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🏛 | Seiji Miyane Announcer Olympics held "Is it Mr. Koike who decides?"

Photo Seiji Miyane

Seiji Miyane Announcer Olympics "Is it decided by Mr. Koike?"

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Seiji Miyane announcer will appear on Fuji TV's "Mr. Sunday" on the 13th, and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics ... → Continue reading

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fact(Actually,Latin: factum,French: have,British: fact) Is


Originally, it means what God did.First, there is the Latin facere (or facio) verb that means "do" or "do".[2],ThatPast participleThe form factum was adjectively used as "done (by God)" and became a noun to mean "done (by God)".FrenchThe same is true for the fait of, which has the verb faire (do, do), which is a nounization of the past participle form of fait.The English fact was also derived from the Latin factum in the 15th century.[2].. Because it is considered "real"fantasy-Fiction-可能性Conflict with[1][3].


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