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🏛 | Prime Minister Suga “Risk of ending with a short-term leader” Reuters pointed out. "The dream scenario has been overturned"


Prime Minister Suga "risk of ending up as a short-term leader," Reuters said. "The dream scenario has been overturned"

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On top of that, "No one wants him to be in power," said Professor Emeritus Steven Reid of Chuo University. "If a successor is decided, Mr. Suga will be in a more difficult situation, but Who will be the center of the effort?

Reuters reported on July 7 that Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was infected with the new coronavirus and the Tokyo Olympics opened ... → Continue reading

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Professor Emeritus Reed

Chuo University

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  1. 1960-Surugadai school building in the 1970s
OfImage providedplease.(August, 2020

Chuo University(Chuo University,English: Chuo University) IsTokyoHachioji CityHigashinakanoHeadquarters in 742-1Japan Ofprivate university.1920Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheCenter(Chuou),Chuo University(Chudai).


Whole university

1885(Meiji 18) January 7Rokuichiro Masushima,Takeo Kikuchi,Hozumi Chenju,Ryusaburo Fujita18 peopleLawyerByEi Gee Law SchoolIt was established as, and this day is the anniversary of its founding.The first application was filed with the Governor of Tokyo on June 6, but the documents have been incomplete and the application has been lowered.at firstEnglish lawAlthough it was an educational institution for Japanese law, as modern law was established in Japan, it began to teach domestic law, and the school name was changed to Tokyo Law School and Tokyo Law School University.1905(Meiji 38) Renamed Chuo University due to the establishment of the Department of Economics in August.1920At a private university in Japan (Taisho 9)Waseda University-Keio UniversityNext, at the oldest stageUniversity decreebased onUniversity(For details,Old universityreference).

Faculty of LawIs "Central of lawCalled[1], Famous as a law department representing Japanese private universities[1]. AlsoFaculty of Commerce,Faculty of EconomicsAlsoCertified public accountantIt held the number one position from the start of the test to the early 1970s, and has produced human resources in many fields such as the accounting field and the business world.[2].

In November 2015, it formulated the medium- to long-term business plan "Chuo Vision 11" and announced a plan to relocate the city center with the Faculty of Law as the first candidate, a plan to open a new faculty on the Tama campus, and promotion of globalization.Based on this plan, the Faculty of International Business Administration and the Faculty of Global Informatics will be established in April 2025. As of 2019, further consideration for opening a new faculty and construction of a new building on the Tama campus are underway.In addition, from 4 to 2019, the Faculty of Law and the Graduate School of Law currently established on the Tama Campus will be relocated to the Korakuen Campus and the newly established Myogadani Campus (tentative name).

Founding spirit (school lessons / school motto)

The founding spirit of the English Law School wasFamilyMart FamilyMartBased on this, with the founding spiritAcademic styleCollectively nowRespect for individual freedom and empirical / rationalistic styleIt is expressed as.AlsoSimple and strongIs the school motto.Furthermore, on the occasion of the 2010th anniversary of the founding of 125Intelligence to act. -Knowledge into Action-To sayUniversity messageHas been set.

Education and research

From the beginning, we have taken an attitude of emphasizing practical education, and even nowInternshipWe are focusing on practical education such as. From 2003, in addition to the education of each faculty, we will introduce the Faculty Linkage Program (FLP), which belongs to the course established across the faculties while keeping the school registration in each faculty, so that practical education will be provided in the interdisciplinary field as well. Became.Currently, there are about 180 study abroad partner universities, mainly universities in Europe, the United States and East Asia.

Correspondence course

After the warAllied Supreme Commander General Command(GHQ)Private Information Education BureauBy (CIE)The United Kingdom Of University of London International Programs(University of LondonCorrespondence course) in JapanDistance learningIt was recommended and established to carry out the system of.It is a member of the Private University Correspondence Education Association and has a secretariat on the Tama campus where the university headquarters is located.The Correspondence Education Department is an organization that implements the correspondence course of the Faculty of Law, and the Correspondence Course itself belongs to the Faculty of Law.The English Law School is regarded as the beginning of correspondence education at the university.1885When it was founded (Meiji 18), it is said to be an out-of-school student system that mails lecture records for people who cannot attend school.Today, schooling and local schooling are also held throughout the year.The average number of years of study until graduation is 1-6 years for students enrolled in the 8st grade, 3-4 years for transfer from the 6rd grade, and the graduation rate is about 7% (for those enrolled in the 4th year or above). Of the number, the percentage of graduates).NagoyaIt is inChukyo Law SchoolIs a partner school, and while enrolled in a vocational school, it is possible to graduate from the correspondence course of the Faculty of Law of Chuo University at a double school.



1885(Meiji18 years)Rokuichiro Masushima,Takeo Kikuchi,Hozumi Chenju,Ryusaburo FujitaBy 18 volunteer young lawyers at that timeEi Gee Law SchoolWas founded as.

Chronological Table

  • 1884(Meiji 17) February- Rokuichiro MasushimaReturned from England.
  • 1885(18th year of Meiji)
    • 4 month - TokyoKanda WardKandanishiki Town OfMeiji GijukuPurchased the site from Mitsubishi.
    • June-6th, English Law School establishedGovernor of TokyoAlthough I applied for it, I lowered it due to incomplete documents.
    • July-Reapplied to the Governor of Tokyo for the establishment of the English Law School on the 7th (current anniversary), and approved the establishment of the English Law School on the 8th.
    • September --The English Law School opens, and the first principal, Rokuichiro Masushima, and the first secretary, Keiji Shibuya, take office.
    • October --Start publishing lecture records (Off-campus student systemThe beginning).
  • 1886(19th year of Meiji)
    • July-The first graduation ceremony was held.
    • December --- According to the Special Supervision Regulations of Private Law School, English Law School, etc.Five major law schoolsIs under the special supervision of Imperial University.
  • 1888(21th year of Meiji)
    • March-Participated in the Great Debate of the Five Major Law Schools[Annotation 1]
    • 10 month - Alumni AssociationWas formed (renamed to Inyukai the following year).
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)
    • January-Completion of a new two-story brick school building. First issue of "Hori Seika" (prohibited the following year).
    • October-Renamed to Tokyo Law School.
  • 1891(Meiji 24) April-"Law Science News" launched.
  • 1892(25th year of Meiji)
    • January --The school building was completely destroyed by the great fire of Kanda.
    • May-Civil Code / Commercial Code Enforcement Postponement Bill is submitted to the 5rd Imperial Diet.
    • December-The parliament passed a bill to postpone the enforcement of the Civil Code and the Commercial Code.
  • 1893(Meiji 26) February- Ministry of JusticeBecame a designated school for the prosecutor's appointment test.
  • 1894(Meiji 27) January --- Held the first proceedings (mock trial).
  • 1896(29th year of Meiji)
    • August-Opened the Department of Higher Law.Establish a system for scholarship students and rental students.
    • September-Foreign students enter for the first time.
  • 1897(Meiji 30) August-Established overseas student system (first dispatched international students in 8).
  • 1901(Meiji 34) --Student training session (later)Resignation Society) Inauguration[PR 1].
  • 1902(Meiji 35) September --Opened a training course.
  • 1903(Meiji 36) August --Renamed to Tokyo Law School University.Established main department, preparatory department, specialized department, and graduate school.The president system was newly established, and Takeo Kikuchi was appointed.
  • 1905(38th year of Meiji)
    • August-Renamed Chuo University.Established the Department of Economics.Established Chuo Higher Preparatory School.
    • September ――Completion of the 9th anniversary auditorium.
    • November --Renamed the Alumni Association to the Student Association.
  • 1909(Meiji 42) September-Opened the Department of Commerce.
  • 1910(43th year of Meiji)
    • February-Opened Graduate School of Newspapers[Annotation 2]
    • November-Completion of the 11th anniversary extension school building.
  • 1911(Meiji 44) September-Chuo University Alumni Association was formed.
  • 1913(Taisho 2nd year) August-Main course is university department, specialized departmentSpecialized department, Law Department is renamed Law Department, Economics Department is Renamed Economics Department, and Commercial Department is Renamed Commerce Department.
  • 1917(Taisho 6)
    • May-The school building and library are burned down again due to a misfire, and the Okuda paperback (Birke Meyer paperback) is lost.
    • July-Chuo University Alumni Association launched[PR 2].
  • 1918(Taisho 7)
    • August-Preparatory courseTraining periodIs extended to 2 years.
    • August-Completion of the rebuilt school building.
  • 1919(Taisho 8)
    • May-School organization from an incorporated associationFoundationChange to[PR 3].
    • December-Apply for approval to establish Chuo University.
  • 1920(Taisho 9)
  • 1921(Taisho 10) September-Approval of degree regulations and faculty association rules.
  • 1923(Taisho 12)
    • 9 month - Great Kanto EarthquakeBurned down except for the library and the extension school building.
    • November-Class resumed.
  • 1924(Taisho 13)
  • 1926(Taisho 15) August-Surugadai school building completed (Nishikicho school buildingElectrical schoolSold to).
  • 1929(Showa4 years) April-Opened the second preparatory course at night.
  • 1930(Showa 5) June- Chuo University Baseball ClubInauguration[PR 4].
  • 1931(6)
  • 1932(Showa 7) October --Started with a lecture on criminal law sponsored by the Chuo University Law AssociationTakigawa incidentHappens[PR 6].
  • 1933(Showa 8) June- Akimoto spring morningViscountPurchased a mansion.
  • 1935(10)
  • 1940(Showa 15) June- Saionji public aspirationDukePurchased a mansion.
  • 1941(Showa 16) September-Chuo University Bulletin Corps was formed.
  • 1942(Showa 17) September --The alumni association was reorganized into the Chuo University Public Corporation.
  • 1943(Showa 18) October-Held a send-off party for student soldiers.
  • 1944(Showa 19) April --Established Central Technical College (Mechanical Department / Aircraft Department).
  • 1945(20)
    • September-Class resumed at the end of the war.
    • November --Abolished the aircraft department of Chuo College of Technology and established the industrial physics department.
  • 1946(Showa 21) April-Three female students enroll for the first time.
  • 1948(23)
    • April-Student recruitment for the former preparatory and specialized departments is suspended.Correspondence Education Department opened.
    • 12 month - Accounting InstituteOpened.
  • 1949(24)
    • April-New University 4st Division Law / Economy / Commerce /Faculty of Engineering(Department of Civil Engineering / Precision Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Industrial Chemistry) Established, 2nd Department Law, Faculty of Economics Established.Central technical college abolished.
    • June-Opened Japan Comparative Law Institute.
  • 1950(25)
    • April-Stop recruiting students from the former faculty.
    • August-Established the current school song "Kusa no Midori".
  • 1951(26)
    • March --The old system specialized department is abolished.As a site for the Faculty of EngineeringBunkyo kuKoishigawachoPurchased 8,043 tsubo (currently Korakuen Campus).
    • 4 month - Department of literatureEstablished (1st Department of Literature, Department of History, 2nd Department of Literature). Dowa MiningPurchased a building (Suidobashi school building).Graduate School of Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Political Science, Anglo-American Law, Graduate School of Economics, Department of Economics, Graduate School of Commerce, Department of Commerce.
    • December --The Faculty of Engineering moved to the Suidobashi school building.
  • 1953(28)
    • March-Held the graduation ceremony for the last of the old faculties and the first of the new faculties.
    • April-Started classes at the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Engineering, Liberal Arts Course, and Korakuen Campus.
  • 1954(29)
    • July-Purchased the former Chiyoda Ward Surugadai Library.
    • Correspondence Education Department moved to Korakuen Campus.
  • 1957(Showa 32) November --The university festival was renamed the Shiramon Festival and held.
  • 1958(Showa 33) August-Surugadai school building main building (building 8) completed.
  • 1960(Showa 35) June- Yugi VillageSchool site (currentTama school ground) Purchase started (until 67).
  • 1962(37)
  • 1963(Showa 38) May-Completion of the Faculty of Science and Engineering school building as part of the 5th anniversary commemorative project.
  • 1964(39)
    • April-Completed Surugadai Building No. 4.
    • June-Opened Economic Research Institute.
    • August-Completed Surugadai Building No. 8.Faculty of Letters moved from Korakuen Campus.
  • 1966(Showa 41) May-The Board of Trustees resolved the policy of relocating liberal arts courses and physical education facilities to the Tama campus.[6].
  • 1967(Showa 42) May-Surugadai Central Library completed.
  • 1969(Showa 44) --The request of the residents' association is passed by the movement against the increase in tuition fees.Students win the Zenkyoto movement, which is rare in Japan.
  • 1973(48) December-The Board of Trustees resolved the policy of relocating the daytime department of the Faculty of Law, Economics, Commerce, and Literature to the Tama Campus[Annotation 4]
  • 1976(Showa 51) August-Surugadai school buildingTaisho Maritime Fire InsuranceDecided to sell to.
  • 1977(Showa 52) June- Tama Campuscarry out.
  • 1978(53) April --Started classes at the Tama Campus, 4 faculties of liberal arts.
  • 1979(54) April-Social Science Research Institute, Corporate Research Institute, Humanities Research Institute, Health and Physical Education Research Institute opened.
  • 1980(55) March --The Surugadai school building was completely closed, and building No. 3 was completed on the Korakuen campus.
  • 1985(60) November-Ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the founding.
  • 1988(63) November-Surugadai Memorial Hall inauguration ceremony.
  • 1992(Heisei4 years) July-Opened Science and Engineering Research Institute.
  • 1993(5) June- Faculty of Policy Management (Department of Policy Science, Department of International Policy) Established.
  • 1996(8) April --Established Policy and Culture Research Institute.
  • 1999(11) June- Asian Economic Research InstitutePurchased the old government building.Graduate school classes began in April of the following year as the Ichigaya Campus.
  • 2000(12)
    • 1 month - Tama monorailChuo University / Meisei University StationOpening of business.
    • April-Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Science and Engineering 4nd Department recruitment suspended.Established a flex system in the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Commerce, and Faculty of Policy Management.
  • 2001(13) April-Recruitment of the 4nd Faculty of Letters is suspended.
  • 2002(14) April-Chinese Language and Culture Department established in the Faculty of Letters.Established Graduate School of International Accounting (Graduate School of Accounting; Accounting School).
  • 2003April (15) --The Faculty-Linkage Program (FLP) program was established, and the new building No. 4 was completed on the Korakuen campus as a project to commemorate the 125th anniversary of its founding.
  • 2004(16) April-Graduate School of Law (Graduate School of Law; Law School) opened.
  • 2005(17) April-Opened the Graduate School of Public Policy (Graduate School of Public Policy).Faculty of Policy Management flextime system abolished.
  • 2007(19) March-Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Science and Engineering 3 departments abolished.Faculty of Commerce flex system abolished.
  • 2008(20)
    • March-Abolished the second part of the Faculty of Letters.
    • April --- Established the Department of Life Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Department of Strategic Management (Graduate School of Business Administration; Business School) in the Graduate School of Strategic Management, and the Regional / Public Management Program in FLP.
  • 2009(21)
    • April --Renamed the Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Engineering to the Department of Urban Environment.Faculty of Law flex system abolished.
    • 8 month - Student Support AssociationPurchased the old headquarters of.From April of the following year, graduate school classes began at the Ichigaya Tamachi Campus (Chuo University Middle Bridge).
  • 2010(22) April --The Graduate School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of International Accounting were relocated to the Ichigayatamachi Campus (Chuo University Middle Bridge).Established Business Science Major (Doctoral Program) in Graduate School of Strategic Management.
  • 2015(27) November --In the medium- to long-term business plan "Chuo Vision 11", announced plans to consolidate the Korakuen campus based in the city center, relocate Korakuen with the Faculty of Law as the first candidate, and open a new faculty department on the Tama campus.[PR 8].
  • 2016(28) April --Stop recruiting students for the Graduate School of Public Policy.
  • 2017(29) --Accounting School (Graduate School of International Accounting) Suspended recruitment of students majoring in international accounting.
    • June-Abolished the Graduate School of Public Policy.
  • 2018(30) June --Accounting School (Graduate School of International Accounting) Abolished the Department of International Accounting.
  • 2019(31)
    • March-Bunkyo Ward(I.e.XNUMX-chome metropolitan land (Toei Bus Otsuka BranchConcluded a fixed-term land lease agreement (for 2019 years from April 4).
    • April --Opened the Faculty of International Business Administration (Tama) and the Faculty of Global Informatics (Ichigaya Tamachi).

Successive principals and presidents

Principal of English Law School
First generationRokuichiro MasushimaJanuary 1885-January 9
Director of Tokyo Law School
First generationRokuichiro MasushimaJanuary 1889-January 10
Second generationTakeo KikuchiJanuary 1891-January 4
President of Tokyo Law School
First generationTakeo KikuchiJanuary 1903-January 8
  • 1903A university based on the "vocational school ordinance" from (Meiji 36).
First generationTakeo KikuchiJanuary 1905-January 8
Second generationYoshito OkudaJanuary 1912-January 7
Third GenerationTeruhiko OkamuraJanuary 1913-January 3
Fourth GenerationYoshito OkudaJanuary 1914-January 6
Fifth GenerationKeijiro OkanoJanuary 1917-January 8
Sixth generationShinji BabaJanuary 1923-January 9
Seventh generationKeijiro OkanoJanuary 1924-January 3
Eighth generationShinji BabaJanuary 1925-January 12
Ninth generationYoshimichi HaraJanuary 1930-January 5
Tenth generationRaizaburo HayashiJanuary 1939-January 3
Eleventh generationMasaharu KatoJanuary 1948-January 7
Twelfth generationKatayama KinshoJanuary 1958-January 9
XNUMXth generationKihei MasumotoJanuary 1961-January 10
XNUMXth generationTatsuo InoueJanuary 1967-January 4
Fifteenth generationShuzo TodaJanuary 1968-January 12
XNUMXth generationHarada SteelJanuary 1969-January 5
Seventeenth generationShimazaki MasaruJanuary 1969-January 11
Eighteenth generationShuzo TodaJanuary 1972-January 11
Nineteenth generationHiroshi KawaguchiJanuary 1981-January 11
TwentiesToshiyuki KawazoeJanuary 1984-January 11
XNUMXst generationTomonosuke TakagiJanuary 1990-January 11
Twenty-second generationHiroshi SotomaJanuary 1993-January 11
XNUMXrd generationKoji SuzukiJanuary 1999-January 11
Twenty-fourth generationKunishige TsunodaJanuary 2002-January 11
Twenty-fifth generationKazuyuki NagaiJanuary 2005-January 11
Twenty-sixth generationNorihiko FukuharaJanuary 2011-January 11
XNUMXth generationJanuary 2014-January 11
XNUMXth generationNorihiko FukuharaJanuary 2018-January 5
XNUMXth generation

basic data


  • Tama Campus(742-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo)
  • Korakuen Campus (1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Ichigaya Campus (42-8 Ichigayahonmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Ichigayatamachi Campus (1-18 Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Surugadai Memorial Hall (3-11-5 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


School song, cheering song, student song
  • Chuo University song "Kusa no Midori" (Lyrics:Michio Ishikawa, Composition:Yoshitaka Sakamoto
  • Chuo University cheering song "Ah Chuo's Young Day" (Lyrics selection: Chuo University Alumni Association, composition:Yuji Koseki
    • TypicalCheer song..This is the second cheering song in history.
  • "Song of farewell" (Lyrics:Shimazaki Fujimura, Composition: Eisuke Fujie)
    • Fujie, a former Chuo University preparatory student, composed Shimazaki's poems with a melody for alumni who received a convocation letter in 1944.[8]..It is still sung at the university graduation ceremonyAsahi KobayashiAlso known as a hit song[8].
  • "Song of the head"
  • "Song of Kenji Chuo University" (Lyrics: Toshio Kawao, Composition: Chuo University Music Study Group)
  • "Young blood"
  • "Izu Harukaka" (lyrics and composition: Michitaro Murakami)
  • "Chuo University"
School color
School emblem and symbol mark

Education and research



graduate School

Majors without special mention have a master's program and a doctoral program.

Professional graduate school

Professional graduate schoolThere are the following.

  • Law School (Graduate School of Law)
    • Legal major
  • Business School (Graduate School of Strategic Management)Chuo University Business School
    • Strategic Management Major (MBA Program)

Major affiliated organizations / facilities

  • graduate School
    • Japan Comparative Law Institute
    • Accounting Institute
    • Economic Research Institute
    • Institute of Social Science
    • Corporate Research Institute
    • Humanities Research Institute
    • Institute of Health and Physical Education
    • RIKEN
    • Policy and Culture Research Institute
  • R & D Organization
  • Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration / Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters (CLIP)
  • library
    • Tama Campus
      • Central Library
      • Faculty of Law Student Library
      • Faculty of Economics Student Library
      • Faculty of Commerce Student Library
      • Library by Department of Letters
      • Faculty of Policy Management Library
      • Graduate school library
    • Korakuen Campus
      • Faculty of Science and Engineering
      • Business school library
    • Ichigaya Campus
      • Raw library
    • Ichigayatamachi Campus
      • Faculty of Global Informatics Library
  • Video Language Media Lab
  • Information Environment Improvement Center
    • Tama IT Center
    • City center IT center (Korakuen, Ichigaya)
  • Career center
  • International Center
  • Admission Center
  • Physical education facility management center
  • 保健 セ ン タ ー
  • Surugadai Memorial Museum
  • Dormitory (seminar house)
    • Lake Nojiri Seminar House
    • Tomiura Seaside Dormitory

The Central Library is located on the Tama Campus, the Central Library Science and Engineering Sub-Building on the Korakuen Campus, and the Ichigaya Campus Library on the Ichigaya Campus.In particular, the Central Library on the Tama Campus is a large-scale library with 17 open shelves and 1685 reading seats.In addition to this, libraries are also set up in each faculty (each major in the Faculty of Letters and each department in the Faculty of Science and Engineering).Also1979In (54), the EC Data Center (currentlyEU Information Center),1994In (6)United Nations Depository LibraryIt is designated as each of the above, and the materials of international organizations are open to the public.


21st Century COE Program

21st Century COE ProgramAs a result, 1 projects were adopted.


  • Program for supporting contemporary educational needs
    • Regional revitalization support by "Middle-sized Hachioji method" (adopted in 2004)
    • Training of female researchers and engineers through industry-academia collaborative education (adopted in 2006)
  • Unique University Education Support Program
    • University-wide development of academic internship (adopted in 2003)
    • Development of high school connection education based on practical science philosophy (adopted in 2004)
  • University Education Internationalization Promotion Program
    • Chuo University Long-term Study Abroad Support Program (adopted in 2006)
  • Professional graduate school formation support program
    • Formation of an international education program for legal profession training (adopted in 2004)
    • Development of advanced video teaching materials on intellectual property (adopted in 2004)
    • Research on the ideal way of practical basic education (adopted in 2004)
    • Fostering accounting professionals who can play an active role internationally (adopted in 2004)
    • Improvement of the accounting graduate school curriculum to the international standard (adopted in 2005)
  • Leading IT Specialist Development Promotion Program
    • Leading IT Specialist Training Program (adopted in 2006)
  • Program for promoting training of highly specialized professionals in professional graduate schools, etc.
    • Legal profession training program for globalization (adopted in 2008)
  • Global human resource development promotion business
    • Global human resource development promotion project (type A, university-wide type) (adopted in 2012)

Information Technology Engineer Exam

At Chuo University's Faculty of International Informatics, a national qualificationInformation Technology Engineer ExamWe are focusing on passing.By earning credits for a specific subject and passing the completion exam,Basic information engineer examination(FE)A system that exempts students from taking the morning exam for one yearHas been introduced[9][10][11]..Also, if you graduate by earning credits for a specific subject in the Faculty of International Information Studies,Information processing security support person(Registration Information Security Specialist) Examination Morning II Examination is exempted for 2 years.

Student life

Alumni association

At Chuo University, the official subcommittees (circles) and the unofficial subcommittees (circles) aiming for official recognition all belong to the Chuo University Alumni Association.The alumni association is run by a central committee consisting of members selected from both the university and student sides.The president is appointed as the chairman.The alumni association has the following organizations and institutions.In addition, there are many circles that do not aim for official recognition and do not belong to the alumni association.For exampleStudent Red Cross Service Group TheJapanese Red Cross SocietyAlthough it is officially recognized by, it does not belong to the alumni association.

As for university sports, as a general rule, the subcommittees belonging to the Physical Education Federation have official representation rights among the alumni associations.Circles that are not affiliated with the sports clubs or alumni associations are not considered to be official representatives of the university, so for some reason sports sports clubs and circles that are not affiliated with the sports clubs will have an external match. In some cases, this is not implemented.However, in the past, there was no subcommittee for this event in the Physical Education Federation.American FootballIn some cases, the club participated in the Kanto league match as an unofficial organization (to be exact, an organization applying for establishment-then promoted to the sports federation) with the consent of the sports federation.Also,karateThere are exceptions in competitions where the schools are divided.In addition, there is a public absence system in the subcommittee belonging to the Physical Education Federation, and there is also a "request for consideration of classes due to extracurricular activities (public absence notification)" by the president's name, but this is a regular unit due to absence of classes in official games etc. The purpose is to request consideration to allow credits to be earned after taking certain supplementary measures (such as taking supplementary classes and submitting reports) if the number of attendance days required for acquisition is not reached. It does not have the character of giving preferential treatment.

  • Central Committee
  • Department presidency
  • Liaison Council
  • Federation meeting
  • Council on official approval application, etc.
  • Internet Steering Committee
  • General Affairs Department
  • Audit Department
  • Academic Federation (Mainly the academic subcommittees belonging to the Alumni Association before the provisional execution system belong to it. It is different from the Student Laboratory Federation (Gakkenren) belonging to the Tower of Fire)
  • Cultural Federation (Originally, it is a federation to which cultural subcommittees belonging to the alumni association belonged before the provisional execution system, but there are many newly officially recognized subcommittees even after the establishment of the arts federation described later, and the segregation is becoming ambiguous. .)
  • Gakugei Federation (A federation established when the provisional execution system was dissolved. Since then, many subcommittees have become officially recognized organizations, and the difference with the Cultural Federation is disappearing.)
  • Physical Education Federation (Sports Subcommittee with Representative Rights)
  • Federation of Physical Education Clubs (Sports subcommittee that does not have the right of representation because the existing subcommittee of the relevant event exists in the physical education federation. Of the subcommittees that originally existed when the provisional execution system was dissolved, they did not meet the criteria for transition to the physical education federation. It is a federation of subcommittees)
  • Federation of Science and Engineering (committee headquartered in Korakuen Campus)
  • Alumni Federation (A subcommittee whose members are mainly second-class students. In principle, new subcommittees are not officially recognized.)
  • Unofficial Subcommittee

(reference)1988(63)May 1Under the "provisional execution system" that was canceled by the joint declaration of the "President's (President) Public Meeting" held in Tokyo, the "Shiramon Federation (Shiroren)" is a federation of unofficial subcommittees. ", And there was an" establishment application group (proposal) ". Under the "provisional execution system", all procedures related to the approval of the subcommittee were frozen, so the unofficial subcommittee at the start of the "provisional execution system" was fixed without being officially approved.In addition, the "application for establishment" was kept at the alumni association office in the newly established subcommittees after that.The former formed the "Shiramon Federation" and the latter was called the "establishment application group"). With the end of the "provisional execution system", among the subcommittees belonging to the "Shiramon Federation" and the "establishment application groups", the subcommittees that meet the official standards of the existing official federation and the subcommittee wishes to be officially recognized are already officially recognized. Subcommittees that have transitioned to the federation and have met the official standards in other subcommittees (subcommittees that have continued to submit "subcommittee activity reports" for more than the standard number of years, or "subcommittee activity reports" have not been submitted, but "Shiramon" The subcommittee issued by the executive department of the "Federation" has issued a certificate permitting the continuation of activities for more than the standard number of years.) And the subcommittees that the subcommittee wishes to be officially recognized have been transferred to the newly established Federation of Arts and Sciences or the Federation of Physical Education Clubs.

School festival

The school festival"White Gate Festival"There are the following three types, which are run by the Shiramon Festival Executive Committee on the Tama Campus and by the Science and Technology Shiramon Festival Executive Committee on the Korakuen Campus.

  • Welcome new students Shiramon Festival (Mid May, Tama Campus)
  • Welcome Cultural Festival / Sports Tournament for New Students (Early April, Korakuen Campus)
  • Shiramon Festival (early November, common to Tama Campus and Korakuen Campus)


CurrentTokyo Roku University Baseball FederationBecause of this, Chuo University was once invited to join.[Source required]..However, at that time, Chuo University had various reasons ("The center of law cannot be overwhelmed by baseball" and "Rivals".TodaiIf you join, you will not join(There is a contradiction in this theory)There are various theories such as[Source required], There is a theory that it did not join, but at present it is considered to be as close as possible to the myth.[Annotation 8]Please refer to the relevant article for the history of the establishment of the Tohto University Baseball League.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations

There is an organization named "○○ Shiromonkai" or "Shiramon ○○ kai" in the alumni associations and social gatherings of Chuo University. OB organizations are generally"Shiromonkai"However, the Shiramonkai is a voluntary organization.The official alumni association of Chuo University is the Chuo University Faculty Association.[PR 15]..The Shiramonkai, which has more than 100 students (members) who are paying the membership fee, is eligible to be certified as a formal branch of the membership association.There are three types of branches: regional branches, annual branches, and occupational areas.Although it does not have the name Shiromonkai, the Chuo University Hosoukai, which is a fellowship of legal profession, and the Nanko Club, which is made up of business people from Chuo University, are also Shiramonkai.The alumni association used to be where Chuo University was located.Kanda SurugadaiIt is located at (the site of the former university hall) under the name of Surugadai Memorial Hall.

List of university personnel


Tama Campus

  • Faculty of Law: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of International Management
  • Graduate School of Law: Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Literature, Graduate School of Policy Studies

This is the main campus where the headquarters of Chuo University is located.

Korakuen Campus

  • Faculty of use: Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Use: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Strategic Management (Business School)

The campus where the Faculty of Science and Engineering is located is close to Kanda, the birthplace of Chuo University.The location is TokyoBunkyo kuKasugaIs.On campusChuo University High School, Chuo UniversityBusiness schoolSome facilities such as Building No. 3 are shared.2010Until March (22), a graduate school for liberal arts was also set up, but it was relocated with the opening of the Ichigayatamachi campus.The site area is 3m2.Tokyo Dome,Bunkyo Ward OfficeIn addition to being very close to the city center, it is adjacent to Rekisen Park,KorakuenThere is a lot of greenery around the campus because it is close to.

  • Facility
    • Building 1: Student Life Division, Health Center, Laboratory and Laboratory.
    • Building 2: There are laboratories and laboratories.2011In (23), as part of the 125th anniversary project of Chuo University, it was newly built at the location of the former Building No. 7 (Co-op / Circle Building) and outdoor physical education facilities.
    • Building No. 3: Originally a low-rise building,2003A skyscraper newly constructed in (15) as part of the 125th anniversary project of Chuo University.It is a symbol of the Korakuen Campus, which is equipped with various facilities such as an experimental facility, a student cafeteria, and a facility for Chuo University High School.It also functions as a city center base for medium and large universities.
    • Building 4: Student Circle Building.
    • Building No. 5: There is an arena and a student cafeteria.
    • Building 6: There is an office of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, a library, etc.
    • Building No. 8: Used as the Chuo University High School building.
    • Multipurpose coat
    • Experimental building
    • Main gate (white gate): It imitates the white gate, which is another name for Chuo University.It is a commemorative photo spot.
  • Directions and Parking

Ichigaya Campus

  • Faculty of use: None
  • Graduate School of Use: Graduate School of Law (Law School)

To enhance graduate school education and improve city center bases2000(12) Campus established in April and used by the Graduate School of Law.The location is TokyoShinjuku wardIchigaya Honmura Town42-8 、Ministry of DefenseLocated next to.In the vicinityIchiyata TownIchigaya Tamachi Campus (Chuo University Middle Bridge) is located on 1-18.2010Until March (22), the Graduate School of International Accounting was also established, but it was relocated with the opening of the Ichigayatamachi Campus.

1999(11) During the period from the purchase of the campus in July to the establishment of the Graduate School of Law, the Ichigaya Laboratory for Legal Affairs was established.Bar examinationThere were lectures and self-study rooms for examinees, but they moved to the Surugadai Memorial Hall during the Graduate School of Law.In addition, at the completion of the first semester of the Graduate School of Law2006(Heisei 18) From January2010(22) Until March Ichigaya Annex (3) Legal course in front of Ichigaya stationChiyoda WardGobancho4-7) was set up and used by the legal training facility, which serves as a learning base from the completion to the passing of the bar examination, but it was relocated with the opening of the Ichigayatamachi Campus.

Initially, it was pointed out that the facility was narrow, but2006(18) Ichigaya Annex in April2009(21) February, Law School Laboratory Annex (Shinjuku Ward)Yotsuya HonshiochoBy installing 19), measures have been taken in sequence.About these2010(22) Drastic improvement was achieved by opening the Ichigayatamachi Campus in April.

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus (Chuo University Middle Bridge)

  • Faculty of Use: Faculty of Global Informatics
  • Graduate School of Use: None

Formerly for the enhancement of graduate school education and the development of central TokyoStudent Support AssociationHeadquarters building2009Obtained in August (21)2010(22) The school opened in April.The location isIchigaya StationIt is in front of Exit 6 and is more convenient than the Ichigaya campus.Middle Bridge is a British school learned by the founders of middle and large universities.Legal professionone ofMiddle TempleThe name has two meanings: a bridge to the university and a bridge between students, faculty members, and students (graduates of junior high school).

At the time of opening, the Graduate School of International Accounting moved from the Ichigaya Campus, and the Graduate School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences moved from the Korakuen Campus.Also2011In April (23), the Tama Campus course of the Graduate School of Public Policy will also be held at the Ichigaya Tamachi Campus, and a complete relocation has been realized.After that, the Graduate School of Public Policy was abolished in 4, and the Graduate School of International Accounting was abolished in 2017. Was done.

  • Directions and Parking
    • 6 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line / Namboku Line / Ichigaya Station (Exit 1)
    • 1 minutes walk from JR Sobu Line / Toei Subway Shinjuku Line / Ichigaya Station (Exit A5)

Surugadai Memorial Museum

  • Faculty of use: None
  • Graduate School of Use: None

Was once usedSurugadai CampusThis facility was built on the site of the former university hall to commemorate the event. 1985It was built as part of the 60th anniversary commemorative project of (100).The location is TokyoChiyoda WardKanda Surugadai3-11-5.There are restaurants, coffee shops, career center branches, etc. in the hall.

In addition to being used mainly by the alumni organization, the Faculty AssociationCollege entrance examinationIt is used in the adult lectures of the Accounting Institute.It is also rented out to general organizations other than students, and is used for workshops and lectures.

In September 2019, in the interim report of "Chuo Vision 9", after rebuilding the Surugadai Memorial Hall by 2025, we plan to accommodate the Graduate School of Law (Graduate School of Law) and the Graduate School of Strategic Management. Published.The treatment of the Ichigaya campus currently used by the law school is not mentioned.

In the vicinityMeiji University OfLiberty Tower,Nihon UniversityThere are campuses of the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

  • Directions and Parking
    • 3 minutes walk from JR Chuo / Sobu Line / Ochanomizu Station
    • 6 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Ochanomizu Station
    • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Get off at Shin-Ochanomizu Station (Exit B1) 3 minutes walk (Exit B3b)
    • Toei Subway Shinjuku Line / Get off at Ogawamachi Station (Exit B5) 5 minutes walk

Overseas offices

Please refer to the Chuo University website unless otherwise specified.[12].

Student dormitory

An international dormitory was established in 2011 and an international exchange dormitory was established in 2012 as dormitories for general students and international students.

International dormitory is JRToyota StationIt is located about an 8-minute walk north of.UR City OrganizationFormer Tamadaira housing complex (64 units) was rented, and 1 people per unit (3DK) (international students, exchange students,JapaneseI am a student).

International exchange dormitoryKeio LineSeisho Sakuragaoka StationIt is located 8 minutes on foot from.Unlike the international dormitory, it is a private room type with one student in each room.

A counter-athletic meet is held in the fall to promote exchanges between the two dormitories.

  • International dormitory
  • International exchange dormitory

The following dormitories have been set up for members of the Alumni Association Physical Education Federation.

Some departments have their own dormitories and training camps, but most of the members of the departments that have introduced the sports recommendation entrance examination system live in the Minamidaira dormitory.It is extremely rare for a shared dormitory to be set up as a sports federation or to be operated on such a scale.

  • Minamidaira Dormitory
  • Higashi Toyoda Dormitory
  • Horinouchi baseball club training camp
  • Toda Boat Club Training Camp
  • Hayama Yacht Club Training Camp

Former facility

Old: Nishikimachi school building

1885(Meiji 18) The campus that has been used since the establishment of the English Law School in July.TokyoKanda WardKandanishiki TownIt was located at 2-2.

At that timeTokyo Law School TheKandanishiki TownIt was built facing the street,Renaissance style OfRed brickTwo-storyIonia style OfStigmaHadPilasterIt was a magnificent building that was both magnificent and decorative for a school at that time. — Hasegawa Nyoze Quiet, "Self-reliance of a certain heart" Kodansha Academic Bunko, page 163
Kanda Nishikicho XNUMX-chomeKanda Police StationNext to, there are rare red brick buildings in the Anobe area.There are some people who are sarcastic, such as A warehouse, but there is no doubt that they are jealous.At a glance, you can see the brick wall of the police station inside this building, and you should be able to pull out the soul of the countryman.This is it.It is the school building of Chuo University, one of the leading figures in the legal world. — Shiokaze Kawaoka, "Toto Yugaku School ReputationHakubunkan, pp. 137-138

1923(Taisho 12) September 9Great Kanto EarthquakeAlthough it was hit hard by the government and emergency restoration was carried out, it was judged that the relocation of the school site was indispensable for the university reconstruction plan after the earthquake.1926(Taisho 15)8The Surugadai campus was completed and relocated.The area is an electrical school (currently:Tokyo Denki University), And it was the Kanda campus until March 2012 when the university moved to Kitasenju. After April 3, redevelopment will be carried out by Sumitomo Corporation.

Former: Surugadai School Building

From March 19261980(55) Campus used until March.Kanda Surugadai district in central Tokyo (currently:Mitsui Sumitomo InsuranceIt was located in the Surugadai Building).

  • Building No. 1- 1958Completed in August, 8 basement floor, 1 floors above ground (later expanded to 7 floors, graduate school and laboratory, faculty and staff related facilities such as the president's office, student hall, school meals, etc.)
  • Building No. 2- 1926Completed in August, 8 basement floor, 1 floors above ground (later expanded to 3 floors, 4 faculties of law, economics, and commerce)
  • Building No. 3- 1935Completed in August, 8 basement floor, 1 floors above ground (4th anniversary commemorative auditorium)
  • Building No. 4- 1964Completed in April, 4 basement floor, 1 floors above ground (6 faculties of law, economics, and commerce)
  • Building No. 5 --Completed in August 1964, 8 basement floors and 2 floors above ground (Faculty of Letters school building)
  • Graduate School Branch Library- 1930Completed in November, 11 basement floor, 1 floors above ground
  • Surugadai Central Library- 1967Completed in November, 5 basement floor, 2 floors above ground
  • Chuo University Hall- 1956Completed in August, 8 basement floor, 1 floors above ground (current location of Surugadai Memorial Hall)
  • Nishikimachi School Building-Former Chiyoda Ward Office Building1955Purchased at, Student Hall andChuo University High SchoolUsed as (1964Sold in December).
  • Hijiribashi School Building-From Meiji University1965Purchased in April (used as accounting research institute, Chuo University High School, circle facility)[PR 16]
  • Ogawa Town School Building- 1966Completed in June (used as a student hall)

* The name of each facility is1964After April[PR 17].

High economic growth periodThe number of enrolled students increased and the school building became too small, and the relocation of the university to the suburbs of the city center at that time was being promoted.1978(53) Moved to the Tama campus in April.However, of the new students and current students, the 4nd and 2rd grades moved to Tama, and the 3th grade continued to attend the Surugadai campus.1980Classes were held until (55).Currently, the Surugadai Memorial Hall is built on a part of the site of the Surugadai Campus (formerly the site of the University Hall).

Chuo University Auditorium (Surugadai Campus Building No. 3)

Akimoto spring morningArchitect at the site of the mansionMikishi AbeBy the design of1935(Showa 10) Completed in August.Construction cost 8 yen, capacity 39 people[PR 18].LDPParty tournament1955(30)May 11It was held at the Chuo University Auditorium.Japanese Socialist PartyIn many cases, the party convention was held in the same auditorium.The auditorium was demolished when it was relocated to Tama and does not exist.

Chuo University Surugadai Campus Ruins Monument

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Chuo University1985(60) It was installed on the site of the south gate of the Surugadai school building on July 7.On the bronze-finished monumentShigetoshi MurakamiThe inscription by is engraved and it still exists.

Old ground

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

Overseas partner schools

Relationship with society

Legal profession training

Higher Civil Service Examination Judiciary

"Central of lawCalled[1], Was divided into administrative department, judicial department, and diplomacy departmentHigher civilian examinationIn the administrative departmentTokyo University,Kyoto UniversityIt was the third number of successful applicants after the University of Tokyo, and the second number of successful applicants in the judiciary department after the University of Tokyo.From that time on, he had achieved particularly good results in the field of justice.

Old bar exam

Old bar examBy university of originBar examinationThe number of successful applicants is1951From (Showa 26)1970Until (Showa 45), it was ranked first for 20 consecutive years.But so-calledKanda Calce Rattan struggleSeeStudent movementDue to the intensification of the situation and the relocation of the Tama campus, we entered a period of stagnation.1970 eraから1980 eraI started to compete with the University of Tokyo for the first place.During this timeLegal worldInChuo University Faculty of LawFaculty of Law, University of TokyoThe battle for initiative withMiddle East WarWas described as[Annotation 9].1990 eraFrom the middle of the year, it was fixed between 3rd and 5th, but it has established itself as a regular in the top five.

New Bar Exam

In the first (1) bar examination, Chuo UniversityLaw SchoolThe number of successful applicants (239 examinees, 131 final passers) was the highest.[PR 24]..Since then, it has won first place in 2012 and 2015.[14].

The pass rate is 68.07%, which is the 6th place among all law schools (17-29).[15].

Vocational accountant training

CPA ExamThe number of successful applicants was the highest from the year the test started to around 1970.But in the 1sKeio University, In the early 80'sWaseda UniversityIt will be overtaken and a slump will come. From the late 1980s1990 eraThe University of TokyoHitotsubashi UniversityAlthough he was overtaken by the team and dropped to 5th-7th place,Accounting Institute(Increasing the number of full-time instructors, introducing WEB lessons) and changing the examination system2000 eraSince then, he has kept around 3rd place.
In addition,Tax accountant examinationAs for, the number of successful applicants is maintained at the top.

White Gate

See also "Time Travel Medium and Large 125: 1885 → 2010" column (21) "Origin of Shiramon"

The nickname "Hakumon" first appeared in university literature.1928In (Showa 3) with the Political Society, which is a student circleResignation SocietyIt is said that it is a passage of a student song that was co-sponsored by (Speech Department).The author of the song, who later became a middle school employee,Asahi Shimbun"(I don't remember exactly) the emblem of the university was white (because at Shiramon)," he recalled.[16].

The inventor of "Shiromon" is actually a staff member, and he says that he was inspired by Akamon at the University of Tokyo, Tomon at Waseda University, and Sakuramon at Nihon University.[PR 25].

However, there is a testimony that "Shiromon" was actually used frequently after the war, and it was not so popular among the prewar generation.

The old professor says that the Nishikikai (OB meeting) and the mid-level class are the Nanko club, and that "Shiramon" is not perfect.Both are the names of the towns where the old school buildings were located. — Chuo University staff,1961(36)May 3Asahi Shimbun evening edition 4 pages

The white gate as an actual building is1959(Showa 34) In July at that timeSurugadaiA main gate made of white mikage with a width of 1.2m and a height of 3.6m has been constructed in the school building (it does not exist).In addition, the image of a part of the white gate (the gate pillar / entrance of the former Surugadai school building) was relocated to the Tama campus and preserved as the "100th anniversary stage".The main gate of Korakuen Campus is also white and is called "Shiromon".The reason why the emblem and the gate are white is the story of professors in the correspondence course[Source required]According to the report, it is "a manifestation of the intention not to stain anything."[Annotation 10].


Former Taiwanese President Lecture by Lee Teng-hui

2003(15) On December 12, Chuo University's student group suddenly said, "The permission to rent out the facilities on campus at Chuo University was revoked.Yomiuri LandChanged the venue to "Kaikan",TaiwanConnected withLee Teng-huiyuanPresident of TaiwanbyインターネットA lecture was held.

Evaluation from companies and society

  • Diamond CompanyThe business magazine "" published on September 2006, 9.Weekly diamond』Volume 94 No. 36 (Volume 4147) Special feature ranking of career advancement entitled" Universities that can advance "(All surveys of representative directors of more than 3,800 listed companies in Japan[17][18][19]), Chuo University is 2006 universities that exist as of 744[20] 23th place in the middle[21] Was ranked in.
  • "Weekly economist(August 2010, 8 issue), "The number of officers and managers is large for the number of graduates", Chuo University is 31 universities nationwide as of 2010.[22] Ranked 24th among all private universities (5th among all private universities)[23].

Affiliated school

At Chuo University,Affiliated schoolAs 4 schoolshigh schoolAnd 2 schoolsJunior high schoolIt is a feature that it is installed.

The first time I entered secondary education1928This is from the establishment of Chuo University Commercial School in (Showa 3).With this Chuo University Commercial School as its predecessor1948(Showa 23)Chuo University High SchoolWas installed.Also1952(Showa 27) merged with Suginami High SchoolChuo University Suginami High SchoolThe name was changed to Suginami Junior High School and it was abolished.This Chuo University Suginami High School1963The name was changed to Chuo University Senior High School when it moved to Koganei City in 38.At the same time as this move, Chuo University Suginami High School was established again, taking over the school name, school site and school building.2010In (22), a junior high school was added to Chuo University Senior High School as the first affiliated junior high school.Furthermore2010In (22), the name of Yokohama Yamate Girls' Junior and Senior High School was changed to Chuo University Yokohama Yamate Junior and Senior High School.

Affiliated school

Under discussion

  • Bunkyo Ward Third Junior High School
    • From the Bunkyo Ward Board of Education from 2009 at Chuo University High School and Adjacent Ward Third Junior High SchoolHigh school consistentWe receive proposals for education (dispatch of teachers and acceptance of a certain number of students to middle and high schools, etc.) and hold discussions.The relationship has not yet been decided.


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