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🏛 | [Korea] Mr. Yun declares a horse to be elected president [Politics] Aiming for a change of power, other candidates will also give their names

Mr. Yoon answering a question at a photo press conference = 29th, Seoul (photographed by NNA)

[Korea] Mr. Yun declares a horse to be elected president [Politics] Aiming for a change of power, other candidates will also give their names

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Former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun and former Minister of Justice Choo Mi-ae have already made a name for themselves in the party.

Yoon Seok-youol, who resigned as prosecutor-in-chief in March of this year in conflict with the Moon Jae-in administration in South Korea ... → Continue reading

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Former Minister of Justice

Autumn beauty

Autumn beauty(Ju Mie,1958 May 10-) is South Korea Of政治家.Moon Jae-in Governmentで第67代法務部長官(2020 May 1 - 2021 May 1)を歴任した他、Park Geun-hye administration末期から文在寅政権初期の時期(2016 May 8 - 2018 May 8)Democratic togetherRepresentingPresidential election in November 2017And March 2018The 7th National Simultaneous Local Electionsを勝利に導いた経歴を持つ。


After graduating from university, worked as a court judge in various courts.In 1995, when he was working at Gwangju High CourtNew Political National AssemblyWas the presidentKim Dae JungRequested to join the party and entered politics.

ConsistentlyJeollaPolitical party with strong ground (New Politics National Congress →Democratic Party→Democratic Party→ Democratic Party of Korea → New Political Democratic Union →Democratic together), But she herselfFree Korean PartyIs a solid groundGyeongsangbuk-doDaegu City (currently Daegu Metropolitan City)I'm from.After being elected for the first time, he held important positions in the National Assembly and the Democratic Party of Japan, including the special assistant to the president, the secretary general of the president, and the party's highest committee member. In the 2004 general electionImpeachment of Roh Moo-hyun, President of South KoreaHe licked his tongue due to the headwinds against the Democratic Party of Japan, but made a comeback in the 2008 general election. "postSohn Hak-kyuAttracting attention as an opposition politician who will lead the era[1].

He was the representative of the Democratic Party in the general election in April 2012.Hanming ShuWas elected one of the party's highest committee members as a result of the party leadership elections held after the opposition solidarity resigned after taking responsibility for the de facto defeat.[2].. In December of the same yearPresidential electionSo became the party's presidential candidateWen ZaiyinBecame chairman of the National Integration Committee of the Election Countermeasures Committee and supported the election[3].

In February 2015, he was appointed as the Supreme Commissioner of the New Political Democratic Union.[4].

Five elections for the first time among Korean female lawmakers in the April 2016 general election[5]In August of the same year, he was elected as the party representative at the Democratic Party of Korea's all-party convention.It should be noted thatMaintenanceThis is the first time that a female member from Daegu / Gyeongsangbuk-do (so-called TK area), which is the support base of political parties, will be the representative of the party (including the predecessor party).[6]..When he was a party representative, he was also evaluated for dealing with the sexual harassment problem.[7][8].

On December 2019, 12, President Moon Jae-in appointed the Minister of Justice, who has been vacant for more than a month and a half, and took office on January 5, 1.[9][10].

In January 2020, the prosecution personnel will carry out a major renewal.Conflict with the Moon Jae-in administrationYoon Seok-youThirty-two people, including the prosecution's aide executives, were all transferred to the ground inspection and sinecure.[11]..The Korean newspaper reported that it was a "genocide murder" and criticized it as a "retaliation personnel" trying to restrain the prosecution's investigation into Cheong Wa Dae.[12].

Even after that, the attack on Yoon Seok-you, the prosecutor's president, continued, such as activating the investigation command three times in four months. Ordered the suspension of execution of duties by the president. On December 4, the president approved a two-month suspension of prosecutor Yoon Seok-you, and at the same time announced the resignation of the Minister of Justice. On December 3, Moon Jae-in became the successor to the Minister of Justice(Korean version)Choo Mi-ae will retire from the Ministry of Justice as soon as it is approved at the personnel hearing in the Diet.[13].

2021 May 6,2022 Republic of Korea presidential electionAnnounced to run for[14].


"Choo Mi-ae Official Homepage"of"Choo Mi-ae ProfileAnd created with reference to mass media such as Union News


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayPrime MinisterShinzo AbeSpecial envoyToshihiro NikaiI met with.At the meeting, Aki told the second floor that "Japan's efforts to pursue the truth should be preceded" regarding the Japan-Korea agreement.He added, "It is Japan's apology that must be final and irreversible, and the victim's rehabilitation."Furthermore, on June 6, he insisted that "the comfort women agreement signed under the Park Geun-hye administration should not have its contents and is of course invalid. It should be renegotiated."[21].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayChinese Communist PartyIn the keynote speech of "Dialogue with World Political Party Executives" hosted by "A New Generation of Designers"Xi JinpingGeneral secretaryI am convinced that the "Two Hundred Years" and "Chinese Dream" advocated by the government will contribute to world peace and prosperity. I strongly sympathize with the words of General Secretary Xi, who shouted, "The times are the mother of thought." I'm sure I'll do it. "[22][23].

At a press conference on May 2018, 5Japan-Korea Agreement on Comfort WomenRegarding the transfer of the comfort woman image promised in, "The Republic of Korea is a law-abiding country. Can the girl image in front of the Japanese embassy be cleaned up based on international law?" It should not be removed as "a peaceful way to accuse Japan of sexually enslaving a girl from a lost nation."[24].


  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTHAADThe deployed when you take a commemorative photo with Xi Jinping party general secretary that the retaliatory measures (Jintao) to Korea "Korean PeninsulaI would like to thank you for your efforts for peace and stability. "[25], On December 12rd, as a representative of the ruling party, impeached the government against the will of the people in a speech in "Dialogue with World Party Executives" sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party, and said that the Moon Jae-in Government was born.[26]"It is a model of the Chinese Communist Party," because it is expressed as a law-abiding country that means the national rule of the Chinese Communist Party.[27], The Chosun Ilbo has been criticized as "a big thing that the Korean ruling party representative showed" and "I would like to ask once what Mr. Aki is grateful for what China has done."[25]..It was sent by President Moon in May 2008, comparing with the Chinese side's willingness to not protest the protest against THAAD and the special envoy response of President Lee Myung-bak in 2013 and President Park Geun-hye in 2017. As a special envoyLee Hae-chan[28],Hong Kong Secretary-GeneralThere is concern that it will be treated as "downgrade" in response to class interviews, and "If you know the history of the peninsula that has been damaged by the Chinese nationalism of the Chinese dream, you can not say it, dignifiedly. Diplomacy is an exception only to China. "[25].
  • In 2018, it was discovered that a bedrock female party member who had been working for the Democratic Party for decades before the Kim Dae-Jung government was lost due to long-standing sexual harassment and sexual harassment sequelae by other members of the party.However, he has been criticized for silently silently disposing of the perpetrators without commenting as a party representative.[29].
  • 2020 years,Park Won-soonMayor Park and other mayors of Seoul, who have made many hard-line statements about sexual crimes such as the "nth room" case, have committed suicide immediately after being accused of being sexually harassed by a former secretary. It has been criticized for being intentionally silent about the sexual scandals of ruling party officials.[30].
  • The son of Choo Mi-aeConscriptionDuring the period, he took a total of 58 days off, but the opposition party pointed out that there was no record of sick leave on which it was based. I think he used the "opportunity he gave me" to perform "emperor's military service". "In addition, the ruling party called out the words of An Jung-geun to defend the son of Secretary Aki and called the opposition party who pointed out the suspicion a "coup force".[31]..On September 2020, 9, the eastern Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office, which was investigating this matter, dismissed autumn and his sons from prosecution for not being fraudulent.[32].
  • September 2020, 9, run by my daughterRestaurantsでPress conferenceMillions of won in the name ofPolitical funds"You can't eat it for free, even if it's your daughter's shop. It's not a violation of the Political Funds Act." There was also interaction and encouragement for the children. "[33].
  • Choo Mi-ae exercised the investigative command three times in four months (only four times in the 4-year history of constitutional administration, including the case of Choo Mi-ae), and the conflicting prosecutor Yoon Seok-you Withdrew from the investigation.Opposition criminals criticized the criminal record for fraudulent criminal offenses and criticized the investigation[34].
  • A cluster of new coronaviruses occurred in the eastern detention center in Seoul, and 1 people, or 30% of all inmates, were infected in one month. It has been criticized that he did not use any nerves to manage the correctional facility, which is his original responsibility.[35].


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