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🏛 | "It is not something that can be expected to prevent infection." Izumi Otsu City encloses incorrect information in the voucher.The mayor said, "Magnesium nose ...

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"It cannot be expected to have an infection prevention effect." Izumiotsu City enclosed incorrect information in the vaccination ticket.The mayor said, "Magnesium nose ...

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Why did Izumiotsu City come to enclose such a mayor's message?

"Vaccines cannot be expected to have an infection-preventing effect." "The medium- to long-term effects on the human body are clear ... → Continue reading

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Izumiotsu City

Izumiotsu City(Izumi Otsushi)Osaka OfSenbokuLocated in the areaCity.

The city name isIzumi country OfKokufu OfOuter portIt comes from being (Kunizu).IzumicottonBecame a distribution centerEdo PeriodTobraidIncludingfiberWhen the industry rises, this will be the groundMeijiOr laterblanketProduction started,Blanket townDeveloped as.Even now, it occupies more than 9% of the domestic blanket market share.PortAlsoShowaEarly modernizedSakai Senboku Waterfront Industrial AreaIt occupies a part, and in recent yearslogisticsThe character as a base is also strengthening.Of harbors and central stationsRedevelopmentProgresses,populationWas on an increasing trend until the first half of the 2000s, but has been on a downward trend since 17.


  • The city is flat with almost no undulations.The Otsu River, a second-class river in Osaka Prefecture, runs along the border between the southern tip of the city and Tadaoka Town.In addition, the area of ​​the city is gradually increasing due to the increase in landfills.
  • River:Otsugawa,Makio River,Ushitaki River

Adjacent municipalities

Place name in the city


4th-5th centuries BC

  • The place name of Futada is said to be derived from the fact that Mr. Futada of the Mononobe clan, who was accompanied by Nigihayahi Mikoto, who moved eastward (Amakudari) from Kyushu in the 4th to 5th centuries BC, settled in this place. Will be.In that placeFutada CastleIt is said that there was.

Nara periodYou can see the place name of Otsu inJapanese calligraphyAlso appears in.

  • Noriyuki OfTosa DiaryThen, it is written as Ozu.Tosa MamoruBy ship after the term of京都On the way back to Sumiyoshi, I'm heading to Sumiyoshi via the area.
    • Kefu, comb, and Izumi's newsletter.KoheiFebruary 5, 2
    • "Yukanaho Yuki can't be killed"
  • Takashi Sugawara OfSarashina diaryThen,Mamoru IzumiWas my brother'sSugawara definitionI visited Kyoto and returned to Kyoto by boat from here.
    • When it comes to winter, when I go up to Otsu and Ifuura, when I get on a boat, that night, the rain and wind, the rocks just move down, and the thunderstorms roar, the waves come and go, and the wind Fukimado Hitaru-sama, scary things, life-threatening thoughts.

Kamakura PeriodOtsu Castle (Manabe Castle) was built inSengoku periodOtsu Mido (Nanmeiji Temple) was built on the site, and the surrounding areaTerauchi TownIt took on the appearance of.Azuchi-Momoyama Period OfThe Honnoji TempleLater,Mitsuhide AkechiIs reported to have retired to the existing Renshoji Temple in Sukematsu-cho in the city.In Toyonaka Town in the city, a memorial service was held for many years to thank Mitsuhide, who promised the Tokuseirei.

Edo Period,Quanzhou areaInCottonAs the scale of cultivation expands, as a harbor and hinterlandHometownA cotton ordering office was set up in Otsu, which also has a cotton shop, and cotton can be shipped by boat.Osaka,Sakai OfWholesalerIt came to be carried to.In addition, it is not limited to the raw material distribution center.braidThe production of processed products such as these has also begun.For Sanada Himo, see "Nobushige SanadaInvented by (Yukimura)Motoji GotoTelled here. There is a tradition that.

Taking advantage of this ground,Meiji EraToblanketStarted manufacturing.It has developed into a major production area.


  • 1647(Masaho4 years)- Izumi-gunOtsu Village is divided into Gejo Otsu Village and Udaitsu Village.
  • 1889(Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemDue to the enforcement, Shimojo Otsu Village and Udaitsu Village merged and Izumi-gunOtsu VillageWas launched.Large printEstablished a village office in Shimojo Otsu.
  • 1896(Meiji 29) April 4- countyDue to the consolidation ofSenboku-gunBecomes
  • 1915(Taisho4 years) June 4- Town systemEnforcement.Semboku DistrictOtsu TownBecomes
  • 1928(Showa3 years) --Otsu Shimojo Otsu and Udaitsu were renamed Shimojo and Uta, respectively.
  • 1931(6)May 8 --Semboku DistrictJojo Village,Anashi VillageAnd newly mergedOtsu TownBecomes
  • 1942(Showa 17) April 4-Eighth in Osaka PrefectureMunicipal systemEnforcement.Izumiotsu CityBecomes
    • ShigaOtsu CityHas already enforced the city systemIzumi country"Izumi" is named.
    • AdjacentIzumicho"Izumi-gun" is confused with (current Izumi-shi), the old country name "Izumi-kuni" does not read "Wa", and the old county name "Izumi-gun" is almost always written as "Izumi-gun". It is named "Izumi" instead of "Izumi".
    • Including citizensQuanzhou areaIt is often called simply "Otsu" by the people of Japan.
  • 2016 (28) October 10-Becomes a safe community internationally certified city (29th in Japan, in Osaka prefecture)MatsubaraSecond after)[1].

In the past, Izumiotsu CityIzumi City-Takaishi-Tadaoka TownThere was talk of a merger between the three cities and one town, but due to the withdrawal of Takaishi City, the merger study group was not established.

Today, Izumiotsu City, Izumi City, and Tadaoka Town are 2 cities and 1 town (formerly).Izumi-gunThe "Senboku 2 City 1 Town Wide Area Administrative Study Group" has been set up to investigate and study merger issues.



City council

The fixed number is 16 people[2].2017May 5The group structure at that time is as follows.

Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsAffiliated partyNumber of female membersRatio of female members (%)
Japan Communist Party2Japan Communist Party150
Citizen Mirai Net2Constitutional Democratic Party150
Civic club200
Parliamentary Union that does not belong to the parliamentary group2Green party150

* One vacancy (Vacancy due to the change of Mayor Kenichi Minamide from a city council member to the mayor)

City emblem / symbol mark

City emblem

Izumiotsu's "Izumi" and "Large" characters are designed into a waveform to represent the development that springs up and the flight overseas.1942(17)May 9Was established in.

symbol mark

The image of a sheep's face is suitable for the blanket town of Izumiotsu, and the black circles on the eyes and mouth represent "creation," "dynamics," and "harmony."

Mascot character

"Ozumi』- 2012(24) Born on April 4st to commemorate the 1th anniversary of the municipal organizationYuru Chara..Sheep spirit born in a blanket factory妖精).Nankai Main LineIzumiotsu StationIt was installed as a huge statue "Big Ozumi" at the east exit rotary.The exhibition in front of the station is originally2012(24) It was scheduled until December 12, but it was well received by the citizens.2013(25) Until March 3th, it was installed at the rotary in front of the station as it was. It was disassembled by volunteers at midnight on March 30, and is now relocated to Himawari Square.

About catchphrase

The catchphrase of Izumiotsu City is "Japan's No. XNUMX Blanket Town".

Izumiotsu City Oriam Best Writing Award

Izumiotsu City Oriam Best Writing AwardIs a unique literary award established in 70 as a project for the 2012th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system in order to promote "Izumiotsu, the city of textiles" nationwide.Write "essay" and read "essay".


Population distribution of Izumiotsu, Osaka, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Izumiotsu City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Izumiotsu City (2005)
■Purple-Izumiotsu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Izumiotsu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
  • Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 27 census, it decreased by 2.1% to 75,897, and the rate of increase / decrease was 43th among 23 municipalities in the prefecture and 72th among 45 administrative districts.


Main industries of Izumiotsu City

The main industries are textiles and tires.Especially, the production of blankets and knits is active.

Main business in IzumiotsuCompany

Izumiotsu CityEconomy,employmentIn the city, to rejuvenateCompanyIt is said that he has been actively trying to attract.Thanks to such many years of efforts, many companies are now expanding into Izumiotsu City.Jewelry businessIs running.

Financial institution

Japan Post Group

(As of 2012 year 12 month)

  • Izumiotsu Post Office(Komatsu Town) --Collection and delivery station.
  • Izumiotsu Sone Post Office (Sone Town)
  • Izumiotsu Toyonaka Post Office (Toyonakacho)
  • Izumiotsu Ikeura Post Office (Ikeuracho)
  • Izumiotsu Uenocho Post Office (Uenocho)
  • Izumiotsu Mori Post Office (Sukematsu housing complex)
  • Izumiotsu Tanaka Post Office (Tanakacho)
  • Izumiotsu Sukematsu Post Office (Sukematsucho)
  • Izumiotsu Mushitori Post Office (Mushitori)
  • Izumiotsu Abiko Post Office (Ikeuracho)
  • Osaka Branch Izumiotsu City Hall Branch Office (Shinonomecho = Shinonomecho) (ATM only)
ATMs are installed at each other post office, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Izumiotsu and Izumiotsu Mori.

* The postal code for each area in Izumiotsu City is "595-00xx(In charge of collection and delivery at the Izumiotsu Post Office).

Sister cities/partner cities

Main public facilities

Educational institutions

Public transportation

最 寄 り の 空港

Besides this,Osaka International AirportMany citizens use (Itami Airport).


In IzumiotsuJRHanwa Line OfstationThere is no one, but there are many residents along the Hanwa Line, mainly in the eastern part of the city (strictly speaking, the Hanwa Line hasIzumifuchu StationAlthough it passes through Izumiotsu City on the north side of Izumiotsu, many of the citizens of Izumiotsu are in the city.Nankai Main LineIt is also true that there is only one consciousness).Among them, Anada, Higashitoyonakacho, etc.Izumifuchu StationResidents who are only a few minutes walk from are next doorIzumi CityIn many cases, the station in Fuchu-cho is used.

Daily XNUM X X X averageBoarding and alighting personnel The27,272So, it is 100th at Nankai Station (10 stations) and 41th at Nankai Main Line (5 stations excluding Imamiyaebisu Station and Haginochaya Station).

TakaishiSouth ofQuanzhou area OfRailway stationAs for, the number of passengers per day is adjacentIzumi CityIt is inHanwa LineIzumifuchu Station[3],Senboku High Speed ​​RailIzumichuo StationNext to most.Also, when viewed from the entire Nankai station, it exceeds all limited express stations south of this station.

Transit Bus

Nankai Bus

Nankai BusIn the city area南海Main line OfIzumiotsu StationTo and fromTransit BusIs operating.

All are adjacent via JR Hanwa Line Izumi Fuchu StationIzumi CityIt goes to each area of.Operates during weekday evening rush hoursGwangmyeongike StationExcept for the bus toSenboku High Speed ​​RailIzumichuo StationVia.

Morning-evening OfCommuting-Commuting to schoolAt rush hourThe boarding rate is particularly high in Izumi-Chuo Station andIzumifuchu StationSince there is a tendency to increase the number of routes to and from, the number of flights tends to decrease slightly.[Source required].

Contact bus

New from the citizensBus routeThe desire for[Source required]For,Welfare bus"Fureai Bus[4]"Chunichi Seaside BusIt is operated by consignment to.Senior citizens-handicapped-Pregnant womanSince it is operated for the purpose of promoting social participation such as, boarding is limited to these people.The fare is free.



Main general roads

The city has a grid-like road network, but access from the central and southern parts of Izumi City, where the population is increasing, is concentrated on the Tomita Hayashi Izumi Otsu Line (between Enomachi and Anada) due to topographical restrictions. Congestion has worsened in recent years.


  • Izumiotsu Port (Sakai Senboku Port): Izumi Otsu Port-Shin Moji PortHankyu FerryIs in service.In addition, since the old Otsu port is often called "Otsu port" or simply "port" (noticeable to the elderly), it is sometimes called "new port".

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

  • Festival
    • Izumi Otsu Danjiri Festival: Every second Saturday and Sunday of OctoberDanjiri FestivalIs done.A total of 20 cars (including Ikegami-cho, Izumi City)DanjiriThere are 12 of them (Twelve Town Union: Anashi area and Sone / Sukematsu area) are so-called Kishiwada-type "Shimodanjiri", and the remaining 8 units (Hamahachicho: Otsu district) is towing a unique "Kamidanjiri" called the Otsu type.The latter "Kachiai"(The one that catches up from behind and rushes without stopping and hits the front danjiri) is especially famous, and it has a power that can not be seen at other danjiri festivals.
    • Otsu dance: Izumiotsu City Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Famous people

Person with connection


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