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🏛 | It's like a forest bath Akita Sugi scent added spirit spirit reported to the governor with the highest gold award Akita


It's like a forest bath Akita Sugi scent added to the distilled liquor reported to the governor with the highest gold award Akita

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In the first reception room of the Akita Prefectural Office, the person in charge of development, such as the brewery maker in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, and Akita Prefectural University, reported the joy of receiving the award to Governor Satake.

The distilled liquor jointly developed by a sake brewer in Akita Prefecture and a research institute won the highest gold award at the competition and was received by Governor Satake on the 15th ... → Continue reading

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Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture

Brewing industry

Brewing industryWhat is (jozogyo)?fermentationUtilizing the action,liqueurSuch asBeverage,Soy sauceSuch asseasoningThe industry that manufactures.


The connection between the brewing industry and people is old,新石器時代It is said to go back to.Ancient,Mesopotamian civilization OfSumeriansBygrapeThanWineBut,barleyThanbeerWas manufactured.Around 3000 BCAncient egypt, Also around 1500 BCAncient greeceWas told to laterRomeWas also told.Roman EmpireWith the expansion ofEuropeから地中海It spread all over the area, but due to climatic restrictions,Germany-EnglandBeer northFrance-イタリアIn the south, it will be established as a wine production area.In the olden days, wine had a strong character as a daily beverage that also had the purpose of preserving grape juice to make it easier to eat, and the concept of wine abundance was established early on, and its own vineyard and brewing called "Chateau". We have created a facility that integrates the places.In generalsunshineIt is said that red wine is prosperous in France and white wine is prosperous in Germany (southern).On the other hand, beer穀物Because it was made from raw materials, there were many restrictions on production, and in the olden days there was a strong idea that it was a special beverage for festivals.19st centuryToyeastWith the use of science and technology, including the development of pure culture technology, reform of distribution forms such as the establishment of can and bottling manufacturing methods, and the development of transportation and storage technology, stable supply is possible at low cost and in large quantities. As a result, large companies that occupy the market have begun to emerge.further1880 eraIn Europe, a pandemic of grape disease caused a significant decline in wine production for more than a decade.As a result, the culture and values ​​since ancient times, where wine is used daily and beer is used for festivals, have been reversed.
on the other hand,中 世In EuropealchemyIn the process of researchdistillationTechnology evolved and used itDistilled liquorHas come to be made.Derived from wineBrandyIs in FranceArmagnac regionThen.1411, Similarly1613It is the oldest record that it was manufactured in.Derived from beerwhiskyIt is,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen.1494(Scotch whiskey),アイルランドThen.1608(Irish whiskey) Is the oldest record (however, regarding its origin,1172There is also a claim that the spirit spirit that appears in the local records is the oldest whiskey).From this background, the production of distilled liquor may be included in the brewing industry.


ChugokuBut its history is oldSummer: FoundedYu the GreatThere is a legend that it was forbidden when the country was disturbed by the deliciousness of sake when it was presented by a person named Ga.History book"HistoryIs also a descendant of SadaZhongkangIn the age ofastronomicalThe officer is drowning in sakecalendarThe description that the society was confused because it could not be madeYinIs the last king ofKing Zhouof"Jiuchi RoulinThe story of "" is recorded.At that timeGlutinous rice,Glutinous rice,Millet riceAs a raw materialmaltMade sake using.Initially, the state had a government office to produce sake,Sengoku periodA private sector has appeared in.Also, at that timeHerbal medicineIn ancient times, a prescription called "shurou" appears in the book.When taking medicineCrude drug"Should be decocted with sake" "Should be taken with sake"Medicinal liquorFrequently appearing instructions for taking.From these facts, it becomes clear that the connection between ancient liquor and medicine was clear and that it was deeply intimate with life.Former Han OfEmperor WuPay attention to the profit of sakeMonopoly systemIntroduced the nation in an attempt to monopolize its interests, causing great controversy ("Salt iron theory』).Also,Lizard(Shu Han)Ryu-biForfeited tools for sake brewing from the people due to bad harvestprohibitionWhen I tried to put outJian YongThere is a story that he was given up and canceled.唐Initially sold by the state after introducing a monopoly system, but due to the high cost, it was later sold by a private company.Liquor taxWas replaced by collecting.Northern Song Dynasty-Southern Song DynastyThen, in addition to liquor, Jiuqu was also monopolized and the factories of famous liquor producing areas in each region were nationalized.But in other areasLiquor taxBecause it was replaced withJiangnanThe brewing industry has developed greatly, centering on, and large-scale companies have emerged that open branches.yuanEra ofNorth China,Sichuan ProvinceThen.SorghumIs a brewed liquor made fromLiquorHas come to be produced.Light-clearThen, because it costs too much, we abolished the monopoly system and from a private companyLiquor taxIn principle, there were no restrictions on manufacturing and sales.so that,Zhejiang Province OfShaoxing,JinhuaA new special production area was formed.Especially the former is "Shaoxing sakeIs known worldwide.People's Republic of ChinaBefore the establishment of, in addition to large-scale companies in the city, restaurants in the cityMansionIf you manufacture and sell your own sake, or if you are a small farmer in a rural area, you can work as a small business.LandlordHowever, various forms such as those who hire and manufacture farmers during the off-season have emerged, and among them, specialized craftsmen have also emerged.


in Japan,"Three Kingdoms"Wei ZhajinThere is a story about sake in the book, which suggests that brewing technology already existed by this time.Ritual systemUnderBrewer(Miki no Tsukasa) is set up and used in the court.Sake-vinegarHas been produced.

ModernDemand for seasonings such as sake and soy sauce continues to increase even as lifestyles become more westernized.MeijiAccording to early statistics, liquor and soy sauce productionRaw silkAnd the production of new types of liquor such as beer has begun to flourish.I noticed thereMeiji government TheLiquor tax-Soy sauce taxI tried to make up for the lack of financial resources.This idea is rightTaishoUntil the middle termLiquor taxTax revenueland tax,Corporate taxIt is said that it exceeded that of.

Also, from the West in the Meiji eramicroorganismResearch was transmitted,fermentationThe mechanism of this was clarified and technological innovation progressed.


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