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🏛 | Governor is dissatisfied "We are overwhelmed by the expectations of the people for early vaccination" ... Vaccine supply affects "4% of hope" reservations


Governor complains "I'm sick of the people's expectations for early vaccination" ... Vaccine supply affects "4% of hope" reservations

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In addition, Hakusan City is investigating whether the inventory of vaccines, etc. is affected by interviews with each clinic.

Amid concerns about the re-spread of infection in Ishikawa Prefecture, the supply of vaccines, which is the trump card, is not catching up. ... → Continue reading

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Baishan City

Baishan City(Hakusan) isIshikawaLocated in the south ofCity..In the whole areaShirayama Tetorigawa GeoparkMake up.


2005May 21 city, 2 towns and 5 villagesNew mergerWas born.It has the largest area of ​​any municipality in the prefecture, and its population isKanazawaIt is the fourth most common after.

The entire city is the largest in the prefectureRiverIsTedori RiverIt is a basin of.Three famous mountains in Japan OfHakusanThe southern part of the city is a mountainous area, and the Tedori River flows north.After that, turn west in the middle stream, and the Tedori River in the lower reaches of the northern part of the city.FanAnd uniqueIsland villageFormSea of ​​JapanPour into.The Hakusan city area has a lot of snow due to the influence of the Sea of ​​Japan, where warm currents flow.In this way, in a narrow range from the Sea of ​​Japan to Mt. HakusanWater cycleSince (water trip) is created, the whole city has the theme of "mountain-river-sea and snow water trip that nurtures life"Shirayama Tetorigawa GeoparkCertified as[1].

Old in the northMatto City,Tsururai TownThe surrounding area may be located in the southern suburbs of Kanazawa City,Bed townAs the population rapidly increases.As residential urbanization progresses, it is also growing rapidly as an industrial city.


Physical geography

Adjacent municipalities



Changes due to merger

After the merger, the notation was changed in some areas (former Mikawa-cho, Tsurugi-cho, Kawachi-mura, Torigoe-mura area), but in other areas, the characters of the former municipalities were inherited.

Notation after the merger
  • Mikawacho (1954May 11Former Mikawa-cho area before the merger), Tsurugi-cho (former Tsurugi-cho area and Kuwashima before the merger on November 1954, 11 (because it overlaps with Shiramine Village Kuwashima))
    • Mikawacho ○○ Town →Mikawa○○ Town, Tsurugi Town ○○ Town (Old Town and Kuwashima) →Tsurugi○○ Town, Tsurugi Town ○○ Town (other than the old town) → ○○town
  • Kawachi
    • Kawachimura ○○ →Kawachi Town○○
  • Torikoshi Village
    • Torigoe Village ○○ → ○○town

Also, the so-called "Great Heisei merger], It was the largest merger in Ishikawa prefecture, and there were differences in areas in Hakusan city, such as under the jurisdiction of the police station.The main examples are described below.

Phone Number(Area code
  • Former Matto City / Mikawacho: 076
  • Old town and village of Roku Hakusan: 0761

The area code is2008May 3Unification to 076 was carried out throughout Hakusan City[2][3].

Police stationJurisdiction (Ishikawa Prefectural Police
  • Former Matto City / Mikawacho: Matto Police Station (Nonoichi City also has jurisdiction)
  • Hakusan Roku's Old Town: Tsururai Police Station

2012May 4Integrate Matsuto Police Station and Tsururai Police StationHakusan police stationWas newly established.Also,Tsururai Police StationWas transferred to the Hakusan Police Station Tsururai Government Building[4].

Ishikawa Prefectural AssemblyConstituency
  • Former Matto City / Mikawa Town: Matto City / Ishikawa District Western Constituency
  • Former town and village of Hakusan Roku: Southeastern constituency of Ishikawa-gun (including former Nonoichi)

Even after the merger of Hakusan City, elections have been held in the constituencies of the old city and county.In addition, it should be noted2011May 4 OfUnified local electionsFrom the former Nonoichi constituency in the southeastern constituency of Ishikawa-gun, "Ishikawa-gun constituency" (2011)May 11The name was changed to Nonoichi City constituency due to the transition of Nonoichi City to the city system), and the constituency was reviewed to make Hakusan City area "Hakusan City constituency".

Agricultural cooperative(JA)
  • Former Matto City: Matto City Agricultural Cooperative (JA Matto)
  • Former Mikawa-cho / Hakusan Roku's old town / village:Hakusan Agricultural Cooperative(JA Hakusan)

JA integration has been promoted in the Hakusan Roku area, but it has not been integrated with JA Matsuto.Therefore, the area under the jurisdiction of JA Hakusan is rare even in the Hokuriku region.EnclaveIt has become.

Funeral hall(Crematorium
  • Former Matto City: Matto Crematory, Hakusan City (Hakusan Municipal)
  • Former Mikawa Town: Tetori Township Funeral Home[5](Nomi City, Tetori Township Wide Area Office Association)
  • Old town and village of Hakusan Roku: Hakusan Gosaiba (Hakusan Nonoichi Wide Area Office Association, Including Nonoichi City)

Regarding the funeral home, the area under the jurisdiction of the old municipality[6]However, there are currently no plans to unify the facilities.


Population distribution of Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Hakusan City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Hakusan City (2005)
Purple-Hakusan City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Hakusan City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Successive mayors
Koji Car2005(17)May 22005May 3Mayor Duty Executor, Former Mayor Tsururai
11Mitsuo Sumi2005May 32009(21) April 3
22009 (Heisei 21)/3/62010(22)May 10Died during his tenure, former Mayor Matsuto
Shinichi Kitada2010 (Heisei 22)/10/242010May 12Deputy Mayor, Mayor Duty Agent
32Hiroaki Sakuno2010May 122014(26) April 12Former Ishikawa prefectural assembly returns to prefectural assembly after retirement
43Noriaki Yamada2014 (Heisei 26)/12/52018(30) April 12Former Yoshinodani Village Mayor
52018 (Heisei 30)/12/5Incumbent


  • Constant 21[7]
  • Chair: Kazunori Muramoto (Muramoto / Katsunori)[7]
  • Vice Chairman: Yoshifumi Shimizu[7]
Parliamentary group
Parliamentary nameNumber of seats
White government6
Liberal Democratic Party4

As of April 2020, 4[8]

Government building

In HakusanMain office methodIs adopted.In addition to the main government building, there are two branch offices and five citizen service centers.[9].

Hakusan City Office
  • 924-8688 Kuramitsu, Hakusan-shi, 1-XNUMX
  • Mikawa Branch: 103 Yo, Mikawahamamachi, Hakusan City
  • Tsurugi Branch: 4-85 Tsurugihonmachi, Hakusan City
Citizen service center
  • Kawachi Citizen Service Center: 77 Fukuoka, Kawachimachi, Hakusan City
  • Yoshinoya Citizen Service Center: 136 Sarani, Hakusan City
  • Torigoe Citizen Service Center: 170 Bekkumachi, Hakusan City
  • Oguchi Citizen Service Center: 10 Seto, Hakusan City
  • Shiramine Citizen Service Center: 157-1, Shiramine Ha, Hakusan City


Hakusan City OfficialWebsite OfURLOncewww.city.hakusan.ishikawa.jpwww.city.hakusan.lg.jpThere were two types.Google,Yahoo! JAPANSuch asSearch engineIn the former, on the other hand, Ishikawa Prefecture[10]Etc.LinksIn the latter, the URL was unified to the latter on December 2020, 12.[11].



  • Industrial population
    • Primary industry 3.5%
    • Secondary industry 36.9%
    • Tertiary industry 59.1%
  • KanazawaCommuting rate is 27.4% (17 national census).


Rice cultivation that makes use of large cultivated land and abundant water is flourishing mainly in the plains, accounting for 14% of the prefecture's rice production value.Tomato-lettuce-melonSuch as vegetablesPearCultivation is also active.


Since the northern part is an alluvial fan, it is possible to construct a large-scale factory, and various manufacturing industries are thriving.There are many factories for textiles, foods, precision machinery, etc. that utilize the abundant underground water of the Tedori River.

Major companies with headquarters
Main offices / factories


Main commercial facilities

Traditional crafts

  • Kotsura work
  • Hinoki work (prefectural designated traditional craft)
  • MikawaBuddhist altar
  • Tsurugi Uchihamono

Sake brewing

HakusanGeographical indicationHas been established since 2005[15].

  • Shata Shuzo --Representative brands "Tengumai" and "Gorin"
  • Kikuhime --Representative brand "Kikuhime"
  • Kobori Sake Brewery-Representative brands "Manzairaku" and "Kaga Umeshu"
  • Yoshida Sake Brewery-Representative brand "Tedorigawa Masamune"
  • Kanaya Sake Brewery-Representative brand "Takasago"

Sister cities/partner cities

Currently, "Hakusan City" is officially in a friendship city relationship with one domestic city and five overseas cities.

The relationship with the friendship sister cities that each municipality had concluded before the merger was partially changed due to the merger, and all overseas will continue to be inherited as Hakusan City, and only the domestic relationship between Matto City and Fujieda City will be retained. It has been inherited, and other conclusions have been continued as exchange projects in each district.


Friendship city
  • Fujieda(Shizuoka[16]
    • 1983May 10, Former Matto City and friendship city tie-up.Since the alliance, junior high school students have continued to visit and exchange sports.
Domestic friendship cities in each district




Ishikawa Prefectural PoliceHakusan police station

  • Former Matsuto Police Station jurisdiction
    • Ichiki police box
    • Kasama Police Station
    • Chiyonohigashi
    • Tokumitsu police box
    • Fuku station
    • Yamashima police box
    • Miyanaga police box
    • Mikawa police box
  • oldTsururai Police StationJurisdiction
    • Hakusan Police Station Tsururai Government Building
    • Dohoji police box
    • Hinata police box
    • Kawachi police box
    • Yoshinotani police box
    • Torigoe Representative Office
    • Oguchi police box
    • Shiramine Police Box
    • Shirayama police box
Water supply

Hakusan City uses underground water from the Tedori River as its water sourceIshikawa Prefecture Environment DepartmentThe prefectural water supply system supplies the Tedori River to the water source.

  • Ishikawa Prefectural Waterworks
    • Tsururai intake
    • Tsurugi Water Purification Plant
  • Hakusan City Waterworks
    • Matsuto Waterworks Center
    • Chiyono Water Distribution Station

Hakusan City alonePublic sewerIt is connected to the Kaga coastal basin sewerage system and the Saikawa left bank basin sewerage system of Ishikawa Prefecture Sewerage Corporation.

  • Hakusan City Public Sewer
    • Matsuto Central Purification Center
    • Southwest Purification Center
    • Southern Purification Center
    • Chiyono processing plant
    • Tsurugi Purification Center
    • Naokaiya Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Chubu Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Yoshino Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Chubu Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Yoshiwara Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Ichirino Terminal Treatment Plant
    • Shiramine Processing Center
  • Kaga coastal basin sewerage (processed at Midorigaoka Purification Center in Nomi City)
    • Mikawa relay pumping station
  • Sewerage system on the left bank of the Sai River (processed at the Purification Center on the left bank of the Sai River in Kanazawa)
Garbage disposal
Hakusan Nonoichi Wide Area Office Association
  • Matsuto Ishikawa Environmental Clean Center

In KanazawaNTT West It is under the jurisdiction of the Kanazawa branch (excluding 89-91 and 97 stations).

  • Area codeIs in the Matsuto / Mikawa area076(200 --216,218 --299), otherwise0761(89-98).The weather forecast is0762 177.
    • On March 2008, 3, due to the integration of Kanazawa MA and Tsurugi MA, the area code was changed to 1 throughout Hakusan City.The area where the area code is already 076 is the same as before.
      • 0761-89 ・ 90 → 076-297 ・ 250 (Softbankjurisdiction)
      • 0761-91 → 076-228 (Rakuten Communicationsjurisdiction)
      • 0761-97 → 076-209 (KDDIjurisdiction)
      • 0761-92・93・94・95・96・98→076-272・273・254・255・256・259(NTT西日本管轄)

The following post offices collect and deliver in the city.

In addition, the "Hakusan Sancho Post Office" has been opened in the Murodo Visitor Center in Hakusan only in the summer.

National administrative agency
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Fisheries Research Center Mikawa Office
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station
  • Hakusan Nature Conservation Center
  • HakusanNational parkセ ン タ ー



Professional college

Junior college

College of technology

high school

Closed high school

Junior high school

Those with ◎ after the school name are elementary and junior high schools.

primary school

Those with ◎ after the school name are elementary and junior high schools.


Special school

  • Ishikawa Prefectural Meiwa School for the Disabled Matsuto Branch School

Various schools

  • Hokuriku Chubu Automobile School


  • Hakusan City Matto Library
  • Hakusan City Mikawa Library
  • Hakusan City Tsurugi Library
  • Hakusan City Tsurugi Library Honmachi Annex
  • Hakusan City Kawachi Library

Museums and art galleries

  • Ishikawa Prefectural Hakusan Folk Museum
  • Ishikawa Fureai Insect Museum
  • Hakusan Nature Conservation Center Chugu Exhibition Hall
  • Tedorigawa Comprehensive Development Memorial Hall
  • Kinjo GakuenHakusan Mountain Range Museum

Halls and other cultural facilities

  • Ishikawa Prefectural Hakusan Youth House
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Hakusan Roku Shonen Nature House
  • Hakusan City Matto Cultural Center Pino
  • Hakusan City Matto Learning Center Prala
  • Hakusan City Mikawa Cultural Center Aqua
  • Community Plaza Fureai (attached to Mikawa Station)
  • Hakusan City Tsurugi Cultural Center Klein
  • Nomi Lake Wild Bird Observatory

Physical education facility



West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Hokuriku Railway



Express Bus

Adjacent to Matto Seaside ParkTokumitsu parking areaYou can get on and off from the Matto Seaside Park bus stop inside.

In addition,Komatsu AirportGoingExpress busBut not only the Matto Seaside Park bus stop mentioned aboveHokuriku Matsuto Bus StopYou can also get on and off from.


Fishing port
  • Type 1

Mass media

News (Chinese)
Cable TV

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots


  • Ichinose Visitor Center
  • Bettou Deai Mountain Center
  • Hakusan Murodo Visitor Center
  • Minami Ryuga Baba Visitor Center


  • Shishiku Highland Sky Festa (July)
  • Matsuto Festival (Matsuto Festival (8
  • Ikko-ikki Festival (August)
  • Ichirino Music Festival (August)
  • Tedori River Summer Festival (August)
  • Hakusan Shirakawago 100km Ultra Marathon (September)
  • Horai Festival(May)
  • One million rock festival (10
  • New Soba Festival (11

Ski resort

Before the merger, there were ski resorts in 1 town and 5 villages at the foot of Mt. Hakusan.

The so-called "ski excursion" tended to be abolished at elementary schools in the plains (former Matto City, Mikawa Town, Tsurugi Town) to secure class time, but it was revived after the birth of Hakusan City.Elementary and junior high schools in the former five villages have traditionally conducted ski learning as a winter physical education class and club activities.[Source required]

Besides this,

  • ShiramineCross countryStadium (former Shiramine Village / Municipal)
    The only public cross-country stadium in the three Hokuriku prefectures.Because it is on the west side of the former Shiramine villageIt is called "Nishiyama" by local players.[Source required]
  • Hakusan Ichirino Schanze (formerly Oguchi Village)
    Adjacent to Ichirino Ski ResortJumpStand.Medium hill.

There is.

Sights and historic sites

Recreation / rest facility

  • Matto Seaside Park
  • Matsuto Green Park
  • Tetori Park
  • Komaiko beach
  • Apricot Park
  • Park Shishiku
  • Yokomachi Urarakan
  • Hakusan Roku Theme Park
  • Watagataki Waterfall Rest Forest


Road Station

Works set in Hakusan City


Famous people


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