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🏛 | 《2021 Hyogo Prefectural Governor Election》 Mr. Motohiko Saito won the first prize.

Mr. Saito, who received the news that he was sure to win the photo, called for victory with Koichi Tani, the chairman of the Hyogo Prefectural Federation (right), Kunihiko Muroi, the representative of the Hyogo Ishin no Kai (left), and others (photographed on July 7).

《2021 Hyogo Prefectural Governor Election》 Mr. Motohiko Saito was elected for the first time. Top change for the first time in 20 years Liberal Democratic Party / Ishin recommended

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It was the first conservative division election in the history of prefectural government, and the composition of "carpooling" was recommended to Mr. Saito by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Nippon Ishin no Kai. The result reflects the selection of.

The Hyogo prefectural governor's election, which has been a battle for five newcomers for the first time in about 1974 years since 50, was voted on the 5th.The ballot counting is over ... → Continue reading

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