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🏛 | Mr. Shigefumi Matsuzawa, a candidate for the mayor of Yokohama, opposes the casino and another important pledge "Reconstruction of Edo Castle"

Photo Mr. Shigefumi Matsuzawa who held a press conference to run for the mayor of Yokohama

Mr. Shigefumi Matsuzawa, a candidate for the mayor of Yokohama, opposes the casino and another important pledge "Reconstruction of Edo Castle"

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"The government isn't in Corona right now, but if Corona has settled down and everyone will support the Governor of Tokyo, so if you want the country to rebuild Edo Castle, this will work," grinned.

Member of Parliament and former Kanagawa Prefectural Governor Shigefumi Matsuzawa (XNUMX) elected Mayor of Yokohama on the XNUMXth (announcement on August XNUMXth, vote counting on XNUMXnd) ... → Continue reading

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Governor of Tokyo

Governor of Tokyo(Tokyo Tochiji,British: Governor of Tokyo Metropolis) IsJapan OfTokyo OfChiefBarrelSpecial occupation OfLocal civil servant.. Abbreviation isGovernor of Tokyo(Governor).

Second World WarIn1943(Showa18),TokyoとTokyo cityIt is the chief position of Tokyo that was born by the integration ofSecretary of Tokyo(Tokyo and Chokan) was set up, and after the end of the war1947(Showa 22)Local government lawIt was changed to the current name by the enforcement of.


The Governor of TokyoTokyo OfChiefAnd has an address in Tokyo from among the candidates for the governor of TokyoVotersIs elected by voting.Usually assists youDeputy Governor of TokyoAnd appoint (capacity 4 people).About authorityPositions and duties of other prefectural governorsWith wide area administration as well市町村Is in charge of a part of the affairs of.

The predecessor of TokyoTokyo TheOsaka,KyotoIt was the same rank as, but TokyoカナダOldSelf-governing territory(Toronto Dominion) was enacted, and other under the Local Autonomy LawPrefectureIt is a local government that has the same rank as the above but has taken special treatment in terms of system operation.

Tokyo city OfAdministrative districtBecame an administrative district of Tokyo with the inauguration of Tokyo,1947It was reorganized into 22 wards and 22 wards in (Showa 23), and in the same year.Local government lawBy the enforcement ofSpecial local governmentIsTokyo Special Ward(Commonly known as: Tokyo's 23 wards).As a result, the city that is institutionally governed by the name "Tokyo City" disappears, and as a cityAutonomyHas been transferred and delegated to each ward.

1943(Showa 18)- 1947(Showa 22)Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentThe head of Tokyo by the government-elected director of Tokyo (Shinninkan)CabinetI was also able to attend.Even now, there is a remnant of that, and the governor's salary isSecretary of StateIs about the same as (howeverShintaro IshiharaIt has been reduced by 10% since he took office as governor.Yuriko KoikeAfter taking office, salary was halved and annual income was the lowest among governors nationwide.[1].

TokyoJapanese capitalThe population and economy of Tokyo are large, and the policies of the city can affect national affairs, so the governor of Tokyo, who is the chief of the city, has national influence.Therefore, the governor of Tokyo is more closely watched than the governors of other prefectures, and the candidates and their promises are paid attention to during the election. An organization organized by the governors of 47 prefecturesNational Governors' AssociationHas a particularly strong voice[Note 1]. Also,Prime MinisterAnd otherSecretary of Statethe same asMetropolitan Police Department Security DepartmentOf the security departmentSecurity police(SP) is guarding, "Police box" at home and villa (Police box) Is installed.

Regular press conference

The Governor of Tokyo's regular press conference is held every Friday except holidays, and reporters ask various questions centered on the Tokyo administration, and the Governor of Tokyo answers them immediately.This pattern is on the Tokyo website and the Tokyo TV station.Tokyo Metropolitan TelevisionIn addition to being broadcast live on (TOKYO MX) etc., the past minutes are published on the Internet and can be viewed.[2][3].

Governor of Tokyo Award

Honorary citizen
In order to praise those who have made achievements in the rise of social culture and to honor them as objects of respect for the citizens of Tokyo.Honorary citizen Oftitleas well as the Award insigniaHonorary citizenship is presented as.
Tokyo Honor Award
With his outstanding achievements, he is widely admired by the people of Tokyo, gives bright dreams, hopes and vitality to society, and honors those who have made the name of Tokyo.
Firefighting reward
Fire brigade engaged in ensuring the safety of the lives and property of local residentsFirefighterIn order to reward the hard work of the fire brigade, those who have worked as a fire brigade member for more than 20 years, especially those who have made remarkable achievements in firefighting work and who can serve as a model for fire brigade members, are awarded a certificate andCommemorative chapterTo be awarded.Since the reward is accompanied by a commemorative badge, it is also commonly known as a firefighting reward (not the exact name, but the national one).honor OfAwardDifferent from).
Tokyo Cultural Award
Metropolitan Cultural Honor
Tokyo staff commendation
Awards to employees who have made significant contributions to the city administration through outstanding ideas and efforts, such as those who have made new research and inventions, and those with particularly outstanding results, and employees who have done good deeds both inside and outside their duties.
Tokyo Spirit Award
A system established in 2001 (Heisei 13) with donations from the private sector, which raises the morale of employees by commending them for projects that have made outstanding achievements and acts that serve as models for other employees in a timely manner. , The purpose is to clarify the achievements inside and outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Healthy Education Successful Workers Award
Awards to those who have contributed to the sound development of young people
Firefighting service badge
A firefighting merit badge will be presented as a governor's award to those who have outstanding achievements as firefighters and are recognized as a general model.
Firefighting Achievement Award
A firefighting achievement award will be given to those who are recognized as having outstanding achievements as firefighters as a governor's award.
Unit award
Awarded when the Tokyo Fire Department's fire brigade has a particularly significant contribution to the performance of its duties and is deemed to serve as another model.

List of Governor of Tokyo


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  1. ^ Governor's salary halving ordinance passed Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Committee to pass on XNUMXth Annual income is the lowest in Japan
  2. ^ Governor of Tokyo regular press conference
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