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🏛 | Hokushin Nakasei "Corona discrimination, let's not prejudice", citrus ribbon to the governor

Photo: Mr. Takeda, Mr. Shimakage, and Mr. Ohno who delivered the ribbon to Governor Uchibori (from the left)

Hokushin Nakasei "Corona discrimination, let's not prejudice", citrus ribbon to the governor

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In addition to the prefectural office, it is also presented to the Fukushima City Health and Welfare Center.

Fortune to work on the "Citrus Ribbon Project", a movement to eliminate discrimination and prejudice due to the spread of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Fukushima City Health and Welfare Center

Fukushima City Health and Welfare Center(Fukushima Shihoken Fukushima Center)FukushimaFukushimaIt is a public facility in Moriaicho.


It was built by Fukushima City in Moriai Town in the northern part of the city center to promote the lifelong health promotion of Fukushima citizens and aim to integrate health, medical care and welfare as a base for welfare services for the elderly and civil medical care.1998(Heisei10 years)10It is a facility that opened in.6 stories above ground, 1 story below groundSteel frame reinforced concrete structureAnd the total floor area is 10,573 square meters[1].Fukushima City HallIn addition to the Health and Welfare Department and the Children's Future Department, there are affiliated organizations such as the Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare and the Fukushima City Medical Association, as well as facilities for improving the health and welfare of citizens. is set up.In addition, emergency facilities such as a night emergency clinic, disaster prevention center, and underground water tank are also available.

On-site facilities

There are the following facilities in the hall[2].

1 floor
  • Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare (Home Welfare Service Center)
  • Day service center
  • Night emergency clinic
  • Holiday emergency dental clinic
  • Dental clinic for people with disabilities
  • Home care support center (consultation counter for the elderly requiring assistance)
  • Volunteer center
2 floor
  • Fukushima City Child Development Division
  • Fukushima City Health Promotion Division
  • Fukushima City Children's Policy Division
  • Fukushima City Council of Social Welfare General Affairs Division
3 floor
  • Fukushima City Health Center Preparation Office
  • Fukushima City Radiation Health Management Division
  • Fukushima City Medical Association Secretariat
  • Small meeting room
4 floor
  • Parent and child open space
  • Health guidance room / nutrition guidance room / cooking training room (guidance and lectures for improving eating habits and lifestyles are held)
  • Volunteer room
  • Infant medical examination hall
5 floor
  • Health promotion room (Health consultations and lectures are held to prevent lifestyle-related diseases)
  • Large conference room (multipurpose hall)
6 floor
  • Observation lobby
  • Toy Square-A ball pool and an air slide were set up in the observation lobby to provide an indoor facility where children can play with peace of mind.
Underground 1 floor
  • disaster control center
  • Underground water tank (stores 301 tons of water for fire prevention and drinking water in the event of a large-scale disaster)
  • Self-propelled multi-storey car park (accommodates about 150 cars)

Directions and Parking


  • Fukushima Fureai Park-A park that stretches between Shinobu-dori and our facility on National Highway No. 13, and its name in city planning is Moriaicho Ryokuchi.It is integrated with the space in front of the front entrance of the facility and functions as a front yard.
  • Fukushima Central Post Office --With this facilityCity roadIs adjacent to each other.
  • Fukushima Museum of Photography


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