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🏛 | Shizuoka prefectural governor election, voting begins

Photo Shizuoka Prefectural Office = Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City

Shizuoka prefectural governor election, voting begins The ruling and opposition parties fight

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According to the Prefectural Election Commission, the turnout as of 10:7.60 am is 1.10%, which is XNUMX points higher than the same time last time.

The election of the governor of Shizuoka Prefecture began on the 20th at 1155 polling stations in the prefecture due to the expiration of his term.Votes were counted on the same day, and many on the same night ... → Continue reading

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Voter turnout

Voter turnoutWhat is (Tohyou Ritsu)?VotersRatio of voters to total number[1].


The turnout is used as a measure of the degree of voting participation in the area.

The lower the voting rate,Organization voteIt is said that the percentage of floating votes tends to increase and the percentage of floating votes tends to decrease, but the turnout may decrease if the organization that was moving the voting bloc dissolves or makes a voluntary vote.When the turnout is low, the power that relies on the voting bloc has an advantage.

Overseas, tactics are also being used to lower the turnout and lower the authority of the election itself through a systematic boycott.No organized boycott is seen in Japan, but heretical far-left activistsKoichi ToyamaWas uncomfortable with the voter turnout campaign in which the government and the media were united, and was conducting an abstention promotion campaign under the name of "avant-garde arts party, abstention molecule".[2].

In advanced democraciesAustraliaHave a voting rate of over 90%. This imposes a fine on abstainersCompulsory voting systemIt is said that the adoption of is influential.In advanced democracies that do not adopt the compulsory voting system, high turnout such as Sweden, which is a Nordic country, has been attracting attention in recent years.[3].

Record of voting rate in Japan

House of Representatives general election

House of Councilors ordinary election

By-election to the House of Councilors

  • Minimum 1991 member of the House of Councilors Saitama Prefectural constituency 17.80%

Prefectural governor's election

  • Maximum 1951 Shimane governor's election 95.10%
  • Minimum 2011 Governor of Saitama Election 24.89%

Mayoral elections in the five major cities

  • Maximum 1951 Nagoya mayoral election 78.08%
  • Minimum 1979Mayor of KyotoElection 16.13% *Minimum for the mayoral election of a designated city

Ordinance-designated city mayor election

  • The highest 2009 Yokohama mayoral election 68.76%
  • Minimum 1979 Kyoto mayoral election 16.13%


  • Maximum 1951 Gunma Prefecture General Election, 1951 Gunma Meiji Village Assembly Election and many more[5] 100.00%
  • Minimum 2010 Higashi-Hiroshima City Assembly By-Election[6] 8.82%

Lowest turnout

The minimum turnout rate is stipulated in some elections, and if the turnout rate does not exceed a certain level, the vote may be invalidated. HoweverWhite voteAnd other mattersInvalid votesIs also included in the voting rate.

JapanThen.Supreme Court Judge National Examination Law(Article 32)Referendum Ordinanceso,Judge of the Supreme Court national reviewOr local governmentReferendumHas set a minimum voter turnout. The minimum voter turnout is 1% in the Supreme Court Judgment National Examination and approximately 50% in local governments that have a minimum voter turnout in local government referendums.

South Korea,ロシアFor example, when implementing a constitutional referendum, the constitution requires that the minimum voting rate be exceeded.[7].

On the other hand, some people disagree that the introduction of the minimum voter turnout can invalidate voting in the boycott movement, thus inducing a boycott movement against voting.[7].

in JapanConstitutional amendment referendumAt the time of enacting, a minimum voter turnout was insisted mainly by opponents of constitutional amendments, but it was enacted without introducing the minimum voter turnout.

Voting rate is one of the things that show interest in the election itself, and if the voting rate is extremely low, the legitimacy of the election may be questioned. In situations where there is a dispute over the legitimacy of the state/government, a boycott of voting is an effective means of struggle.


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