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🏛 | [Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly] The Democratic Party for the People's "disastrous defeat" has been pointed out that "Shiori Yamao and Orikawa's official cancellation turmoil has an effect."

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[Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly] It has been pointed out that the Democratic Party for the People's "disastrous defeat" is "affected by the revocation of official approval by Mr. Shiori Yamao and Mr. Orikawa."

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During the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, Tomoko Orikawa, a 2-year-old freelance journalist in the 43nd ward of Shimane, announced that she had "conducted a case that deviated from social norms" and that she would cancel the official offer of the next House of Representatives election and dismiss her. I was hit by a situation.

Shuhei Kishimoto, the chairman of the Democratic Party for the People (Yuichiro Tamaki), talked on the XNUMXth following the results of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election (ballot counting on the XNUMXth) ... → Continue reading

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