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🏛 | "Members to be acquired" "1 million yen not explained" House of Councilors Hiroshima re-election of Liberal Democratic defeat, reader's voice [Farewell ...

Photo "Damattoren" sign posted in front of Hiroshima Prefectural Office to promote the re-election (April 4)

"I'm sorry for the acquired member" "I don't explain 1 million yen" The Liberal Democratic Party's defeat in the House of Councilors Hiroshima re-election, reader's voice [Farewell ...

If you write the contents roughly
Readers commented on the free communication app LINE.

Anri Kawai, a former member of the House of Councilors (47), who was found guilty of a large-scale acquisition, was re-elected in the Hiroshima constituency. → Continue reading

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