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🏛 | [Breaking news] Governor Yuzaki "Prevention of spread" Requested on the XNUMXth Hiroshima


[Breaking news] Governor Yuzaki requested "prevention of spread" on the XNUMXth Hiroshima

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Governor Yuzaki said that the number of newly infected people per 4 people will exceed 10 people in Hiroshima prefecture as a whole based on the announcement on the 15th, and the government will be ready to apply "priority measures such as spread prevention" based on the revised Special Measures Law. I decided to request it.

Governor Yuzaki expressed his intention to request the government to apply the "priority measures such as prevention of spread" as early as the XNUMXth.Governor Yuzaki ... → Continue reading

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Measures law

Measures law(There) should be applied to general (the law is subject to an unspecified number of people) and abstract (the applicable cases are an unspecified number of people).lawIn the above, the applicable target is specified, and it is defined as a norm with a fairly specific disposability.Disposal lawAlso known as (Shobunki Horitsu).

Special Measures Law

A law specially enacted for the purpose of intensively dealing with emergencies, etc., when the current legal system cannot respond, for a limited period or purpose.Special Measures LawIs abbreviated.

Current law




Temporary Measures Law

Current law




Separation of powerStrictly interpreting (separation of powers)Legislative officeEnacted a law, which is a general abstract norm,Executive branchThe composition is established that is applied individually and concretely.Therefore, it is a problem whether the legislature establishes a norm that has a fairly specific disposability does not violate the separation of powers.

In addition, it is thought that so-called "shooting" will be possible by dividing the application target and application time of the law, and this isArticle 14 of the Constitution of JapanStipulated inEquality principleIt is also a problem to violate.

In this regard, the myth is that even if the legislature establishes a fairly specific disposable norm, it violates the core of the separation of powers and decisively destroys the relationship between the legislature and the administration. If this is not the case, the legislature does not immediately violate the separation of powers.

Also, regarding the principle of equality, if the legislation is intended to set a substantially rational difference in treatment based on the request of the social state, it does not immediately violate the principle of equality.

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