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🏛 | Shigenori Kanehira Caster The Ministry of Finance and the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office "re-examine the process of falsification" Moritomo problem

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Shigenori Kanehira Caster The Ministry of Finance and the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office "re-examine the process of falsification" Moritomo problem

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In addition, Mr. Kanehira said, "At this time, I would like to tell the Ministry of Finance and the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office.

TBS Shigenori Kanehira caster appeared on the same station's "News Feature" (Saturday, 8 later) and sold state-owned land to Moritomo Gakuen ... → Continue reading

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Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office

Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office(Osakachihokensatsucho) isOsakaOsakaIt is inJapan OfLocal prosecutor's officeOne of theOsakaHave jurisdiction over.AbbreviationIt is,Osaka District Prosecutor(Osaka Chiken).Sakai,KishiwadaHas a branch office.

Also, for the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office,Special Investigation Department(Abbreviated as "Special Investigation Department") is set up to handle cases in western Japan.

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  • Prosecutor Positive-Deputy Prosecutor
    • Secretariat-Deputy Secretary General
      • Administration Division
      • Human Resources Department
      • Accounts Division
      • Usage section
    • General Affairs Department
      • Prosecutor's spokesman
      • Inspector-General Inspector
      • Planning and Research Division
      • Information system management section
      • Liberal Arts Division
      • Audit Office
    • Criminal department
    • Ministry of Communications
    • Ministry of Public Security
    • Special Investigation Department (Special Investigation Department)
    • Trial Department
    • Prosecutor
    • Chief Investigator-Junior Investigator-General Investigator


  • Sakai branch opened in December 2009Arson crime of existing buildingCanceled the prosecution of the accused indicted in. "Intellectual disabilityHowever, the content of the record is coherent and unnatural, "the defense pointed out.The Osaka District Court also apologized for the detention for less than a year.[1]
  • 20101Occurred in the Osaka District CourtExtortionattemptedIn the case, the defendant's defense counsel several times against the district public prosecutor's office.evidenceA request for disclosure was made, but the district public prosecutor's office repeatedly replied that it did not exist.However, after that, the witness cross-examination was almost completed.20116Later, another prosecutor, who was transferred to take over the office work from the former prosecutor, discovered the affidavit and the investigation report.The district public prosecutor's office said it was a mistake, but the defense criticized it, pointing out that it was not a mistake but an artificial attempt to hide it.As a result of this mistake, the district court canceled the trial.
    • It has also been revealed that the district public prosecutor's office also answered that the "partial examination record" created by the judicial autopsy in another murder case was "absent."[2].
  • 2008ToOsakaKashiwara CityOccurred inPachinko parlorsrobberyIndicted in the case, and moreStimulants Control LawThe district public prosecutor's office in 2010 against a male defendant who was also charged with violations.7In prison of this accusedJailIn a single cellForced investigationAnd in chargeCounselAddressed toletterEtc. were seized.The accused interrogated this letterProsecutorDissatisfaction withRecordHe wrote his doubts about.The accused said, "The prosecution has grasped the communication with the defense counsel, and the thoughts of the accused and the defense counsel have been lost to the prosecution. Therefore, this forced investigation is in the hands of the accused and the defense counsel. It was done for the purpose of graspingInterview traffic rightIs infringing and is illegal. "Osaka District CourtToState redressAsk forLawsuitWas to wake up[3][4].2015May 3The district court ordered the government to pay a total of 110 million yen, saying that the search conducted by the district public prosecutor was illegal, but denied the responsibility of the judge who issued the search warrant.[5].
  • 殺人After being arrested on suspicionSilent rightThe fact that the local prosecutor's office seized a letter addressed to the person and a letter that the person tried to send to an acquaintance20154Discovered in.Of the personCounselAs "the seizure is unjustified"Osaka District CourtThe district court has canceled the seizure, saying that "the need for seizure is rather weak".[6].

Evidence falsification case

Case of misuse of discount postal system for disabled groupsRegarding2010May 9, Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office Chief ProsecutorTsunehiko MaedaWas seizedfloppy diskAssuming that the data ofSupreme Prosecutor's OfficeArrested on suspicion of destroying evidence,Hiromichi OtsuboFormer Special Investigation Director andMotoaki SagaThe former deputy director was also arrested for concealing the criminal.[7]


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