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🏛 | [Yokohama Mayor Election] Mr. Yamanaka recommended by the Kanagawa Prefectural Federation for the regular tournament "I want to share the victory"

Photo The Constitutional Democratic Party Prefectural Federation's regular tournament, which confirmed unity for the Yokohama Mayor's election and the next House of Representatives election = Yokohama city

[Yokohama Mayor Election] Mr. Yamanaka recommended by the Kanagawa Prefectural Federation for the regular tournament "I want to share the victory"

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Takeharu Yamanaka (48), a former professor at Yokohama City University who is scheduled to run for mayor on the recommendation of the party, also took the stage and said, "I want to share the victory anyway.

The Constitutional Democratic Party Kanagawa Kenren will hold a regular tournament in Yokohama City on the 30th, and the House of Representatives election to be held by autumn and Yokohama due to the expiration of the term ... → Continue reading

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Recommended by the party

Takeharu Yamanaka

Takeharu Yamanaka(Takeharu Yamanaka,1972May 9 -) is Japanesescientist,政治家.Mayor of Yokohama(1st term)[1].. ExYokohama City UniversityFaculty of medicine教授[2], Former Yokohama City Universitygraduate SchoolData scienceGraduate SchoolLong.


SaitamaChichibu CityTo be born[3]..Graduated from Chichibu City Chichibu Daiichi Junior High School[Source required].Waseda University Honjo High SchoolBelonging to the rugby club while attending school[4].

1995 years,Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economicsgraduate[5].. 1998,Faculty of Science and Engineering of the same universityGraduated from mathematics[6].

Completed the Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University in March 2000[7]..In the same year, Kyushu University School of Medicine Hospital (currentlyKyushu University Hospital) To be hired as an assistant[8].

2002 years,National Institutes of HealthStudy abroad at the affiliated research institute of (NIH)[9]..From the same year to 2004, he was a research fellow at the institute.[8][5][10].. October 2003, 10, Ph.D. (Science, Science)Waseda University) Get[11].

From 2004 to 2005, Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation (currentlyKobe Medical Industry City Promotion Organization) Serves as a researcher. 2006,National Hospital Organization Kyusyu Cancer CenterBecame the director. From 2012 to 2014National Cancer CenterServe as the room manager, department manager, etc.[8].

2014 years,Yokohama City UniversityFaculty of medicineBecome a professor.Faculty of Data ScienceInstallation preparation committee chairman[7][12]Efforts to establish the same faculty and graduate school. In 2018, the Faculty of Data Science and the Graduate School will be established.In the same year, Specially Appointed Vice President, in 2019Assistant to the President, In 2020graduate SchoolData scienceGraduate Schoollong[13]And so on.Off-campus committee members of the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology[14],Japan Cancer Treatment Society, Japan Society for Quantitative Biology,Japan Statistical Society, Japan Society for Medical Safety,Tomon Medical AssociationServed as a director, councilor, and committee member.

2021 Yokohama mayoral election

In YokohamaFumiko HayashiThe mayorYoshii KanWith the backing of, including the casinoIntegrated resortPromote the attraction of (IR). At a press conference in August 2019, the policy became unquestionable.[15]..In December 2020, the citizen group "Yokohama Citizens' Association to Decide the Pros and Cons of Casinos", which advocates the opposition to the invitation, signed a signature requesting the enactment of a referendum ordinance asking whether or not to do so, 12, which is about three times the legal limit required for requesting. Collected for people[16].

On January 2021, 1, the draft ordinance for referendum was rejected by the city council, but the number of signatures was high.Constitutional Democratic PartyMade me confident.The partyMayor of Yokohama election to be held in August of the same year"If you can carry a prominent candidate and unify it with the opposition party, it will not be an election that you cannot win."In March of the same year, the Constitutional Democratic Party became the prefectural federation's chief adviser.Kenji EdaAnd the prefectural representativeTomoko AbeThe mayoral election preparatory meeting was established with the top. The policy was to select candidates by the end of March, but since no decision was made, Eda said at the preparatory meeting on April 3 that he would "responsibly search for candidates."[17]..Eda, who was entrusted with the selection of candidates, met Yamanaka for the first time on April 4 through a third party.[18].

On August 4 of the same year,Weekly ShinchoThe electronic version of "As a person in the mind of Prime Minister Suga" about the Mayor of Yokohama electionJunko MiharaDeputy Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareIs on the rise. "[19]..At this time, Eda is said to have declared, "What if Junko Mihara comes out of the Liberal Democratic Party? I have to make a candidate to win."Within the party, a citizen group formed in March, "Yokohama Citizens' Association for the Birth of a Mayor Against the Casino"[20]There was also a voice saying that we should proceed with the support while coordinating with Yamanaka, but Eda is Yamanaka and formerYokohama DeNA BaystarsPresident'sJun Ikeda[21]For the first time in late May, when the candidates were narrowed down to two of them, the concrete situation was shown to the citizens' groups.Citizens' groups urged reconsideration of this process, saying that "candidates who have signed together are desirable."[22].

Around that time, there was an event on May 5 in which Yamanaka received public attention.Yamanaka is a professor at Yokohama City University School of MedicineNew coronavirus infectionAnnouncement of Japan's first neutralizing antibody research results[23]..After being widely reported, Eda wrote on his blog on May 5th, "I'm proud of Yokohama. Yokohama City University and Professor Takeharu Yamanaka."[24]..Yamanaka also appeared on TV programs after that.The keyword "expert of corona" emerged among Eda et al., And instead of raising the issue of opposition to attracting IR, a strategy was planned to stand up in the mountains and call for measures against corona.[18].

He appealed against IR and his relationship with Yoshihide Suga had deteriorated.Yokohama Port Harbor Resort AssociationChairman'sYukio FujikiHowever, it was up to Eda to select candidates.Eda, who decided on Yamanaka, visited Fujiki with Yamanaka on the morning of June 6th.Attached the support of Fujiki[25][21].. On June 6, the Constitutional Democratic Party Kanagawa Kenren entered into final adjustments to support Yamanaka.[26].. Aug. 6,Mainichi NewspapersとYomiuri ShimbunHowever, it is reported that the Constitutional Democratic Party has narrowed down the candidates to the mountains.[26][27]..In response to the news, Yokohama City University sent an e-mail to university officials on the afternoon of the same day stating that "(the university) will not be involved in the election and political activities of faculty and staff."[28]..Yamanaka on the same dayTokyo NewspaperIn an interview with the intention of "running if the recommendation and support of opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party can be obtained", he clearly stated his opposition to attracting IR.[29].. On June 6, I told Izumi Koyamauchi, the president of Yokohama City University, to resign.[30].. On June 6, he officially announced his intention to run for office at the recommendation of the Constitutional Democratic Party.Some city university officials said, "Although it is a positive reason, it is painful to lose researchers who can expect results in the future."[31]..Retired from the university medical school at the end of June[28].

The "Yokohama Citizens' Association for the Birth of a Mayor Against the Casino" is a core memberKobayashi SectionAlthough there were twists and turns such as withdrawal[22], July 7st, decided to support Yamanaka[32][22].. By July 7thSocial Democratic PartyConfirms Yamanaka's support[33]did. On July 7th, his political organization "Meeting to Protect Yokohama from Corona and Casino" (Yokohama City)Naka-kuOnoe Town) Was opened and Yukio Fujiki was appointed as the representative.[34].. Aug. 7,Japan Communist PartyKanagawa Prefectural Committee decides to support Yamanaka[35].. Aug. 7,UnionKanagawa decides to recommend Yamanaka[36].. Called "Undefeated Man" on July 7, he is on a nationwide journey to teach election methods.Kishiro NakamuraA member of the House of Representatives has entered Yokohama.Nakamura is from the Constitutional Democratic PartyKazuma NakataniとYoichiro AoyagiI went around about 30 groups near the Liberal Democratic Party.Nakamura did not make an appointment with any of the groups.There were many places where the money was paid in advance, but he told Nakatani and others that "there is a cold reaction because we are wary. It is important to show that the opposition is serious."[37].

August 2, two days after the election announcement,Asahi ShimbunAnnounces the results of the telephone survey. It was reported that "Okonoki preceded by a slight difference, and Yamanaka and Hayashi chased violently."[38], The catchphrase "the only corona expert among the candidates" in the election bulletin[39]Widely penetrates the public.Cannot take effective corona measuresKan administrationCriticism and connection with[40]The situation reversed in the middle of the election. On August 8, Kishiro Nakamura and Yoichiro Aoyagi revisited the previously coldly treated group.Aoyagi told a group executive, "You are betting 18-10 on the LDP candidate, but you should stay on both sides."After that, two groups supporting Okonogi brought a letter of recommendation to the Yamanaka camp.[37].

On August 8, several media outlets, including NHK, reported that the voting deadline was 22:8 pm, "Yamanaka is sure to win." Obtained 506,392 votes (33.59%)[41], Defeated other candidates by a large margin and won the first prize[42][43][1]..The Liberal Democratic Party Yokohama City Federation, which supported Okonogi, summarized that "the biggest defeat was the unpopularity of Prime Minister Suga in Yokohama."[44].. First visit to Yokohama City Hall on August 8[45], Mayor inauguration[46].


Japan's first antibody research announcement on new coronavirus

On December 2020, 12, Yamanaka met on behalf of a joint research group such as Yokohama City University.[Note 1],Infection with the new coronavirusAnnounced new findings on "neutralizing antibodies" to prevent[47].

On May 2021, 5, the results of Japan's first antibody research on corona were announced.Attracted national attention as an objective result based on data[48][23][49][50].

July 5st of the same year,Tokyo Medical Association OfOzaki HaruoThe chairman wrote on his Facebook pageTokyo Medical AssociationThe research results of Professor Yamanaka of Yokohama City University, who is cooperating with the research, have come out.Based on Japanese data, a study using a method full of originality, as a result, the inoculation of the elderly has begun now.PfizerThe result was that the vaccine was effective against any mutant strain. "[51].

Same day,Kenji EdaA member of the House of Representatives wrote on his blog that "(this result) is the pride of Yokohama," and "these data and evidence-based ones give us a sense of security." However, for the first time, it came to fruition in the form of "in Japan." "[24].Satsuki KatayamaA member of the House of Councilors also evaluated that "if there is a person like Professor Yamanaka, the analysis of corona will proceed forever" and "the policy can be decided by data and science".[52].

Relationship with Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura

August 2020, 8,Governor of Osaka Prefecture OfYoshimura HirofumiIt is,Ichiro MatsuiMayor of Osaka,Osaka Habikino Medical CenterHeld a press conference jointly with researchers and announced the research result that "Gargling with povidone iodine mouthwash reduces the number of corona positives"[53]..Yamanaka's name was written as a data analyst on the flip board used by Yoshimura during this explanation.[54].

On June 2021, 6, it was reported that the Constitutional Democratic Party was coordinating in the direction of Yamanaka's support for the mayoral election.[26]The following day, June 6, the Internet media "News Sokura" delivered an article entitled "Professor Yamanaka, a candidate for the mayor of Yokohama, involved in that Isojin press conference."[55].

Yamanaka asked Osaka Prefecture to remove his name from the flip board at the press conference. On July 7, Osaka Prefecture deleted Yamanaka's name from the press conference materials posted on the Internet.[56].

On July 7, the same year, Yamanaka held a press conference and denied involvement, saying, "I have never participated in the research team."[57]..Regarding the name of the flip board, he said, "We recognize that it was posted without permission."He also revealed that he sent a notice to the operating company of News Sokura that he would take legal action.[58].

On the same day, an article was posted on his website, "About the effect of povidone iodine on the new coronavirus infection and the news related to the election of the mayor of Yokohama."[59]..Among them, we have been giving advice in the field of data science about once a week in response to requests from research institutes nationwide, and this case alsoOsaka Habikino Medical CenterExplained the circumstances to the researchers, "I gave advice only to visualization methods."Of course, "simply giving support and advice" and "participating in the research team in a responsible position as an analyst" are different, but they were confused.In addition, he requested the media companies to take appropriate measures, saying that this series of reports was "caused by a flip statement that was not true."[Source required].

On July 7, the same year, "News Sokura" returned in the name of Editor-in-Chief Naoya Tsuchiya, "Everything Yamanaka said at the press conference is false. We ask for withdrawal and apology."[56].

Suspicion of power harassment, red harassment, and career misrepresentation

September 2021, 8, ``FLASHThe electronic version of "", Yamanaka forced multiple subordinates to retire due to high-pressure words and deeds, and many before retiring from Yokohama City UniversityPower harassment,Academic harassmentDelivered an article saying that[28].

On the same day, Yamanaka posted an article on his website stating "About the factless coverage."Regarding the press, he protested, saying, "The content of the article is based on speculation and describes the content without any facts, which leads to invasion of the privacy of the parties concerned." "If an article with different content from the answer was published unilaterally, it was stated in advance that the facts regarding the interview would be announced," said two questionnaires from the Kobunsha editorial department and the answer to it. Published.Also, according to the article, the questionnaire and answer text posted on his sitePDFThe file was partially blacked out, but the text was saved and created in full text.Therefore, the real names of the two analysts who were allegedly excluded from the authors of the paper in 2021, and the two mentioned in the email Yamanaka sent to the Dean of the Faculty of Data Science at Yokohama City University on November 2, 2019. The surnames of the school officials were initially readable. On the night of August 11, Yamanaka will send an open letter and answer from a PDF file.JPEGConvert it to a file and post it again.The original effect of black painting was achieved[60][61][62].

August 8th, journalistKenji OikawaContributed an article about the Yokohama Mayor's election to the information site "News Site Search".When Oikawa contacted Yokohama City University and university officials, he said that he had obtained a survey result that "there was no case in which Yamanaka was accused of harassment committee."Based on this, Oikawa wrote, "(The allegations of power harassment and red harassment in the mountains) have come to be convinced that it is complete fake news."[63].

On the same day, a lawyer who had expressed his candidacy while raising the issue of disqualification as the mayor of Yamanaka by sending an open letter to the Constitutional Democratic Party.Nobuo GoharaAnnounced that it will cancel the candidacy on its own site and will carry out a defeat campaign for Okonogi and Yamanaka.[64]..Gohara also mentioned the alleged power harassment in the mountains and the person. "FLASH" states that the content pointed out is highly credible, and if it is true that it is written in an anonymous document that seems to be from the inside of Yokohama City University officials, "Mr. Yamanaka is a data scientist. , Has announced that they will sell Corona experts and run for mayoral elections, but they are all "vanity" and (...) who have obtained their posts by pretending to be. I have confirmed the authenticity of the above anonymous document by interviewing acquaintances and related parties, including experts in the same field, and collecting information. "[62].

August 8, "Business Journal" (Cyzo(News site operated by) posted a comment by Professor Nobuhisa Mizuki of Yokohama City University School of Medicine, "I have never heard of Mr. Yamanaka having been harassed on campus during his tenure." [65]..The Constitutional Democratic Party has posted links to the "News Site Search" and "Business Journal" articles on Twitter of the Kanagawa Prefectural Union.[66][67].

On the same day, Gohara updated his site. "YamanakaResearch mapWas open to the publicNational Institutes of HealthInformation that he was a research fellow from 2002 to 2004[8]Is suspected of being misrepresented. "" Yamanaka deleted the content published on the research map when the story of the horse elected by the mayor surfaced. As a person with a career as a researcher, he appealed his achievements and elected the mayor. It's usually not possible to remove it because you're running for[68][Note 2].

On August 8, the electronic version of "FLASH" was published on its website in a state where Yamanaka knew the victim's real name in response to Yamanaka's alleged power harassment delivered on August 7. Delivered the article[60].

On August 8, Gohara released voice data of a telephone conversation with Yamanaka recorded by a person who testified that he had suffered power harassment from Yamanaka (hereinafter referred to as A) on his site.Gohara erased the voice part of A and posted the transcription of the conversation together.[73].

On August 8, Kenji Oikawa contributed an article to the information site "News Site Search" again.Oikawa revealed that the Yamanaka camp admitted that the voice of the voice data was in the mountains, and released a document that was supposed to be the camp's internal text.According to the document, "This time, on the video posting site on the Internet, a voice recording such as" Yamanaka Takeharu Power Harassment Voice "was played with subtitles. This was a conversation recorded about two years ago without permission. I have a big problem with what was being disseminated on the Internet during this period. This conversation was evaded in a situation that was completely different from the intention of the person who cut it out and posted it. Around 18, a large amount of research from an external organization The funded research is being conducted at Yokohama City University, and it was a very important project of medical research conducted in collaboration with about 2 research institutes inside and outside Japan. This voice was due by the person in charge of the research. It became clear that the necessary contact and writing were not made to overseas research institutes by then, and the sudden intention to withdraw from the project threatened the continuation of the project. This is a part of the conversation between the person and Takeharu Yamanaka. This person has failed to perform his duties in the past, and the situation has continued to hinder research with deadlines. " Was[74].

In response to this report, Gohara updated the site on August 8.The "project" in the document that is considered to be an internal document is the "SUNRISE-DI test", and the "person in charge" must be "Mr. C" introduced as a victim in the "FLASH" article. rice field.On top of that, he revealed that A, who provided the voice data, was an officer of a small business that was trying to conclude a contract with Yokohama City University, and said that A and "Mr. C" were different people.[75].

On August 8, it was reported that Yamanaka would be elected at the same time as the voting deadline of 22:8 pm.One minute later, the Asahi Shimbun delivered an article entitled "The Mayor of Yokohama Under the Infection Explosion," Corona Expert "Controls."[76].

On the same day, Gohara updated the site. "Even though Mr. Yamanaka is neither a doctor nor a medical scientist, he is an" expert in corona "in the election bulletin.[39]It has been pointed out that the statement "" may be a crime of disclosing false matters. Many people understand that "expert in corona" means "expert in infectious disease medicine".If Mr. Yamanaka himself does not recognize it as a "false fact," the crime will not be committed, but it certainly gives voters a serious misunderstanding. "[77].

On June 8,Japan TimesThe publisher, Michihiro Kawakami, said that Yamanaka was suspected of having "attempted coercion" or "misrepresentation of his career."Yokohama Prosecutor's OfficeSubmitted a complaint to[78].

The mayor's inauguration conference will be held on August 8th.When asked about his career, Yamanaka replied as follows.

記者 ――Is it true that you were a research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in the United States from 2002 to 2004?
山 中 --There is no misrepresentation about being a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, NIH.
記者 ――Is it okay to have the title of Research Fellow?
山 中 ――I have used the term research fellow as a general term for a researcher.However, there are various definitions for research fellows.The definition may be different for each institution.
記者 ――So is it true that you were a research fellow?
山 中 --There is no misrepresentation about being a researcher.Or I have used the word fellow. — Yokohama City Hall Inauguration Press Conference, August 2021, 8, Yokohama City Hall 30th ​​Floor[72]

On September 9, Gohara submitted a petition to the city council for clarification of the facts and prevention of recurrence, alleging that Kiyoshi Hanagami and Norihito Konno put unreasonable pressure on the Yokohama City University authorities over the election of the mayor.In the petition, it was pointed out that "there was an unjustified pressure case in which city council members issued a document to the municipal authorities as if they praised Yamanaka, who was a candidate for candidate, and recommended it as a university." ..After submitting it, Gohara held a press conference and claimed that Yamanaka himself was involved in the pressure case.The petition is expected to be reviewed by the Policy, General Affairs and Finance Committee on September 6th.[79][80].

After the interview, the reporter who participated in the question and answer session for the mayor's inauguration inquired about Yamanaka's enrollment information by telephone and email to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), an affiliated organization of the National Institutes of Health. On September 9th, the reporter published a NIEHS reply email on the news site. NIEHS replied "His formal title at NIEHS was" Visiting Fellow ". He worked in a research laboratory."・ It was revealed that the period of enrollment of the fellow was "November 16, 2003-June 11, 1".[81].


  • When asked, "Why did you move from the humanities to the sciences?", "The approach of letting the data speak and making decisions based on the results is effective for various problems, and there are both humanities and sciences. Isn't it? "[9].
  • Contributed many papers to the journal of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology.The papers are "Journal of Molecular Cell Biology", "The Lancet Oncology", "Clinical Cancer Research''Annals of Surgery''World Journal of SurgeryWas published in[82][83].
  • Held in 2020Japan Cancer Treatment SocietyReceived the Best Presentation Award for the first time other than a doctor at an academic meeting[84].


Old Town Hall Sale Problem

Fumiko HayashiMunicipal administration January 2020, 1,Naka-kuHoncho32 stories above groundmunicipal officeThe new government building was completed[85]..And the same wardPort townFor the Old Town Hall Block,Mitsui FudosanCompanies represented byconsortiumIt was decided to be redeveloped by "KANNAI 8", and on December 12, the same year, a sales reservation contract for the building was signed.[86].

However, the city hall building cost 62 million yen for seismic retrofitting.[87]Was sold to Mitsui Fudosan and others for 7,667 yen, and the content of the fixed-term land lease agreement with the business operator was 5 yen per square meter per month. , City councilMasataka OtaInoue Sakura asks for an injunction on the sale contractResident lawsuitWas awakened[88].

After announcing the election of the mayor, Yamanaka said, "Resident autonomyIt is important to regain the situation and increase the opportunities for citizens to participate. "" It is important for the Yokohama municipal government to show an attitude of listening to the opinions of citizens, "said the news media.[89], "Establishment of public participation and local autonomy utilizing digital" was listed as one of the election promises[39]..Since the deadline of this contract for the building sales reservation contract was approaching the end of September of the same year, when a citizen who expected a solution asked about the sale problem during the election period, he said, "If I become the mayor, I will investigate first. We will disclose the information and consider alternatives. "[90]..Yamanaka was elected for the first time in the mayoral election held on August 8nd. At a city council meeting held on September 22, he stated that he would "immediately confirm" the validity of the sale price and announced that he would transfer the right to approve this contract from the director of the Urban Development Bureau to himself.[91][92].


注 釈

  1. ^ Yamanaka was neither the first author nor the Corresponding author, but attended the press conference on behalf of the joint research group.
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