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🏛 | Former Prime Minister Abe "I want to watch over quietly" Re-investigation tour of the special investigation department


Former Prime Minister Abe "I want to watch over quietly" Re-investigation tour of the special investigation department

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Following this vote, the Special Investigation Department will investigate again.

A question that former Prime Minister Abe's supporters had supplemented part of the participation fee for the "Eve Festival" held the day before the "Sakura wo Miru Kai" ... → Continue reading

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Special Investigation Department

Special Investigation Department(Tokubetsuso Sabu) isJapan OfProsecutor's officeA department.Tokyo-Osaka-NagoyaEach ofLocal prosecutor's officeIt is installed in.Tokusou Department(Tokusobu)Special investigationIt is often abbreviated as (tokuso).


Hidden goods caseTriggered byGHQEstablished under the leadership of the Concealed Retrieval Material Investigation Department[1].

OwninvestigationAmong prosecutors' offices that have authority, it exists as an organization that deals with cases that require intensive investigation, such as large-scale cases.Prosecutor(Deputy prosecutor)In addition to theProsecutor's officeIt is composed by.

政治家corruption,largetax evasion,Economic incidentTo investigate independently. general刑事 事件 ThePolicemenInvestigation bySuspect OfArrestHowever, in this kind of case, the special investigation department often investigates and is caught from the beginning.[2]. However,Economic crimeOut ofAntitrust lawFor the offense,Fair Trade CommissionExclusive toAccusationHave authority

The special investigation manager has a higher rank than other managers, and the local prosecutor's office is said to have three seats after the number 1 prosecutor's office and the number 2 second-place prosecutor.[3].

Of the former Japanese army and the political and business world that occurred in 1947Corruption caseIt was the first time that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office was launched on the occasion of. In 1957, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office was established, and there were two special investigation departments in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2, the Nagoya District Public Prosecutor's Office was also set up with three special investigation departments. Regarding the detection of corruption,Act for Preventing Involvement in Bid Rigging(2002)Unfair Competition Prevention Law(Revised 2004),Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act(2006 years),Law on general incorporated foundations and general incorporated foundations(2008) and other legal systems have also been developed.

Some local public prosecutors offices, other than the three local public prosecutors, also functioned as special investigation department and public security department.Special criminal department(Special Penal Affairs Department) has been established by reorganizing the former Public Security Department. The special punishment department serves as a public security prosecution territory.


Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department

Commonly called "Tokyo Inspection Special Investigation Division. "

Long time agoCentral Joint Government Building No. 6Building A (Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office,Supreme Prosecutor's OfficeI also lived in the building B, which was commonly known as the "Prosecution Joint Government Building", but nowChiyoda WardKudan MinamiIt has been moved to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, Kudan Government Building, located in the Kudan Joint Government Building.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office specializes in politician corruption, tax evasion, economic cases, etc.investigationHowever, since the results of the cases and convictions of big politicians have been issued,Investigation agencyIt is also called. Previously, it was on the 6th floor of Central Joint Government Building No. 8, Building A, so "when it is said that the 8th floor is movingNagata TownIs terrified." In the case of a politicianLockheed caseCompleted in subsequent investigations無罪Definitive judgmentHas never been issued (even if the trial is not guilty,AppealGuiltyappealRejectionTherefore, it is sometimes referred to as the "undefeated myth."

On the other hand, from the critical position of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office isUnder Allied occupationSo, I caught up with the hidden materials stored by the former Japanese armyGHQIt was installed for the purpose of putting it under the control ofConcealed property caseHistory of the start of the "Investigation Department" and the Special Investigation DepartmenteliteToEmbassy of the United States OfFirst SecretaryThere are many people who have the experience that they are “affected by the United States”[4].. Also, the investigation target is historicallyThursday clubDraw the flow ofHeisei Study GroupWhile concentrating on affiliated politicians (Tanaka School-Takeshita School-Obuchi School-Hashimoto School-Tsushima School), the party-style printing new federation is created.Seiwa Policy Study GroupBecause many politicians of the affiliate (Fukuda faction-Abe faction-Mori faction-Machimura faction-Hosoda faction) are spared.[† 1], "Isn't the subject of investigation biased?"[5].

Metropolitan Police DepartmentIs said to have both cooperative and competitive aspects in the investigation, which occurred in 1996.Nursing home corruption caseAnd nowWelfareUnder SecretaryIt was the Metropolitan Police Department that arrested (submitting resignation immediately before arrest).


40 prosecutors, 2 deputy prosecutors, 90 public prosecutors

  • Special Investigation Department Manager (Manager:Prosecutor)
    • Special XNUMXst group/Special XNUMXnd group (The person in charge is the deputy director in charge of the prosecutor's group)
    • Finance and Economy Group (The person in charge is the Deputy Director in charge of the Prosecutor's Group)
    • Direct report group (The person in charge is the deputy general manager in charge of the prosecutor's group)
    • Administrative staff (who is responsibleProsecutor's officeCoordinating Investigator)
    • In charge of mobile investigation (responsible person is general investigator who is the public prosecutor's office)

Main incident

Corruption # List of major corruption casesOut of1947(Foundation of the Hidden Retrieval Case Investigation Department) See below.

Successive Special Investigation Manager

代NameTerm of officeMajor incidentsAlma materMain post jobs
Director of Investigative Secretariat
1Manichi TanakaNovember 1947-January 11 (Director General, External Director) Chuo UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor, Yokohama District Public Prosecutor, Chief Prosecutor General
2Shigeo YamauchiJanuary 1948-January 1Showaden constructionTokyo Imperial UniversityHighest prosecutor
3Fukushima YukioJanuary 1948-January 7  (See below)
Special Investigation Director
1Fukushima YukioJanuary 1949-January 5Coal mining country jurisdiction(Above)Chief, Public Prosecutor's Office Investigation Department XNUMX, Chief Prosecutor
2OkazakiJanuary 1950-January 1Double chimney caseKyoto Imperial UniversityOsaka High Public Prosecutor General
3Seijiro YamamotoJanuary 1953-January 11Shipbuilding PrisonAnd the commanding authority for shipbuilding prison,Conservation Economic Association Case,Chuo UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Osaka High Public Prosecutor,Chuo UniversityDirector
4Amano TakeichiOctober 1955-December 10, 1958Prostitution corruption case,Chiba Bank Rainbow IncidentTokyo Imperial UniversityOsaka District Public Prosecutor General, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor, Osaka High Public Prosecutor General, Supreme Court
5Fuse KenMarch 1958, 12-March 27, 1961GamblerKazuhiro SuzukiExtortion of 21 companies by the company (December 1960)Tokyo Imperial UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Tokyo High Attorney General, Attorney General
6Shintaro KawaiMarch 1961, 7-March 15, 1965Bushu Railway Corruption Case,Fukihara industry case,Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Black Mist CaseChuo UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor, Osaka High Public Prosecutor General
7Oe TerracottaMarch 1965, 10-March 1, 1967Shoji Tanaka case,Kyowa Sugar Sugar IncidentKyoto Imperial UniversityYokohama District Public Prosecutor
8March 1967, 4-March 15, 1970Nippon Express IncidentTokyo Imperial UniversitySendai High Public Prosecutor General
9Osamu YamaneMarch 1970, 3-March 27, 1971  Chief Public Safety Department
10Tamura HidesakuMarch 1971, 4-March 6, 1972Nishiyama incidentChuo UniversityOsaka High Public Prosecutor General
11Seiichi OhoriMarch 1972, 6-March 29, 1975Cooperative feed case, Oil Yami Cartel IncidentTohoku Imperial University Faculty of EngineeringDeputy Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo High Public Prosecutor General, Supreme Court Justice
12Kawashima KoMarch 1975, 1-March 25, 1978HakuhodoFormer president arrested (Commercial lawupperSpecial offenseViolation case)[† 2],Lockheed caseChuo UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Osaka High Attorney General
13Yusuke YoshinagaMarch 1978, 4-March 1, 1980Douglas Grumman case,KDD caseOkayama UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Osaka High Attorney General, Tokyo High Attorney General, Attorney General
14Yasutaka OkamuraMarch 1980, 6-March 2, 1981Makoto Group tax evasion case,Azusa Golf Course CaseKyoto UniversityUnder Secretary of Law, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo High Attorney General, Attorney General
15Koji FujinagaMarch 1981, 12-March 1, 1983Geidai Incident,Mitsukoshi IncidentKyoto UniversityDeputy Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo High Public Prosecutor General
16Kazuo KawakamiMarch 1983, 1-March 12, 1984Niigata Iron WorksSoftware embezzlement,New drug spy caseTokyo UniversityDirector of Corrections Bureau, Ministry of Justice
17Yusuke YamaguchiMarch 1984, 11-March 20, 1987LickerIncident,Twist industry case,Mutual peace banking case,Japanese Communist Party executive wiretapping caseTokyo UniversityMaebashi District Public Prosecutor General, Chief Prosecutor General Manager, Chief Prosecutor General, Sapporo High Public Prosecutor General
18Kiyohiko MasuiFebruary 1987, 2-August 1, 1987 (secondary attorney at the same time) Kyoto UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Osaka High Attorney General
19Matsuda NoboruMarch 1987, 8-March 17, 1989,Meiden work,Recruit caseChuo UniversityMinistry of Justice Correction Bureau Director, Chief Prosecutor General,Deposit insurance mechanismChairman,Giant armyActing as a team owner
20Tatsuhiro IshikawaMarch 1989, 9-March 4, 1991Koshin incidentChuo UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Nagoya High Attorney General
21Norio IgarashiMarch 1991, 1-March 21, 1993Republican corruption case,Tokyo Sagawa Express Incident-Kanemaru case-General contract corruption caseHokkaido UniversityChiba District Attorney General, Yokohama District Attorney General
22Norio MunakataMarch 1993, 7-March 2, 1995Involved in general contract corruption casesKishiro NakamuraFormer arrest of construction minister,Ninoshingumi case,Truth about the rumor] Defamation case overChuo UniversityNagoya High Public Prosecutor General,First Abe CabinetCabinet Secretary
23Hirokazu UedaMarch 1995, 7-March 31, 1996Izumi incident,Sumitomo CorporationCopper trading huge loss case[† 3],AIDS case,Cosmo Shingumi CaseMeiji UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo High Attorney General
24Kumasaki KatsuhikoMarch 1996, 12-March 3, 1998Nomura Securities-Daiichi KanginGeneral meeting shop profit donation case,Yamaichi Securities Screening Case,Ministry of Finance entertaining corruption case,Defense Agency Procurement Implementation Headquarters CaseMeiji UniversityChief Public Safety Department,Japan Baseball Organizationcommissioner
26Kenji NakaiMarch 1998, 6-March 10, 1999US-2 corruption case,Long silver case,JGB caseTokyo UniversityDepartment of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor General, Director of General Research Institute of Justice
27Kasama HaruoMarch 1999, 9-March 20, 2001Joji YamamotoHouse of Representatives arrested (secretary salary fraud case),KSD case,Ishibashi industry case,Wakatsuki Construction Case,Yoshihiko FurukuraFraud caseChuo UniversityDeputy Attorney General, Tokyo High Attorney General, Attorney General
28Ito TetsuoMarch 2001, 6-March 29, 2002Sachiyo NomuraTax evasion case (December 2001),Koichi KatoFormer secretary tax evasion case,Suzuki Muneo case,All Japan Autonomous Organization Labor UnionBack money caseChuo UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor Tadashi, Takamatsu High Public Prosecutor General, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor
29Shuji IwamuraMarch 2002, 10-March 7, 2003Inter-laboratory research case-Takanori SakaiHouse of Representatives arrest (secretary salary fraud and political fund control law violation case),DuskinSpecial resignation case,Yoshihiko TsuchiyaPolitical Fund Control Act violation case,Kay One tax evasion caseChuo UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Sendai High Attorney General
30Shun InouMarch 2003, 12-March 5, 2005Cats powder settlement case,Nichiren incident-Nichi Denren Dark Contribution Case,UFJ Bank Inspection Obstruction Case,Yoshiaki TsutsumiViolation of the Securities and Exchange Law (false statement in securities report, insider trading)Chuo UniversitySupreme Prosecutor General, Yokohama District Prosecutor General,Japan Notary FederationDirector
31Otsuru foundationMarch 2005, 4-March 8, 2007Bridge rigging case,Live door case,Murakami Fund Case,KaneboThe case of the powdered accounts,Defense Facility Agency rigging case,Narita Airport rigging case,Fukushima Governor Corruption CaseTokyo UniversityHakodate District Public Prosecutor General, Supreme Public Prosecutor, Tokyo District Public Prosecutor, Supreme Public Prosecutor General
32Hiroyuki YagiMarch 2007, 1-March 16, 2008Green Resources Organization rigging case,Registered relocation/disguise/trafficking case of Korea Sorin headquarters,Yamada Yoko Incident,PCI caseChuo UniversityTokyo District Attorney General, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Tokyo High Attorney General
33Tatsuya SakumaMarch 2008, 7-March 14, 2010Three Waseda Investment Circle OB members Case of violation of the Securities and Exchange Law (market manipulation),Daiko Incident,Paint House Incident,Nishimatsu construction case-Rikuzankai case,Yukio Hatoyama camouflaged donation caseTokyo UniversityGeneral Manager, United Nations Training Cooperation Department, Legal Research Institute, Maebashi District Public Prosecutor, Chiba District Public Prosecutor, Director General of Legal Research Institute
34Toru SakaiMarch 2010, 7-March 5, 2012Daio Paper Incident,Olympus case,METI Deputy Officer Insider Trading Case, Bearing cartel case,Fictitious capital increase in Japan,Credit Suisse Securities Group Inc. omission caseTokyo UniversityTokyo High Public Prosecutor, Tokyo District Public Prosecutor, Sendai High Public Prosecutor, Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor
35Ryoichi NakaharaMarch 2012, 7-March 12, 2013Genjiro KawamotoTax evasion case,UH-XRigging case,Gozo TsujimotoCorruption caseKeio UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor, Chief Public Safety Director, Yokohama District Public Prosecutor
36Hideaki YamagamiMarch 2013, 7-March 5, 2015Tokushukai case, Waseda Investment Circle OB Financial Securities Exchange Law violation (market manipulation) case,Akiyama MasanoriResearch fee fraud case,Yuko ObuchiPolitical Fund Control Act violation case,Hokuriku Shinkansen rigging case,Index case,Diovan case,Japan traffic technologyODACorruption caseChuo UniversityTokyo District Public Prosecutor, Tokyo High Public Deputy Public Prosecutor, Supreme Public Safety Director, Tokyo District Public Prosecutor
37Takahiro SaitoMarch 2015, 1-March 23, 2016Nichiren detour donation case,Koichi AoyagiMeiji University教授Bar examinationAnswer leakage case,Kato HatakeFormer representatives of the Shinsei Group, etc. Three people violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (market manipulation, etc.),Witz Aoyama Gakuen High SchoolRigging around school fraud case, highway earthquake recovery work,Tokyo Governor Election Campaign Acquisition Case,NectarDelivery hallFounder Financial Instruments and Exchange Law violation (market manipulation) case,Yoshisuke YamakawaViolation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (insider trading)Chuo UniversityTokushima District Attorney General
38Yasushi YoshidaMarch 2016, 8-March 5, 2017Japan smart housing fraud/tax evasion caseChuo UniversityNiigata District Public Prosecutor
39Hiroshi MorimotoMarch 2017, 9-March 11, 2020Ando HazamaDecontaminationCost fraud case,PEZYGrant fraud case,Chuo Shinkansen rigging case,MEXT corruption case,Carlos GhosnCase of violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (underreporting of remuneration)Yuta MisakiTax evasion case,IR corruption case,Kawai's election violation caseNagoya UniversityTsu Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor General
40Takashi ShinkawaOctober 2020, 7-Ufotable tax evasion case,The cherry blossom viewing party problem,Chicken egg corruption case,Hirotsugu KurokawaFormer Tokyo High Prosecutor General Gambling Case,Kazuhide SugawaraFormer Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Public Offices Election Act Violation CaseWaseda University


Assault on a witness

General contract corruption caseIn October 1993, a prosecutor who rushed from the Hamamatsu branch of the Shizuoka District Public Prosecutor's Office assaulted and injured a former Miyagi prefecture executive and a bribery company executive who had been interviewed as a reference.The prosecutor was sentenced to two years'imprisonment and four years' suspended sentence in June 10.

False statement in the investigation report

Rikuzankai caseJune 2012, 6 Former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, Public Prosecutor, regarding false statements in the investigation reportMasahiro TashiroReduced salary for 6 months, 100/20, former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office ProsecutorShuji IwamuraBe careful, former Tokyo District Public Prosecutor GeneralTatsuya SakumaReceived a disciplinary punishment for reprimand, and Tashiro resigned as a prosecutor[6].

Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department

Commonly known as "Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office. "1957Founded in April.

Responsible for the actual investigation in "Kansai Prosecution", which is an important part of legal affairs and prosecution.Kansai regionHe is mainly engaged in activities, and is successively detecting large-scale incidents involving government officials.

The entire public prosecutor's office, including the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office,Mass mediaToInformation leakageHowever, with the exception of some executives, prosecutors and clerical officers are getting tighter by tightening contact restrictions on reporters, and the number of prosecutors and clerical officers who obtain unique information is decreasing, Compared with other prosecutors, the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office, which has less restrictions on contacting reporters, is said to have non-executive prosecutors and clerical officers using various networks to obtain unique information.[7].


  • 54 in total, Deputy Director and below 13 prosecutors, 3 deputy prosecutors, 38 clerk

Main incident


2010May 9,Abuse case of postal system for persons with disabilitiesでAtsuko MurakiTo無罪After the ruling was handed down, the chief prosecutor in charge of the case was on the 21st of the same month.Tsunehiko MaedaIs an evidence propertyfloppy diskContents ofFalsificationAsEvidence obliterationOn suspicionSupreme Prosecutor's OfficeByArrestWas done. Even after that, the investigation was continued by the Supreme Prosecutor in view of the possibility of organizational involvement of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor and the Special Investigation Department.[8].. General manager at the time on October 10Hiromichi Otsubo·Deputy DirectorMotoaki SagaAlsoEscape from the criminalArrested on charges[9].. Furthermore, on November 11, a civic group "Citizens' group calling for a healthy law-abiding countryIs special in MaedaOffense of abuse of civil servantsCriminal accusation. Accepted on November 11rd.

Nagoya Prosecutor's Office Special Investigation Department

Commonly known as "Nagoya District Prosecution Special Investigation Department". Founded in 1996. In NagoyaLocal police special investigation departmentIt is also called "Meichiken Tokusobu".

Main incident

Commentary on the investigation

Criticism of activities

The Special Investigation Department is said to be susceptible to the intentions of the administration at the time to crack down on corruption. There are also criticisms that forensic investigation methods are conspicuous for conviction.[10][11].

Recently, the investigation method of the special investigation departmentPublic security policeIt has been pointed out that the focus has been placed on the arrest for the purpose of stabilizing the order of the society, aiming at the XNUMX punishment of the one punishment (to make public security of the special investigation department).[12].. In the past, the special investigation department had hardened the evidence so that the suspect could not argue, and the forced investigation was only a ritual to signal the start of the case, but the current special investigation department is embarking on a forced investigation while the evidence is not solid, It has been pointed out that investigations are random.Live door caseIt was said that such a tendency also appeared[12].. Behind this is the feeling that "the people wanted it", and it is said that the investigation is driven by the air of public opinion rather than by solidifying the evidence. It has been pointed out that this has led to a series of national policy investigations[12].. As a background, it is pointed out that the Tokusou Department decides the target to be detected and decides whether or not to detect it, based on arbitrary judgment.[13].

Okinawa smuggling case (so-calledNishiyama incident) With the female minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the informantTaiyoshi NishiyamaWas arrested and prosecutedMichio SatoThe prosecutor wrote the word "in secretly, through this, use this" in the indictment. As a result, TV wide shows, etc. have been criticizing the relationship between reporters Nishiyama and female clerical officers every day, and the public opinion has turned into a controversial condemnation of reporters Nishiyama and female clerical officers. lost[14].

Criticism of false charges

Even if the case was filed by the special investigation department of each local public prosecutor's office, there are cases in which the acquittal was confirmed.1990 eraから2000 eraEven overAbuse case of postal system for persons with disabilities,Rikuzankai caseHe has been exposed to criticism after having repeatedly scored points for the false investigation report problem.

Based on these circumstances, there is an opinion that the special investigation departments in Osaka and Nagoya may need to be dissolved or reorganized by integrating with Tokyo and moving to the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.Prosecution's ideal way meeting"Is out. At the "meeting", the problem was the way the special investigation department should carry out secret reconnaissance, investigation, arrest, and prosecution.[15].

In July 2011, following a report from the meeting, the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office reduced the camp of the Special Investigation Division,IRS,Securities and Exchange Surveillance CommitteeStrengthen cooperation with and make only one department to conduct independent investigation.Basis weightIt was decided to establish the role of "Inspection Guidance Department".

Concealment of scandals

Prosecutor's Office Whistleblowing Whistleblowing Case

In April 2002, the Osaka High Public Prosecutor's OfficeMitsui Tamaki・The Public Security Department has decided that the public prosecutor's office will spend more than 5 million yen annually on research activity expenses for private use.Back metalWas scheduled to attend the House of Representatives Legal Committee and testify later.[16].
On April 2002, 4, Mitsui was finally arrested at a meeting attended by the Attorney General Harada, the Ministry of Justice, and the heads of the Public Prosecutor's Office. In response to this, the prosecutor in charge of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office demanded an arrest warrant from the Osaka District Court on April 20, and an arrest warrant was issued by the court on April 4, and Mitsui was arrested on suspicion of fraud.


Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office Chief Prosecutor Evidence Tampering Case

Chief prosecutor of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office, who was arrested in a case of destruction of evidence related to a mail fraud caseTsunehiko Maedaof,floppy diskFormer Osaka District Public Prosecutor General Manager who was a boss for concealing the data tampering ofHiromichi OtsuboAnd former deputy directorMotoaki SagaWas arrested on suspicion of hiding the criminal[17].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Even politicians affiliated with SeiwakaiArai Masataka-Yojiro Nakajima-Takanori SakaiHas been subject to investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, and there have been cases in which arrest permission was requested or convictions were issued.
  2. ^ HakuhodoThe third generation of the Segi clanYosuke SekiWhen he took over the position of president from the Segi clanHiromasa SekiIn-house with (Chairman to Advisor)FactionAn incident that originated in a conflict.Necessary for a resolution at a general meeting of shareholders in order for Fukui and others to retain their position as directorsstockAssuming that the purchase of1975From October 10rd to the company by the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation DepartmentHouse searchFull-scale investigation has begun,Lockheed caseAbout 20 days before the start of1976On January 1, Fukui and three aides were arrested by the Special Investigation Department on suspicion of special back office.Meanwhile, I was asked by FukuiMinistry of Finance OfMichitaka KondoFormer NTA Commissioner became president of the company from July 1975, and Fukui was vice president.
  3. ^ 1996June 6, "Mr. 5%"Anyway, under the leadership of the then non-ferrous metal director, who was nicknamedcopperA huge loss of about 2800 to 3000 billion yen was discovered in the off-book transaction.On October 10, the same year, the director was assigned to the Tokyo District Inspection Special Investigation Department.Forgery of privately signed documents, exerciseSuspect andscamArrested on suspicion (Joint News Image Link Photos and videos of "Sumitomo Corporation" Kyodo News).Also, in a similar case at the same timeDaiwa Bank New York branch huge loss caseThere is.


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In May 2002, he was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on charges of backfire. I wrote the inside story and background of the investigation in this book.

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