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🏛 | Opposition side movement acceleration Future Ishikawa recommends Mr. XNUMX


Opposition side movement acceleration Future Ishikawa recommends Mr. XNUMX

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In addition, Shoji Nishida, the incumbent of the Liberal Democratic Party, has announced that he will run in the 3rd ward.

The opposition party is in full swing in the House of Representatives election, which will be held this fall.Constitutional Democratic Party and independent conservative lawmakers ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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Shoji Nishida

Shoji Nishida(Shoji Nishida,1969 May 5 -) isJapan Of政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(2nd term).


IshikawaNanao Citybirth.Ishikawa Prefectural Nanao Commercial High SchoolThroughAichi Gakuin UniversityFaculty of CommerceAfter graduating from the House of RepresentativesRoof tile powerBecome a secretary[2].

First elected to the Nanao City Assembly election in October 2001 (10rd term)[2].

After resigning from Nanao City Assembly in April 2007,Ishikawa Prefectural Assembly member electionFirst elected (2015rd term). May 5,Ishikawa Prefectural AssemblyInaugurated as Vice-Chair (XNUMXth)[2].

2017 year 10 month 22 day48th House of Representatives general electionToIshikawa 3 wardsCandidate more and win for the first time[3].. April 2018,Kishida factionEnroll in[4].

2021 year 10 month 31 day49th House of Representatives general electionでConstitutional Democratic PartyOfficialKazuya KondoDefeated 2 candidates and re-elected (Kondo won with proportional revival)[5].


Constitutional issues

  • ConstitutionAmendmentAnswered "Agree" in the 2017 and 2021 questionnaires[6][7].
  • Claims that items to be amended include "specify the retention of collective self-defense rights", "specify that one member of the House of Councilors must be elected from each prefecture", and "establish a new provision on emergencies".[8].

Gender issues

  • SelectiveFamily name by coupleRegarding the introduction of the system, in the 2017 questionnaire, they answered "If anything, they are against it."[6].. In the 2021 questionnaire, "I can't say either"[7].
  • Same-sex marriageThe 2021 survey did not respond to the revision of the law that enables[9].
  • "LGBTな どSexual minorityIn response to the question "Should the bill to improve understanding of the issue be passed at an early stage?", He answered "I can't say either."[7].
  • Quota systemDid not respond to the 2021 survey regarding the introduction of[9].


Political funding problem

  • In 2016 during the prefectural assembly, it was reported that when traveling with a family to Arima Onsen, etc., the transportation expenses for the car and the accommodation expenses for themselves were spent from the political activity expenses under the pretext of visiting the hot spring town. No explanation was given at the venue[10]..Also in 2015 as wellUSJIt turned out that he was inspecting with his family[11][12].


Depends on the official website[2].

House of Representatives

  • Member of the Cabinet Committee of the House of Representatives
  • Member of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Committee of the House of Representatives
  • Member of the Special Committee for Nuclear Problems Investigation
  • Member of the Special Committee on Consumer Issues
  • Member of the Special Committee for Promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Special Commissioner of the Heavy Snowfall Area Countermeasures Subcommittee of the House of Representatives National Land Council


  • Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Vice Chairman of Agriculture and Forestry Subcommittee
  • Vice Chairman of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Related Organizations
  • Vice-chairman of national land and construction related organizations
  • Deputy Director of Women's Bureau
  • Deputy Director, Newspaper Publishing Bureau, Public Relations Headquarters
  • Parliamentary Vice Chairperson


  • LDP Tobacco Congress[13]
  • Parliamentary League for the Development of Sumo
  • Parliamentary League for Parallel Conventional Line Countermeasures
  • Liberal Democratic Party Horse Racing Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Shinto Political League Diet member round-table conference
  • Meeting of Diet members who visit the Yasukuni Shrine together
  • Bereaved family member council
  • Nuclear Energy Investigation Special Committee
  • Parliamentary League for Government Repair
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Association for Rental Housing
  • Logistics Warehouse Faith Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for Stable Power Supply
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Wholesale Market
  • Federation of Hydraulics Parliamentarians
  • Sewerage Business Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Water Supply Business Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Sabo Business Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League
  • Railroad Parliamentary League
  • Truck Transport Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Self-Defense Forces Support Parliamentary League
  • Marine Conservation Parliamentary League
  • Japan Coast Guard Parliamentary League
  • Sea of ​​Japan Coastal Zone Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Port Parliamentary League
  • Maritime Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Rural Infrastructure Development Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Farmers' Health Creation Association
  • All-Party Parliamentary League
  • Dietitian Parliamentary League
  • Social Welfare Promotion Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for Nursing Problems
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for Integrative Medicine
  • Medical Policy Study Group
  • Forest maintenance and forest restoration business promotion parliamentary federation
  • Parliamentary League for Promotion of Development of City Parks and Green Spaces
  • Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary League for Livestock Promotion
  • Liberal Democratic Party / Traditional Industry Promotion Parliamentary League
  • "A national treasure in your city" Parliamentary League
  • Historic Site Conservation Parliamentary League
  • Liberal Democratic Party Tourism Industry Promotion Parliamentary League


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