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🏛 | <Editorial> "Akagi File" Falsification Instructions Full Elucidation


<Editorial> "Akagi File" Falsification Instructions Full Elucidation

If you write the contents roughly
The Akagi file is nothing but an administrative document "created on the job".

The "Akagi File", which summarizes the process of falsifying the approval document of the Ministry of Finance regarding the issue of selling state-owned land at Moritomo Gakuen, was disclosed. ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Law concerning disclosure of information held by administrative agencies

Law concerning disclosure of information held by administrative agencies(Law No. 11 of 42)Japan OfAdministrative agencyHeld byInformation disclosure(Disclosure) Japan that establishes the request procedurelaw.1999(11)May 5Promulgated to2001(13)May 4It was enforced in.Known asInformation disclosure law.


It is a law that stipulates that administrative documents held by Japanese government agencies be open to the public. "Administrative agencies" and "administrative documents" are defined in the law (below#ConstitutionSee chapter).After the enactment of this law,Pension record problemEtc公 文書As a result of the management system ofLaw on management of official documentsWas enacted in 2009, and since then, Japanese government agencies have been obliged to manage and store administrative documents.

裁判 所as well as the 国会There is no law on requesting disclosure of information held by.However, regarding the court, the trialJudgmentIs published (Article 82 of the Constitution of JapanItem 1,Court Law Article 70reference),Definitive judgmentBecameCriminal trialFor the record release ofCriminal Final Litigation Record ActThere is

In addition, regarding judicial administrative documents, "Supreme Court's guidelines for handling affairs regarding disclosure of judicial administrative documents, etc."[1]Therefore, disclosure can be requested.Also, regarding the DietMain Convention・ It is stipulated that the committee should be made public and the minutes should be made public (Article 57 of the Constitution,Diet Law Article 62-63 articlereference).

Of the Diet,House of Representativesas well as the House of CouncilorsRegarding the secretariat of the House of Representatives, "Regulations for handling office work regarding disclosure of administrative documents of the House of Representatives held by the Secretariat of the House of Representatives"[2]"Rules for Handling Secretariat Documents Held by the House of Councilors Secretariat"[3]Is stipulated,Supreme CourtAs with the operation of the information disclosure system in Japan, the legal nature of the disclosure decision is unclear, and the materials due to the disclosure decisionCopyAtCopyright infringementThere is a problem such as there is a risk of.

It is an organization similar to an administrative agencyIndependent administrative agencyFor information disclosure such asIndependent Administrative Institution Information Disclosure LawThere is.

If you are dissatisfied with the disclosure decision, etc., as a remedyAdministrative Appeal LawAppeals based on,Administrative case lawYou can file a disposition cancellation lawsuit based on.Even if you can file a complaint, you can immediately file a lawsuit to cancel the disposition without doing so.

Depending on the content of the request, you will be contacted by phone before it is officially accepted, and you can have the disclosure request (and revenue stamp) returned in the form of cancellation.[4].

In addition, when disclosing, there are cases where the subject of oral disclosure is contacted by telephone (in some cases, there is no case), but here many ministries and agencies list the subject rather than deciding the subject of disclosure by oral meeting. You can also choose to upload it and have it delivered in writing (this is usually treated as an amendment to your claim).In addition, regarding a partial selective disclosure request that lists the targets, it will be sent later as a request for all applicable items.Proposal for disclosure of administrative documents, etc.It can also be done by selecting the target in.


Chapter 1 General rules

  • Article 1(the purpose)
  • Article 2(Definition)
    • Administrative agency
      An organization that receives a disclosure request and makes a disclosure decision at the same time. In Section 1, it is defined separately from No. 1 to No. 6. The Cabinet Office excluded in No. 1 is in No. 2. Institutions such as the National Police Agency excluded in No. 2 are in No. 4[5].. Institutions such as the Public Prosecutor's Office excluded in No. 3 are in No. 5[5]..The Cabinet itself is not subject to the Information Disclosure Law.
    • Administrative documents
      Documents, drawings, and electromagnetic records created or obtained by the staff of the administrative agency on the job, which are owned by the relevant administrative agency for systematic use by the staff of the relevant administrative agency.Official gazette,White paper, Newspapers, magazines, books, etc. and archives, etc., which are specially managed are excluded.
      * Not limited to those created by government officials, acquisition from others is also possible.Must be a tangible record.
      * It does not matter if the approval has been completed, as long as it is used systematically by the staff.
      Family register lawArticle 117 6,Criminal procedure codeThere are individual exemptions in Article 53, 2.

Chapter 2 Disclosure of administrative documents

  • Article 3(Disclosure request right)
    • It does not limit those who have the right to request disclosure, and grants the right to request disclosure not only to Japanese citizens but also to foreigners and corporations.
  • Article 4(Procedure for requesting disclosure)
    • Disclosure request
      Disclosure requester's name and address
      Name of administrative document
      * The reason and purpose of disclosure does not matter.It is also possible for commercial use and commercial purposes.
  • Article 5(Obligation to disclose administrative documents)
    When a request for disclosure is made, the head of an administrative agency, even if it is personal information, if the individual is a civil servant, etc., and if the information is information related to the performance of the duties, the position of the public servant, etc. Disclosure of the content of the performance of the duties The administrative document must be disclosed to the requester (paragraph 1 c).
    • It is generally accepted that even if the person requests the disclosure of his / her personal information, he / she cannot disclose it to the person if the reason for non-disclosure applies.
  • Article 6(Partial disclosure)
  • Article 7(Discretionary disclosure for public interest reasons)
    Even if non-disclosure information is recorded, it can be disclosed if it is deemed necessary for the public interest. (Discretionary)
  • Article 8(Information on the existence of administrative documents)
    Glomar response
  • Article 9(Measures for disclosure request)
    Provision of written notice
  • Article 10(Deadline for disclosure decision, etc.)
    Disclosure decisions, etc. must be made within 30 days from the date of the request for disclosure.
    (There is an exception. In that case, another 30 days. In the case of an exception, the period after the extension and the reason for the extension will be notified in writing without delay)
    If correction is required, the period is not included.
  • Article 11(Special deadline for disclosure decisions, etc.)
    Special case for a significantly large amount of disclosure requests.
  • Article 12(Transfer of case)
  • Article 12-2(Independent administrative agencyTransfer of cases to etc.)
  • Article 13(Granting opportunities to submit opinions to third parties, etc.)
    When information related to a "third party" is recorded in the administrative document related to the disclosure request, the head of the administrative agency shall, when making a disclosure decision, etc., to the third party related to the information, the administration related to the disclosure request. It is possible to give an opportunity to submit a written opinion by notifying the display of documents and other matters specified by Cabinet Order (paragraph 1). (Discretionary)
    When a third party submits a "statement of opposition" indicating the intention to oppose the disclosure of the administrative document, when making a disclosure decision, at least 2 between the date of the disclosure decision and the date of implementation of the disclosure There must be a week (paragraph 3). (To give a third party an opportunity to appeal and sue for cancellation)
  • Article 14(Implementation of disclosure)
    Disclosure can be carried out by viewing and issuing a copy.
    Provisions for multiple disclosure requests.
  • Article 16(Commission)
    The head of an administrative agency may reduce or exempt the fee if he / she finds that there are financial difficulties or other special reasons.
  • Article 17(Delegation of authority or office work)

Chapter 3 Appeals, etc.

  • Article 18(Advisory to the examination committee)
    Disclosure decision, etc.Administrative Appeal LawWhen there is an appeal by, the head of the administrative agency who should make a decision or decision, when a "statement of opposition" has been submitted,Information Disclosure/Personal Information Protection Examination CommitteeMust be consulted (reported).
    However, if the appeal is unlawful and is dismissed, the disclosure decision, etc., except for the decision to disclose all the administrative documents pertaining to the disclosure request pertaining to the appeal, will be canceled or changed by a ruling or decision. Excludes cases where all administrative documents relating to the appeal are to be disclosed.
  • Article 19(Notice of consultation)
    The head of the administrative organ that has made the consultation shall notify the following persons of the fact that the consultation has been made.
    1. Appellant and Participant
    2. Disclosure requester
    3. A third party who submitted a dissenting opinion regarding the disclosure decision, etc. relating to the appeal
  • Article 20(Procedures when dismissing a complaint from a third party)
  • Article 21(Special cases for transfer of proceedings)
    Specified jurisdiction courtProvisions for transfer when an information disclosure proceeding is filed in the proceedings.
    • Information disclosure proceedings
      Disclosure decision, etc., or a proceeding against a complaint relating to this, or a proceeding seeking cancellation of the decision

Chapter 4 Supplement

  • Article 22(Document management)
  • Article 23(Provision of information to those who request disclosure, etc.)
  • Article 24(Publication of enforcement status)
  • Article 25(Enhancement of measures related to the provision of information held by government agencies)


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Related item

外部 リンク

Moritomo school problem

Moritomo school problem(Mori tomogaku endaidai)Moritomo AcademyOperated byTsukamoto Kindergarten Preschool Education OfEducation,OsakaToyonaka CityWas to be established inMizuho no Kuni Memorial ShogakuinInstallation approval ofNational propertyHandles discussions about surplus and the movements of stakeholders.Treasury officials exhausted by daily parliamentary deliberations prepare documents to simplify deliberationsFalsificationIt was pointed out that[1]Tampered with the authorization documentFalse public document creationAnd state-owned land sold unreasonably cheaplybreach of trustEtc. on 6 chargesCivic groupsRagaNorihisa SagawaAnd a total of 38 people from the Ministry of FinanceDismissalBecame[2].

It became a problem at about the same timeKake school problemIn addition,Moritake problemCommonly known as[3][4][5].

back ground

History of national land

In 1974, the land was designated as a noise control area around Itami Airport, and the land was acquired from residents in sequence.Osaka Aviation Bureau OfAdministrative propertyBecame[6].. In 1989, the area was lifted, in 1993,Ordinary propertyChemical[7].. Garbage was found in the Osaka Civil Aviation Bureau's trial drilling survey in 2009[8]By 2012arsenic-leadSoil pollution, concrete trash found[6].. 2011, another school corporationOsaka College of MusicNegotiated for about 7 million yen, but the bid price was less than the appraisal price of about 9 million yen,Kinki Finance BureauIt is said that it did not come to terms with[8][9].

History of the sale

2013 year 3 month,Nobumitsu Hayashi Ministry of FinanceFinance BureauAppointed chief. In June, the government makes a public offer for land sale. In SeptemberMoritomo GakuenFrom Ministry of FinanceKinki Finance Bureau, A land acquisition request was issued, and thenLease agreementNegotiations for the conclusion have started. At the timeNaoki EdahiroKinki Finance Director said that he had never heard about the school and testified that there was exchange at the staff level.[10][11][12].. July 2014, 7,Hiro NakaharaTo the Director of Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance,Atsushi IizukaBecame the Deputy Director General of Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance.

In accordance with the Ministry of Finance “effective utilization of state-owned property in “new growth strategy”” guideline, on May 2015, 5, between the academy and the governmentSales contractNot for 10 yearsFixed leased landThe contract is concluded and the schoolSoil improvementAnd underground dirt removal work was done[11][13].

August 2015, 7,Hidenori SakodaTo the Director of Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance,Yoshiuchi TakeuchiBecame the director of Kinki Finance Bureau[14], Respectively.

March 2016, 3Yasunori KagoikeAnd Ministry of Finance, Bureau of Finance, National Property Operations Division, National Property TrialManagerVisited Kagoike and requested that the garbage be removed as new garbage was found.AgentLawyerFrom landSales contract OfapplicationIt has been made[11].

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOsaka Aviation BureauFrom the Kinki Finance Bureau tobudgetSince it is difficult to secure the land, a proposal was made to conclude a sale contract by discounting the cost of removing the waste from the land price. In response to this, on March 2016, 3, the buyer took an extraordinary procedure out of the normal procedure of presenting an estimate or removing it, and the Kinki Finance Bureau requested the Osaka Aviation Bureau to request an estimate of the garbage removal cost. It has been made[11][13][15].

2016年4月6日、大阪航空局から学園に対し、既成分ごみ撤去工事費用等として1億3176万円が支払われた。4月14日、大阪航空局から近畿財務局に対し、新たなごみ撤去費用が約8億2000万円と報告された。6月17日、Norihisa SagawaBecame the Director of Finance Bureau. On June 6, a sales contract was signed between the government and the school for a price of 20 million yen.[11].

Sales amount statement of national land (8770 square meters) in Noda Town, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
ItemAmount of moneyRemarks
Real estate appraisal value9 million yenVacant lot price[16]
Underground removal and disposal costs-8 yenき 引 き[16]
Beneficial expenses related to land improvement, buried removal work, etc.-1 million yenGranted to Moritomo Gakuen[16]
Long-term business loss-300 million yenき 引 き
(Actual net sale amount)149 million 8053 yen

Background to suspicious news

2016 year 6 month,Kinki Finance BureauPlanned to open an elementary schoolMoritomo AcademyThe state-owned land was sold to[17].. Deputy representative of Toyonaka City Council, Osaka Prefecture[18]Of the sale price to the Kinki Finance Bureau in September of the same year.Information disclosure lawThe Kinki Finance Bureau did not disclose it because it "impacts the business of the corporation".[17].. Dissatisfied with this, on February 2017, 2, he asked the government to cancel the decision.Osaka District CourtFiled a complaint with[17][19].. Aug. 2,Mainichi NewspapersBriefly reported this fact in the morning edition[17].

The process from the Asahi report to the call to the Kagoike witness

August 2017, 2,Asahi Shimbun TheMinistry of FinanceKinki Finance BureauThe sale price of the state-owned land that the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen paid off is exceptionally unpublished, and according to a survey by the Asahi Shimbun, it is about 14% of the state-owned land (2300 million yen) sold to Toyonaka City. otherSchool corporationAlthough it was negotiated for around 7 million yen, it is a land that Kinki Finance Bureau abandoned as "low price", and also the president of the school.Yasunori Kagoike TheJapan ConferenceAn officer in Osaka,安 倍 昭 恵Reportedly became an honorary principal of the school[20].. However, the Japan Council argues that Kagoike has withdrawn from the Japan Conference in January 2011 as a false report of the "Japan Conference Osaka Representative and Steering Committee of Kagoike".[21].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,House of RepresentativesBudget Committeeso,Shinzo AbeSaid, "If I and my wife were involved, I would leave both the prime minister and the Diet member" for the approval of setting up private schools and the payment of national land. Said, "I knew for the first time," "I was told by a person who resonated with my way of thinking, that I wanted to make "Abe Shinzo Elementary School", but I declined it. Since I am an active politician, my name is my name. It is not appropriate to do it."[22].. On the other hand, he said, "I hear from my wife that the teacher's enthusiasm for education is wonderful."[23],Tsukamoto KindergartenWhen criticism gathered on the educational policy of the school, on February 2th it came to criticize "How is it as an educator?"[23].

February 2, at the House of Representatives Budget Committee,Democratic PartyIs a national land acquisition and operation by Moritomo GakuenTsukamoto KindergartenSo, what kind of education do you ask the children to say, “Do your best in Prime Minister Abe,” “It was good to pass the National Security Council,” “China and South Korea, who treat Japan as a bad guy, should change their minds and not tell lies in history.”Basic Education LawHe pointed out that there was a suspicion of a violation, and Abe replied, "I don't want the kindergarten to tell you, it's not appropriate."[24][25].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kyodo NewsIn the distribution article, under the name of "Abe Shinzo Memorial Elementary School" around 2013primary schoolInstallationAuthorizationWas struck byOsakaWas reported to have shown dislike for political neutrality[26].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,LDP OfShoji KonoikeAround the House of Councilors around April 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Kagoike handed me a "thing in the paper" and asked, "I'd like this," but said that he did not take it and was not clever.[27][28][29].

On March 3, Kagoike held a press conference at Tsukamoto Kindergarten[30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,House of CouncilorsAccording to the budget committee's field survey,Yasue FunayamaTold the reporters, "(Mr. Kagoike) received 100 million yen from Prime Minister Abe (Shinzo) through Mrs. (Akie). The time was around September 2015." In response to this remark, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshii Suga said at the press conference that afternoon that "(Prime Minister Abe) did not make a donation himself. He did not make a donation through Mrs. Akie, the office, etc." Denied Kagoike's statement[38][39].. Regarding the invitation of Kagoike's witnesses that the opposition demanded, the budget committees of both houses of the House of Representatives unanimously passed a call for Kagoike witnesses on March 3.[40][41].. Aug. 3,Writer OfKanno KanHas held a press conference after announcing that there is a record explaining that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has deposited 100 million yen into Moritomo Gakuen. Sugano called Mr. Kagoike's eldest daughter in front of reporters to explain the process, and the day of deposit was Saturday after Akie Abe attended the kindergarten lecture on September 2015, 9. Said he kept cash in a safe and another kindergarten employee took the deposit procedure at the post office on Monday 5th.[42].. On the same day, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshii Suga announced at a news conference in the morning, "When I confirmed with my wife through the Abe office, there was no record of receipts, and it was said that the wife did not make any donations."[43].. Kamo Kagoike, the son of Yasunori Kagoike, received a 100 million yen receiptKanno KanIt is a forgery proposed by the author, and his parents said in the book that they were victims who were used as tools for the anti-government rebellion movement.[44].

Process of examination by the Osaka Prefectural Private School Council

In 2011, the school side requested the government to relax the approval criteria for setting up a private elementary school, such as allowing a corporation that has only a kindergarten to borrow money to open an elementary school. Eased. There was no similar request from anyone other than Moritomo Gakuen, and as of 2012, there was only one application from Moritomo Gakuen for approval of the elementary school after the standard was relaxed. At that time, Osaka prefecture was promoting deregulation of education, and the private school section explained that "it was not rational because there were few prefectures with similar requirements."[45].

In October 2014, the school applied to Osaka for approval to open an elementary school. The Osaka Prefectural Private School Council's regular meeting discussed the opening of a school elementary school in December, but the financial situation and other problems were pointed out one after another, such as the lack of a fund for building school buildings, which led to continued deliberation.[46].. Even at the extraordinary meeting on January 2015, 1, questions such as "Can enrollees be secured" "I do not think that it will work with such picture-related things" successively from the committee, "In terms of income and expenditure, it will be a real situation more than Ultra C In response to the question "Is it possible that there is no possibility of fraud?", the person in charge of the prefecture said, "Check the document from the certified public accountant attached to the financial statements (from the school side) and I made a decision regarding "appropriate approval of conditions", which is a condition that the donation acceptance status, the enrollment of new students, and the contents of education are additionally reported.[47].. The examination will proceed on the premise that school buildings will be constructed using leased land that is not permitted by the prefectural standards, and the school side will explain that it will conclude a leased land contract with the Kinki Finance Bureau on the premise of land purchase, and the private school section says that the land will be in the future. I decided to own it. It was the governor of Osaka when the school requested a relaxation of the standards after a problem was discovered.Tohashi HashishitaRenewed Twitter in March 2017 and said, "If there is a mistake in the approval decision, I have not reviewed the examination system after deregulation of new entrants to private school." "Deregulation and strengthening the examination system I had to do it in one set. This is my blunder."[48].. In April 2017, the prefecture announced the verification result that there was no problem with the examination, and the private school section chief at that time was punished with due caution because the boss did not make a decision[49].

On March 2017, 3 after the problem was discovered,Osaka Restoration SocietyTakahiro Nakagawa, Osaka Prefectural Assembly (elected to Toyonaka City), after approval of the prefectural government in December 2014,Matsuura MasatoYamaguchi Hofu mayorInterviewed with Mr. and Mrs. Kagoike on behalf of the agency, and revealed that he was asked to approve the establishment of the elementary school.[50].. In 2013, Kagoike visited Konoike's Kobe office via the LDP's Koji Hyogo prefectural council, which was former secretary of Konoike, and made frequent petitions to secure national land. In May, through the former LDP prefectural assembly elected by Toyonaka CityKeiichiro AsariRepeated contact with local lawmakers to realize the opening of the school, such as meeting with Mayor Toyonaka[51].

Call for witnesses of Yasunori Kagoike

Yasunori KagoikeCall for witnesses from 2017 am on March 3, 23House of CouncilorsBudget Committee[52]From 14:50House of RepresentativesMade by the budget committee[53][54][55].AssistantToTakashi YamaguchiWas appointed.Nishida ShojiPrompted Kagoike to say, "Yes. That's right. I think it's already XNUMX minutes and I've been lifted off, and I'm off the ladder.", I removed the ladder.Ichiro MatsuiGovernor of Osaka PrefectureI think so. Testimony[56].. Asked, "Who did this ladder?"Hitoshi Asada"I hung up the ladder."[52][56].Mikiro Shimoji"Mr. Matsui didn't mean that he took off the ladder, he put the ladder on so that you could start school, and you were the one who fell off the ladder. You didn't remove the ladder. I would like to point out that you have fallen off the ladder yourself, and that you must have a firm sense of it."[53][57].. Regarding the remarks made by Shimoji, Shoji Nishida told the budget committee on the next day, “Mr. Shimoji said, “Mr. Matsui put a ladder on me, but it's no good if I put on a ladder.” It has been such an uproar because it was decided (appropriate judgment)." "I would like Osaka to firmly discuss this problem (approved by the private school council)", commenting Osaka I also questioned the correspondence of the prefecture[58].

Kagoike is one of Konoike,Takuji Yanagimoto-Kitagawa IsseyHe said he asked the members of both Houses of the House (Liberal Democratic Party) to work on the Kinki Finance Bureau. In addition, about relaxation of setting standard of elementary school,Japan Restoration Party OfTohruIn addition to consulting with members of the House of Councilors (then Osaka Prefectural Assembly), he explained that after applying for approval for installation, he asked the former Chairman of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly (deceased) to work on Governor Ichiro Matsui and other political figures. On the other hand, Yanagimoto and Higashi acknowledged that there was a request, but denied any unreasonable efforts. Kitagawa denied that he had never received a request. Osaka Prefecture Private School CouncilEiji KajitaThe chairman also denied the work of politicians[59][60].

After calling witnesses,Japan Foreign Correspondents AssociationHeld a press conference against[61].. On this occasion,"FrequencyWas quoted as "sontaku" because there was no proper translation[62].. Overseas media reported that "Abe, secret donation to the far right school"[63][64][65][66].. Later, the Kagoike couple was arrested because it became apparent that they had inflated the number of employees and received subsidies illegally.

Kinki Finance Bureau

Moritomo AcademyKinki Finance Bureau2013から2015OverOsakaI visited the private school/university section (currently the private school section of the Education Agency) five times in total and checked the status of deliberation regarding installation approval. On January 5, 2015, a person in charge of Osaka Prefecture reported that "I do not know when I will get the report", but "I think the secretariat can control to some extent, such as the time when the Council makes a conclusion" Is said to have declared[67][68].

Yasunori KagoikeAs of December 2014, 12, A17 version 4 pages “Future procedure (explanatory material)” was prepared, and “Necessary from concluding a ten-year fixed-term land contract to transition to a sales contract” It was reported that he had solved the "application documents and procedures," "the handling of underground buried objects that would be the basis for concluding a sales contract by discounting approximately 3 million yen from the appraisal value," and "a draft request document for the Director of the Finance Bureau."[69].. July 2017, 4,House of RepresentativesFinance Finance CommitteeTakeshi Miyamoto"It's a service like a real estate agent. It is natural to understand that the Ministry of Finance is aggressively proceeding with the sale procedure," blamed.Finance BureauLongNorihisa Sagawa"I explained it to the other party based on the communication after the request for acquisition was made because it was quite complicated compared to ordinary land disposal," he said.[69].

Ministry of FinanceThe Kinki Finance Bureau is paying for the cost of removing the garbage buried in the national land.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOsaka Aviation BureauAnd the target area 5190m2, Depth: Up to 9.9m at the place where the piles are driven, up to 3.8m at other places, the waste mixing rate was 47.1%, and the waste amount was estimated to be 19500t, which was calculated to be 8 million yen.[70].. Yoshinobu Sato, Director of the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, said that the Osaka Civil Aviation Bureau had no experience in calculating the cost of removing garbage in the past, but "Osaka Civil Aviation Bureau staff accumulated knowledge of the entire Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport through the work of public works. I'm sorry."[71].. Yasunori Kagoike is on May 2017, 5Democratic PartyInterviews with lawyers and designers電子 メ ー ルThere was also information that said, "There is no waste below 3m."[72].

In April 2016, regarding the sale of state-owned land to the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen, in addition to the garbage removal cost of 4 million yen, it is necessary to stake about 8 to 1900 m in depth for real estate appraiser,High-rise buildingIt was requested to deduct the soft ground improvement cost of about 5 million yen assumingReal estate appraiserSaid, "I'm only going to build a low-rise building, but I can't draw that far."[73][74][75].

Regarding the record of negotiations and visits over the sales contract with the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen in June 2016, Nobutoshi Sagawa, Director of the Finance Bureau, February 6, 2017, House of RepresentativesBudget Committee"The case was concluded with the conclusion of the sales contract. The records were promptly discarded."[76].. Regarding the destruction of documents, on May 2017, 5, a civil group of lawyers,Public documents, etc.7 executives of the Ministry of Finance for conflicting withTokyo District CourtCriminal toCharges[77]Also, in June, a university professor in Kobe calls for data recovery in a computerProvisional disposalTheOsaka District CourtAppealed to[78].

Pursuit in Osaka Prefectural Assembly

Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui, who was criticized by the witness's call for saying that he was "lodged" from Kagoike, is requested by the LDP congressional assembly on March 2017, 3.Hyakujo CommitteeHowever, in April of the following year, he changed his attitude, saying, "I can see the festival of things," and the motion of the establishment of the Hyakujo Commission was a revival.KomeitoRejected twice by many opponents of[79][80][81].

On July 2017, 7, Kagoike was invited as a reference person at the prefectural assembly plenary session. I refrained from answering the suspicion that I submitted a material that looked like the asset status of[82][83].

Regarding the handling of the report that conditional approval is appropriate, Kagoike who withdrew the application criticized the government that "the ladder was unloaded", and on the 27th of the same month, the government issued a conditional report that "approval was appropriate". Reported to the private school council a proposal to revise the private school establishment authorization standard that included changing the expression to "continuous deliberation"[84].

On April 2018, 4, the Osaka Prefectural Government of Education disclosed application documents regarding the approval of the establishment of an elementary school at Moritomo Gakuen based on a request for disclosure of information.[85].

Document tampering problem

August 2018, 3,Asahi ShimbunStated on one side that the content of the decision document concerning land transactions created by the Ministry of Finance differs between the document at the time of the contract and the document disclosed to the Diet members, saying, ``A description about negotiations with the school side, The wording "special exceptions" has disappeared or changed in multiple places," and reported that there was "suspicion that the document was rewritten after the problem was discovered."[86].

5 days,Hiroshi TabataLand Transport CouncilorからKazuhiro SugitaDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatAgainst[87], About the Moritomo school problem公 文書 FalsificationIt was reported that it was suspected of being tampered with, and a copy of the document before alteration was submitted to the Ministry of Finance. In response to this, from Deputy Secretary-General SugitaYano KojiChief of Finance MinistryWas instructed to conduct a thorough investigation, and Chief Cabinet Secretary YanoFinance BureauInstruction was transmitted to[88].

9 days,Norihisa SagawaCommissioner of the National Tax AgencyHe received a 20% pay cut for 3 months and was retired on the same day. YanoChief Cabinet SecretaryAccording to a statement by the Finance and Finance Commission ofSeverance payThe amount will be about 4999 yen, but from now on, 20% reduction in salary will be reduced by about 3 yen for 66 months[89].

The investigation was conducted within the Ministry of Finance until the 12th, and the same day国会The fact of tampering was reported to[88].. In addition, it was explained in the media interview that the Minister of Finance, Aso "was rewritten by some staff of the Finance Bureau," and the final responsible person was the former Director-General of the Finance Bureau, Sagawa, who was the Director of the former National Tax Agency.[90].. In this tampering,Hiranuma Yoshio-Kunio HatoyamaThe secretaries of both Houses of Representatives made inquiries such as "The estimated loan fee shown by Kinki Finance Bureau to Moritomo Gakuen is so high that it can not be done", and explanation about the Japanese conference where Kagoike was involved Description, Akie Abe and Hiranuma,Nakayama Nariaki,Japan Restoration PartyWomen's Bureau (Kei Miki,Sugita water vein,Sayuri Kaminishi) Was visiting the Moritomo Gakuen school and was deleted from the document.[91].

On March 2018, 3, the Ministry of Finance's official document rewriting research project team (PT) was established within the Liberal Democratic Party.Masahiko Shibayama,Kaneda Katsutoshi,Keizo Takemi,Nishida Shoji,Koichi Hagita,Aoyama Shigeharu11 members are appointed as members. On the same day, we heard from the Deputy Director-General of the Financial Bureau.[92].

Budget CommitteeMitsuru OtaOn the 20th, we received a reply from the Director General of Finance and Finance that the former Director Sagawa had a great deal of involvement in falsification.Toshihiro NikaiLDP secretary general,Yu MoriyamaLiberal Democratic Party Diet Counter Chair,Yoshihisa InoueKomeitoSecretary-General,Yoshinori OguchiIn the form of a meeting held between the Komeito National Assembly Countermeasures Chairperson and the approval of Secretary-General Inoue's proposal,Call to witnessOrHidenori SakodaIt was decided not to invite the Director General of Finance and Finance before. Mrs. Akie Abe, who refused to call witnesses to a government employee who was accompanied by his wife, said it was "not necessary" (Komeito, Yoshinori Oguchi). Also, in this public talk, it was not talked about the resignation of the Aso Finance Minister, which the opposition demanded.[93].

During the investigation by the Ministry of Finance, on April 4,Junichi FukudaUnder Secretary of FinanceResigned to Finance Minister Aso as "it was difficult to fulfill his responsibilities",Yano KojiThe Chief Cabinet Secretary became the Secretary-General[94].

Accounting inspection by falsified documents

On March 2017, 3, the House of CouncilorsAccounting OfficeAgainstDiet lawRequest for accounting inspection regarding sale of national land to Moritomo Gakuen based on Article 105[95].. On November 11 of the same year, inspection results were reported that the country lacked careful research and consideration when calculating the discount amount.[96].. On March 2018, 3, the CPA acknowledged that all 20 documents submitted by the Ministry of Finance had been tampered with and apologized for not confirming the authenticity of the submitted documents.[97].. The reason for the tampering is that while the Moritomo Gakuen project is being widely taken up in the Diet debate, there are as few materials as possible that could lead to further questions.The staff of the Ministry of Finance responded to the Diet debate on a daily basis and requested explanations and The background was that I was exhausted by responding to requests for materials[1].

Kinki Finance Bureau staff officially certified for public affairs

On March 2018, 3, a male employee of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau committed suicide at home leaving a note that he was forced to falsify the approval document, and the Kinki Local Finance Bureau said about this man.Public affairs disasterCertified as[98].

Kinki finance bureaucracy by family members

In March 2020, the wife of Kinki Local Finance Bureau employee Toshio Akagi, who died himself, sued the government and Nobuhisa Sagawa, the former director of the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance.[99].. In addition, the staff's notes and wills were released.[99]..Reported this matter "Weekly BunshunThe June 2020, 3 issue recorded the number one sales of the magazine in the first half of this year with actual sales of 26 copies.[100].

Investigating related parties by the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office

Changes in criminal procedure

On May 2018, 5, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office denounced Nobunoshi Sagawa and 31 employees from the Ministry of Finance. In either case, there is no suspicion or no suspicion. The special investigation departmentHiroyuki UewakiWe received accusations from Kobe Gakuin University professors on six charges, such as making false official documents that tampered with the decision-making documents, and apseed for selling the state-owned land unreasonably cheaply, but we judged that Sagawa's criminal liability could not be questioned.[2].

Osaka No. 2019 as of March 3, 15Prosecution examination committeeHas decided that 10 members of the Treasury Ministry, including Sagawa, who have been indicted, have been "indicted and unreasonable," and the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office will conduct a re-investigation.[101].

On August 2019, 8, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office newly denounced 9 employees of the Ministry of Finance[102].. Since the previous prosecution's decision was not "equivalent to prosecution", there was no possibility of reexamination or forced prosecution by the prosecution's examination, and the investigation was terminated.[102].

Prosecuted and no longer disclosed evidence[103].

Leak of investigation information

August 2018, 4,Independent societyMember of the House of RepresentativesKenji Eda"On the Twitter's suspicion that the Ministry of Finance has asked Moritomo Gakuen's side to sideket" on NHK's Twitter, "the leak of the Osaka District Prosecutor's female special investigation department is appearing rapidly".Osaka District Public Prosecutor's OfficePosted a controversial statement that seems to have leaked information from other people[104][105].. "Osaka District Public Prosecutor General Manager for Women" was appointed as the first female general manager in the special investigation department of the agency in October 2015.Machiko YamamotoIs said to be[106].. Yamamoto has been in charge of investigating the Moritomo Gakuen problem since last year and was involved in the arrest of Mr. and Mrs. Kagoike.[107][108].

Ministry of Finance investigation report and disposition of related parties

June 2018, 6, Ministry of FinanceMinister's Secretariat Secretariatas well as the Chief Inspector General's Office of the same sectionIn the survey conducted mainly in the above, "Investigation report on falsification of approval documents related to Moritomo Gakuen project" was compiled and published.[109],Taro AsoFinance Minister,Yano KojiSecretary-General of Finance and Deputy Secretary of Finance,Mitsuru OtaFinance Director andChief of General Affairs DivisionHad an interview[110].

According to the report, the Treasury announced the disposition of 20 executives and others.[111].

  • Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance (at that time)
    • Finance Director:Norihisa Sagawa -Equivalent to disciplinary action (equivalent to 3 months suspension)[Annotation 1]
    • Deputy Director General, Finance Bureau:Mutsumi Nakao -Disciplinary action (warning)
    • General Affairs Section Manager:Minoru Nakamura --Disciplinary action (1 month suspension)
    • General affairs department staff (assistant manager level)-verbally careful
    • National Property Planning Division Manager: Taiichiro Tomiyasu-Disciplinary Action (20% pay cut, 3 months)
    • National Property Planning Section staff (assistant section manager) 2 people-Oral caution
    • National Property Prosecution Office Director: Yoshihiro Tamura-Disciplinary action (20% pay cut, 2 months)
    • National Property Prosecution Office staff (assistant section manager)-Disciplinary action (warning)
    • National Property Prosecution Office staff (section chief)-Strict attention to documents
  • Kinki Finance Bureau (then)
    • Kinki Finance Director:Minami Yoshito -Disciplinary action (warning)
    • Management Director-Disciplinary Action (Warning)
    • Deputy Director General of Finance and Administration-Disciplinary action
    • Head of State Property Officer-Strictly Verbal
    • 2 other staff-duties
  • More
    • Under Secretary at the time:Shinichi Sato -Equivalent to disciplinary action (10% reduction in salary, 1 month equivalent)[Annotation 2]
    • Chief of Staff at the time:Kaoru Okamoto -Strict attention to documents
    • Director General of Finance and Finance at the time of release of the survey report:Mitsuru Ota -Strict attention to documents
    • Deputy Director General, Finance and Finance Bureau at the time of publication of the survey report: Kazunari Toyama-Strictly Oral

In addition, Finance Minister Aso announced the voluntary return of one year of ministerial salary.[112].

Report of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

By January 2020, 3Information Disclosure/Personal Information Protection Examination CommitteeWhen he contacted the Ministry of Finance, he considered that it took two years and five months to report because he could not get an answer, and included an unusual criticism that "it caused a great hindrance to the deliberation."[113].


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Related item

Related person

  • Yasunori Kagoike(Chairman of Moritomo Gakuen)
  • Shinzo Abe(Prime Minister)
  • 安 倍 昭 恵(Mrs. Prime Minister)
  • Taro Aso(Minister of Finance)-Voluntary return of salary for one year[1]
  • Shinichi Sato(Secretary-General under falsification)-10% reduction in salary equivalent to 1 month[1]
  • Junichi Fukuda(Secretary-General under investigation)
  • Kaoru Okamoto(Chief Officer at the time of tampering)-Strict attention to documents[1]
  • Yano Koji(Chief Secretary and Secretary-General of the Secretary at the time of investigation)
  • Nobumitsu Hayashi(Director of the Finance Bureau at the start of the lease contract negotiation)
  • Hiro Nakahara(Director-General of Finance Bureau at the time of concluding lease agreement)
  • Hidenori Sakoda(Director General of Finance and Finance at the start of sales contract negotiations)
  • Norihisa Sagawa(Director-General of Finance Bureau at the time of alteration)-Equivalent to 3 months suspension[1]
  • Mitsuru Ota(Director-General of Finance Bureau at the time of investigation)-Strict attention to documents[1]
  • Atsushi Iizuka(Deputy Director General of Finance and Finance Bureau at the time of concluding the lease contract)
  • Mutsumi Nakao(Deputy Director General, Finance Bureau at the time of falsification)-Notice[1]
  • Naoki Edahiro(Director of Kinki Finance Bureau at the start of lease agreement negotiations)
  • Tetsuo Tominaga(Director, Kinki Finance Bureau)
  • Yoshiuchi Takeuchi(Director of Kinki Finance Bureau at the start of negotiations on sales contracts)
  • Minami Yoshito(Director, Kinki Finance Bureau)-Notice[1]
  • Minoru Nakamura(Chief of General Affairs Division, Finance Bureau) --Disciplinary action (1 month suspension)[1]
  • Kuniharu Ebina(Director, Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
  • Takeshi unemoto(Osaka District Public Prosecutor)
  • Machiko Yamamoto(Director, Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office, Moritomo Gakuen Problem Investigation Officer)
  • Tsunekazu Kobashi(Osaka District Public Prosecutor General Manager)
  • Kensuke Koshiyama(Deputy Director General of General Secretariat, Accounting Inspection Office)
  • Ichiro Matsui(Governor of Osaka Prefecture when applying for approval to open an elementary school)
  • Eiji Kajita(Chairman of the Osaka Prefectural Private School Council when applying for approval to open an elementary school)
  • (First report on the issue of Moritomo Gakuen at Toyonaka City Council, Osaka Prefecture, which does not belong)

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