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🏛 | Vaccine supply shortage due to delay in opening of wide area inoculation center Naha venue


Vaccine supply shortage due to delay in opening of wide area inoculation center Naha venue

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The prefecture has explained that it will promote vaccination for key workers.

Governor Tamaki Denny held a regular press conference at the prefectural office on the 9th, and started operation at the Naha Cruise Terminal in Wakasa, Naha City on July 7th ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Essential worker

Essential worker(English: Essential worker) OrKey worker(English: Key worker [1]),Critical worker A (critical worker) is a worker who is indispensable for maintaining the minimum social infrastructure.


Global2019 New Coronavirus Due to the spread of (SARS-CoV-2)英国In, the school was forced to close, so the British government provided a concrete list by dividing workers in occupations that are indispensable for maintaining social infrastructure and workers in occupations that are unnecessary and urgent.[2].

Health / medical / long-term care - In particularDoctor,nurse,Midwife,Paramedic,pharmacist,Social workerIn addition to including care workers such as care workers, people who are not limited to these and are engaged in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are also included.[Note 1][Note 2].

Education and childcare - In particularTeacher,ChildminderIn addition, school staff and nursery staff are included.[3][Note 3]

Major public services – Specifically, the staff of the judiciary[Note 4],Broadcaster [Note 5]Staff, volunteers, etc. are included.

Government agencies / local governments – Includes personnel necessary to maintain administrative services, such as civil servants who operate administrative agencies and employees of incorporated administrative agencies.2019 New Coronavirus The (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic also includes administrative personnel needed to respond to public health.[Note 6].

Persons involved in handling food and other daily necessities and hygiene products – Specifically, manufacturers, logistics, and retailers necessary for the production, processing, distribution, sales, and delivery of food, daily necessities, and sanitary goods.[4][5]Personnel are included[Note 7].

Public security and national security - Police officer[6]Includes police officials, border guards, Japan Coast Guard, fire departments, national defense officials, military personnel and SDF personnel[Note 8].

Transportation - Public transportAnd freight forwarding businessRailway operator,Airlines[7][8], Bus operator,Water transportationBusiness, truck carrier[Note 9]And each staff of road-related business[9]Is included[Note 10][Note 11].

Utility infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, financial industry - Power company[10]Includes staff engaged in infrastructure businesses such as gas companies, water and sewage bureaus, telecommunications businesses such as telephone and internet, telecommunications businesses including postal services, and financial institutions such as banks.[Note 12].

The word "essential worker" has existed before this,US GovernmentWas also listed in[11].. Also,JapanBut as an essential worker, each of the above occupations[12][13][14]Opportunities to report are increasing.


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注 釈

  1. ^ So-called medical staff
  2. ^ In the case of pharmacists, it is also related to the retail business described below.
  3. ^ Also includes school children.It also has the role of taking care of the children of other key workers.
  4. ^ In addition to judges and judicial staff, it includes prosecutors, lawyers, and other personnel necessary for judicial administration in addition to judicial institutions.
  5. ^ In particularTV station,Radio stationsAnd has a role as a news agency
  6. ^ It has an important role in the diagnosis of COVID-19, such as health center staff.
  7. ^ In the case of retail business, not only direct clerk but also cleaning staff etc. are included
  8. ^ Emergency personnel are also included because they are medical professionals.
  9. ^ It is transported by truck to various parts of Japan.
  10. ^ In addition to being used for commuting by medical staff such as commuter trains, there are also cases where the Shinkansen or airplane is used for commuting from rural areas to large cities.
  11. ^ In vaccine distribution, all vaccines that Japan obtained during 2020ANAIt was delivered to Japan from a vaccine-producing country by air transportation.
  12. ^ These will be the main infrastructure that is supplied not only to people at home but also to medical institutions such as hospitals.


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