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🏛 | LDP's understanding of LGBT is too harsh, accused of "no progress at all"


Accused of the LDP's understanding of LGBT being too harsh "no progress"

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Speaking of the Liberal Democratic Party, in the August issue of "Shincho 18" published in 45, Mio Sugita (8) developed a theory about how to use taxes, saying that LGBT people are "not productive".

A bill prepared by the ruling and opposition parties to improve understanding of sexual minorities such as LGBT. ... → Continue reading

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Shincho 45

Shincho 45(Shinchoyonjugo) used to beShinchosha Co., Ltd.Was issued byMonthly magazine.1982First issue,2018Was suspended with the October issue of[1]).


1982First published in the May issue in April.The title of the magazine at the time of its first publication was "Shincho 4+" (Shinchoyonjugoplus), which was initially targeted at middle-aged and older people aged 5 and over, with the theme of living worth and health information, and was contributed by cultural figures.[2][3]..Even in the first commercial, it was appealing that the print was large and it was easy to read even for middle-aged and older people with presbyopia.[4].

Originally, it was planned and launched by the director of the publishing department, Mr. Nitta, who was born in the literary field.[5], Due to sluggish sales, discontinuation of publication is considered, and at that time executivesJuichi SaitoBecame under the jurisdiction of[3][6]..The editor-in-chief said,Weekly Shincho』From the editorial departmentTatsuo KameiWas appointed,1985From the May issue, the magazine name will be changed to "Shincho 5" and it will be renewed featuring "diary, biography and non-fiction magazine".At the same time, the list price was raised from 45 yen to 50 yen along with the increase of about 450 pages.[2].. furtherMaintenance・Antihuman rightsSales increased by renewing the color of the route. It is called "a new comprehensive monthly magazine that delivers to readers who want to further enhance their" discovery power "while inheriting the perspective of exploring human life and death." How to die for "(both Shincho Bunko), etc.ThanatologyWas often dealt with.After that, he will also handle incidents.

Beat takeshiHas a serialization, and the book "That's why I hate it" that summarizes it has become a bestseller.

After that, the editor-in-chiefKiyoshi HayakawaFrom 2001 to 2008Yukari NakaseIs in charge.Under the editor-in-chief system of Nakase, a special feature "30 Case Files" on crime, incidents, performing arts, sports, celebrities, etc. has been serialized for female readers in their 40s and 13s.furtherShimako Iwai,Nakamura UsagiPopular female writersSexTo have a serialization about[7][8]..By making the incident and eroticism the two pillars, people in the industry said,Heisei OfKastori magazineTake the nickname[9]..It is said that the ratio of female readers has increased due to the departure of male readers, but the result of the increase in the number of copies could not be left.[7][8].

2002, started from the same yearShincho Document AwardWill be the publication magazine of[10].

Taichi Miyamoto has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief since the November 2008 issue.Monthly magazines are suspended one after another, and "文藝 春秋] As a rival magazine, and set out to return to the new tide journalism route.The renewal discontinued the sex articles and casebook series for women[7].. Editor-in-chief changed to Hirokazu Mie from June 2011 issue[11].

2015, Following the suspension of the only non-fiction magazine8From the issue, we are working on the theme of "Nonfiction Fully Open Declaration !!"[12].

Editor-in-chief changed to Ryosaku Wakasugi from September 2016 issue[13]..Since the editor-in-chief was replaced by Wakasugi, he often contributed that the magazine's stance was clearly more right-wing than before.Yo Takeuchi,Takashi OdashimaPoints out[14][15].

On September 2018, 9, ShinchoshaSpecial project for the October issue of the same yearIn response, the publication was suspended due to inadequate editing system, and the two people, President Takanobu Sato and the editorial officer, announced a 2% reduction in salary for three months. "Shincho 3" was virtually discontinued after the October 10 issue (released on September 45).[1]..Regarding the suspension of publication, he said that it was "a suspension of publication as close to discontinuation as possible", and "faced with a slump in the number of copies, editorial difficulties occurred in the process of trial and error, and strict examination of the project and sufficient manuscript check were neglected. I can't deny it. "[16][17][18].

Articles that became a hot topic

  • 1987In the May issueYasunari KawabataThe manuscript found in the residence was posted by the editorial department with the tentative title "End of the World" as it was an early unpublished work by Kawabata.Reported as a discovery in literary history[19]..However, before the magazine was released, the 13 short stories wereYokomitsu RiichiIt turns out that it is almost the same as the work.It was a false alarm[20][21][22].
  • Published "Dare to Write Youth Overseas Cooperation Corps Corruption Theory" in the June 1994 issue of the magazine[23]..Of the authorKeiko IshibashiIt is,Japan Overseas Cooperation VolunteersWith a member ofホンジュラスHas experience of being dispatched toDeveloping countryIt was a content that revealed the actual situation behind the good name of support[23]..After the article was published, criticism of the Japan Overseas Cooperation VolunteersMass mediaIt was taken up a lot in (Youth Overseas Cooperation Corps Corruption Theory).It was the main business entity of the cooperative corps at that time,Special corporationJapan International Cooperation Agency (commonly known as JICA, nowIndependent administrative agencyJapan International Cooperation Agency) To the secretary general of the cooperation corps in the magazine "Crossroad" published by himselfInterviewI came to post a counterargument in the form[24].
  • During the time of Editor-in-Chief Akira Ishii1998Published in the March issueSakai City Street Magic CaseI interviewedFumihiko Takayama"The" Kindergarten "abuse criminal's lie down"), 19 years old at the time of the crime (Minor)wasMaleDefendant OfReal name coverageI posted a photo of my face.Therefore, from the accusedJuvenile lawArticle 61 violationPoliciesBy infringementRestitution for DamagesBillingCivil actionWas awakened and the first instanceOsaka District CourtShinchosha lost the case,2000May 2,Osaka High Court TheplaintiffThe plaintiff dismissed the requestSupreme CourtBecause I withdrew my appeal toDefinitive judgmentBecame[25].
  • 2005In the October issue of the writerNakamura Usagi Miss CustomsAnnouncing the experience of challenging[26]..According to Nakamura, the name of the source used was "Kyoko Kano".Kano sistersTo the editor-in-chief of "Shincho 45", "Defamation and infringement of publicity"Content proofHas arrived[27].
  • Former gangsters sentenced to death have three murders that have yet to come to light (Appeal murder case) Confession2005Published in the November issue, and at the same time reported to the policeIbaraki Prefectural PoliceFormer gangster membersAppealWas submitted.On the same day as the release, "NHK News 7』, And each newspaper also calls for a response to follow-up coverage. The real estate broker named as the principal of the three murders saidWeekly Bunshun』Appeared with a real name and a photo and argued,2007May 1Eight people including this real estate broker were arrested. Only one case was indicted and the real estate broker was sentenced to life imprisonment.The reporter in charge of this case is Taichi Miyamoto, who has also served as the editor-in-chief since 8. Based on the 1 publication "The Accusation of the Vicious Death Penalty"ViolenceWas made into a movie in 2013, and Miyamoto is the leading role of the model.Takayuki YamadaHowever, Yukari Nakase becomes the editor-in-chief of the modelNozomi MuraokaThe editorial department of "Meisho 45", which is modeled after "Shincho 24", has appeared.[28][29][30][31].
  • In the September 2006 issue of "Showa & Heisei Performing Arts History" Woman and Man "9 Shuraba"Ayako FujiPosted an article about private life.Fuji filed a lawsuit against the publisher, Shinchosha, for damages of 3300 million yen, alleging that his privacy had been infringed.Shinchosha insisted that "the content of the article has already been reported in many weekly magazines", but both the first and second trials found privacy infringement and ordered Shinchosha to pay 132 million yen.[32].. On January 2009, 1, the Supreme Court upheld the first and second trial decisions and dismissed Shinchosha's appeal.[33].
  • Religious scholars in the March 2013 issueTetsuo Yamaori Crown Prince Naruhito"Prince Prince, please abdicate" that raised the issue of succession to the throne[34],Weekly BunshunMarch 3 issue, "Women seven』Called a response in weekly magazines such as the March 3 issue[35],Asahi ShimbunAn interview will be posted on March 3th.[36],文藝 春秋In the June 2013 issue, a dialogue article was organized.[37].

Issues related to Mio Sugita's contribution

In the August 2018 issueSugita water veinContributed "Too much support for" LGBT ""[38]..Sugita in the textLGBTIsn't it so discriminated against, "Is there any support for spending taxes on LGBT couples? They don't have children, that is, they aren't'productive'." Written and questioned the move to extend LGBT rights[39]..This Sugita contribution is a politician from the ruling and opposition parties.[40][41]And LGBT parties / experts[42]Received criticism from various standpoints[43].

As an answer to the criticismIn the October 2018 issue, we published a special project entitled "Such a funny" Sugita Sugita "paper".For this projectEitaro Ogawa,Daigo Matsuura[44]7 people contributed sentences to the effect of defending Sugita's claim[45].Monthly HanadaAccording to the editor-in-chief, Wakasugi asked critics of Sugita's treatise to contribute, but all refused.[46]..In the treatiseKazuro HachimanIs unheard of for what could be called a media lynch for pure speech, and criticizes the reason why the left-wing sword is heading for Sugita.[47].

Regarding this special project,Keiichiro HiranoCriticized again, such as blaming Shinchosha for "why do you take part in such poor discrimination?"[44]..Also used by the literary club of ShinchoshaTwitterThe official account of Shinchosha retweet the tweets of writers who criticize Shinchosha, so it was reported that there is a movement to blame this magazine from inside Shinchosha.[48].

On September 2018, 9, Shinchosha admits that there was a problem with the content of the October 21 issue that published the counter-article, saying, "There were expressions full of prejudice and lack of recognition that deviated from common sense."Takanobu SatoAnnounced the president's discourse[49]..After that, the publication was announced to be suspended on September 9th.Upon suspension of publication, Shinchosha explained that "in the face of a slump in the number of copies, editorial difficulties arose in the process of trial and error."[16].

Serialized work




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