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🏛 | Sudden turn "no audience" Governor and Organizing Committee "passing"

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Sudden change "no audience" "passing" between the governor and the organization committee

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I was planning to guide the audience at Fukuzumi Subway Station, but the activity is likely to be cancelled.

The Tokyo Olympics are about to open 11 days later.It was decided once to put the audience in the soccer venue of Sapporo Dome ... → Continue reading

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Fukuzumi Station

Fukuzumi Station(Fukuzumi Eki)HokkaidoSapporoToyohira WardMoon cold eastLocated in Article 1, 13th StreetSapporo Municipal Subway Toho LineThe terminal station of.The station number isH14.Sapporo DomeNearest station.


Station structure

It is an island platform with two lines on one side.Double migration type on the north sideTurnout machine, Three detention lines are installed on the south side.It is the terminal station, and although there are many passengers heading to Sapporo Dome and transferring to the connecting bus, the width of the platform is not so different from other stations in the extension section, so it is too small.

At the beginning of the opening, it was once forwarded to the detention line on the south side like Sakaemachi station, and then entered the second platform, but2004After that, the line was changed using a double-way switch on the north side, and the turnout was performed at the platform.This is along the lineK's Denki Tsukikan DomeAs the number of spectators for concerts, events, professional baseball, etc. held at Sapporo Dome and Sapporo Dome has increased significantly, some customers have become more prominent in accidentally getting on the deadhead car and prevent falling accidents due to congestion at the platform. It is supposed to be done.It is before the extension that the platform turn-back operation is regularly performed at the terminal station of the Toho Line.Hosui Susukino StationIt's been 10 years since it was held in Japan.

There are 4 exits.Initially there was only an elevator to the ground at Exit 2, but later an elevator was installed in the passage to Exit 3 and the bus terminal.[3].

At the Toho Line station, all ticket gates at the South ticket gate became card-enabled at an early stage.At that time, there were still a mixture of ticket gates that did not support cards, but the renewal was carried out before the opening of the Sapporo Dome.Therefore, the guidance "If you are using a card, please go through this ticket gate" was switched to "All the south ticket gates of this station are card compatible" on the card-only ticket gate at the ticket gate.Even after all stations were updated to card-compatible ticket gates, only the frames remained for a while (currently, the south ticket gate side has been removed and the north ticket gate remains).

In addition, the IC card from 2009 "SAPICAFor the introduction, all ticket gates at this station have been updated to support SAPICA at both the north and south ticket gates (some ticket vending machines and checkout machines are not supported).This is ahead of Odori Station and Sapporo Station.

Bus stop
1 · 2Sapporo Municipal Subway Toho Line Toho LineOdori-Sapporo-Sakaemachiaspect

Usage situation

Sapporo City Transportation BureauAccording to the 2019 daily averageBoardingpersonnel The16,444Is.This is on the Toho lineSapporo stationEven at a single station where there is no transfer to other linesAso StationNext to most.Also,Sapporo DomeThe feature is that the event dates are particularly crowded.

Daily average after station openingBoardingThe changes in personnel are as follows.

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
1994 (Heisei06 years)9,164[4]
1995 (Heisei07 years)11,680[4]
1996 (Heisei08 years)11,971[4]
1997 (Heisei09 years)11,744[4]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)16,444[8]

Around the station

next toTsukikan Chuo StationIt passes under National Highway No. 36 (Tsukusamu-dori / Muroran Highway), and all exits are along National Highway No. 36.
Commercial facilities and businesses are concentrated around National Highway No. 36, and residential areas such as condominiums surround the area.

Bus route

Connect at Fukuzumi StationHokkaido Central BusとHokuto KotsuBus was attachedFukuzumi Bus TerminalDeparts and arrives at.See the relevant item for destinations and platforms.


  • Initially, Sapporo City planned to build a subway in the direction of Kitano via the vicinity of the Hokkaido Industrial Co-Promotion Venue, but in reality it was a slightly different route.For this reason, the originally planned "Kyoshin Venue Station" is almost impossible, and it is said that the Kitano area is close to the Tozai line and its profitability is unclear. The extension to is also considered for a while, but the future extension is undecided.In the route guide map on the wall of each station platform on the Toho Line, there are about 36 blanks ahead of this station.
  • When there is an event at Sapporo Dome, it is usually less than 15 minutes on foot from Fukuzumi Station to Sapporo Dome, but after the event, many people head for Fukuzumi Station, so the sidewalks are lined up and it takes less than 20 minutes to reach Fukuzumi Station. There is also.Since the sidewalk faces National Highway No. 36, which is the main road, traffic control staff are assigned to various places to prevent danger.
  • As for the station stamp, the Sapporo Dome is drawn in the initial F of Fukuzumi Station.[9].

Next station

Sapporo City Transportation Bureau Sapporo Municipal Subway
Sapporo Municipal Subway Toho Line Toho Line
Tsukikan Chuo Station (H13)- Fukuzumi Station (H14)

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