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🏛 | [Yokohama mayoral election] Mr. Kokonoki consults with the Liberal Democratic Party Yokohama City Federation for support in the mayoral election

Photo Hachiro Okonogi (Material photo)

[Yokohama mayoral election] Mr. Kokonoki consults with the Liberal Democratic Party Yokohama City Federation for support in the mayoral election

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"Since the idea is the opposite of the promotion of IR (integrated resort facilities including casinos) that the LDP has been doing so far, I am not in a position or qualification to receive a recommendation, but if you can support me, please think about it." It is said that.

Mr. Hachiro Okonogi (56) = House of Representatives Kanagawa 3rd district, Liberal Democratic Party = who has announced that he will run for the mayor of Yokohama, is the leader of the same party, Yokohama City ... → Continue reading

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Resort (resort) Means that many people休 暇-Leisure timeA place to spend time.resort.


Means "again" "re" When,FrenchHas the meaning of "going out" "sortir" Is an abbreviation for "sort" The word is a combination of, and the meaning of "a place to go many times" has changed to become a resort.

Originally it refers to all resorts, but it is a classic resort(English edition)Like the image of, the meaning of "a scenic, relaxing place" may be added.Japan,English-speaking countriesHas a relatively large site and various ancillary facilitiesHotelIt is also commonly used as a name or classification for.JapaneseThen, they are sometimes called "resort area" and "resort hotel" to clarify the target.

The definition of resort in Japan isBubble periodEnacted in 1987Resort lawThere is a "place where the people can enjoy various leisure activities".The actual application of the law wasゴ ル フ 場,Ski resort, Marina (Yotto Harbor), It was a large facility such as a resort hotel.Pool,SPA, SometimesArcadeCalling a single comprehensive facility that has such things as a resort (resort facility) is an expanded interpretation unique to Japan.

There are various types of resorts (resort areas), but two types are typical depending on how they are operated. One is that most of the resorts are run by local businesses.America OfColorado OfAspenIs an example.The other is that most of the fun of staying there is provided by one company.The representative isWalt Disney World Resort.

The most famous resort in ancient times is Italy (about 2000 years ago)Baiae).

Resort development in Japan

JapanModern resort development inMeiji EraTo foreignersMountainSummer resortStarts as.現在のCurrentHyogoKobe City OfMt. RokkosanAt1874(Meiji7 years) Japan's first modern eraClimbingWas performed by a foreign party, and thenTrailとHaikThe sidewalk on the mountain for the purpose was improved.次いでThenEnglishmanTrading merchantAH Groom 1895The villa area was formed after the villa was built on the shore of Mikuni Pond in (Meiji 28).1903(Meiji 36)Japan's first golf courseLeisure facilities were built, such as the opening of.これらは全てThese are allKobe foreign settlementIt was done by Westerners.

plateauWidely known as a summer resortNagano OfKaruizawaIt is,1888From (Meiji 21)カナダPeopleMissionary OfAlexander Croft ShowStarted by building a villa.1893ToTokyoとTrainBecause it was directly connected with1918ToSeibu,1945ToTokyuA company in Tokyo entered the development and became a major resort area.

In addition, the beach summer resortMiyagi OfShichigahama(At the timeSendai WardTouhou.MatsushimaIn 1888 (Meiji 21)BeachOpening and1889Construction of a villa by foreign missionaries from (Meiji 22)Alpine summer resort) Is the beginning.これらはThey areEast AsiaFrom all overSummer vacationThis is for long-term stays of foreigners who gather in Japan.

1933,Kiichiro OkuraTriggered to climb the Northern AlpsNaganoKamikochiKamikochi on the groundImperial HotelOpened.日本の山岳リゾート地の先駆けとなったBecame a pioneer of mountain resorts in Japan[1].

recent years[When?]Resort development requires a large area and requires a large amount of money and long-term planned investment.Tobuグループ,Tokyu,Seibu,YamahaCompanies with strong owner management have been developing resorts as a corporate entity.

1987(Showa62), due to excess money and calls for domestic demand promotionGeneral Recreation Area Improvement Act(Resort Law) was enactedMunicipalitiesPlanned resort development in collaboration with a private company, but after thatBubble burstMost of them have failed, and large-scale pension recreation bases (Green pier) And other public resorts have failed, and the era of resort development after the Resort Law has come to an end.この経緯についてはAbout this processGeneral Recreation Area Improvement ActSee section.

Resort type

Major resorts in the world

Marine resort

It is often found in relatively warm areas suitable for swimming and marine sports.Famous densely populated areas include the Andaman Sea, Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea, and Caribbean Sea.


In Southeast Asian countries facing the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea, Westerners have been visiting for summer for a long time, and the number of tourists from Asia is increasing due to the proximity, so resort development is active, and Penang Island, Malaysia, The islands of Phuket in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and Cebu in the Philippines were famous, but in recent years, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc.Developing countryas well as the Middle-income countryResort development is also active.

Japan : Okinawa(mainlyNorthern part of the main island, Onna Beach, etc.),Sakishima Islands(Iriomote Island,Taketomi Island,Ishigakijima,MiyakojimaSuch),Amami archipelago(Yoron Island,Kikai IslandSuch),Nichinan coast,Seto Inland Sea(Shodoshima,Naoshima,UshimadoSuch),Uwa Sea(Misho, etc.),Nanki(Shirahama,Kushimoto,Nachi Katsuura TownSuch),Shima,Minamichita,Izu Peninsula,Minami Boso(Tateyama-Kamogawa-OnjukuSuch)
Taiwan(Republic of China):Kenting National Park
South Korea : Jeju,BusanHaeundae,IncheonNaka-kuYeongjongdo
Chugoku : Hainan Island(Sanya,Boao),North Sea(Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region)
Thailand : Phuket island,Koh Samui,ク ラ ビ,Phi Phi Island,Hua Hin,Pattaya,Chanthaburi Province,Phetchaburi Province,Trang province,Phang Nga Province
Malaysia : Penang Island,Langkawi,Kota Kinabalu,Tioman Island,Redang Island,Tawau(Borneo)
フィリピン : Cebu Island,Bohol island,Boracay island,Palawan,
Indonesia : Bali,Lombok,Bintan Island,Batam,Manado(Sulawesi)
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu : DanangNha Trang,Quy Nhon,Phan Thiet,Phu Quoc Island
Cambodia : Sihanoukville,Kep,
Myanmar :
Sri Lanka : Negombo,(English edition),(English edition)
バングラデシュ:,Cox bazaar
India : Gore
Pakistan :
(I.e. : Kish Island
United Arab Emirates : Dubai
トルコ : Bodrum,Antalya,
Egypt : Dahab,Sharm el Sheikh
セ ー シ ェ ェ
Kenya : Mombasa
Tanzania : Zanzibar
South Africa : Cape Town
(I.e.: Monaco,Monte Carlo
France : Cote d'Azur(Cannes,Nice)
スペイン : Costa del Sol(MarbellaSuch),Ibiza,Mallorca
Portugal : Algarve
イタリア : Riviera coast,Rimini,Marche,Calabria,Sardinia,Sicily
Greece : Mykonos,SantoriniSuch,Aegean seaIslands
ロシア : Sochi
North and Central America
The United States of America : Santa Monica,MiamiBeach,Key west,Fort Lauderdale,Pompano Beach,Hawaiian Islands,Nantucketisland,Corpus Christi
メキシコ : Cancun,Acapulco,Veracruz, (Los Cabos),
キ ュ ー バ :
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu : Casa de Campo
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu : Montego bay
British Cayman Islands
Lesser Antilles:バルバドス,French Martiniqueな ど
South America
エクアドル : Salinas
ベネズエラ : Margarita Island
ペルー : Huacachina
チリ : Vina
Brazil : Copacabana Natal (Ponta Negra),Balneário Comboliouな ど
Australia : Hamilton Island,Cairns,Gold Coast
New Zealand :
パ ュ ュ ニ ニ : Madan
RiceAreaGuam,北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島 : Saipan Island,Tinian island,Rota
BuddhaAreaNew Caledonia,Tahiti
パラオ : Peleliu

Mountain resort

(I.e.,plateauな どelevationThere are many high and cool areas.主にmainlySummer resortPreferred as, in winterSki resortIt can also be.Volcanic beltWhen is closeSpaIt may also serve as a resort.

Japan: Niseko,Rusutsu, Tomamu →Shimukappu,Appi Kogen,Lake Tazawa,Zao mountain range,Bandai Kogen,Nasu plateau,Okunikko,Hakone,Echigo Yuzawa,Myoko Kogen,Kusatsu,Manza,Karuizawa,Tateshina Plateau,Sugadaira Kogen,Shiga Kogen,Iizuna Plateau,Kamikochi,Azumino,Kirigamine,Shirakaba Lake,Mt. Yatsugatake,Fuji Five Lakes,Torigi Kogen,Asagiri Plateau,Hirugano Plateau,Mt. Rokkosan,Hiruzen Kogen,Kumakogen,Yufuin,Aso plateau
Korea: Seoraksan,Ping Chang
China: Changbai Mountain,Lijiang
Philippines: Rice terraces in Cordillera, Philippines,Baguio,Tagaytay
Nepal: Pokhara,Nagarkot
Tanzania : Moshi
South Africa : Sun city
Lesotho: Afriski
Switzerland: (Interlaken,Grindelwald,Lauterbrunnen,Jungfrau),Zermatt,Lausanne,St. Moritz,Davos
Austria: Soelden,
France: Chamonix,: Morzine(Aboria)
Italy: Cortina d'Ampezzo,Bormio,Courmayeur,Valtournenche(Cervinia)
Germany: Berchtesgaden
Russia: Cheget
North and Central America
Canada: Whistler,Banff
United States of America: Aspen,Lake Placid,Lake Tahoe
South America
new Zealand: Mount Cook
Australia :,

Spa resort

So-calledSpaGround.VolcanoMostly in areas near the obi.


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  • Ken Miki "Resort Development Report from Okinawa" (Sanichi Shobo, 1990) OkinawaCritical review of the case

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