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🏛 | Korean newspaper reported that Mr. Moon Jae-in abandoned his visit to Japan.


The Korean newspaper reported that Mr. Moon Jae-in abandoned his visit to Japan.

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The Hankyoreh newspaper said, "I am saddened by Japan's high-pressure attitude as a perpetrator."

South Korea's Moon Jae-in University, which was being considered at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on July 2021, 7 ... → Continue reading

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Han Gyore

Han Gyore(Morning: 한겨레) Is South KoreaDailyNews (Chinese).19876 of the monthDeclaration of democracyImmediately after, the publication preparatory committee was formed in September, and the publication was launched in May 9.The original title was "The Hankyoreh Newspaper"(한겨레 신문) Was,1996In October, the title was changed to "The Hankyoreh". "The Hankyoreh" means "one race" or "one compatriot"[1].


It was established and launched by the "national stock method," which is rare in the world as a media.This is because the people invested in the form of fundraising to hold Hankyoreh shares and raised independence from power and capital (advertisers).[3].

漢字Sell ​​not to use at all.In addition, the paper has been published since its publication.Horizontal writingIt was adopted. 10 years laterLong-established store OfMajorConsidering that paper hit an avalanche and adopted horizontal writing, and almost no kanji was used.Korean generationIt can be said that he was ahead of his position.Also from the time of the first issueComputer typesetting(CTS) is adopted, but it was the first time for a Korean daily newspaper.[4].

Military administrationIt was founded mainly by newspaper reporters who were forced to work in the era to insist on democratization.For this reasonPark Park,Paik Sun-yupCriticize former military personnel such as[5][6][7].

Initially from the Korean governmentSecurityIt is said that there is a problem with the head officeHouse searchReceivedForeignerWas the subject of job questions if he had it, but nowNational newspaperIs recognized as.Roh Tai Fook(Former soldier)Gold swimmingWas critical of the conservative government, but thenKim Dae Jung,Roh Moo-hyunIn the reform / progressive administration that followed, it was relatively favorable to the government.However,2006He was critical of the Roh Moo-hyun administration, which had been straying since then.LeftistDemocratic Labor Party(CurrentUnified Progressive Party) Is said to have been approaching[Source required]..On the other hand, management was difficult and it was established under the Roh Moo-hyun administration.Newspaper lawThen, we received support from paid and unpaid business funds[8].

In 2005Japan-Chugoku- South KoreaSchool edited by researchers inSupplementary teaching materials"History that opens the futureWas published by the Hankyoreh Newspaper Publishing Department.Roh Moo-hyunThe president ordered a sample from the Hankyoreh newspaper publishing department, read it carefully, and sent a congratulatory message to the publication commemoration.Ministry of EducationIsHistory that opens the futureWas donated to the principals of junior high and high schools nationwide.[9]..In addition, teachers are also encouraged to subscribe at their own expense, and the Korean government cooperated in the sales campaign as a whole to the left-wing newspaper Hankyoreh, the publisher of the Korean version, which is in crisis with the support of Roh Moo-hyun of the left-wing administration. It is also said to be substantial management support[9].

Born in 2017Wen ZaiyinHe has consistently supported the administration, and since the Hankyoreh was first published, Moon Jae-in himself has served as the founder, the first committee member, and the Busan bureau chief.[10]..On the other hand, there are also situations in which young reporters resist reports that are closer to the administration.[11].

Traditionally officialJapaneseSince there was no site, volunteers translated it into JapaneseBlogThere is[12][13], The link was posted from the Korean official website, but with the launch of the Japanese version of the official website, the update of Hankyoreh Sarambang was stopped on October 2012, 10.Also on February 15, 2014,Huff postPartnering with HuffPost Korea to deliver news[14].


Breaking away from anti-communist idealism, taking the tone of the leftmost progress-oriented, "narrownationalismTo break down "1999With the current affairs weekly magazine "Hankyoreh 21"Republic of KoreaBeing prepared for the repulsion of the Veterans AssociationVietnam War OfKorean military comfort woman"Rye DaihanProblem ”was taken up.In addition, based on the original investigation that hit the victim's testimony and records at that time, "Vietnam WarSome Korean soldiers who participated in the war intentionallyVietnam peopleResidentsMassacre-rapeI argued that[15],On the contraryDefoliant2000 Korean Veterans Association, who are patients with sequelae, rushed to Hankyoreh and took violent protests such as destroying facilities.[16]..However, after that, about one yearEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euContinued the serialization of Lai Daihan.

In addition,Park ParkFormer presidentManchurian ArmyTo report the blood test of the officer era[5], (Suppressed the anti-Japanese organization in ManchuriaGando Special ForceHe also opposes the appointment of Paik Sun-yup as an honorary marshal.[7][17].

The Hankyoreh's tone was onceAnti-communismGive priority toRestoration of Chinese charactersConservative and right-wing insistenceChosun IlboThe Hankyoreh and the Chosun Ilbo are in a relationship of criticizing each other in editorials and articles.In addition to Chosun IlboToa NippoAlso aboutPro-Japanese school・ Critique as an anti-ethnic group[18], Chosun IlboJoongAng Daily News-Toa NippoThere is a confrontational composition with the conservative newspapers such as the overall tone and textbook problems.


  • 1987
  • September 9: Consists of the first issue preparatory committee
  • October 10: The title is decided to be "The Hankyoreh Newspaper"
  • November 11: Announced a list of 8 founders of the Hankyoreh newspaper (later revised to 3342).Start of fund-raising activities for the first issue fund, and advertisements calling for fund-raising have started to appear in major daily newspapers.
  • December 12: The Hankyoreh Newspaper Co., Ltd. founding general meeting is held.Song Jianho was appointed as the representative director and issuer.
  • December 12: The Hankyoreh Newspaper Co., Ltd. was founded and registered in the Seoul Civil District Court.
  • 1988
  • February 2: Completion of fund-raising for the first issue fund. 25 people invested 2 billion won
  • May 5: Hankyoreh Newspaper Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Declaration Ceremony
  • May 5: The first issue of "The Hankyoreh Newspaper" (15 pages, 36 copies) is published.50 daily publications, monthly subscription fee 8 won.
  • August 8: Elections for editorial chairpersons (first in Korean speech history) were held by reporters, and Zhang Jun-hee was elected as the second editorial chairperson.
  • October 10: Hankyoreh Newspaper Development Fund National Fundraising Started (Target 19 Billion Won)
  • 1989
  • February 4:Li SwimEditorial advisor, taken to the Public Security Joint Investigation Headquarters.
  • June 6: Development Fund National Fundraising Completed (Total 28 Million Won)
  • July 7: Elected as the third editorial chairperson.
  • 1990
  • June 6: Increased the number of pages from 1 to 8.
  • July 7: Yufu Naru was elected as the 16th editorial chairperson.
  • 1991
  • April 4: Elected Cheng Han Cassotte as the 2th Editor-in-Chief.
  • April 4: Song Jian-ho is appointed as chairman of the board, and Jie Kim is appointed as president.
  • December 12: Moved into a new office building at 14-116 Kotoku-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
  • 1992
  • February 2: Dispatch of correspondents to Japan
  • April 4: Elected Cheng Han Cassotte as the 6th Editor-in-Chief.
  • February 9:PC communication"The Hankyoreh Newspaper Article Service" started
  • 1993
  • April 4: Elected Kinjutsu as the 9th editorial chairperson
  • June 6: Choi Tsururai elected as the 24th editorial chairperson
  • June 9: Increased the number of pages from 1 to 16.
  • 1994
  • March 3: First issue of the current affairs weekly magazine "Hankyoreh 16"
  • March 3: Choi Tsururai is re-elected as the 29th editorial chairperson
  • 1995
  • February 2: Elected Minister Yoon as the 25th editorial chairperson
  • March 3: Established Hankyoreh Cultural Center
  • April 4: First issue of "Cine 24", a high-end movie and video magazine
  • 1996
  • April 4: Hankyoreh Internet article service started
  • October 10: Changed the title from "The Hankyoreh Newspaper" to "The Hankyoreh".At the same time, the number of pages increased to 14 pages six days a week.
  • November 11: Joined the Korean Newspaper Association
  • 1997
  • June 6: Established Hankyoreh Unified Cultural Foundation
  • July 7: Established Hankyoreh Institute for Unified Culture

Source:한겨레 역사 주요 연혁 (Hankyoreh history major history), "The Hankyoreh Newspaper Related Chronology" "The Hankyoreh Newspaper" Material Edition (pp. 382-388)


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