつてはLong time agoHankyu CorporationIn some cases, a completely unmanned exit (free pass gate) was installed (currently abolished).Stored fairSystem orIllegal rideBy introducing a prevention systemAutomatic ticket gateIt became mandatory to installRemote controlThe number is decreasing in urban areas due to the fact that the ticket gates can be operated at all times.
Change of home usage
Comb-shaped homeAt the terminal station in the center of Tokyo, passengers may be disembarked from the platform they normally use for boarding in order to get off the passengers early in the morning rush hour.
At stations with platforms on both sides, there are cases where the platform for getting off is usually used as the priority boarding platform for the first train.


busHowever, during the rush hour, the number of flights was increased,Express busThere is also a system that operates.There are also non-stop direct trains with limited demand, such as section-operated flights and commuting to high school and university students.

Congestion mitigation measures during rush hours


In railways, even if the number of trains is increased or increased as described above, the congestion is still not resolved, and it may be physically impossible to increase the number of trains or trains.Therefore, the vehicle and the facility itself may be improved.

Connection of vehicles to cope with congestion
Especially for congested routes, we are trying to shorten the boarding / alighting time by introducing vehicles with wider doors (wide door vehicles).また、通常の車両よりもドアの多いAlso, there are more doors than a normal vehicleMulti-door carThere are also vehicles that are connected (5-door vehicles and 6-door vehicles) to shorten the boarding / alighting time.1990It was introduced on some routes in the metropolitan area where the congestion rate is high, but with the alleviation of the congestion rateHome doorIn 2020, multi-door cars were completely abolished from the metropolitan area because it would be difficult to introduce.Operated a multi-door car until the endKeihan Electric RailwayAlso ended the use of 2021 doors in January 1.
  • Wide door carsTokyo Metro Tozai Line,Odakyu Electric RailwayExists in.小田急では混雑緩和効果が薄いとして一部の車両に留まっているが、東京メトロ東西線ではAt Odakyu, the effect of alleviating congestion is weak, so it remains on some vehicles, but on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line2010Wide door car again (15000 series) Was introduced.
  • Multi-door car1970ToKeihan 5000 seriesIt was the founder of the company that introduced a 5-door car (at the time of its appearance, the overhead line voltage was 600V, and it appeared under the circumstances where there were restrictions on the number of trains and the number of connections).This vehicle is equipped with the only elevating seat in Japan (when it is off, the two doors are closed and the seats are lowered to ensure the same seating service as other vehicles).
  • The Tokyu Denen-toshi Line had introduced 2005-door cars for 2 cars per train from February 14, 1, but from April 2, 6, 2009-door cars for 4 cars per train to further alleviate congestion. Was introduced.During the morning rush hour, a 1-door car was allocated to the semi-express train, which is an excellent train.However, the 1-door car was completely abolished in May 3 because it would be difficult to introduce platform doors.
  • In 1990Seat storage vehicleFirst introduced a 6-door car asYamanote LineIn February 2010, seat storage was stopped due to the reduction of congestion due to the opening of parallel routes, and in September 2, the 2011-door car was completely abolished.Keihin Tohoku Line,Saikyo Line,Yokohama LineAs for the 6-door car, the XNUMX-door car was completely abolished due to the alleviation of congestion by replacing it with a wider car body.幅広車体への置き換え時に多扉車を導入したIntroduced a multi-door car when replacing with a wide bodyChuo/Sobu LineWith the introduction of platform doors, the 2020-door car was completely abolished in March 3.
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya LineMany stations have entrances and exits at both ends of the platform, and the two front and rear cars, which tend to be crowded, are 2-door cars.しかし、直通先のBut the direct destinationTobu Isesaki LineThe standard 20m vehicle was also a cause of disturbing the line-up ride.With the introduction of platform doors, it was replaced with a new 20m vehicle, and as of March 2020, the 3-door vehicle was completely abolished.
  • Hankyu Kobe Main LineSo with a storage seat8200 seriesWas operated only during the morning rush hour.The car is still in operation, but the storage seats are2007Obsolete.
Launch of new vehicle
Introducing new high-performance vehicles will also increase the number of trainsCapacitySince it leads to an increase, it may be actively carried out.Vehicle limitFor routes that have plenty of room, there are many cases where a wide body is adopted to increase the capacity.
Increased line capacity
If the congestion is still significant even after taking each of the above measures, it is necessary to develop equipment that physically allows many trains to run.That is,Single lineIf it is a route ofDouble trackIf the equipment is improved and it is a double track lineMultiple linesIf it is an improved or parallel new route, and if it is a non-electrified routeElectrificationIt is necessary to do.
Still moreMeitetsu Seto LineLike, abolish the honor trains during rush hours and operate as local trains.Parallel diamondIn some cases, this also leads to an increase in line capacity in the sense of increasing the number of lines that can be operated on one line.
Update of security device
With the timetable revision on the Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, and some lines of Tokyu CorporationATSThere are also routes that have increased the number of trains by reducing the train interval by updating or changing security devices such as.なお柔軟な対応が取りやすいうえ、安全性が向上される関係からATSからFrom ATS because it is easy to take flexible measures and safety is improved.ATCOften becomes.


道路 Traffic jamOn the roads where on-time performance is a problem on bus routescenter lineTravel, bus-only or priority vehicle lanes (so-calledbus lane), No right turn on roads without right turn lanes, roads where people are concentratedStation squareVehicles may be prohibited from entering the bus, and measures may be taken to ensure smooth bus operation.Bus lanes are relatively common in large cities, but there are places other than large cities.


道路As for, the traffic capacity is smaller than that of railways, and it is necessary to take measures against traffic congestion during rush hours.In generalbypass,highwayTraffic capacity will be increased by new construction, widening, and three-dimensional intersections.In addition, as a measure taken in Japan during the rush hour, the ETC commuting discount (ETC commuting discount) that is implemented during the morning and evening commuting hours to promote the conversion to expressways with extra traffic capacity and alleviate the congestion of general roads ( reference:ETC discount system), Change the ringing time of the signal, such as lengthening the green light time of the road in the direction of congestion in response to changes in traffic volume during rush hours,Commuting allowanceOperation of systems and company rules,No car dayThere are self-restraint and prohibition of commuting by car due to the implementation of.

Other measures

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAnd each transportation system is calling for off-peak commuting to avoid rush hours.In response to thisFlextime systemThere are also workplaces that carry out.

Situation outside Japan


Rush time zone

There are differences between countries in terms of busy hours.Especially for the evening rush, overtimedrinking partyDue to differences in customs, there are many cities with relatively early peak hours (congestion of down lines is concentrated around 17:18 and XNUMX:XNUMX), and cities such as Tokyo where congestion continues until midnight are exceptional.

1970 eraAroundFranceThen there were four rush hours a day.これは当時This was at that timelunch breakIs 2TimeBecause it is relatively long, before and after the start of lunch break and before and after the end of it, in addition to morning and eveningTransit Bus,subwayWas sometimes crowded.However, the degree of congestion is slightly lower than during the evening rush hour.

AmericaOn routes with few passengers, such as those that operate mainly during morning and evening commuting to work or school, the number of routes that operate during the day or on holidays is extremely reduced, or there are many routes that do not operate at all.

Degree of rush

Developed countryCompared to the cities in Tokyo, the railway congestion in Tokyo stands out.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-UK-ParisEven in such metropolitan areas, the degree of train congestion is smaller than in Tokyo, and the congestion section is limited to the vicinity of the city center.However, there are many routes where problems such as delays / suspensions due to vehicle breakdowns and deterioration of public security can be seen.

Quantitative comparisons are difficult for the entire world, but it is so crowded that passengers flood the roof of the car during rush hours.[8]It seems that there are some railway lines that have become.

India's busiest railway in the worldMumbai Suburban RailwayIs often taken up, and it is said that 9 people, which is three times the capacity, are on the 3-car train.ムンバイ近郊鉄道においては、無理に乗車した乗客が列車から落下したり、ホーム間を移動するため線路に立ち入ったりしたことにより、5,000日に平均で1人が死亡しているOn the Mumbai Suburban Railway, an average of 12 people die a day due to forced passengers falling off the train or entering the railroad tracks to move between platforms.[9]..In addition, railroads in India are crowded at the beginning and end of summer vacation (April to May), regardless of the time of day, with homecoming and U-turn passengers.

Measures against rush

Increased number of trains, increased number of trains, few stopsRapid trainDriving, etc. is common throughout the world.However, many cities prioritize the provision of seating services, and in many cities it is essential to secure the maximum number of seats on suburban routes that take at least 30 minutes.例えばフランス、アメリカなどでは、ラッシュ時の需要のために総For example, in France, the United States, etc., due to rush hour demand2-story vehicleHas been introduced so that a large number of people can be seated.Paris OfRERThere is also a train with a structure of 3 doors and 2 stories.短距離のShort distancesubwayIn France, depending on the route, etc.GermanyThere are many seatsCross sheetMany cities have introduced.It is rare that the principle is to pack as many passengers as possible in one vehicle as in Japan.

In addition, the United StatesThe United Kingdom- NetherlandsIn such cases, measures are taken to level the congestion by making fares cheaper except during rush hours.


GlobalmotorizationIn many cities, the roads during rush hours are so crowded that cars cannot move.Since the transportation capacity of private cars is far inferior to that of public transportation, the congestion problem becomes more serious even in relatively small cities.走っている自動車の台数を低減させるためにTo reduce the number of cars runningAmerica,AustraliaThen.CarpoolEtc. are recommended.

Also, railway lines andLight Rail-TramIs newly established (revival),bus laneBy setting up a parking lot at a station or bus stop on the way, you can change from a car to a train or bus and head from the suburbs to the city center.Park and rideThere are also measures such as promoting.ロンドン、シンガポールなど、大都市中心部への自動車の乗り入れによる交通渋滞を防ぐために都心部への乗り入れ車両から料金を徴収するCollect tolls from vehicles entering the city center to prevent traffic congestion caused by driving into the center of big cities such as London and SingaporeRoad pricingIs adopted in some cities.


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Yuriko Koike(Yuriko Koike,1952Showa27 years>May 7 -) isJapan Of政治家[5].Governor of Tokyo(20th and 21st generation).TokyoNerima-kuResident[6].

Arabictranslator[7],news caster[7][8]Through1992Transformed into politics[9].

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."World Business Satellite"caster[7],Member of the House of Councilors(1rd term),Member of the House of Representatives(8rd term),Deputy Secretary of State for General Affairs,Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Planning,Minister of the Environment,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office (Okinawa and Northern Provinces),Minister of Defense, Liberal Democratic Party Public Relations Headquarters,LDP General Affairs Chairman,Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for International Human ResourcesChairman,Tomin First Meetingrepresentative,Hope partyHe has served as a representative.


HyogoAshiyaBorn in.My father, Yujiro Koike, was during the warAkira Nakakoji,Takehiko KojimaHe was active as a member of the thought group "Sumera Gakujuku" founded by them, and made a fortune after the war as an oil-related trader.[10]..Also, the father who was thinking of becoming a politicianIchiro SuetsuguI was fascinated by. In 1959, the Japan Kenseikai hosted by SuetsuguEgyptAs part of this, we will send inspection teams to Arab and African countries.Yujiro who participated in the inspection team was from EgyptCairoHe was deeply moved and said, "I want to stay here and do business."Eventually, I was persuaded by the people around me to return to Japan, but the relationship between Yuriko Koike and Egypt started here.[11].

Ashiya City Iwazono Elementary School,Konan Girls' Junior High SchoolIn 1968Konan Girls' High SchoolGo on to school.While in schooltennis Club,Softball part,ESS departmentBelonged to.

2nd year of high school1969In December, his father Yujiro32th House of Representatives general electionToShintaro IshiharaReceived the recommendation of "Japan's New Generation Association" in anticipation of the formation of a new party in the futureFormer Hyogo 2nd districtCandidate without affiliation from[12]..In 1970, his father, who was unable to work for resale between vendors, was unable to do so.Muhammad Abdel-Kadel HeartemWhen he came to Japan, he attended a welcome party hosted by the Japan Arab Association and pitched himself to Hartem.After returning to Japan, he flew to Egypt with a letter of introduction from a member of parliament belonging to the association.Furthermore, Yujiro, who received the treatment of Hartem, returned to Japan on October 10, the same year.Osaka ClubGive a lecture at. "All the oil that comes into Japan from the Middle East goes through Jewish-owned companies. Since I made a network with this visit to the Middle East, I can buy oil without going through Jewish companies, but it is not enough. Is his own tanker, "he said, soliciting investment and continuing his business.[13].

Graduated from Konan Girls' High School in March 1971.April of the same year,Kwansei Gakuin UniversityFaculty of SociologyEnroll in[14]..Soon after, my father's company caused my family to move to Tokyo.RoppongiMove to[12]. "United Nations OfOfficial terminologyToArabicWill join "[Annotation 1]Aiming to become an Arabic interpreter in the wake of a newspaper article telling that, he dropped out of college in September of the same year and studied abroad in Egypt, which was also his father's trading destination.[14].

Cairo city(English: American University in CairoI learned Arabic at[15]..Near Cairo during my stay in EgyptGreat Pyramid of GizaClimb and at the toptea ceremonyI have made tea according to the format of[16][Annotation 2]..My parents saidAsadoin DaikakuWith the financial support of Ryosuke MatsuuraCairo cityJapanese restaurantHowever, his father's company went bankrupt while studying abroad in Koike.[17].

Entered Cairo University in June 1972[17].. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, the same university in October 1976.[1][18][3]..According to several books by Koike, "Cairo UniversitychiefGraduation with "[Annotation 3]..Egypt coming to JapanPresident SadatTemporarily returned to Japan on October 10, the same year to escort Mrs. Jihan Sadat[22].. He returned to Egypt in November and officially returned in December.

The alleged graduation issue from Cairo University (Chief) in Koike is often taken up (Later).

Interpreter, newscaster era

After returning to Japan, he worked as an Arabic interpreter.[16]..A friend of his father Yujiro and a nationalistTakeyo NakataniIs commissioned by the Japan Arab Association, which is chaired by the company, and is in charge of interpreting and teaching Arabic (became the secretary-general of the association in 1989).[23][24].

Coordinator and Interviewer at PLO Chairman Arafat and Libya's Kadafi[16].

1979から1985Until, the talk show of Nippon Television "Kenichi Takemura's public talkServed as an assistant caster[17].. 『Overseas weekly"ofKoda Charmin,Tomoyo Nonaka,BIG NEWS SHOW The world is now"ofYuko AndoWith his debut a year earlier, he was a pioneer as a female caster who originally started from freelance.

1984,Nusret SancaklBy protest of "ト ル コ 風 呂The name of "" is "SoaplandKoike supported this movement when it was changed to ", and he later admitted it in newspaper reports.[25]..According to Koike, listening to the enthusiastic appeals of Turkish students, it was the result of personal empathy in addition to the "reason" of protecting the dignity of the nation.[26]..SelfMinistry of Health and WelfareGet in,Kozo Watanabe"Turkish names are mentioned all over Japan, but please stop this", and under the guidance of Watanabe, the name "Turkish bath" is no longer used.[27].

1988,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."World Business Satellite』Inaugurated as the first main caster[Annotation 4].1990DegreeJapan Women Broadcasters Roundtable AwardAward[28].

First elected member of the House of Councilors officially recognized by the Japan New Party

19927 of the month16rd House of Councilors ordinary electionBefore, multiplePolitical partyReceived an invitation from Candidate.Hosokawa GokiReleased in May of the same year文藝 春秋Contributed a treatise entitled "Declaration of the Party of the Free Society" and announced the launch of a new party.He appeared on news programs one after another, and one of them was "World Business Satellite," in which Koike was the main caster.After appearing on the program, the former "Asahi Journal] Editor-in-chiefMasataka ItoIs said to have intervened and talked to Hosokawa to invite Koike to the new party.[29]..When Hosokawa puts a white arrow on Koike as a candidate for the House of Councilors[27],PoliticsInstead of repairing a large used car, it's better to have a new one, even if it's small. "[30]Was formed on May 5nd.Japan New PartyToYoshihiko Noda,Seiji MaeharaJoined the party with them.

At the timeHouse of Councilors Proportional TheRestraint list ceremonyHowever, Hosokawa, the party leader, finally informed the candidates on July 7, the day before the announcement. Koike was ranked second after Hosokawa in first place.The chairman of the organizing committee who drafted the policy of the Japan New PartyTetsuhisa Matsuzaki5th place, "Nico Nico Divorce Course (currentlyDivorce and mother and child 110) ”FounderChild from Yen7th place, of a tennis playerNaoko SatoWas listed in 9th place.Some of the party members who supported Hosokawa before Koike joined the party expressed strong dissatisfaction with this measure.Sato was shocked and angry that he was placed lower than Koike, and stopped running on the day when the proportional ranking was reported.[31].

Koike, who has been fond of showing his legs since he was a newscaster, decided to use his strengths to advance the election campaign.He declared to the media that he would go through the elections with high heels and a miniskirt, and when he stepped on the ladder of the sound truck, he warned the photographers who were holding at a low angle with a smile, "Don't get any closer."[32].. In the Upper House election held on July 7, the Japan New Party won four seats in the proportional district and was elected for the first time.After being elected, Koike suddenly had a serial column in three weekly magazines.One of them "Weekly postThe title of the column is "Miniskirt Diet Report", and a photo of the miniskirt is attached every time.[33].

Next day1993,40th House of Representatives general electionCandidate for the replacement of the saddle with the official approval of the Japan New PartyFormer Hyogo 2nd districtIn (constant 5)Japanese Socialist PartyFormer chairmanTakako DoiHe won the second place with the second highest number of votes.LDPCould not recover the reduced number of seats due to the pre-election party split, while the Japan New Party made a leap forward and was non-Liberal Democratic.CommunistBy a system ofHosokawa CabinetWas established.KoikeDeputy Secretary of State for General AffairsHowever, the coalition government will collapse in less than a year.

1994, Becomes the first opposition party that consolidates the former coalition parties including the Japan New PartyBudding partyJoin the party.1996 Of41th House of Representatives general electionThen,Single-seat constituency proportional representationWith the introduction ofHyogo 6th Ward(Itami City,Takarazuka,Kawanishi City), And of the Liberal Democratic PartyYoshihide SakagamiRe-elected by winning the competition.In the New Frontier Party, he was the first secretary-general and later became the leader of the New Frontier Party.Ichiro OzawaBecome an aide to1997After the New Frontier Party was disbanded, led by OzawaLiberal partyParticipate in

Liberal Party / Conservative Party era

1999, Liberal Democratic Party and Liberal Democratic Party Union (Self-reliant coalition)Obuchi First Remodeling CabinetOn the occasion of the inauguration ofDeputy Secretary of State for Economic PlanningAnd,Second Mori CabinetServe until.

2000When the Liberal Party split, he broke up with Ozawa and remained in the coalition government, joining the Conservative Party.

November of the same year42th House of Representatives general electionThen in addition to the Conservative Party official approvalCosta Rica methodAfter receiving the recommendation of the coalition government on the condition that he was elected (third election), he decided to hand over the constituency runner-up for the next election to Sakagami of the Liberal Democratic Party, which turned proportionally this time.

Join the Liberal Democratic Party

2002January,Democratic PartyLeaved the partyHiroshi KumagaiAccompanied by their confluenceConservative New PartyBefore the formation, the party leaderTakeshi NodaandTsukihara ShigeakiAt the same time, he left the Conservative Party.After working at a conservative club (a formal political organization that was temporarily formed to join the Liberal Democratic Party)LDPJoin the party.Party factionRegarding, Noda and TsukiharaNear Future Political Study GroupWhile I joined KoikeSeiwa Policy Study Group(At that timeWoodsI joined the school.

2003January,1st Koizumi 2st remodeling cabinetMinister of the EnvironmentFirst entry into the cabinet.October of the same year43th House of Representatives general electionThen, due to the promise of the Costa Rica method during the Conservative Party, he ran for the LDP independently.Proportional Kinki blockIt was listed in the 3rd place above the duplicate group in the Liberal Democratic Party candidate list, and 9 selections because the Liberal Democratic Party won 4 seats in Kinki proportional.Third Koizumi remodeling cabinetThanMinister of State for Okinawa and Northern Affairs (Okinawa and Northern Measures)Also serves as.Minister of the EnvironmentThird Koizumi remodeling cabinetServed until2005Summer lightening campaign "Cool bizAct as a flag waving role.

August 2005, 8,House of CouncilorsMain ConventionPostal Service Privatization BillIs rejected.On the same day, Junichiro Koizumi visited the House of RepresentativesDissolutionHowever, he announced that "the Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers who voted against it will not be officially recognized and will make candidates for opposition to everyone."Koike is quickPrime Minister Secretary OfIijima IsaoContact your mobile phone and say "Kobayashi KokiAs a rival candidateTokyo 10 WardI will stand in. "For Koike, who had long wanted to change the constituency to Tokyo, Kobayashi, who had been gaining recognition in various media as a pioneer of opposition to the postal service bill, was a good target.I thought I could sell my favor to Koizumi and promote myself to the media[34][27].assassinI ran from Tokyo 10th district as44th House of Representatives general electionDemocratic Party OfSamejima Muneaki,New Party JapanDefeated Kobayashi by a large margin, 5 selections.

2006Was established inFirst Abe CabinetThen,Assistant to the Prime MinisterAppointed (National Security Advisor).afterwards,2007May 7,Minister of DefenseKuruma AkioWas appointed as the successor Minister of Defense after his resignation.The first female Minister of Defense.During his tenureAct on Special Measures Against TerrorismDemocratic Party is seeking on the issue of extensionSDFRegarding dispatch国会Regarding the pre-approval of the Diet, he said, "There is a partition called an extension every year (due to the revision of the law) from the viewpoint that the Diet fulfills the check function. The current system also plays a sufficient role."[35]. 2007January,US House of Representatives Comfort Women ResolutionAfter being passedJapan-US relationshipTo prevent upset167th DietAbsent米 国To visitSecretary of DefenseRobert Gates,Vice PresidentDick CheneyTo meet with.Opposition Act on Special Measures Against TerrorismAfter explaining the situation against the extension of, "I want to continue to play a role in the future."Indian OceanAtSDFInformed the policy of continuing refueling activities.Secretary of StateCondoleezza RiceIn the meeting with "I seem to be called'Japanese rice', but in Japan rice isRiceIt will be (Kome).So why not call it Madam Sushi? "EnglishJoke in[36]..About absence of the Diet for visiting the United StatesMay 8At a joint meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party's National Defense Subcommittee, etc.Yamazaki Taku"Isn't it a bit of an unreasonable act? Now, the party has a law on special measures against terrorism."[37]. Aegis Ship Confidential Information Leakage Case"No one is responsible within the Ministry of Defense. I want to take responsibility."Cabinet remodelingResigned from his reappointment and left[38].

2008January,Fukuda YasuoWas carried out with the resignation ofLiberal Democratic Party presidential electionCandidate for.It was the first time in history that a woman was elected president of the Liberal Democratic Party since the Liberal Democratic Party was formed.Seijiro Eto..Election officerMasatake Sugiura[39]).Result is,Taro Aso,Kaoru Yosano3rd place after.The party membership vote was second only to Aso, but the local vote was 2. 2009 Of45th House of Representatives general electionThen, in response to the headwind to the Liberal Democratic Party, in the single-seat constituencyTakako EbataLost toProportional tokyo blockIt was revived and was elected.May 9, Withdrew from the Machimura faction, saying, "We should unite as a whole party, not as a faction unit," and became a non-faction.[40]..With Aso's resignation2009 Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionNamed as a recommenderSadakazu TanigakiIs elected and serves as the party's public relations headquarters under President Tanigaki.2010May 6 OfLDP Net Supporters Club(J-NSC) At the inaugural meeting, he was appointed as a consultant.

In the appointment of party officers in September 2010,LDP General Affairs ChairmanWas inaugurated.It was the first time since the party was formed that a woman was appointed to the party's three roles.2011Retired in September.

2012 Of46th House of Representatives general electionThen, 10 selections defeated Ebata who lost last time in Tokyo 7th district by a large margin.After the election, he became the head of the Liberal Democratic Party's public relations headquarters.2014 Of47th House of Representatives general election8 selections.

Inaugurated as Governor of Tokyo, leaving the Liberal Democratic Party

2016 Governor of Tokyo ElectionExpressed his intention to run for.Initially, I asked the Liberal Democratic Party of Tokyo to make a recommendation, but withdrew the recommendation by declaring that I would run for an independent race, saying "I want to be prepared for the reform of Tokyo."[41], Submit an advance / retreat request to the Liberal Democratic Party.The Liberal Democratic Party has notified the disposition of those who supported Koike,[42], The predecessor in the election campaignYoichi Masuzoe,Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyCriticize the constitution of the Liberal Democratic Party faction.As a result of voting, we won 2 votes, which greatly separates the candidates below the second place.[43], First woman[8] OfGovernor of TokyoWas appointed to.

On September 2016, 9, as a political organization supporting Koike, "Tomin First MeetingIs launched[44].. By a member of the Koike family on January 2017, 1Regional partyBecome[45].. On June 6, he became the representative of Tomin First no Kai and submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Liberal Democratic Party on the same day.[46](Notice of withdrawal accepted on July 7[47]).2017 Tokyo ElectionsIn the political school "Cram school of hope』, Etc.[48]As a result of the election, Koike-affiliated powers accounted for the majority in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.Immediately after the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, he resigned as the party's representative, and was criticized for the purpose of escaping only the election.[49].

After taking office as Governor of TokyoTsukiji market relocation problemEtc.2017In May,Yoichi MasuzoeThree people appointed under the former Governor of TokyoDeputy Governor of TokyoDismissed in the middle of the term,Junko InokumaTwo new vice-governor[50][51][52].. As Deputy Governor from the private sector in 2019Miyasaka ManabuAppointed[53].

Hope party

On September 2017, 9, the new party "Hope partyWas announced, and on the same day, the establishment of the "Party of Hope" was notified to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and accepted.[54].48th House of Representatives general electionThen.Democratic PartyDecided to join with.The official recognition of Democratic Party members has been accepted by the party of hope[55].

On September 9, the same year, at a press conference hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a freelance journalist who was rarely hit even if he raised his hand.Hajime YokotaKoike nominated.Yokota says "Seiji MaeharaRegarding yesterday's statement by the representative, "If you apply for official approval, you will not be excluded," Governor Koike said, "People who do not agree with the security and constitutional amendment will not be officially approved." When asked, "Did (Governor Koike) deceive Maehara?", Koike said with a smile, "There is no such thing as'not being excluded', we will eliminate it."[56][57][58]..Upon hearing this, angry waves flew within the Democratic Party.The following day, September 9, an "exclusion list" of unknown origin will appear in the party.Both Koike and the party of hope have lost momentum since the "exclusion" statement, but many members of the former Democratic Party still think that they cannot be members unless they get close to the executives of the party of hope.[56]..Former Democratic Party liberals on October 10 in turmoilConstitutional Democratic PartyForm a party.As a result of the opposition being divided into two, it was defeated by the Liberal Democratic Party, and the position of the first opposition party was taken away by the Constitutional Democratic Party.[59]..As a result, the centripetal force within the party declined and he resigned as representative on November 11.[60].. November 11, the successor representativeYuichiro TamakiAppointed as Special Advisor at the request of[61].

After that, the party of hope split over how the opposition party should be reorganized. May 2018, 5National Democratic PartyWas formed.Conservative lawmakers were newly formed by the split party measuresHope partyAlthough he was asked to become a special adviser by[62]Announced to stay away from national affairs[63].

Re-elected as Governor of Tokyo

Done on September 2020, 7Tokyo Governor Electionso,Kenji Utsunomiya,Taro Yamamoto,Taisuke OnoDefeat them,2012 Governor of Tokyo ElectionAtNaoki InoseRe-elected as Governor of Tokyo with 433 votes, the second highest number of votes in the history of Tokyo Governor election after (2 million votes)[64].


Domestic affairs


Fiscal policyIs based on "putting the common sense of household finances into finances"Deficit bondNegative to economic measures by[65]..Fiscal mobilizationFloating exchange rateTake the position that it is ineffective under[65].The Constitution of JapanProposes to add a fiscal discipline clause to[66][67].

Selective couple surname system

Party detentionSelective when removingFamily name by coupleBecause it is a selection system, I agree with[68].. On the other hand, according to a 2014 survey, "I can't say either."[69].

Lady Miyake

According to a 2012 Mainichi Newspaper surveyLady MiyakeSays in favor of the founding[70].

Expression regulation

When I was a member of parliament,manga,Anime,movies,ゲームRegulate the depiction inYouth Healthy Development Basic BillPetition国会Submitted to[71].2016 Governor of Tokyo ElectionHowever, Koike's election campaign office said, "Freedom of expression should be firmly protected." "There are some things that make you want to look away, and it is necessary to discuss how to delineate them." did[72].
In TokyoYouth Sound Upbringing OrdinanceDepending on, about 1 to 3 manga and magazines are published every month.Unhealthy booksHowever, especially since 2016 when Koike became governor of TokyoBoys loveUnhealthy designation of works is increasing[73]..Unhealthy designated works can no longer be sold to young people in Tokyo, andAmazon.co.jpSales will be suspended in[74].Member of the House of Councilors Of山 田太郎Has expressed concern about BL regulations for the reason of healthy youth development.[75].

No utility pole

As the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Utility Pole Subcommittee, all over JapanNo utility poleAiming to enact the "Pole-free Promotion Law"[76][77][78].

7 zeros

In the election bulletin of the Tokyo Governor's election in July 2016, seven items of waiting-list children, care leave, overtime, utility poles, crowded trains, Tama disparity, and pet slaughter were listed as "Aiming for seven 7s (zero)". I mentioned it.Of these, "zero pet culling" was realized in 7,2-story vehicleWas supposed to use "fullElectric train"Zero" isNew coronavirus infectionWith the expansion of the company, companies' efforts to work from home and staggered commuting have progressed, and the number of crowded trains during commuting hours has almost disappeared, but it was pointed out that the other five items are still in the middle of the road.[79].

Postponement of relocation of Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji MarketWill be the relocation destination ofToyosu marketAll facilities were completed in May 2016 and were scheduled to be completely relocated and opened on November 5, but on August 11, they declared that the opening would be postponed, saying that "there are concerns about soil pollution countermeasures."After that, on June 10, 8, he said, "I will move to Toyosu once and return to Tsukiji again five years later." However, on December 31, "I will move to November 2017, 6, and the Tsukiji market will be dismantled." I changed it.It took less than a year and four months from the decision to postpone the decision to dismantle the Tsukiji market, and Koike often changed his stance during that time, causing great confusion for people other than those involved in the market. On July 20, 5, the additional construction of soil contamination countermeasures was completed, and Yuriko Koike issued a safety declaration for the Toyosu market, saying that "safety was ensured based on future risks."The opening ceremony was held on September 12th of the same year, and trading began on October 20th.It was pointed out that this postponement of the transfer caused huge damage.[80][81][82].
Detail is"Tsukiji market relocation problemSee

Ordinance to protect children from second-hand smoke

At your own willPassive smokingWe have enacted ordinances aimed at protecting children who are difficult to avoid and have a high need for protection.2018Enforced April 4[83].
The ordinance applies to parents in rooms and cars with children under the age of 18.smokingDo not doSeparation of smoking areasIt demands that people not enter inadequate facilities.Duty of effortThere are no penalties for[84].
For this ordinanceLDP"I can't convince the ordinance that it goes into the home because of the principle that the law doesn't go into the home. It should be deliberated continuously."2017Passed and passed by a majority of the supporters except the Liberal Democratic Party on October 10[85][86].

Passive smoking prevention ordinance

Indoors in principle at restaurants that hire employeesNon smokingWith penalties such as obligatoryPassive smokingEnacted a prevention ordinance.2020It will be enforced in stages by April 4st.[87].
At one point, the government had postponed the submission of the draft ordinance because it was "to be consistent with the country," but the government was at a restaurant with a seating area of ​​100 square meters or less.smokingOf the content with many exceptions such as admittingHealth promotionAmendmentCabinet decisionIn response to this, we aimed to enact ordinances that are stricter than the national policy.[88][89]..Only 45% of restaurants in Japan are regulated by the government proposal, but 84% of restaurants in Tokyo are subject to regulation under this ordinance.[90].
There is strong opposition from restaurants and tobacco stores regarding this ordinance.[91],Mayor of Suginami OfRyo Tanaka"What the city regulates uniformlyFashionIt was a target. "[92].Metropolitan assemblyInLDPOpposed by submitting an amendment to increase the number of restaurants that are not subject to regulation, and there was criticism from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly that it was "an ineffective and absurd standard."2018Passed and passed by a majority of the supporters except the Liberal Democratic Party on October 6[93][94][95].
Regarding the enactment of the ordinance, Governor Koike said, "There were more restaurants that were opposed to it before. I made various complaints over the past year, and it was necessary to review the design of the ordinance on the way. It led to the establishment. "[96].

New Coronavirus measures

March 2020, 3, due to the spread of new coronavirus infectionWHO OfTedrosRegarding the statement that the secretary general said, "It can be said that it is a pandemic," he said, "We have been preparing as a capital, and there is no option to cancel."Tokyo OlympicsShowed the idea of ​​holding[97].. On March 3, the IOC announced that it would consider postponing the Tokyo Olympics, and on the 22rd, the first press conference related to the new Corona was held.Three denseRequested to avoid[98][99][100].. At the extraordinary press conference on April 4, he strongly requested that "23 days from April 4 will be" Stay Home Week to Protect Life "" and "STAY HOME. Let's stay at home."[100].
Weekly ShinchoIn the May 2020, 5 issue (delivered May 21, 5), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported that it was cheating on the number of hospitalized patients and pretending to be more serious.According to the Infectious Disease Control Division of Tokyo, 13 beds have been secured as of May 5.The magazine said about Koike, "Before the three consecutive holidays in late March, Zhang himself, who did not take action because he was concerned about the Olympics and spread the infection, forced himself to refrain from killing his life, but did not show the number that is the premise. , The act of belief in the people of Tokyo and the people. Thorough verification will be inevitable. "[101].
On May 2020, 5, it announced that it would carry out "antibody tests" to check the infection history of the new coronavirus at a pace of 12 cases a month from June. I would like to investigate the rate and use it for measures to prevent the spread of infection. "[102].
On May 2020, 5, Koike announced a supplementary budget for fiscal 19 of 930 billion yen, including an additional cooperation fee of 5832 billion yen for a leave request due to the extension of the state of emergency for the new coronavirus, and Koike said, "Preventing the spread of infection. The big goal of doing so requires an (economical) safety net. It will be effective if measures are taken seamlessly. "[103]..The total cost of measures for the new corona has increased from 4 billion yen, which was assumed in April, to about 8000 trillion yen.In response, the Liberal Democratic Party's Metropolitan Assembly pointed out that "the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, bought a re-election for 1 trillion yen against the new coronavirus."[104].
On May 2020, 5, we announced a "roadmap" to gradually ease leave requests if the state of emergency is lifted.[105]..Former member of the House of Representatives and talent on this policyHideo HigashikuniharaInferred that Koike's roadmap would take two months to completely lift the roadmap, and pointed out that the economy might be lacking.[106].
On February 2021, 2, an extraordinary press conference will be held in response to the government's decision to extend the state of emergency.When explaining the measures to prevent the spread of infection, please do not have a drinking party, eating and drinking with friends at home. There is no welcome and farewell party for working people, no work launch. None. Without karaoke and arcades. "In addition, "Students are in the graduation season, but please do not have a kick-out party or thank-you party this year. Please do not travel with friends or graduation trips." Recommended for young people to voluntarily limit entertainment[107].

Diplomacy, security

Nuclear weapons

2003January,Mainichi NewspapersIn a questionnaire by members of the House of Representatives in JapanNuclear weapons"It should be considered depending on the international situation"[108].

Diplomacy with Libya

I am the chairman of the Japan Libya Friendship Association[109],Japan and(I.e.We aim to strengthen and develop our relationship with.The Japan Libya Friendship Association is an organization that has signed an "Agreement on Promotion of Cooperation in Economy, Industry, Science and Technology, Culture, etc. between Japan and Libya" on behalf of the government based on the request from Libya.[110].United NationsBy LibyaSanctionsDuring that time, he is actively working to strengthen relations between Japan and Libya.[110], The country's revolutionary leaderMuammar al-KazafiIt is also this group that requested the second son, Saiflu Islam Muhammad al-Kazzafi, and the third son, Al-Saadi Kazzafi, to visit Japan.
He has visited Libya and has met with the country's revolutionary leader Mu'ammar al-Kazzafi several times.[111]..In addition, he was invited by Kazzafi to enter the office.[111].
Casser feeDemocracyAiming to establish a nationMeiji RestorationClaims to refer to[111].
2009May 11To CassaphyWiiI tweeted that I had given a gift[112].
In August 2011, he became the first Japanese politicianLibyan National CouncilIs the top ofMustafa Mohamed Abdul JalilMeeting with the chairs[113].


Political party itinerary

Japan New Party,Budding party,Liberal party,Conservative party,LDPAnd fourPolitical partyBelong to[114][115][116], Sometimes called "political migratory bird"[115]..However, the Japan New Party and the New Frontier Party have been disbanded.[115][116]When voluntary withdrawal leaves the Liberal and Conservative parties[116]Is.Also, leaving the Liberal PartySelf-public coalition governmentIt was due to the division of the party over the pros and cons of withdrawal fromToshiki Kaifu,Chikage Ogi,Takeshi Noda,Toshihiro NikaiTwenty-six members, including Koike, have left the party together.This exceeds the number of people remaining in the Liberal Party.

Koike says "文藝 春秋(January 2008 issue), "As a result of living in the rough seas of political restructuring, I am not proud of it, but I am not proud of the establishment of a new party. Party name, platform, policy, catchphrase In addition, I learned the trick to put together the party name logo in three days, but there are many more.[117]I recall.Participated from the launchJapan New PartyThe symbol color of is the same green as its own.It should be noted thatBudding partyWhen the party was formed, it proposed "New Progressive Party" (literally translated as the New Progressive Party) as the official English party name, but there was disagreement and it became "New Frontier Party" (literally translated as the New Progressive Party).2016In 7 monthTokyo Governor ElectionWhen he announced his candidacy for the event, he said, "I've been watching broadcasts that introduce me to my career so far, and some people have pointed out that the political parties will change." I would like to reiterate that it was the result of the separation and dispersal of political parties, only the name of the party changed, and my claims, ideas, and beliefs have never changed. Is just a functional body, not a fateful community within the group[118]"I explain myself.

Vice-Minister of Defense Dismissal Issue

2007Koike, who was appointed Minister of Defense,Assistant to the Prime MinisterIt was a concern from the timesMinistry of DefenseBecause of the establishment of the "information security" system ofUnder Secretary of DefenseMoriya TakemasaRetired,National Police AgencyFromChief Cabinet SecretaryCreated a personnel case to appoint Tetsuya Nishikawa as Vice-Minister of Defense.However, this personnel information comes from the center of the Ministry of Defense.MediaLeaked in, and Moriya over the head of KoikePrime MinisterShinzo Abe,Chief Cabinet SecretaryYasuhisa ShiozakiDirectly appealed to the withdrawal of the personnel case.Shiozaki asked Koike to reconsider the personnel case.Koike was forced to withdraw the personnel case, and Abe, Shiozaki and others requested Koike for a "third (personnel) plan" that was neither Moriya's stay nor Nishikawa, and tried to manage the situation. Director of Human Resources Education, who is a bureaucratic defense bureaucrat who is not seconded fromKohei MasudaWas settled in the "third plan" to be appointed as the successor administrative vice-minister, and the media described it as "pain sharing" and "fighting and losing."After retiring from the administrative vice-minister, MoriyaYamada Yoko IncidentBy in parliamentCall to witnessAfter theArrest,ProsecutionWas done.Koike said, "Onna's intuition made me think,'This is not good.'[119]".

Hair-cutting ceremony with "Wo-ki-boku-bori hair"

Koike hasn't grown his hair since high school and has always been a shortcut[120]..Declared not to cut hair until the LDP returns to power after losing power[121]..Koike said, "I wanted to impose a painful thing (= stretched hair) on myself."LyingNamed "hair"[120].

The Liberal Democratic Party returned to power in the general election of members of the House of Representatives held on December 2012, 12, and Koike himself won the election from the single-seat constituency for the first time in two terms.In response to this result, on December 16, the same year, officials from the supporters' association participated in "Haircut ceremonyWas done[121].. The hair that hadn't been cut for a year and two months had grown to the bottom of the shoulder, but the Liberal Democratic PartyTakeo KawamuraThe director of the electionJunko MiharaMore than 50 members of the House of CouncilorsGrand SumoI put scissors in my hair and went back to the original shortcut.The venue is the firstRyogoku KokugikanI hoped to hold it in[122], Made at a hotel in Tokyo.

Evaluation from overseas

  • 2017 year 4 month,The United States of AmericaMagazine "timeSelected as one of the 2017 Most Influential People in the World in 100[123].. ---
  • On August 2017, 8, KoikeJapan-Asia AssociationIt has become clear that it has decided not to send a memorial message for the name of the governor of Tokyo at the memorial service for Korean victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake hosted by the government.The Governor of Tokyo has issued a memorial message every year, and Koike also issued it in 2016, but changed his policy in that year.[124]..On October 2017, 10, in the midst of conducting a tour of the House of Representatives election as the leader of the party of hope, the US economic magazine "Forbes』Posted the following article.
Yuriko Koike is a prominent woman and politician.But unfortunately sheKoreans in JapanHe has a strong prejudice against foreigners and other foreigners, and has no choice but to question his qualifications as a leader in the international community. He implicitly denied that thousands of Koreans were slaughtered by the Japanese people in 1923.Foreigner suffrageIt's troublesome to say the oppositeHistorical revisionistAnd the tendency to dislike foreigners is exposed.
He touts himself as an "environmental activist" or a "tolerant conservative politician," but in reality, he is known as a far-right Shinto cult, a lobbying group.Japan ConferencePolitical organization (Note ・Meeting of Japanese Diet members) Occupied a key position[125]. — "The Pride And (Anti-Korean) Prejudice Of Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike Is A Big Problem". October 19, 2017, Forbes.
  • On June 2020, 6, an online debate on the election of the governor of Tokyo hosted by the news distribution net media "Choose Life Project" was held, in addition to Koike.Kenji Utsunomiya,Taro Yamamoto, Former Deputy Governor of Kumamoto PrefectureTaisuke OnoA total of 4 people participated[126][127].. 『New York TimesFocused on the results of this debate, and wrote in an article dated July 7, immediately after Koike's reelection.
A question about the pros and cons of introducing a homosexual partnership system drew a line.Koike's main opponentKenji Utsunomiya,Taisuke Ono,Taro YamamotoAll three have stated that they will support the people involved.However, Koike, who is incumbent, replied, "I don't know" whether or not to introduce the system.Koike is an English and Arabic user who also has the face of an ultraconservative former Minister of Defense.A few years ago, she seemed to have been abandoned by the public. In 3, a rushed party established to counter the Liberal Democratic Party led by Mr. Abe suffered a big defeat in the national elections.So this Sunday's victory brought a big shift to her.[128]. — "Tokyo's First Female Governor Sails to Re-Election Even as Virus Cases Rise". July 5, 2020, The New York Times.
  • On July 2020, 7, one night after the vote counting of the Tokyo Governor's election, Koike met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Prime Minister's Office and reported the re-election.[129].. 『Washington Post』Takes up this talk and wrote the following article.
Abe congratulated Koike on his victory and said, "Governor Koike and I must work together more than ever."Koike, who wore a jacket with the Tokyo logo on his back, replied, "I would like to use the power of the country to overcome the situation and connect it to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year as a proof of our victory."
Koike, the first female governor of Tokyo, is 67 years old this year. Abe will end his term as president of the Liberal Democratic Party in September 2021, but is considered a successor.She rang as a super-conservative in the Abe-controlled Liberal Democratic Party.Minister of the EnvironmentMinister of DefenseWas once given the key post[130]. — "Tokyo governor, Abe say they'll cooperate on virus, Olympics". July 6, 2020, The Washington Post.


  • According to Koike, on the cheeks of the facemoleIt is said that he had a hard time hiding with makeup when he was a caster.At the time of the election of the governor of TokyoShintaro IshiharaWhen he said that Koike was a "woman with heavy makeup," he thought, "I think it was a little quick."[133]..According to Koike, in the election for the successor to Naoki Inose, Ishihara had asked him to run for the race in advance.[134].

Political funding related

  • Asahi ShimbunIs January 2007, 11,Political fund balance reportIn2003Koike named the political party branch as one of the organizations whose carry-forward money was 4 yen for 0 consecutive years.[142]..Koike's office said, "This is the result of accumulating the actual costs and properly processing them in accordance with the law."[142]And
  • Sankei ShimbunOn July 2016, 7, the Liberal Democratic Party's 4th constituency branch in Tokyo, represented by Koike, rented a room in a building owned by a supporter at about half the market price, and used the difference as a donation to balance political funds. Reported that he had neglected the obligation to include in the report[143]..Of Kobe Gakuin University ProfessorHiroyuki UewakiIs "Political Funds Control LawMay conflict with[143]..Koike's office explained, "I decided to borrow after seeing the amount offered, so there is no recognition that it is a donation."[143], Rebutted the contents of the Sankei Shimbun[144].
  • When Koike was first elected to the House of Councilors in July 1992, he was opposed to becoming a politician until then.OryxPresident'sYoshihiko MiyauchiPrompted Koike to establish a supporter's association.The supporters' association was named "Forum Eureka" under the name of Koike, and Miyauchi became chairman.At this timeMoney management groupIs also established, but it was named "Forum Eureka" of the same name.[145].. "Forum Eureka" isTokyo Governor ElectionLater, the designation of the fund management organization was canceled in December 2016, and it was dissolved in June 12.[146]..KoikeMetropolitan electionOn June 6st of the same year, ahead ofTomin First MeetingInaugurated as representative[46]..In August after the big election, he established the political organization "Hyakunokai".Former members of the House of Representatives as representatives and accountantsMasatake SugiuraGot[147]..A new fund management organization, Hyakuseikai, was established on January 2019, 1 for re-election.[148][149][150][151].
Yuriko Koike Individual Political Group
ClassificationOrganization nameDate of establishmentDissolution dayCEO
Money management groupForum Eureka1992Year ending March 2017Yuriko Koike
Hyakuseikai2019th of February 1Yuriko Koike
Political bodyHyakunokaiYear ending March 2017Masatake Sugiura


Ichiro Ozawa

  • Budding party,Liberal partyFor about 6 years while enrolled inIchiro Ozawa"Because Mr. Ozawa was very impressed with the" Japan Remodeling Plan "published in XNUMX."[152]However, he said, "However, he carried out the reforms that Mr. Ozawa advocated.ConvoyAbolish the social structure ofSelf-responsibilityIt wasn't Mr. Ozawa who tried to realize this society.Junichiro KoizumiFormer Prime Minister was that person. "[152]It is said that.Ozawa'sPoliticsRegarding the method, "In the extreme, Mr. Ozawa's criteria for political action are summarized in just two cards. They are the" political card "and the" philosophy card. "Specifically," "Political card" is a theoryRegime changeThe nishiki no mihata is to be set up, and what is a "philosophy card"?SecurityCentered onpolicyIt is a concept.Mr. Ozawa seems to be good at political bargaining, but that is not the case.Rather, the method is simple.From the establishment of the Hosokawa administration to the present day after leaving the Liberal Democratic Party, the cards in his hands are all about making full use of these two cards.At one point, he waved the "political card", and when he saw that it was a stalemate, he cut the "idea card" this time.This is repeated. "[153]Is described.
  • Also, KoikeLiberal partyLeaving the partyConservative partyFor the reason why I participated in and broke up with Ozawa, "HereCoalition governmentAway fromOppositionIn that case, it can be imagined that Mr. Ozawa's "Philosophy Card" will once again spur the sharpening of policies.On the other handEconomic Planning Agency OfUnder Secretary of StateI hesitated to throw out my work halfway. "" I was a little lonely, but I was really tired of being swayed by the two cards "Political Affairs" and "Philosophy."[153]"Mr. Ozawa must have worked during the Liberal Party era.National Flag and Anthem BillAs soon as he withdrew from the coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party, he turned 180 degrees and turned to "opposition."The national flag and anthem bill is an important bill that asks what the nation should be.It's not a good story to give up in political bargaining.Similarly, the Liberal Party should have opposed the bill for foreign suffrage,KomeitoI have turned to "agree" for the purpose of incorporating.I disagree with making important policies that shake the foundations of the nation a "means" for political management.This was the decisive move for me to share political action with Ozawa. "[152]It explains.
  • In 2012, the writerEiji OshitaIn an interview byLiberal partyAt that time, an interesting material came out when I was in charge of public relations strategy. "Ichiro OzawaNagata TownI hate youTV commercialI madeStoryboard.. "Foresight, leadership, determination, tell the truth, do, don't put off, say the truth, not used by officials."We attach great importance to policy ...", but at that time I knew only one side of Mr. Ozawa, so there are some completely different points when I think about it from now on. " I wonder. This new party (quote note:People's lives are the first), "Mr. Ozawa aimed too much at the political affairs. When he took office, the policies and actions he was saying were too different." "Mr. OzawaHosokawa CabinetTwo-party systemTo create a political system that allows for a change of governmentSingle-seat constituency systemWas introduced.Mr. Ozawa knows that it is disadvantageous to create a new party in the single-seat constituency system.Democratic PartyAnd formed a new party for the fourth time. "[154].
  • Weekly AsahiIn a 2012 interview with Mr. Ozawa, "There are three stages in the emotional transition that people around Mr. Ozawa have. The first stage is a lot of fear for Mr. Ozawa. I can't do it, but Mr. Ozawa can do it. "The second stage goes back and forth between" Wow "and" Eh? ". The third stage says" enough "and leaves. I'm going. The people who followed the new party were the first and second stage people. The ones who didn't participate were the third stage people. "[155].

Informal promise regarding Henoko relocation plan

Futenma Air Base OfRelocation plan to HenokoRegarding, in 2007, while Koike was in office as Minister of Defense, it was stated that he had given an empty promise to the governor of Okinawa prefecture informally.WikiLeaksIs reported to have been exposed[156][157].

The public train with "SCHIEFFER" at the end is the Consul General in Okinawa.Kevin K. MaherReported what happened when he had lunch with Koike on November 2007, 11 (Koike resigned as Defense Minister in August prior to this). Governor of Okinawa Prefecture regarding the relocation plan agreed between Japan and the United States in 2Hirokazu NakaimaDemanded that the runway be modified as much as possible offshore.According to WikiLeaks, KoikeEnvironmental impact assessmentIt is alleged that Mare admitted that the government had given the governor an "informal'promise'" to agree to move the runway 50 meters offshore, subject to later.[Annotation 7]..Mare asked Koike what to do if the environmental impact assessment did not provide the scientific basis for moving on the runway.Koike replied that by 2009 it would be another administration and it wouldn't matter what we promised the governor so far.[Annotation 8]..According to WikiLeaks, the U.S. side has previously raised concerns that the Japanese Cabinet will continue to give such informal suggestions to the Governor of Okinawa, and rumors that Koike has made such informal promises. It is said that he wrote what he was listening to.

Koike denies that he has given the promise and insists that "there is no memory or necessity for the Consul General to come there."[159].

Okinawa media

  • 2013In December"OkinawaWhat the teacher (= Liberal Democratic Party member) is fighting against is the Okinawan media.I think there are local media here today, but the fact that they have fought that and won this time does not mean that what the Okinawan media is saying really represents all the citizens of the prefecture. , I don't think clearly.I would like to continue to support you so that you can play the role of a local and a member of parliament in a dignified manner. "[160].

Minamata disease problem

  • Minamata diseaseIgnoring the Supreme Court's decision to guarantee the victims, an "Advisory Panel on the Minamata Disease Problem" was set up.Criticized the standard value of accreditation by academics, the Supreme Court announced an unusual discourse[161].

Criticism of "Women are machines that give birth to children"

Foreigner suffrage

2010May 1 OfHouse of RepresentativesBudget CommitteeAsked about the right of foreigners to vote inHirotaka AkamatsuMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheriesof"Foreigner suffrage TheMindanToPledge”, And furtherKamei ShizukaMinister of FinanceFrom "I belong toNew National PartyI disagree with giving, and I disagree with it. "Koike himself was at the time when he was a member of the Conservative Party.2000In November, as one of the bill proponents at a special committee of the same House of Representatives, "taxThere is also an opinion that it is natural for people living in Japan who are paying for this to give their opinions in the form of suffrage and in the form of elections. " It is a very big momentum to think about Japan at the same time as thinking about people. "(On the other hand, in the explanation of the proposal," after allPeopleSome issues have been raised in his voice. "" Local politics and national politics are actually very closely related. "" (With the North and South Korean Mindan.ChongryonI'm a little worried that the relationship isn't unified. "CitizenshipThere are plenty of options apart from this bill to make it easier to take, "he said.However, it is also possible to exercise the right to vote in the Diet, saying, "We must first consider making it easier to acquire nationality."NaturalizationWas aggressive to)[163].

At the 2016 Tokyo Governor's election, he expressed his opposition to foreign suffrage.[164].


  • 2007May 7,AomoriHirosakiMade in21rd House of Councilors ordinary election OfProportional sectionIn the support speech of the candidate who ran for1995 OfGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeRegarding the relief activities in Japan, he said, "Even if the United States tried to enter Kobe Port for support, the port union was strict and it was difficult to berth."In response, the Port Workers' Union Council denies that "there is no fact of refusal."Koike said, "You can't enter the port without a non-nuclear certificate.Non-nuclear Kobe methodRemarks with[165].
  • 2016 Governor of Tokyo ElectionOn July 2016, 7, just before running forJapan Foreign Correspondents AssociationAt a press conference held injournalist OfShoko EgawaKoike was in the pastCitizens' association that does not allow privilege in JapanHe said that he had been invited to give a lecture by an affiliated organization of.Koike said, "I'm often invited to various lectures. However, I've been to Zaitokukai recently, but I'm not familiar with it. Also, he invited me. The meeting did not know what kind of relationship it had with this place, so it means that there is no recognition of it. "[166].
  • 2016May 11In the interview posted,Parent schoolAbout, "I have been invited to listen to the lecture only once, but I think that the direction is a little different from my idea, and I have not been involved in anything since then. That's it. Extension plan for childcare leave I also felt uncomfortable with the catchphrase "All-you-can-hold for 3 years". "[167].
  • During the 2016 Tokyo Governor electionSasagawaIs cheering[168]
  • At the Tokyo Governor's regular press conference on August 2017, 8, he was asked about the findings that there are no records in the city that examined the financial resources and operating costs of the policy announced by the governor to leave market functions in both Toyosu and Tsukiji. , "If the information, or the document, is absent, it is"AI"That's why. I've heard from outside advisors here and there about the market strategy headquarters, expert meetings, and various other ways of thinking. Regarding how much money it will cost, the director of the relevant bureau. At the meeting where all the members gathered, various numbers such as Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D have already come out. Therefore, some of the trial calculations have already been announced. What is the final decision? ,Artificial intelligenceis.Artificial intelligence means that I, the policy-maker, decided. "[169]..The Sankei Shimbun reported that Internet users were confused because the statement was unclear.[170].
  • On October 2019, 10, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced a plan to move the venue from Tokyo to Sapporo as a measure against the heat regarding the 17 Tokyo Olympics marathon and competition. , "If it's a cool place, the Prime Minister and others said,Northern TerritoriesI think it would be a good idea to call for something like "Why don't you do it?"[171][172].
  • A talent who died of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus on March 2020, 3Ken Shimura"I think that the last achievement of sending a message to everyone about sadness and the danger of coronavirus is also very big," he said, "Achievement." Many criticisms gathered in[173][174][175].
  • August 2020, 7, restaurantTouched on the efforts to install an acrylic board as an infection prevention measure, and said, "Make an acrylic board.SukiyakiI'm not sure if it's delicious after eating it, "he said, and criticisms such as" making a fool of himself "and" ridiculing the efforts of restaurants "inundated immediately afterwards on the Internet.[176].

News about Cairo University graduation

Alleged career fraud

Allegations of career misrepresentation over graduation from Cairo University were made in 1992.House of Councillors electionI've been running around the political world since that time.At that time, Koike said,Weekly postI was serializing the column "Miniskirt Diet Report" in the April 1993, 4 issue, "Unfortunately my Cairo University diploma is real. I will prove it on this page." I wrote.I posted something that seems to be a diploma that is too small to understand what is written, and introduced it with a caption "This is a diploma of evidence"[177].

During the 2016 Tokyo Governor's election, this alleged career fraud was widely reported.The TV program "Information presenter Tokudane!』Sends a diploma and graduation certificate to the person in charge as materials when dealing with allegations of job fraud[178][179], "Graduated from Cairo University" in the election bulletin of the Tokyo Governor's election[180], Even after winningTokyo Metropolitan Government"October 1976, graduated from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, Cairo University" in his profile section of the website.[181].

2020 Governor of Tokyo ElectionAfter announcing candidatesWeekly BunshunIn the June 2020, 6 issue, an article was published saying "Graduation from Cairo University is a lie" Yuriko Koike, suspected of misrepresenting the academic background of the Governor of Tokyo.It has been pointed out that the logos and stamps of graduation documents are different for diplomas.[178]. AlsoAsahi Shimbun digitalPosted an article on June 2020, 6, "Governor Koike'graduated from Cairo University'embassy released a statement."[182]..Ahead of the election of the governor of Tokyo2020May 6, In the metropolitan assemblyReiko UedaI was asked to show my diploma to a member of the Diet, and I would like to explain the process from admission to graduation.HusharWhen asked to answer (a compulsory subject at Cairo University. You cannot graduate if you drop credits), "I intend to publish it many times before." "No one can understand it even if I speak." Because he took the attitude of refusing, there was a voice saying, "Isn't it a job fraud?" June 2020, 6,Embassy of Egypt in JapanPublished a statement on Facebook to prove that Koike graduated in October 1976, released by Cairo University.[182][183]..JournalistToshihiro YamadaIs a professor at Cairo UniversityAdele Amin SalehAccording to a record of Koike graduating from the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Cairo University in 1976 with a good grade, Saale said, "Cairo University still repeats one in four people. But she graduated in four years. That's great. She's supposed to graduate in October, but she usually graduates in July, so two months late is taking supplementary lessons before graduation. Probably because it was necessary. I think it was quite difficult. "[184]..Meanwhile, as a novelist(English edition(American university different from Cairo University) Master's degreeRyo KurokiIn Koike's Arabic, "very good visits" are mistaken for "delicious visits", and I get confused trying to talk to the Kuwaiti female minister in Husher.GaddafiIt is said that the Arabic language at the "your" level, which means that there is almost no conversation at the time of the visit, cannot withstand university education at all.[185]Also, Koike stated on page 1982 of "Furisode, Climbing the Pyramid" (58) that he failed in the first year and could not advance to the next grade.[186], It takes at least 5 years to graduate, and it will be 1977 at the earliest, so it says that he graduated in October 1976, "I can't trust Koike's diploma."[187]..Kuroki also claims that Egypt has graduated from Koike at Egyptian national universities, including Cairo University.Sadat administrationIllegal diplomas have been issued since the era (1970-81), and Koike's diploma isMuhammad Abdel-Kadel HeartemClaims to use the connection of[188].

Counterargument from Cairo University

On the other hand, in response to the article in the June 2020, 6 issue of Shukan Bunshun, PRESIDENT Online posted a counter-article saying, "Cairo University graduation is true."In the article, I referred to the university and said, "Surely Mr. Koike graduated in 4. He dropped Arabic when he was in the 1976st grade in 72, but he was the same when he was in the 1th grade. I have passed the subject. This is a record left at the university, and we have repeatedly given the same answer to the Japanese media. "[3].

Regarding suspicions about stamps and logos on graduation documents, a man who had served as an executive at Cairo University said, "In the past, when Mr. Koike became a member of parliament or a minister, he inquired from the Japanese media. I checked the university records just in case, but Mr. Koike definitely graduated in October 76. "He said," The stamps, styles, and signs differ depending on the faculty and era. However, it seems that people who do not know that they are changing them every few years due to anti-theft measures are saying that they are making mistakes. "Other Cairo University officials also said, "Graduation documents used to be in one masculine format, handwritten or typewriter. They were pinned and some university staff manually stamped them. Although there are differences between men and women, it is a difficult task for many students to prepare documents, and it is natural that there are some differences. "[3].

Koike, who was a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, gave a speech to students at the invitation of the President of Cairo University, and the President once introduced him as a "graduate."[3].

June 2020, 6, in response to an article in the June 8, 2020 issue of Shukan Bunshun, President Mohammad Elhosz of Cairo University certifies that Governor Koike graduated from the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Letters, Cairo University in 6. "The diploma was issued by a formal procedure at Cairo University." "The fact that Japanese journalists questioned the authenticity of the diploma cannot be overlooked because of the defamation of the university and graduates." Issued[189]..He warned that he was "considering taking appropriate measures in accordance with Egyptian legislation."[182].


Affiliation, federation

Yearly record

Election history

CommentelectionExecution dateConstituencyPolitical partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateconstantVote ranking
/No. of candidates
Proportional rank
/ Affiliation winning number
This16rd House of Councilors ordinary election1992th of February 7Proportional sectionJapan New Party50/2/4
This40th House of Representatives general election1993th of February 7Former Hyogo 2nd districtJapan New Party136,00015.1%52/7/
This41th House of Representatives general election1996th of February 10Hyogo 6th WardBudding party89,67238.3%11/5/
This42th House of Representatives general election2000th of February 6Hyogo 6th WardConservative party84,64733.8%11/5/
This43th House of Representatives general election2003th of February 11Kinki proportionalLDP29/3/9
This44th House of Representatives general election2005th of February 9Tokyo 10 WardLDP109,76450.0%11/4/
Ratio45th House of Representatives general election2009th of February 8Tokyo 10 WardLDP96,73943.3%12/34/5
This46th House of Representatives general election2012th of February 12Tokyo 10 WardLDP108,98353.7%11/4/
This47th House of Representatives general election2014th of February 12Tokyo 10 WardLDP93,61050.7%11/5/
This2016 Governor of Tokyo Election2016May 7——Independent2,912,62844.5%11/21/
This2020 Governor of Tokyo Election2020May 7——Independent3,661,37159.7%11/22/


Single Author

  • October 1982 "Climbing the Pyramid, Swing Sleeve" Kodansha,ISBN 4062002701
  • May 1983 "Arabic to remember in 5 days" Gakuseisha,ISBN 4311700148 / 2nd edition, October 1998,ISBN 4311710011
  • April 1985 "Passport of Success Woman Making Network for Women" Taiyo Kikaku Publishing Co., Ltd.ISBN 4884660749
  • June 1994 "Nagatacho Broadcaster" Asahi Shimbun, Inc.ISBN 4022567430
    • Includes the "Nagatacho Report" serialized in the weekly Asahi and the newly written "The Whereabouts of the Japan New Party".
  • April 2007 "Koike-style concept note project is determined by" cause and sympathy "!" Business-sha, 4-978
  • October 2007 "Women's Book-10 Days in Ichigaya" Bunshu ShinshoISBN 9784166606023
  • October 2008 "Mottainai Japan" Shufu to Seikatsusha,ISBN-978 4391136609
  • July 2009 "Furoshiki no Kokoro" Shogakukan,ISBN-978 4093878487
  • October 2009 "Let's use lawmakers and bureaucrats" Shogakukan 10 new book,ISBN-978 4098250554
  • June 2011 "Introduction to" Ecoda House ", a house that generates electricity" President, Inc.ISBN-978 4833419550
  • September 2014 "My mother with lung cancer who takes care of her parents at home left for a break" Gentosha,ISBN-978 4344026469


Dialogue, etc.

  • Year ending March 1992 Yoshiro MutaguchiWritten by "Cairo: The Story of the Cities of the World 10" Bungeishunju,ISBN 978-4-16-509620-7
    • Contributed "Chaotic Cairo".
  • Year ending March 1993 Nobu SatakaWritten by "The Blind Spot of the Japanese" Tokuma Shoten,ISBN 4191452908
    • Includes a dialogue "I am a guinea pig of political reform".
  • Year ending March 1999 Kenichi Ohmae, Policy School <Ishinjuku> "What I Can Do to Create a New Japan What You Can Do" Diamond, Inc.ISBN 4478180202
    • Contributed "Change Politics, Change Japan" in Chapter 3.
  • Year ending March 2001 Takamitsu Sawa,Akira AsadaWritten by "What is the rich and poor country" richness "?" Diamond, Inc.ISBN 4478200653
    • Includes a talk "Japanese-style system that has fallen into dysfunction".


  • 2017, by Holger Rasgeber,Reina OtsukaTranslation "Why Nadia Leaves the Flock" Diamond



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Public office
Yoichi Masuzoe
Tokyo flag Governor of Tokyo
20th and 21st generations of public election: 2016-
Next generation:
Kuruma Akio
Japanese flag Minister of Defense
Second generation: 2
Next generation:
Masahiko Takamura
Shunichi Suzuki
Japanese flag Minister of the Environment
5st, 6nd, and 7rd generations: 2003-2006
Next generation:
Masatoshi Wakabayashi
Toshimitsu Mogi
Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions(Okinawa and northern measures
6s and 7s: 2004-2006
Next generation:
Sanae Takaichi
Hiroshi Imai
Japanese flag Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Planning
Next generation:
Shinya Ono
Takao Sato
Japanese flag Chairman of the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee
Next generation:
Yuriko Ohno
Party position
Party representative of hope
First generation: 2017
Next generation:
Yuichiro Tamaki
Kazusa Noda
Representative of Tomin First no Kai
Second generation: 2
Next generation:
Kazusa Noda
Ryotaro Tanose
LDP General Affairs Chairman
Fourth generation: 49-2010
Next generation:
Tate Shioya


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