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🏛 | Mr. Ueno officially recognized Liberal Democratic Party in the Upper House election next summer


Official recognition of Mr. Ueno Liberal Democratic Party in the Upper House election next summer

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In addition, Junko Mihara of the Kanagawa prefectural constituency and Eriko Imai, who is proportional, have also been officially recognized.

The Liberal Democratic Party headquarters held a meeting of the election headquarters on the XNUMXth, and decided the first official candidate for the Upper House election next summer.With the constituency ... → Continue reading

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Kanagawa prefectural election

Eriko Imai

Eriko Imai(Eriko Imai,1983<Showa 58>May 9 -) isJapan Ofsinger,actress,政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Councilors(1nd term).SPEEDIs a member of.

OkinawaNahaOrokuI'm from.Naha City Uebaru Kindergarten[1], Naha Municipal Uebaru Elementary School[2],Shinagawa Ward Hino Junior High School(CurrentShinagawa City Hino Gakuen),Yakumo Gakuen High Schoolgraduate[3].Okinawa Actors SchoolI'm from.Height is 158 cm.Blood type is O type.I have a brother and an older sister.After getting married and giving birth, he resumed his musical activities under the name of elly, and after the reunion of SPEED, he was active under the name of Eriko Imai.

2015IsHiroko ShimabukuroAnd formed a new unit "ERIHIRO"[4].

2016 Of24rd House of Councilors ordinary electionToLDPOfficiallyProportional sectionCandidate more and won for the first time[5].


 ((I.e.Disaster Prevention MinisterUnderDisaster prevention,Central disaster prevention conference,Administrative reform,Investigation of cause of deathPromotion of such measures, office work related to the Casino Regulatory Commission.TakemotoScience and technology-ITUnder the minister in chargeScience and technology-Innovation,General Science and Technology and Innovation Conference,Science Council of Japan,Abandoned chemical weaponsprocessing,Atomic Energy Commission,Promotion of location areas such as nuclear power generation facilities,Japan Medical Research and Development Organization・ Medical information infrastructure,Space developmentStrategy promotion,Space Development Strategy Headquarters,Space Policy Committee,Intellectual PropertyStrategy promotion,Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters,Cool Japanstrategy.AndWomen's success-Minister of State for Gender EqualityUnderWomen's success,Gender equalityIn charge of)[7][8][9].


  • When I was a kindergarten child, "HOTNIGHT Okinawa Ai Land" Summer Vacation Chibikko Karaoke Tournament (broadcast on August 1989, 8,RBC Ryukyu Broadcasting) And "Arashi's real face』Sung.Imai nodded when he was introduced by the host of the program, "I heard that there are quite a few requests for model-san's work," and it seems that he was working as a model.In the same program, the sixth grader at that timeNamie Amuro,Minako Amaku(MAX) Was also participating.
  • At the age of 10, he appeared in a commercial for melons, andMasayuki WatanabeAppeared on TV as one of the super kids on the moderator's programEZ DO DANCEShow off.At this time, I acted as a back dancerNinjaDemonstrate dance skills that surpassTsurukyu politicsAlso received high praise from "the visuals are good and there is a star character".[Source required]
  • Hikaru Utada,Nakashima Mika,Yumi Adachi,Kaoru ItoThere is an exchange with.He continues to be friends with his ex-husband and is on good terms with the media reports, such as receiving music.Also, in recent years, he has been active in indie music.sign languagerock band,KokorootoBothsign languageExchanges through guidance are active.Also my eldest sonDeaf person[10]As a life work of a music producerGajinAt the same time, he gives lectures and mini-concerts at deaf schools, special schools and welfare events all over the country.His eldest son also performed a dance at a mini concert.[11].. The personRADWIMPSとRingo ShiinaFan of.
  • Takahashi MinamiBecause it is said that his face is similar, I took a picture at the time of co-starring and posted it on my blog[12].
  • 2011May 9USTREAMWhen I delivered my birthday party at, four former members of Eriko with CrunchShinobu Miyara,Kentaro Hayase, Tomoco, a radio writer, etc. visited for the celebration, and three general fans selected by lottery were also invited.One of the couples made a public proposal in the program and was tied up with Imai's approval.Another opportunity to provide musicHitoshi Tsuji,Miho Nakayama,BENNIE KI also have an exchange with YUKI.
  • Heavy smoker[13].
  • 前述の長男は、2020å¹´12月にデビューしたプロレスラーのReimu Imai[14].


Suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act

2016(Heisei28 years)May 10,Niigata Governor ElectionCandidate's name on the day of the event (recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party)Tamio Mori) Your own formulaTwitterTweet withPublic office election law(Article 129) Suspected violation was pointed out and the tweet was deleted.[15].

Suspicion of infidelity

2017(Heisei29 years)May 7,Weekly Shincho(May 8No.), but the Liberal Democratic Party[16]Kobe CityWith Kento Hashimoto, a member of the DietAffairReported suspicion[17]..Imai denies allegations[17], Hashimoto admits that it is "generally a fact"[18]"I actively tried to get along with each other." "I regret that my own marriage has collapsed, but I have taken careless acts due to my lack of awareness."[16].


  • Please refer to each item for details such as recorded songs and tie-ups.
  • Items that are not in the name of Eriko Imai are written in parentheses next to the title.


  • Works without general distributionOrdinalExclude
titleRelease dateLabelStandard product numberRemarks
1stRed Beat of My Life(Eriko with Crunch)2000/3/15Toys factoryTFCC-87054Out of print
2ndLuv is Magic(Eriko with Crunch)2000/8/2Toys factoryTFCC-87068Out of print
3rdin the Name of Love2000/11/22Toys factoryTFCC-87076Out of print
4thidentity2001/3/7Toys factoryTFCC-87081Out of print
5thSet Me Free!2001/6/5Toys factoryTFCC-87090Out of print
6thDon't stop the music2002/1/23SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16013-
7thOur Relation2002/7/10SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16019CCCD
8thButterfly2003/7/2SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16040CCCD
-star / morning(elly)2005/9/22elly musicEM-001Mail order limited / sold out
-journey / Doo-wop(elly)2006/5/13elly musicEM-002Venue limited / sold out
9thI don't know / Cow ☆ G2011/11/16SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16251Normal Edition
2012/1/21avex clubAQC1-50657ionLimited edition
10thNo parade / no paradise2012/11/14SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16275-


titleRelease dateLabelStandard product numberRemarks
1st2001/7/18Toys factoryTFCC-88184Out of print
Best2004/11/25SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16053Limited edition / with DVD
AVCD-16054Regular edition / CD only
2ndNeverland(elly)2006/9/27Rhythm REPUBLICRRCD-85345-
3rdSinging voice2009/4/29SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16176With DVD
AVCD-16177CD only
4thjust kiddin '2013/9/4SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16365 / BWith DVD
AVCD-16366CD only


titleRelease dateLabelStandard product numberRemarks
1stMy Place ON FILMS2001/12/19Toys factoryTFBQ-18012PV collection / out of print
2nda gift for you elly LIVE 2006 ~ Neverland ~(elly)2007/2/14elly musicER08-06-00Live DVD / mail order only
3rda gift for you vol.2 elly LIVE 2007 ~ instinct ~(elly)2008/2/14elly musicELLY-1225Live DVD / mail order only
4thEriko Imai LIVE 2010 ~ Your Selection ~2011/2/22elly musicELLY-1218Live DVD / mail order only

Music distribution

titleRelease dateLabelRemarks
1I don't know2011/4/6SONIC GROOVELater singled

Participating works

Recorded in SPEED single

titleCollection workRelease dateLabelStandard product numberRemarks
Don't get cold(Eriko with Crunch)ALL MY TRUE LOVE1998/10/28Toys factoryTFCC-87018Out of print
EVERYDAY, BE WITH YOU(Eriko with Crunch)Breakin'out to the morning1999/5/19Toys factoryTFCC-87031Out of print

Collaboration omnibus

titleRecorded work (work name)Release dateLabelStandard product number
He is not the old one(Midorikawa Shobou and elly)Ringo girl(Midorikawa Shobou)2006/2/22Sony RecordsSRCL-6234
Snow sky Letter(elly)CHRISTMAS HARMONY(Omnibus)2007/11/21SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16141 / 2
The beginning kiss(elly)Spring Harmony(Omnibus)2008/2/13SONIC GROOVEAVCD-16151

Unreleased song

  • Good Night
  • Lie
  • You remain you
  • The best in the world
  • than anyone else
  • mystery note
  • Tear star
  • Bittersweet chocolate
  • New Days
  • +1



TV program


Other than drama

  • Utaban(December 2002, 7,TBS)
  • Everyone's sign language(Jan 2010-Oct 4,NHK education)
  • Ear Day special program "Nankurunai Saa ~ 6 years when Eriko Imai walked with her son ~" (March 2011, 3, NTV)
  • The power of travel"Dance with the beat of your heart, singer Eriko Imai" (May 2011, 5,BS Premium)
  • UTAGE!(August 2014, 4, TBS,Hiroko ShimabukuroStarring with)
  • Easy! Idea Recipe ~ Philadelphia Coloring the Table ~ (October 2014, 10-(End), BS-TBS)
  • Witness!Japanese archipelago "Congratulations-Rubella and childbirth" Anniversary of life "-" (February 2014, 2, NHK General TV, narration)



■debutPrevious,Okinawa Actors SchoolMany members of SPEED from the timesmusicalHas a history of starring and appearing inNamie Amuro,Rina Chinen,Yumi AdachiCo-starring with others).




  • ellych "... & smile" (2008-, own official site)
  • Laugh! (April 2011, 4,Nico Nico Douga)
  • Eriko Imai Birthday Special Project Let's Parley ~ (September 2011, 9,Ustream)
  • "Dragon Quest X TV ver.2 # 6 Version 2.2 Latest Information" (July 2014, 7,Nico Nico Douga)


  • elly live 2005 ~ rebirth ~ (September 2005, 9) (Additional performance October)
  • elly live 2006 ~ journey ~ (May 2006, 5)
  • elly live 2006 ~ Neverland ~ (October 2006nd and 10th, 22) (Additional performances November 28th and 11nd)
  • elly LIVE 2007 ~ soar ~ (April 2007, 4)
  • Eriko Imai Christmas LIVE 2007 ~ instinct ~ (December 2007, 12)
  • elly presents live 2008 (February 2008, 2)
  • LIVE & TALK (September 2008, 9)
  • elly LIVE 2009 ~ Utagoe ~ (May 2009rd and 5st, 23) (Announced cancellation on May 31th, 2009 due to new influenza)
  • Eriko Imai Live 2010 ~ Your Selection ~ (November 2010, 11, December 21, 12)
  • Eriko Imai LIVE 2011 "It's 7 o'clock! Everyone gathers! Yeah Yeah" (December 2011, 12)
  • Eriko Imai Fan Meeting 2016 (May 2016, 5)

Photo & essay collection, picture book

  • "Let's smile" (Shodensha, 2005/10/18,ISBN-978 4396430122) --Eriko Imai (Author)
    Pregnant woman diary and photos
  • "Kokoro no Uta-Four Years with My Son, and the Future-" (Shodensha, 2009/2/14,ISBN-978 4396430221) --Eriko Imai (Author)
    Newly written essays and photos
  • "Oyako Theater" (Shodensha, 2011/4/8,ISBN-978 4396430429) --Eriko Imai (Author)
    A handshake event to commemorate the release was held on April 4, the same year.
  • "Look at rolling" (Shufutoseikatsusha, 2011/7/8,ISBN-978 4391140774) --Eriko Imai (Author), Hiromi Ushijima (Illustration)


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