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Governor of Tokyo

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Total 據 Tokyo Metropolitan dew, large-scale inoculation of new coronavirus seedlings Acceptance system 28 days 淩 晨 發 發 發 虼 虼 虩 Approximately 8 pcs.

[Joint company July 7th Den] Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike 28th Tokyo government reception medium When visiting Tokyo, new crown infected person 28th Souki Tatsuchi 27 people display, Tomosho Tomosho uninoculated epidemic yearly group Medium, severe Japanese, moderately ill patients, increasing number of regular patients, "Neck tip desired year, Hitoya Noh hitting epidemic seedling. Annual vaccination key."Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga Efforts Securing Epidemic Seedlings.In addition to this, the infected person's permanent passage at home medical treatment, housing medical treatment and hospital treatment, etc.Director of the Health and Welfare Bureau of the Metropolitan Government Infected people on the 2848th Requested by each family Vaccine “Unnecessary so-called agitation anxiety”, Koike Display:In addition, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, large-scale inoculation contract acceptance system for new coronavirus seedlings 27th.Causes: Face-to-face university faculty and staff Kowa University Student deposit application At the start of the 28th, over-concentration of visits. (End) → Continue reading

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Scale inoculation contract acceptance system 28

Total 據 Tokyo Metropolitan dew


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