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Side note: Governor Yoshihide Suga Quarantine Sound Helplessness

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Governor of Ibaraki Kazuhiko Oikawa, the number of local personnel such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Area has not decreased, and it is possible to leave the area.

[Joint company August 8nd] The National Governors' Association in Japan 2st, in the discussion of the new chairman's plan, Kamon Iizumi (Governor of Tokushima) Classified sense of crisis.Before the return season in the summer, demand restraint personnel fluid central government voice powerless ordinance governor rushed.Inoculation of quarantine seedlings by the Governor of Return and Vaccination. ▽ Resonance of poverty "Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's sighing lawless resonance, Governor Nakano's strong voice" (Governor Shiga's crescent coined word); However, it is a national resonance that has not been achieved yet. ”(Governor Sagagata Yoshiyoshi Yamaguchi) Governor's criticism is taken into consideration.Prefectural movement across prefectures, policy submission "Atsukasa (national citizens) as much as possible avoidance", Yokonomae Ichiroku request main move exemption.Governor's misleading display "Hope Central Government Ya Nogiri Minoru Densetsu Impossible Straddling Mobile Talk, True Possible Invitation Shigeru Goka" (Governor Okayama Ryuta Ibaragi) Measures, request "cancellation or diction" summer return trip.Niikappu Special Measures Law Regulations, Governor Can Invite New Coping Policy Prime Minister's Opinion.Yoshihide Suga Yoshihide Suga “Direct communication” by Yoshihide Suga, a request from the governor. ▽ Government Responsible Infectious Diseases The Greatest Measures for Infectious Diseases Inoculation of SeedlingsNo fault, issued in July, decreased local government service capacity, stopped squeezing on the territory of Xu, or made a deposit for vaccination.Governor of Ehime Tokihiro Nakamura Vaccine “Vaccine Established Weekly Vaccine 1 to 30 Man-Human Vaccine System, but Service-to-Process Epidemic Seedling 7…. → Continue reading

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