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🏛 | Former Environment Minister Kamoshita intends to retire from the House of Representatives election

Photo Ichiro Kamoshita, former Minister of the Environment of the Liberal Democratic Party

Former Environment Minister Kamoshita intends to retire from the House of Representatives election

If you write the contents roughly
He is the secretary-general of the Ishiba faction to which he belongs.

Former Environment Minister Ichiro Kamoshita (72) = House of Representatives Tokyo 13th district = did not run for the next House of Representatives election and decided to retire as a member of the Diet ... → Continue reading

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Secretary-General(Jimusoucho, Secretary-General) is mainly a collegial institutionPolitical partyIt is a position assigned as the general manager of the office work of the institution / organization in the association or organization.

Secretary-General in Japan

JapanThe Secretary-General, who is placed in a national institution in Japan, is often placed under the command of a collegial body in a collegial administrative body, etc., and carries out the business of the institution.SecretariatAn organization with multiple "subordinates"BureauIt is a government office or position that is placed as the head of a large-scale thing accompanied by.

Secretariat with the Secretary-General

There are the following.

The secretariat headed by the Secretary-General is often called the Secretariat, and only the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors are called the Secretariat of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors.The secretariat, excluding the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, is the same as the Ministry.Internal departmentIs called a bureau, but the difference is that the secretariat of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors is called a department.

The Secretary-General of the Board of Audit, the National Personnel Authority, and the Fair Trade Commission are in general positions.government officialAnd so-calledDesignated job.HR rulesAccording to XNUMX-XNUMX, the Secretary-General of the Board of Audit and the National Personnel Authority, which are independent organizations of the ministries, is in the ministries.Under Secretary,Cabinet Office OfOuter officeThe Secretary-General of the Fair Trade Commission isSecretaryIt is said that they will receive the same treatment and salary.In addition, the treatment of the Secretary-General of the Supreme Court is the same as that of the Vice-Minister.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the House of Representatives and the House of CouncilorsMemberOnly other thanDiet lawStipulated in Article 16国会Is said to be an officer of.On the other hand, Article 26 of the law andDiet staff lawIn Article 1, the Secretary-General is also a member of the Diet.Article 27, Paragraph 1 of the Diet Act stipulates that the Secretary-General, under the chairman, is in charge of managing the affairs of the House of Representatives and signing the official text.Being an officer of the Diet, his position is said to be higher than that of the administrative vice-minister.Deputy Minister,Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatSame amount asSalaryReceive.In the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, the Deputy Secretary-General's position is the Deputy Secretary-General's assistant to the Secretary-General.

Official name on the resignation

In all of the above six institutions, notations such as "Secretary-General of XX Hospital" are used instead of "Secretary-General of XX Hospital".When a position is assigned to assist the Secretary-General, the title is often the Deputy Secretary-General, and the name is written as "Deputy Secretary-General of the Board of Audit" without including the "Secretary-General" as with the Secretary-General. In the case of the Board of Audit, the title is not the Deputy Secretary-General but the Deputy Secretary-General, so it is called the Deputy Secretary-General of the Board of Audit.

Science Council of Japan

Besides these,Science Council of JapanThe secretary-general of the Science Council of Japan is defined as the "Director" under the Science Council of Japan Law (Article 16, Paragraph 2), but the Science Council of Japan Secretariat Organization Regulations In the operation of the conference, the secretary general is called the "secretary general" (Article 1, Paragraph 1).Also,Ministry of educationinternationalChiefIt is,UNESCOWhen it is necessary for international practice to carry out activities, "Japan UNESCO National CommitteeThe name "Secretary-General" can be used (Article 18, Paragraph 3 of the UNESCO Activities Act).

Secretary-General of an international organization

JapaneseMinistry of Foreign AffairsSo, in generalInternational organizationSecretary-General (abbreviation SG) is translated as Secretary-General.[1].. In addition,International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)whoSome international organizations such as (WHO) have a position called Director-General (abbreviated as DG) as the director of the secretariat, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan translates this as "secretary general".[1].


The main position of an international organization called the Secretary-General


In some international organizations, the Secretary-General position is customarily translated as "Secretary-General."


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