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🏛 | Digital Agency requests 5 billion yen for the first time 98% of system maintenance and operation costs

Photo Private building containing the Digital Agency = July, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Digital Agency requests 5 billion yen for the first time 98% of system maintenance and operation costs

If you write the contents roughly
The total amount was 5426 billion yen, of which 98%, or 5303 billion yen, was for the maintenance and operation of information systems.

On the 2022th, the Digital Agency's first budget request for 24 was announced.The total amount is 5426 billion yen, this ... → Continue reading

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542600 million yen

Information system

Information system(Joho system, English: Information system), orInformation processing systemWhat is (Information processing system)?情报 OfprocessingAnd communicateシステム[1].Computer,networkSuch as usingComputer systemOften refers to[1]..OrITシステムAlso often called.

Information system and information processing system

All of them are aimed at information processing, but the information system refers to the entire mechanism composed of people, machines, and computers, and the information processing system refers to the part of the information system composed of computers.[2]

About "information system" in Japanese

"Reference criteria in curriculum organization for quality assurance of university education by field InformaticsIn the field "情报The term "handles" is a general term for various kinds of information handling such as "generation, search, expression, storage, management, recognition, analysis, conversion, and transmission" of information. In addition, in JIS Z 8115 “Dependability (reliability) terms”,システム"Is a combination of a series of items (hardware, software, human elements) that are selected, arranged, and operate in coordination with each other to accomplish a given mission." By combining these two, it can be understood verbatim that an information system is "a system that handles information".

In reality, both English Information Systems and Japanese "information systems" often have meanings including social context in addition to the above verbatim interpretations, for example.Computer scienceInformation Systems (called field) on the website of career development support by ACM[3]According to the statement, "... computer systems can provide to aid a company, non-profit or governmental organization in defining and achieving its goals." The meaning of application fields such as system usage is added. Furthermore, it is a Japanese academic societyInformation Systems SocietyAdds the limitation of being "human-centered" (see detailsInformation Systems Society#Outline(See)[*1].

The word "information system" is first seen in Japan.情报"and"システム"MIS", which is older than either wordManagement information systemIn 1963, there is a document entitled "Development of Management Information Systems and Advancement of Management Structure--In Relation to the Problem of Management Mechanization in Japan".[4].. The word MIS itself then became a typical Buzzword[*2]In the course of time, Information Systems and "Information System" have come to be used in the sense of using computer systems in corporations and other organizations, as in the English sense above.IPSJWhen I looked up the general catalog of the academic journal "Information Processing" in 1972, I found "Data Development and Information Systems".[5]There is an article that is the first appearance in the article name.

Then in the 1980sUra Shoji"Human-centered information system" was proposed by the authors (the "Information System Handbook" was published in 1989),Information Systems SocietyAnd the "Information Systems and Social Environment Research Group" of the Information Processing Society of Japan.Information SystemsIs being studied. "Information system" article in "IS Digital Dictionary" compiled by the study group[6]According toInformation Systems"The information system is a mechanism related to the collection, processing, transmission, and use of information necessary for the activities of an organization (or society). It is composed of a human mechanism and a mechanical mechanism in a broad sense. When we focus on the central mechanical mechanism, we call it an information system in a narrow sense, but at this time, it must be familiar with the activities of the organization in which it is placed." According to the subsequent explanation, there is an information system without a computer, but there is no information system without a human being.

The department within a corporation that manages these information systems is often referred to as the "information system department" or "information system."

Definition by law

decreeIn the information processing system,Electronic computeras well as the ProgramA collection ofInformation processingTo carry out the work ofConstitutionI say what was done. "(Law concerning promotion of information processingArticle 20 (5)) is explained.

In-house information processing system

Although there is no clear definition, an information processing system built in a company is generally handled by being divided into the following two systems depending on the difference in main function and operation method. There are many systems other than the ones described below that use computers to process information, but the so-called "information systems" are the following two areas that can be handled by the industry. There is.

Core system
The core system is a computer system that supports the information processing of the main business of a company, and in the banking industryAccount systemIn the manufacturing industry, orders/production/delivery planning systems and accounting systems, in transportationOperation management systemEtc.
Information system
An information system is a computer system for performing information processing associated with main tasks, and a system or personnel system that analyzes a database inside a core system or a separately constructed database to support management decisions and prepares reports. Management system, corporate network/e-mail/Web/digital telephone/conference system, etc.

注 釈

  1. ^ For example, it would not deal with information systems that are far away from humans, such as space probes and planet rover.
  2. ^ Disappointment due to having expectations from excessive advertising



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