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🏛 | Secretary-General Nikai's approval rating plummeted, and even though he expressed "anger", he said "self-employed"


Secretary-General Nikai's approval rating plummeted, and even though he expressed "anger", he said "self-employed"

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When the announcer pointed out the inadequacy of the new corona countermeasures in "Close-up Gendai +" (NHK) broadcast on January 1, this year, Secretary-General Nikai said, "It's not something that makes you stingy.

"I'm not involved in spending on that issue." Toshihiro Nikai of the Liberal Democratic Party argued at a press conference on the 17th ... → Continue reading

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June 1 this year

Close-up modern +

"Close-up modern +(Close-up Gendai Plus,English: Today's Close-up) Is1993からNHKIs being broadcast onNews / news programs..The program name at the start of broadcasting is "Close-up modern』.Tuesday - ThursdayOn the broadcastNHK General TelevisionとNHK World TVandNHK World Premium(2008May 9It is broadcast from the broadcast (non-scrambled broadcast).Abbreviation is "Kuro Gen"[1].


Interviews and interviews with experts on one theme every day.From social and social issuesTrend, People, etc. are available.America in the era whenABCnews"NightlineAnd "" which has been broadcast in the Kanto Koshinetsu area since 1984.Special information metropolitan area』Similarity can be seen in the progressive composition.Since the beginning of the program, I have renewed my contract with NHK since the 1980s.Yuko KuniyaWas a caster. The "Close-up Gendai" era is the first day of the weekMondayBroadcast to the caster namePhoneticThe[Note 1] It was displayed. (Director of Economic Affairs Department, NHK News Bureau), as a general trend of news programs including this program,Audience ratingIn addition to the highNHK Special] And this program are soliciting proposals from various departments such as reporters and directors.[2] It states that.


1993(Heisei5 years)May 4, 21:30 --21:59 (all belowJapan Standard Time) Started broadcasting."Broadcast until the previous yearNHK News 21Until 21:30, the news-only program (""NHK News 9』), It is said that the special feature part was organized as an independent program from 21:30.Until the official title was decided, it was planned as "Scoop 930".[3].

The program from April 2000 to 4:21 is "NHK News 10Because it was reorganized with the start of ""NHK News 7], The broadcast was changed to 19:35 --20:00, and the title and studio design were renewed.It will settle down from 10:19 to 30:19 from October, half a year later.

Since the broadcast on August 2010th after the special organization period in the summer of 8, some changes have been made to the telop design, and the program title is now always displayed at the bottom right of the screen (domestic broadcast, NHK). World Premium only).

2011(23)May 2It will be broadcast 3000 times. From April broadcast, past broadcasts on the program official websiteAudience rating(Video researchResearch, Kanto area / household), recent audience rating ranking, and in the web special feature section, "the 10 best ratings of the program in history" started to be announced[4].. "Making programs regardless of audience rating"Public broadcasting・NHKが、個別番組の視聴率を自ら積極的に公表することは、かなり異例である。その後にウェブサイトがリニューアルしてからは、2011年4月以降の各月の視聴率第1位となった回(数値非公表)および『クローズアップ現代』時代の17年間の視聴率ベスト10のみとなり、最近の視聴率ランキングや各回の視聴率の数値の公表は廃止(削除)されている。2020年4月放送分からは各月の視聴率第1位の公表は廃止された(2011年4月分から2020年3月分までは引き続き掲載)

2013(25)May 4より、深夜0:10 - 0:36(翌日未明)に再放送を開始。2015年(平成27年)3月30日より1:00 - 1:26に繰り下げ。

2016(28)May 3As far as the broadcast format was renewed, he served as the main caster since the program started.Yuko KuniyaDropped off.After the end of the normal corner, after the telop "Kuniya caster will be in charge of the last tonight", the program ended after Kuniya himself gave a greeting on the board.[5][6][7].

2016May 4From the program name "Close-up modern +(Close-up Gendai Plus), and the broadcast time was changed from 22:00 to 22:25.Multiple new castersNHK Female AnnouncerWill be in charge of the shift system[8][9].

The new "Close-up Gendai +" is a more "friendly" news information program, challenging a new format that can satisfy a wide range of generations centered on the so-called "active generation", and "more colorful and easy-to-understand production. , The concept of responding to "I want to know" was strengthened.After the renewal, in addition to the reporters and experts interviewed, we also welcomed commentators from performing arts and cultural figures, but the program renewal after Kuniya's departure was due to the appearance of a person who is not directly familiar with the theme. Failure, audience rating was sluggish[10].

2017(29)May 4Since then, in just one year, NHK's female announcer shift system and the departure from Osaka, which has been conducted about 1-1 times a month, have ended.Your name(Friday version) ”) and so farNHK News 7Was the main announcer ofShinichi TaketaBecame the main caster of the program[11], It was decided to return to the news line since the Kuniya system[10].

Due to the program revision in 2019, the broadcast frame on Monday will be abolished, and the broadcast will be reduced from Tuesday to Thursday and then expanded by 5 minutes.News (Chinese)Revealed in the press[12][13]..In the original broadcast frame on Monday, which will be abolished, the viewing target was set for people in their 40s and 50s.Reversal life』Organized[13]..Regarding this, NHK officials anonymously commented that "the rejuvenation of the viewing generation will be used as an excuse to cut off hard-line programs."[13].

2021(3nd year of Reiwa)May 3As far as the limit, Takeda, the main caster, started in April of the same year.Osaka BroadcasterI graduated from the program due to being transferred to[14].

2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)May 3FromYuki InoueとSayuri HoriServe as the main caster in a two-person system[15].

In 2021, there was a report mainly on the Internet media that "the program will end in March 2022".[16], NHK denies "factless"[17].


Performers as of April 2021

MC (NHK announcer)
Regular guest (every Wednesday)

Past performers 

August, 1993August, 2016Yuko Kuniya(See below)(unknown)
August, 2016August, 2017Toshie Ito
Chiaki Kamakura
Yuka Kubota
Tomoko Ogo
Yuki Sugiura
Masayo Matsumura
Asahi Inoue
Masumi AsanoToru FuruyaHiroshi Isobe
August, 2017August, 2019Shinichi TaketaChiaki Kamakura(absence)Izumi Tanaka
August, 2019August, 2020Shinichi TaketaTetsuya TakayamaNozomi KuriharaAkiko Aihara[18]
August, 20202021/2/16Kei Koyama
2020/2/17August, 2021Kei KoyamaNozomi Kurihara
August, 2021NowYuki InoueSayuri Hori(absence)

* Asahi InoueKyoto stationWork, in charge from Osaka Bureau

1 From April 2016 to March 4, the above NHK female announcer will take turns in charge of MC. Shift system from April 2017, and

I went about once or twice a monthAsahi Inoue"From Osaka" byShinichi TaketaとChiaki KamakuraBecame a fixed MC.

Past acting moderator

In the past, when he appeared on behalf of him, he commented, "I will tell you today (this week) on behalf of Kuniya Caster," but since 2010, this comment has disappeared.



General TV / BS1 / BS2
Close-up Gendai Broadcasting Time
periodMain broadcastTime difference broadcasting
General TVBS1BS2
1993.41997.921:30-21:59 (29 minutes)No broadcast
1997.102000.323:50-Next day 0:19No broadcast
2000.42000.919:35-20:00 (25 minutes)21:30 - 21:55
2000.102003.319:30-19:55 (25 minutes)
2003.42003.1019:30 --19:56 (26 minutes) *23:45-Next day 0:11
2003.112004.321:24 - 21:50
2004.42004.1023:50-Next day 0:16
2004.112005.321:34 - 22:00
2005.42006.3No broadcast23:55-Next day 0:21
2006.42006.1223:00 - 23:26
2007.12008.320:32 - 20:58
2008.42009.320:34 - 21:00
2009.42010.3Next day 0:10 --0:36
2010.42011.3Next day 0:15 --0:41
2013.42015.319:30 - 19:56
(Re) Next 0:10 --0:36
(26 minutes for each)
2015.42016.319:30 - 19:56
(Re) Next 1:00 --1:26
(26 minutes for each)
2016.42019.322:00 - 22:25
(25 minutes)
2019.4Now22:00 - 22:30
(30 minutes)
  • * --In rare cases, it was extended to 19 minutes until 58:28.
  • BS2Due to the end of the difficult-to-view broadcast, the staggered broadcast was virtually discontinued on March 2011, 3 on NHK General TV.
BShi(Currently finished)
  • December 2000 --March 12 ... 2003:3 --21:30, later 22:00 --22:55
BS2 and BShi are nowBS Premium.


  • All broadcast from Tuesday to Thursday. April 1995-March 4 was also broadcast on Fridays (often out of service), and April 1997-March 3 was also broadcast on Mondays. BS staggered broadcasting will be broadcast on the day until 1993, and the previous day (on the table at midnight on the day) until the end of 4.

Broadcast pause

  • National holidays,Large spring holidays, Obon and the special program season for the year-end and New Year holidays will be suspended in principle (if a regular program or another special number is broadcast from 20:XNUMX, in the frame of this broadcast,Japan travelogue』May be broadcast).However, there have been regular broadcasts on public holidays[Note 2].
  • In the 19:XNUMX broadcast era, "NHK News 7It was easy to be influenced by. If "News 7" is extended and broadcast until 20:XNUMX, it will be suspended.2001 OfAmerican terrorist attacksThen there were many pauses, and once it was broadcast around 20:XNUMX.2003 OfIraq war,2004 OfNiigata Chuetsu Earthquake,20054 of the monthJR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accident,20113 of the monthGreat East Japan EarthquakeThere is an example of. After October 2000, when the program guide and weather information before 10:20 are suspended, it will start with a delay of a few minutes (usually it will start with a delay of 2 minutes, and the weather information will be broadcast immediately after the end of this program. At NHK World PremiumOverseas safety informationIs paused or slid before 21:2 and a 19-minute filler or program guide spot is broadcast.In this case, the non-scrambled broadcast usually ends at the same time as the end of this program at 58:20, but there are also cases where the non-scrambled broadcast ends at 00:19 by broadcasting short news or the filler or program guide spot as it is. is there.Even if the broadcast time is expanded from 30:19 to 58:XNUMX).
Recorded broadcast
  • In the "Close-up Gendai" era, it was broadcast live in principle, but sometimes the whole story was recorded.At this time, the usual greeting "Good evening, Close-up Gendai "was not. After becoming "Close-up Gendai +" in April 2016, the first half of the program was pre-recorded and the second half was a live broadcast part, in which case the "LIVE" telop was displayed in the upper left of the screen. Since the telop of "LIVE" has disappeared from April 4, is it a live broadcast?Take outIt is unknown.

Broadcast system

  • From the end of August 2009Real-time subtitle broadcastingStart.In addition, real-time subtitle broadcasting may be displayed at the same timing in rare cases, probably because subtitles that enter the VTR such as pre-recording are created in advance.In the case of full-length recorded broadcasting, it is displayed at the same timing as other recorded programs (the same sentence for midnight rebroadcast).
  • NHK GeneralStereo broadcasting.
  • From time to timeBilingual broadcastingThere are times when you do. NHK World Premium (live broadcast) is also available.However, not the full-length English sub-audio broadcast, only the part of the interview in English is English sub-audio broadcast (until 2010, both analog and digital waves of general TV and NHK World Premium were monaural dual audio, but from 2011 The general TV is stereo 2 audio and NHK World Premium is monaural dual audio as before).If Kuniya is interviewing in English, the simultaneous interpreter will also translate Kuniya's voice in the case of live broadcasting, but Kuniya will dubb the pre-recorded part.
  • The "Bilingual" telop at the beginning of the program used by NHK was not initially displayed unlike other NHK bilingual programs, and the "Bilingual" telop was inserted at the beginning of the interview (2? The national language telop is different from the usual one), but it is now displayed at the beginning of the program, like other NHK bilingual programs.
  • 2009Most of the comments from foreigners, from experts in specific fields to the general publicVoice actorHas come to be dubbed.
  • In the "Close-up Gendai" era, the content to be broadcast was posted on the program homepage including the next week's content, but since it is an information program of live broadcasting in principle, the planned content for the next week can be changed according to the times. It was subject to change.
    • Example: The scheduled broadcast on July 2014, 7 is the initial announcement[19] Then "elementary and junior high school"smartphoneIt was planned to broadcast "The Ripples of Trouble Younger Age", but on July 7th, it was approaching Japan with a ferocious force at that time.Typhoon 8Because there is concern about damage to theOkinawaInterviews such as, and2011Heavy rain on the Kii PeninsulaDamaged by a landslide caused byMieKihocho"How to prepare for the archipelago warning" giant typhoon "" with the aim of preparing for the prevention of typhoon disasters with live broadcasts fromNoboru Yamazaki<NHK commentator>)[20] It was once decided to change the content to (the original special feature of "smartphone expulsion riot" was postponed to July 7).However, there is a risk that a typhoon will approach Kanto on July 15, when the special feature was scheduled to be broadcast, and it is necessary to convey the latest information, so we hurriedly extended the front frame "News 7" to 10:7. Therefore, this special feature on "How to prepare for a huge typhoon" includes a live broadcast from Kiho Town.Enter the warehouse(Broadcast canceled. No alternative postponement)[Note 3].
    • After "Close-up Gendai +", the schedule for the next week will be abolished, and after the broadcast from Tuesday to Thursday, the broadcast schedule for this week will be posted on Monday, and the next Tuesday (next time) after the program on Thursday ends. ) Is posted.
  • 2016Introduced "Graphic Recording" (renamed "Sketch No Thing" after April 4), which draws illustrations according to the theme of the program in real time.The completed illustration will be published on the homepage[21].
  • March 2016, 4Kumamoto earthquakefor"Professional work style] Was suspended and the broadcast time was extended to 23:15.
  • Broadcast from 2021:1 on January 12, 19. (Exchange frame with lunch)
  • Broadcast from 2021:2 on February 4, 19. (Mr. Tokoro! It's hard to exchange frames)
  • March 2021, 5New coronavirusBroadcasted from 19:30 after exchanging frames with "Lunch ON!"[22].
  • 2021å¹´7月5日は月曜日であるが、2日前(同年7月3日)にShizuokaAtamiOccurred in大規模土石流を受けて、22:00から臨時で放送した[23].
  • 2021å¹´7月16日は金曜日であるが、発生から23年が経つWakayama poison curry caseの特集を行うため、19:30から放送した。なお、この時のタイトルは『クローズアップ現代』であり、ロゴも『+』とは異なる[24].

In case of replacement

  • 2008May 1The 75-minute expanded version of the broadcast will only be broadcast on General TV and NHK World Premium.NHK World TVDoes not broadcast due to broadcasting regular English news from 20:30,NHK Okinawa Broadcasting StationReplaced with the production "Document Okinawa".
  • 2008May 8The 75-minute expanded version of the broadcast "Impact of" Global Inflation "-Can the World Overcome the Crisis?" Will be broadcast simultaneously on NHK General TV and NHK World Premium, and NHK World TV will31 daysTime-shifted broadcasting. BS2 staggered broadcasting has been suspended.
  • First broadcast in 2011,成人 の 日The 1-minute expanded version of "" Womenomics "will change Japan" broadcast on Tuesday, January 11th, which is the end of the national holiday, will be broadcast only on General TV and NHK World Premium, and BS75's staggered broadcasting will be suspended).
  • From August 2007th to 8th, 6, NHK World TV rebroadcasted an excerpt from the previous broadcasts.
  • In 2008, in addition to the summer special programBeijing OlympicsBecause there is also a relayMay 7~May 8It was suspended for about a month.
  • 不定期で地域により別番組を放送することがあり、その場合は時差放送や翌日に振り替え放送を行う。2010å¹´8月31日放送分において北海道地方ではプロ野球中継に差し替えて放送したため22:55からの時差放送、2013å¹´9月26日放送分においては東北地方ではプロ野球中継に差し替えて放送した為翌27日20:00からの振り替え放送という例があった。

Rebroadcast (other than the day)

  • From 2007 to March 2011, it was broadcast on BS3 on Saturday and Sunday.Your encore』It was sometimes rebroadcast.
  • On Saturday, June 2007, 6,May 6Was broadcastSocial Insurance Agencyof""Pension record floating in the air"What to do 5000 million cases" received a lot of feedback from viewers, so in a hurry from 17:30 to 17:56 on NHK General TV,Subtitled broadcastingRebroadcast with (excluding Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Kochi broadcasting stations that broadcast other programs).
  • From April 2008,NHK on demandBut one week after the broadcast (later two weeks), from March 1,NHK PlusBut you can watch simultaneous online distribution and one-week missed distribution.However, depending on the time, it may not be delivered due to the rights of the video.
  • From April 2009, a video that re-edited the video after broadcasting to about 4 minutes on the program homepage was posted in some times (from November 10, 2016, it will be re-edited as a "short video" in about a few minutes. The edited video is posted). Since October 11, all the content broadcasted except for some episodes has been posted in text (posted for about one year).
  • From April 2018, we are rebroadcasting the episode that had a great response during the week on Saturday 4:1-40:2 (midnight on Friday, before and after the broadcast time).
  • From April 2020 to March 4, the broadcast of the week is rebroadcast on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays (midnight on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) (broadcast times are irregular except for early Saturdays (midnight on Fridays)). It was.
  • April 2020, 4-Until May 15, the previous day's broadcast was rebroadcast at 5:1-4:30.No subtitles were broadcast in this rebroadcast.
  • From FY2021BS1The previous day's broadcast was rebroadcast from 17:30 to 18:00 the day after the broadcast.[25].


  • March 2011 was broadcast on the 3th and was the subject of coverageNico Nico Live BroadcastNext time, after a two-week break, the new yearMay 3It was planned to resume at.HoweverMay 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeIn response, it was rounded up for a week and resumed on the 1st. Eight times until the 21st, the broadcast time was shifted from 31:8 to 20:00 and special features related to the earthquake were broadcast.Also, BS20 and NHK World TV will be broadcast simultaneously for 43 days from the 21st, and NHK World TV will be broadcast for 4 days from the 1th of the following week, and general, BS28 (excluding the broadcast on March 4), NHK World The premium 1 waves will be rebroadcast at midnight the next day.General, BS3, NHK World Premium broadcasts English interpreter by sub-audio broadcasting, digital broadcasting broadcasts stereo 31 audio broadcasting, analog broadcasting and NHK World Premium broadcast monaural dual audio broadcasting.On the other hand, NHK World TV is a monaural broadcast with full English audio broadcasting. The content related to the earthquake continued even after the beginning of April, and until April 3, it was broadcast from 0:1 to 2:4, alternating with regular weekday programs, but from April 4. It returned to the normal time broadcast since the broadcast on March 25. On March 20, 00, the broadcast time frame was expanded to 20:43 --4: 26.The content at this time was "new facts told by the earthquake data map record".
  • The first special edition after "Kuro Gen +"Close-up Gendai + Thorough tracking! Money coverage SP"But,2016(28)May 12 19:30-20:43 (JST), Which will be the second special edition "Kurogen + Summer Vacation Extracurricular Class Let's Learn with Parents! "War andterrorism"Is 2017 (Heisei 29)May 8 It was broadcast on 19:30 --20:43 (JST), but it will be the third special edition "In one corner of this worldBroadcast commemorative project #Suzu-san here and thereHowever, August 2019, 8 (the first year of Reiwa) 10:20 --The next day, 05:5 (Radio first-Rajira!Saturday&Radio midnight flight(Broadcast frame) ・ 21:00 --21: 50 (general TV, both JST), the fourth special edition "75 years after the end of the war Special feature #Suzu San here and there 20202020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 8 It was decided to broadcast at 22:00 --23: 13 (JST).


About broadcasting on international broadcasting

NHK World TVNHK World TV will be broadcast simultaneously in 2008 due to the strengthening of English broadcasting.May 3Broadcast (19 daysIs not broadcast due to broadcasting rights) is discontinued at the end. Until January 2009, all time zones were bilingual broadcasting of English main audio and Japanese sub audio, but from February 1, bilingual broadcasting was canceled and completely replaced with English audio. It will be broadcast, and an English telop (caster name, guest) will be added according to the design of the program.2 in JapanMay 3After the broadcast, except for some graph images, it has been completely replaced with English telop.Therefore, the content of the telop differs between domestic / overseas international broadcasting for Japanese and foreign broadcasting.

Depending on the content of the broadcast, even if it is broadcast as usual in Japan, it is suitable for international broadcasting due to the circumstances of broadcasting rights in NHK World (if there are many rights images and there are many parts that can not be broadcast, due to cultural circumstances of other countries etc. It will be suspended due to (such as when there is no content), and NHK World Premium is basically produced by each local broadcasting station other than the metropolitan area.Local information program(Friday 19:30 "Special information metropolitan areaTime frame equivalent to[Note 4]) (Non-scrambled broadcasting will be performed even if it is replaced).If the broadcast of the program itself is suspended in Japan, the same measures will be taken, but there are also cases where the special program of NHK General TV is broadcast at the same time.Although it is rare, there are cases where NHK World Premium cannot broadcast on NHK World TV even if it is broadcast as usual. NHK World TV will broadcast as usual regardless of holidays, but the program itself in Japan will be suspended if there are times when broadcasting to overseas cannot be done due to broadcasting rights or due to special features such as holidays. In that case, the times that were broadcast in the past (those that do not interfere with the broadcasting rights) will be rebroadcast.

In addition, NHK World TV has been broadcast almost every time, but from the second half of 2012, it has been reduced to twice a week due to program reorganization.

The matter that pointed out the problem

  • On June 1999, 6, "Chibikuro samboA time was broadcast on the subject of the controversy.About this broadcast, we supported the reissueMasahisa Nadamoto(at that timeKyoto Sangyo University(Professor) said, "The final summary of the program was like" Is it against racism or freedom of expression? ", But it's a little different from what I want to say." "Chibikuro Sambo" is a race. Continuing to attack as discrimination is inconvenient for the blacks themselves. "In addition, Nadamoto "throws away" the way of discussion that "brings out'freedom of expression'when discussing the issue of discrimination and expression," which the program directed when introducing the defenders of the book. Criticized[26].
  • NHK is the same station ’s “Biased coverageIn response to an open letter submitted by an organization called "NHK News Review Group" that criticizes "Japanese abduction issue by North KoreaHowever, the group first touched on the abduction issue on April 2000, 4, "Does the dialogue proceed? Japan-North Korea negotiations resume today."North Korean Abduction Victim Family Liaison MeetingHe criticized the slowness of the response again because it was three years after the formation of.This criticism is "JusticeA related article was published as "NHK Watching" in the June 2000 issue.[27].
  • August 2001, 5,Bamboo forestの拡大を取り上げた回を放送した。この放送に対して、竹文化振興協会は「竹林が放置されたため、竹林が拡大した」と言う説明とは異なり、輸入bamboo shootsBamboo shoot cultivation in Japan was hit by the increase in the number of bamboo shoots, and natural expansion is for bamboo shoot cultivation.AfforestationIt is only the expansion after 1978 when the practice was stopped, and even if the bamboo grove is managed, bamboo that extends the roots to the outside of the forest will occur due to the characteristics of the bamboo, and the felling introduced in the programvolunteerNot only that, he criticizes the program's bias, citing that there are volunteers who utilize the expanded bamboo grove.[28]
  • On November 2002, 11, "Battle over Bestsellers-Writers VS Library-" was broadcast.this isbest sellerThe writer's new bookPublic libraryIn the content that verified the pros and cons of the act of purchasing multiple copies (called multiple copies)Machida-shiMunicipal libraryIs biased in the content of the broadcast, not only buying books of best-selling authors, it is necessary to purchase multiple copies to meet the demand of citizens who borrow books, reduction of material purchase costs He argues because it causes deterioration of service content and takes a stance that he is wrong in asking the library for the reason for the publishing recession.[29].
  • August 2003, 2,LegionellaBroadcasted the times that covered about.In thisMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareI followed the process of infection at a hot spring facility that was operating in accordance with the management regulations of the elderly, but the facility for the elderly, Taiyo no Sato, said, "Not only" detailed coverage with limited issues "but also" problems. From the empirical commentary that focuses on the points, "I think you are expecting" appropriate judgment materials (living information) that are useful in daily life "," he said. In this case, the operation is in line with administrative guidance. It was analyzed that the program lost the grounds for the judgment of "witch hunting" because it was done, and the result was just to arouse anxiety.Furthermore, after re-examining the biofilm in the piping and the management regulations that were the problem in the program and proposing the Legionella prevention measures that the facility is considering, "The large-capacity water quality management guidance that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is instructing is , It is not appropriate in terms of suppressing bacterial growth. "[30].
  • 2005May 3Broadcast "National flag national anthemTo dispose of teachersGraduation ceremony,”Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education"It cannot be said that the content goes into the original purpose of the interview offer,'What is the actual situation of the school? Why did we have to optimize it?' It is extremely regrettable for the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education to make the program give the impression of a conflict between the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education and teachers at school over "compulsion". "[31].May 4,Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyThe Liberal Democratic Party faction told NHK, "Among the opinions of various education, only the voices of teachers who dare to oppose it are taken up, and the content and structure are as if the faculty members and the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education are hostile. This time's coverage is very regrettable as a public broadcasting coverage attitude that should be based on fairness, and we strongly request that this not happen in the future. "Also,LDP OfTakeaki Kashimura(Member of the House of Councilors, At that time)2006May 6 OfHouse of CouncilorsGeneral Affairs CommitteeAsked about the above program and stipulated that it should clarify many issues regarding political fairness and conflicting issues.Broadcasting lawListing the provisions ofNational flag-National anthemIt is a program making that gives a prejudice to.It may be in conflict with the broadcasting law. "
  • August 2007, 6,Collective self-determination in the Battle of Okinawa"Group self-determination" 62nd year testimony-report from Okinawa- "was broadcasted.About this broadcastLocal assemblyMake withJapan ConferenceThe subordinate group of the system is a guest of the programMasahiro Oshiro(at that timeOkinawa International UniversityLecturer)Anti-war movementThe former Japanese commander, who is the plaintiff, said that he was an activist of the Japanese army and that the false charge of the Japanese commander who was in the process of being disputed in the trial at that time and also issued a self-determination order was being revealed. Protesting, saying that it barely picked up the voice of the government[32]..In addition, relatedKenzaburo Oe / Iwanami Shoten Battle of Okinawa TrialEnded with a plaintiff (former Japanese soldier) defeat.
  • March 2008, 5, movie ``Yasukuni YASUKUNIIn the broadcast of the postponement of the release of "", a person who made a critical claim to the movie that was interviewed said, "Internet society OfAnonymousBelieve in the statement of the female staff of the program "I want to correct my sex" and "If I didn't express me like a villainBlogYou can use.I trust you, "he protested, saying he was treated as a villain in the actual show, even though he verbally promised the staff.[33].
  • In the broadcast on December 2008, 12, the Chief of Staff, Joint Staff of the Air Self-Defense Force (at that time)Tamogami Toshio Remarks that differ from the government's viewI made a broadcast related to what I did.At the beginning, there were people with various ideas among the SDF members, and it was broadcast after refusing in advance that there were many members who did not think like Tamogami.Channel cherryProduced a debate program at the end of December that criticized this episode because the content was biased.
  • 2009On February 2, "Okinawa, the land of the base to be bought and sold," was broadcast.OkinawaIt was the content of the interview,Okinawa Defense BureauIs the content that emphasized that there are points where land prices are rising even though the land prices are originally determined by objectively reflecting the trends of land prices in the public relations magazine "Haisai" No. 120. That, the landowners depend on the rentUnearned incomeThere was a statement that it was a low-income person who depended on I argue because there is[34].
  • 2009May 3During the coverage of the program, external production photographersJRSakurai LineMakimuku StationLocated nearby(I.e.To photograph the positional relationship ofカメラ OftripodWas set, but at that timelineThere was a problem that the train stopped when the tripod was set up in a place not far from the train and the train was noticed and braked.[35].
  • September 2009, 10healthy foodWe broadcast about the troubles surrounding. In response to this broadcast, the "Online Newspaper" says that one vendor should put in place a labeling system "if the dosage form is misleading and safety cannot be guaranteed". It is reported that he complained, "Because there is no tablet or capsule, the tea is cloudy."In addition, some companies that sell health foods during the broadcast received inquiries one after another, and after that, the industry group "Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association" criticized the series of comments, saying that they made comments to follow the program. Article to be published[36].
  • 2013May 5Broadcast "fluctuation"Policemen""Osaka Prefectural PolicePolice schoolIn education inPolice misconductI took up an example of countermeasures forLawyer OfTsutomu ShimizuIs his ownBlog"What you really need is the policeQuotaStop the principle.I was interviewed, but it seems that it was not broadcast and was intentionally out of focus. ", Criticizing this content[37].
  • 2014On January 1th, "Overflowing" Poem "?! ~ A gentle word that covers an opaque society ~" was broadcast."The subject of the interviewIzakaya Koshien"Specified nonprofit corporationIzakaya KoshienRestaurant industry OfactivationHost for the purpose ofEventsSo, the final of the 2013th tournament in November 11CuisineEntry, not customer serviceJapanese cuisine tavern OfStore manager,ClerkCompete for a speech on the stage.The program is "poem"Chemicalization" can be a tool to hide the reality that you don't want to see.Konan UniversityAssociate ProfessorMasahiro Abe"At first glance it looks strange and deceived, but theirLabor situationIt's also true that you can't do it unless you think so. "[38]..The NPO issued an apology to the people concerned for causing inconvenience due to the content of the broadcast, and disputed NHK.[39].
  • 2014July 7 "Ask Secretary General Suga" Right of Collective Self-Defense ""[40]In the middle of the answer by Secretary-General Suga, the voice was cut off and the program ended.The cause was that Hiroko Kuniya was enthusiastic about the discussion even though it was time to put together the end of the program, ignoring the staff's end instruction and repeating the question.[Source required].
  • 2018On April 4, when the post office broadcast "Pushing insurance" !? "Japan PostThere were multiple protests from the NHK Management Committee in October of the same year.Ryoichi UedaNHK Chairman received strict caution and took measures such as deleting related videos on the Internet and postponing sequel broadcasting.[41][42].Japan Life InsuranceThe senior vice president of Japan Post Holdings (at that time), the parent company of Japan Post, was the former of the government office that handles radio wave administration.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThe result is that the NHK management committee pays close attention to the NHK chairman, probably because of the protest of the administrative vice-minister.There must be a vote of the chairman's strict caution, and the minutes areBroadcasting lawAlthough it is obligatory to publish in, the progress of the proceedings is published instead of the minutes[43]..In July of the following year, the next chairman nomination subcommittee was established to evaluate the performance of Chairman Ueda.[44]。議事録については後に情報開示請求を行っていたAsahi Shimbun,Sankei Shimbunなどの求めに応じて文書を開示し、その中で当時経営委員長代行のMorishita Shunzo(現・経営委員長)が「極めて稚拙」などと本番組の取材手法などを批判した内容が記載されており、これらの発言が番組への干渉を禁じたBroadcasting lawに抵触する可能性も指摘されている[45][46].


Broadcasted on December 2014, 5Pursuit "Homecoming Scam" ~ Targeted Religious Corporation ~(On April 2014, 4, "Kansai Now』Broadcast in)NHK Osaka Broadcasting StationA reporter told a man in his 50s living in Osaka Prefecture, "I want multiple debtors to act as brokers of" priesthood fraud "who get a loan by impersonating another person." I was asked that this was a so-called "doing"Weekly BunshunReported[47].. On April 2015, 4, a man in his 1s living in Osaka Prefecture told an interview in Osaka city, "I have never been a broker and I feel resentful that it was broadcast like a criminal." After that, it was made clear to the media companies that NHK was requested to broadcast the correction.[47][48]..In addition, the man said, "I was introduced to a reporter by a man who was said to be a" multiple debtor "in the program." I explained[49]..In addition, "I received" acting guidance "from a reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station in advance, and after shooting, three people (with a reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station and a man of" multiple debtors ") went to a tavern and ate and drank." Testimony[49].

On April 2015, 4, a man in his 3s living in Osaka Prefecture rented an "office used to shoot a scene of arranging a house for fraudulent purposes" in a building near JR Shin-Osaka Station. A man responded to an interview and denied a relationship with fraud, saying "it is not such a place"[50]..The office was rented by a man in his 40s for his own use, and he was supposed to start a business with the man who had the key to the office.[50]..In addition, the man in his 40s said, "I had known the reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station who was reporting and the man who" appeared "as a" multiple debtor "for a long time."[51]..The borrower said he met a man who was identified as a "multiple debtor" in the show about 10 years ago and rented an office in February 2013.[51]..Also, it was introduced several years ago by a reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station and a man who is said to be a "multiple debtor".[51]..The reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station, who was involved in this interview, has installed many so-called "masked interviews", so he was evaluated as "smart" in the NHK station.[49].

A 53-year-old man living in Osaka Prefecture, who had an old relationship with a reporter of NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station, denied the Sankei Shimbun's interview and made it as if the reporter met for the first time in an interview. He pretended to meet for the first time so that his identity would not be identified, "he said." It was a production to conceal the source of the interview. "[52].

About this issue, NHKPaddy katsuhitoChairman was held on April 2015, 4House of CouncilorsBudget CommitteeHe said, "We will set up an investigation committee to conduct a thorough investigation. We are thinking of having a third party check it." He said, "I heard that there is a considerable discrepancy (in the testimony). I would like to proceed with the investigation without prejudice and report in some way next week, even if it is in the middle of the process. "[53]..Furthermore, at the NHK Chairman's regular press conference held on April 4, Mr. Momii said, "I am sorry that this is reported. We are diligently investigating the truth. I want to investigate without prejudice. "[54]..In addition, NHK Director Kiminori Morinaga said, "The interview survey with the man who filed the complaint was conducted for the first time on the 4st (April)," and said, "Men and NHK officials and outside officials talked. It has been pointed out that there are discrepancies. Since there are many discrepancies, we are making a careful judgment. We are proceeding with the investigation without prejudice whether there was any mischief. It is the broadcaster who investigates and confirms the facts by himself. On top of that, we ask a third party to come in and make a decision. The investigation committee will be set up by the end of this week at the latest, and at this point, "I've learned about it next week. It may be, "he suggested that he would make some reports during the next week.[54].

On April 2015, 4, NHK established an investigation committee on this issue and chaired it.Domoto HikaruVice ChairmanYuki KidaDirector,Noriyuki OogiOrganizationSecretary,Chihiro MatsuzakaOrganization Bureau plan managementManagerOthers serve as members of the bureau[50][55][56][57]..In addition to the attorneys Katsuyuki Miyakawa and Yoichiro Yamakawa, the outside committee membersYasuo Hasebe-Tokyo UniversityProfessor Emeritus is supposed to clarify his opinion as an outside committee member[50][56][57].

March 2015, 4, House of CouncilorsGeneral Affairs CommitteeIntensive deliberation on "Public Broadcasting" was held at NHK, and NHK Managing Director Hiroji Itano announced that he had held the first meeting of the Investigation Committee on April 4, and said, "This week. Some of the matters that have been grasped so far, such as interview surveys, and points to be verified will be summarized and published as an interim report. "[58]..Regarding future investigations, he said, "I would like to carry out the work with a sense of speed, clarify the facts, compile it into an investigation report, check it with an outside committee member, and announce it as soon as possible."[58].

On April 2015, 4, the NHK investigation committee further investigated whether or not there was any harassment, but it was an "error" to describe the recording site as "a (fraud) activity base". Suppose the support was insufficient Interim report of the survey Revealed[59]..Also, in the interim report, a reporter from NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station got acquainted with a man with multiple debtors for eight or nine years and heard that he would go to the house fraud consultation. Furthermore, it was revealed that a man with multiple debtors had negotiated with a man who was supposed to be a broker and then took a picture, and three people including a reporter had a meeting in advance. Was done[60]..Especially in the 15-minute "meeting" scene before recording, according to the testimony of a man in his 50s living in Osaka prefecture, "At first, a man in his 50s living in Osaka prefecture is a multiple debtor, a 53-year-old man living in Osaka prefecture. "A man was a" cast "who was a broker", but a man in his 50s living in Osaka was more familiar with the temple, so a reporter from NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station suggested "let's change roles". Tata[52]..On the other hand, according to a 53-year-old man living in Osaka prefecture, he said, "The first 10 minutes were just small talk," and "the reporter" hides his face "and" changes his voice for the remaining 5 minutes. " "I just gave a clerical explanation," he said, denying that he "did not hear anything" about "words such as acting and roles," and the conflict between the two claims became clear.[52]..On the same day, in this program, he mentioned that it was wrong to make a room in the building a fraudulent "activity base", and caster Hiroko Kuniya stated that "the coverage was insufficient" and "the viewer's I apologize to all of you. "[61].

Done on September 2015, 4BPO OfBroadcast Ethics Verification CommitteeSo, this program was discussed, and many opinions were given by the committee members to the effect that there was a problem with broadcasting ethics.[62].

On April 2015, 4, a male attorney in his 15s living in Osaka Prefecture revealed that he was preparing to file a complaint with the BPO Broadcasting Human Rights Commission at the beginning of the following week.[63][64]..Then, on April 4, he filed a hearing with the BPO Broadcasting Human Rights Commission.[65].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayLDPInformation and Communication Strategy Study Group was held inTV Asahiof"News stationAlong with the problem of "Close-up Gendai", we called an executive to interview about the alleged mischief of "Close-up Gendai"[66][67][68]..Regarding this matter, Tsutomu Sato, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's National Assembly, said on April 2015, 4, "Isn't it okay to consider that kind of thing using public radio waves as a problem?" While denying "the view of pressure on the media"[69]At a press conference held on the 15th, the Democratic Party of Japan's deputy chairman of the National Assembly, Jun Azumi, said, "Listening to the contents of a specific program may touch the area of ​​freedom of speech that must be protected most in democracy. There is. "[70]. Also,Japan Journalist ConferenceOn April 4th, "The LDP's actions are overt interference with the broadcasting media," the LDP's Information and Communications Strategy Study Group told Protest Submit, request withdrawal of hearing[68].

On April 2015, 4, the NHK Investigation Committee summarized the investigation results that there was "excessive production" in the final report, NHK suspended the male reporter of the Osaka Broadcasting Station who was in charge of the interview for 28 months, and his boss 3 people were disciplined, and 14 officers including the chairman announced that they would voluntarily return part of the compensation.[71]..In response to this, on the same day, the schedule was changed and the contents of the investigation report and the state of the investigation committee's interview were broadcast.At the end of the program, caster Kuniya said "We have been broadcasting programs for 22 years, but we apologize for broadcasting a program with incorrect facts and damaging the trust of viewers.We have always worked on the program by facing the facts in a fair and sincere manner, but this time the investigation committee pointed out that some of the content was against the trust of the viewers.I apologize for the inconvenience.I apologized with tears[72].

On November 2015, 11, BPO's Broadcast Ethics Verification Committee, which had decided to enter the program for deliberation because NHK's "final report" was insufficient and was verifying its contents and production process, said, "Critical broadcast ethics. Statement of opinion on the verification result that "there was a violation"[73] Published[74].


Part of the broadcast content has been made into a book.

  • "Close-up Gendai v.1" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association September 2000
  • "Close-up Gendai v.2" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association September 2001
  • "Close-up Gendai 2002" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association December 2002
  • "Close-up Gendai v.3" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association September 2001
  • "Close-up Gendai v.4" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association September 2002
  • "What can I say to help now in my thirties?" NHK "Close-up Gendai" Production Group Japan Broadcast Publishing Association October 30

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Close-up modern
Ö 2000.4.3 - 2000.9.21 Õ
Program promotion frame
* Monday-Friday
Weather information
* Monday-Friday
NHK General Monday --Thursday 21:30 --21:59 Frame
NHK News 21
* Monday-Friday
Close-up modern
Ö 1993.4.5 - 2000.3.16 Õ
[Wednesday only, so farTokyo Broadcasting StationProduction frame]
Monday:Historical drama romance
Tuesday:Project X-Challengers-
Wednesday:History moved at that time
[Only hereOsaka BroadcasterProduction frame]
Thursday:Green Document
NHK General Monday 22: 00-22: 25 Frame
Professional work style
[Delay 25 minutes and continue]
Close-up modern +
Ö 2016.4.4 - 2019.3.11 Õ
[Monday broadcast abolished]
Reversal life
NHK General Tuesday --Thursday 22:00 --22:25 Frame
Tuesday:Drama 10
[Move to 22:XNUMX on Friday and continue]
Wednesday:History story
[Move to 20:XNUMX on Friday and continue]
[Up to here, Osaka Broadcasting Station production frame]
Thursday:General Clinic Doctor G
[Wednesday 22:25 --23:15 Move to frame and continue]
Close-up modern +
(2016.4.5 -)
[Only on Wednesdays, from here again the Tokyo Broadcasting Station production frame]
NHK General Tuesday --Thursday 22:25 --22:30 Frame
Tuesday:Good! Sports
[Wednesday 19:30 --20:42 Continued as an irregular broadcast in the frame]
Wednesday: Historical Anecdote Historia
[Deferred / expanded by 5 minutes and continued]
[Up to here, Osaka Broadcasting Station production frame]
Thursday:Mofumofu Mofumofu
Close-up modern +
(2019.4.2 -)
[Only on Wednesdays, from here again the Tokyo Broadcasting Station production frame]


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